Stories : The Redbox – Part 1

Planning a low-key evening at home, I picked up some take-out dinner and stopped for a DVD. Leaving the Redbox, I notice a set of eyes glancing at me as I return to the parking lot. Tired from the day, I passed on the chance to cruise for hot guys. I just wanted to get home.

I opened a pack of lifesavers and flicked through the radio stations as I settled in for the drive home. From my phone, I heard the familiar sound and quick vibration of notification from Adam4Adam’s “Radar.”

The message said “Redbox tonight?” I wondered who the stalker was. I saw that he was less than 100 feet away. I respond “Yeah, quiet night at home for me. What’s up?”

Hot832Guy: Saw you in line at Redbox ur hot
Me: Thanks, Who’s this?
Hot832Guy: Was at end of the line

I didn’t remember who that was; probably the set of eyes that checked me out. The eyes always seem to give them away, especially when they glance down at the crotch and then up again. I should have looked closer. After thinking about it, I remembered the guy at the end of the line didn’t look too bad. Trusting my instincts, I continued.

Me: You still here?
Hot832Guy: Yeah, parked right behind you.
Me: Come sit with me in my truck.

He jumps in the passenger seat, and I’m glad I trusted my instincts. His bulge was noticeable under the basketball shorts. The tank top revealed the right amount of skin to get my horny instincts up to full charge. It looks like he may have been to the gym. I was starting to get hard. In a couple of minutes, I’ll be ready to pounce on this one.

“So, you live close by?”

“Yeah, just a couple of blocks.”

Some more chit-chat, and he was ready to get down to business. He wanted to get rid of his horny and impulsive energy. Earlier I was too tired to even notice him but somehow I had plenty of that sexual energy now. He said that he noticed me online and was in the mood to get off but he didn’t have much time. Reaching over to check out my package, he looked at me in the eyes to make sure that his advances were welcomed.

We groped each other in the dark shadows of the mid-section of the parking lot. I was glad that I had tinted my side windows. He unbuttoned his pants and showed me his semi-erect and surprisingly perfect man-piece. He groped around on my crotch and moved my hand down to his. I pulled him closer across the bench seat of my truck so I could really get a good feel of this guy. I wanted to feel his arms, chest and shoulders. He was hot! I am surprised I missed him earlier, but I was tired, after all. It’d been a very long day.

He took a look around and leaned down to my crotch. He slipped my cock into his mouth for a few seconds, and stroked on his own cock. He said “I really need to get off, but I don’t have much time.” At that point, I wasn’t in a hurry. My dinner could be warmed up if needed. He stroked both of our cocks and it was feeling good. His lips and warm mouth on my cock were amazing, and his wet tongue worked my sweet spot. When he tugged back, he sucked hard and his man-grunts made it seem like his deep need had not been fulfilled for too long. When a man puts off filling his need for a good fuck, hours can slip past like seconds when the time comes.

He said that he didn’t live far away, either and that he wanted to get naked with me later in the week. Of course, I wanted more – a LOT more right then but he had to get going. We promised to catch up with each other online soon and parted ways for the time being. I watched him walk away and wondered how many people get picked up at the Redbox. Radar has been an interesting way to meet , and gave me the perfect distraction for the evening as I rested and recharged for the next work day ahead.

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  1. rrf149102

    Good story. The only thing I would say is thaf there was an inconsistency in his description. First he was wearing bball shorts, then he was wearing pants? Otherwise, hot.

  2. einathens

    this is a well-consructed piece of generic mcporn. my quibbles with it are few.

    the shorts/pants goof is poor attention to detail by the author and sloppy work by the editor.

    i could do without the product placements. neither the vending machine nor the geohookup app need to be mentioned by name.

    hottie says more than once that he doesn’t have much time. why not? is he cheating? late for his insulin? afraid he’ll miss ‘project runway’?
    if you create a conflict you have to resolve it.

    and how do you notice eyes but no the person to whom they are affixed?

  3. mike

    they shouldn’t leave a comment section for a bunch of fags to critique your story, never fails, fags always find fault in everything, and then just have to tell u about it

  4. SSaturn

    ^ You sure are taking this personally.

    Are you the author by any chance, or is your taste so bad, your intelligence so dim and your standards so low that you defend this… “piece”?

    I do think its an intelligence issue, seeing as you failed to register that the story IS on a gay website (and overlooked all the inconsistencies). These “fags” know a piece of unimaginative bland shit when they read one.

    Author, your “erotic” story is nothing short of shitastic.
    Do us all a favor and take a creative writing class at your local community college.

    Thank you.

  5. SSaturn

    Really, Blog?
    Get a life?
    I was overtly negative and harsh, but when someone blames people not liking something over being “fags” it’ll set me off.
    Its insulting, and I can’t believe you pointed out my post and chose to overlook this, especially when running a gay blog and if you’re gay yourself.

    For one, you can’t know if you don’t like a story without actually reading it.

    Secondly, I’m not the only one who didn’t like this.

  6. Charlie

    The story was not all that hot but I did have a laugh at your comment MIKE. Time flies too fast to be in a pissin match in a chat room. Try another story zmanta because I think you have it in you to make it hottttt and maybe we will all beat off to it and no one bitchin

  7. Rod

    Many other well written stories in the infinite world wide web. Not that hard to find one that fits your tastes. And if you must, use your own imagination to try and be a better author than those whom works you didn’t find tasteful.

    Not that hard. Setting a bad name for many of us by truly being a Prissy Queen (SSaturn).

  8. bigbidick82

    So… all this build up with part 1, and unless I’m reading it wrong, neither of them actually got off. Where’s part 2? I wanna know what happens… in great detail… repeatedly… bareback.

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