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Montreal likes to celebrate the LGBT community in big ways. This is why Tourisme Montreal is excited to announce Do Your Thing in MTL! a video series of performances and interviews with top LGBT entertainers from around North America that they invited to Montreal to showcase their talent by using the streets and attractions of Montreal as their stage. They have amazing performances rolling out over the summer months by singer-songwriter Jonny “Gay Pimp” McGovern, lesbian comedian DeAnne Smith, Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir, trans drag performer Carmen Carrera, and the Queen of Montreal’s Gay Village Mado Lamotte

Check out Tourisme Montreal’s first videos after the jump and make sure to check their next videos on their blog!

Oh and by the way, let me know if you ever visited Montreal?


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  1. Joseph

    I had definitely being in that gorgeous city, Montreal, several times and never being dissapointed, always something to do or aee, specially during the Black and Blue Ball, woooff!!!
    Strongly recommend to visit this city, it’s not only facinating to the sight but with lots of gorgeous men to play with, so no excuse for any men, to be there!!!!!!

  2. Miguel

    I have been to Montreal several times. Three times this year alone. I love the city. It’s becoming one of my favorite cities in the world. I have to admit the first time I went was two years ago and I was a little shocked when I went into the bar and saw all the naked flesh. I keep going back because of it. The city even this pass Memorial Day with all the rain was amazing people just walking around in the rain care free. If you haven’t gone shame on you. Go. It’s just a bus, car, train or plane ride away. I plan on going many more times.

  3. Dom

    Been to Montreal several times. Love it during summer when st Catherine’s becomes pedestrian only. Great places to grab a bite and watch the parade of sexy men
    Great old town section reminds me of Europe.
    Very walkable easy metro fine museums botanical gardens and some kind of event every weekend. Have been up to divercite 3 times now. Great festival ending with a huge outdoor dance party.
    People are very friendly
    For you night owls several after hours clubs keep going to well after sunrise

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