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It seems to me that a majority of guys are obsessed with who is a top and who is a bottom. Often enough there is confusion about the gray area in the middle called versatile. But how do guys feel about oral sex?

Some people look at it as a means to an end, in other words a prelude to getting a guy stiff enough to get it in. But what about a good old fashioned BJ to completion? Even better, kicking back and taking turns swapping head or 69? Oral sex is something that I think almost everyone would agree feels great especially if the guy giving it has a talent for it. Personally, I don’t trust a man who says he doesn’t like getting sucked.

Sure, we all have our preferences – but oral should make for a lot of easier matches when guys get horny. It can be a great way to get things started and can lead to other things but does it have to? Maybe the time and place don’t allow for screwing. It can also be a great way to meet, get naked and see if you have that chemistry for more or just be a good release in and of itself. Getting your face between a man’s legs means you get a better look at what’s there too.

And depending on how far you get into it, giver or taker, a man can be driven into bliss with a tongue between his legs, his balls, and maybe even a good rim job.

I may be going out on a limb here but even two tops, two bottoms, or two versatiles can enjoy good oral with eachother. So what’s wrong with oral sex? One thing I’ve noticed, especially in my area anyway, is that guys just don’t seem as interested in 69 as in screwing. Another thing I’ve noticed is that those who are into it tend to older. What’s up with that? Don’t young guys like giving it or getting it?

I’d like to hear some feedback on oral sex. When it comes to 69 I think the simultaneous excitement of it all makes for a good exchange between men.

Oh, and don’t get me wrong… I like screwing too, both top and bottom. I just think that man on man oral increases the hookup chances, is easier, and a great way of discovering if you have more in common. If you do – great! If you don’t, everyone still ends up with a big smile!  : )

Written by : Sixt8 on A4A

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  1. Mike

    I really love to give a man a good blow job. Getting into a hot 69 is even better though. There is nothing hotter that 2 men blowing each other. And while you are down there too is a easy way to eat some good ass!
    I love to do poppers while 69ing and then when he is about to shoot take a big hit and go all the way down and swallow the hole load!
    I would love to know if there are any guys that feel the same way I do. mike5038….a4a.Wilmington,NC

  2. Darryl

    Many guys love Oral Sex. The issue really isn’t that you like oral, it’s how the person giving it, is good at it. I wouldn’t say i was an expert, but i do know what feels good to me when a guy is giving me head. One has to have some expirence with sucking cock in order to really know what pleases a Man. The combination of sucking, stroking, and the way you hold a man’s junk in your hand adds to the overall enjoyment. Listen to your guy when blowing him, and watch his movements to see if he’s enjoying things. If he starts to thrust when you deep throat, that’s a really goos sign of things to cum….Just use common sense for all the safe players who prefer not to swallow.

  3. Keith

    How right you are! A simple hello, lets play or have sex or get/give someone head can open us up to many things. Of course, just having a good time!!!

  4. Steve

    I LOVE oral sex! I don’t always have to have intercourse to get off. I love to suck, rim, make out, lick from head to toe, etc. There is nothing hotter than being between a guys legs smelling and savoring his junk ass and balls. Personally as a top, I love to rim more than suck a cock but I’m always down to suck a hot guy off anytime. I HATE it when bottoms say they don’t like to suck dick or get a rim job.

  5. Micho

    I personally love oral, but I perfer a man that loves to rim more cuz I like my butt played with as much as possible. But I tend not to push for it too much as I don’t like to give head. It has nothing to do with a gag reflex (I don’t have one), more the fact that I don’t like the taste of precum. Now if I’m with a guy that doesn’t precum, then I’ll go to town down there. Or if I’ve been drinking and my taste buds areless active.
    But that’s just me.

  6. Brian (BenLiteral)

    Sexually, I cannot survive on blowjobs alone. As a matter of fact, I get bored to tears with any blowjob lasting longer than ten minutes.

  7. TopTanner23

    Am 22 and I love sucking cock. Sometimes I think it can be better then fucking. And I also think that getting sucked can be the best to. It’s Usually the first thing I like to do with a guy.

  8. MG

    I really like mutual oral sex, Im quite happy with just a leisurely bj session, but it seems difficult to me to find a partner who is into both giving and receiving ….

  9. mspguy4hottie

    I don’t know why most guys prefer anal to oral. I’d much rather take a guy to completion with my mouth. Oral feels great and I think it can be more intimate. Nothing like watching him squirm while a big one fills your mouth! 🙂

  10. Scshark619

    One thing I have noticed when it comes to guys and oral is that there is some kind of stigma attached to oral… It’s a control issue with most guys and they feel like if they suck a dick it makes them inferior or less of a man in some way… Me personally I love swapping out great head and usually prefer it to just fucking… Usually feels better too…

  11. dave

    I think oral is good and should be one of the apetizers. I am a verse top and I like to give head and receive it too. I agree with mr sixt8, that it can be mind blowing if the other person has skills.

  12. Larry54

    I love Oral sex as something to get hard enough to fuck or get fucked depending on which I happen to be since I am verasatile as well as just an act in and of itself since I love to swallow a hot load so I am for oral sex in either context

  13. Tim

    I’m not sure what point you are trying to make. Why don’t people just enjoy oral as much as screwing? That is a matter for each person. We are all weird in our unique ways. As for geography–I’ve heard my straight friends complain to each other that girls around here don’t like giving head or being eaten, so perhaps it is a cultural thing (oral sex as more “out there” than intercourse is weird, but we live in a weird world).

    As to me personally, my reasons for not wanting sucked off are simple: mine is too small and I have this aversion to dampness “down there”. I actually keep a towel around to wipe away sweat and precum when I have sex or jack off. The second that area gets damp I limp up. Not sure why, so I’m not sure it helps. Some people just have weird bodies. I do love sucking a guy off though.

  14. DDM

    I may be one of those guys that you don’t trust, because when it comes to head I can take it or leave it. I enjoy a good blow job, but it seems to be harder and harder to come by. As impersonal as oral sex can be, I tend to enjoy it much more with someone that I really like. I met a guy on a4 last week who bragged about his oral skills and I was left disappointed. I didn’t finish and I enjoyed the hour or so that we spent talking beforehand much more than the supposed mind blowing oral that was anything but. 69 can be nice if it just happens, but otherwise I find it to be impractical and more about novelty than receiving hot head. It can be a nice way to rim at the same time or get head while rimming more so that both sucking dick.If a guy gives a great blow job then I am appreciative and I will happily return the favor, but more often than not, I can live without it.

  15. FreeRangeRadical

    All my sexual life, I’ve been attracted primarily to younger guys, and either bisexual or straight guys. That said, I’m in a long-term relationship with another gay male, but I’ve also been in long-term sexual relationships with straight and bi males and in those cases, it’s almost always about oral sex with the occasional foray into anal, and the rare swap, usually them letting me fuck them, but very, very rarely them sucking me. With straight and bi guys, I also find that they’re very into kink, especially watersports.

    I spent 14 years in the Army and I was almost always a bottom, although my normal nature is almost perfectly versatile. But to me, vers means being willing to adapt to any situation, and since the majority of guys in the Army were straight, I’d suck their cocks, and usually that would lead to something kinky, but only rarely to anal. With the longer-term guys I had, and there were quite a few from all branches since what I did in the military was always in a multi-branch environment, they would invariably want to try getting fucked, and I’d gladly oblige them.

    Now I travel both domestically and internationally for work, and occasionally for pleasure, too. Wherever I go, I find guys who love getting sucked, some who love to fuck, some who love to get fucked, and some who love to suck. It’s a broader range than I found in the military, but that’s also because I’m exposed to a broader range of types of people.

    As for 69, I’ve never been a fan, and I’ve found very few fans of it, either. It’s usually one of those things that guys try once or twice, then realize that it looks good in porn, but really isn’t that great.

  16. numbr1sun

    The sad thing is that no one acknowledges the risks of STDs other than HIV which can be transmitted by oral sex also. Instead, everyone focuses on safe sex when anal penetration is involved. More people should be conscious of how to play safe, proper sexual hygiene and testing beyond HIV, proper check up and treatment, and selecting sex partners who are std free. By the way, hepatitis can be transmitted sexually also. The common casual, cavalier, and relaxed view of the risks of oral sex is today in 2013 very backward and outdated given the amount of knowledge and medical resources that are available in the civilized nations. The best way to enjoy a healthy, vibrant sex life is to stay healthy regardless of what sexual activity one selects or what one’s sexual preference is.

  17. Steven

    I LOVE sucking cock! Nothing excites me more than feeling a hard cock between my lips swell even thicker and harder just before flooding my mouth with a thick creamy load of man sauce! I just got a hard on just thinking about it!

  18. montereyjack68

    There are days when I want to suck dick so bad, I almost can’t breathe. I love taking a long slow hit of poppers and then plunging my face between a dude’s legs, swallowing his penis until my nose is in his pubes and his hands are on my head, guiding me up and down his shaft, enjoying my eagerness to taste his manhood and moaning at me to never stop. I love it when a guy maintains his pubes and love it even more when he shaves his balls. There is something indescribable about the fact that a man’s penis is in my mouth…it drives me wild. Ironically, I have absolutely no interest in anal intercourse at all.

  19. wantyosuckuoff

    Love to 69! I can never suck enough cock…and I am good I’ve been told. Practice, practice, and more practice

  20. richiec

    i agree with the subject. i find everyone is obsessed with top bottom and forgotten how to fully please. all the sensitive areas are being ignored. and because of the str8 guy infiltration and i guess its no longer cool to be gay. you must be bi. no kissing. what? i love to kiss and make guys feel good with my hands and tongue. now its nothing other than f…ing. still the most dangerous. i became active right during the 80’s and 90’s. the worst time. did nothing but oral back then and i am a true negative today and yes i swallowed many. it seems the art of sensuality and sex have been lost.

  21. barryd

    There is a lot of bad oral sex out there, how many times to you have to tell the guy to stop biting it before you give up? I was 29 before I ever got off from oral sex. An older man gave me my first stellar bj. I’ve noticed that older men tend to give better oral service than younger guys. Whats up with that? 69ing looks good in movies but I’ve never enjoyed it, I rather concentrate on what I’m doing or having done to me.

  22. oralguy

    I love oral sex. I enjoy having a man in my mouth and bringing him to completion. I enjoy it when the guy recips, but with me it is not necessary. I don’t really enjoy 69ing because when doing that I cannot give all my attention to the dick I have in my mouth. To just have the guy lay back relaxed and let me do my thing, which is cock sucking, nut licking and rimming is great to me. And when a guy gives little moans of pleasure I know I am doing a good job in what I love to do.

  23. joeblow169

    I enjoy giving and recieving oral sex with men. I do not care if your penis is cut or uncut. So long as it is clean and you allow me to swallow that cock and cum. I also like to 69; it is devine. Former Pres. wild Bill Clinton says that blow jobs are not sex. I disagree. Glory holes are so much fun.

  24. batman

    When I 69, the dude is sitting on my face and leaning forward. I don’t suck dicks but I’ll put my WHOLE face in some good clean booty…not to mention my tongue hits my nose and chin (before my tonsilectomy, I could push my glasses up with my tongue. Even the ent dr. was AMAZED at how long and thick my tongue was…and he’s been an ent over 30 years).
    It’s funny, a guy hit me up on a4a today and we talked for 2 mins and said he doesn’t like uncuts. I asked him why did he hit me up because it is crystal clear in my profile. Then I said I LOVE not just a head job but an EXCELLENT head job. He says there are other things…I said yeah, getting the fuck away from me and not wasting my time. There are TWO FANTASTIC ideas right there…calling me with that bullshit…

  25. R3GG

    personally I LOVE SUCKING a good cock it not only makes your guy feel good but it also makes you feel good as well. The feeling of it in your mouth and in your hands gives you that sense of control and drive. I also love getting it the sensation you get when someone does it right gives you all the pleasure in the world.

  26. Monarchy79

    What I find annoying are tops who want to pound the cakes, but don’t eat the cakes…. Sorry, and this is just my theory, but if “you ain’t lickin this, then u ain’t sticking this” (lil Kim, circa 1998) but in all seriousness u think oral sex is great and I love to give and recurve both sucking and rimming….. Foreplay always makes things better 🙂

  27. John

    Im a top who loves a hung bottom just for the reason of me being able to blow him also and then getting to top them is even more hotter in my opinion. 69 is one of the best things in the bed. Mutual satisfaction simultaneously. There is something a bit powerful feeling.but yet, very submissive and vulnerable about blowing a guy. You know how much of a good time to expect also.

  28. Yeah?

    I have a pretty big dick (9″ long and thick) and oral typically hurts more than feeling good. I also don’t find blowjobs hot enough to have someone come over or travel somewhere for one.

  29. anthony

    Oral takes a lot for me to do on a guy I dont know and I’m sober. The dick has to be clean and without smell. It can’t be wet or thin like a worm. I like giving blow jobs just haven’t found enough guys that qualify for one.

    On top of that you can catch an STD just as easily, I have, from giving a 3 minute blowjob as getting anal. Wrap it up if your all about casual blow jobs with guys you dont know.

  30. Domtopcock

    Luv sucking a cock. Luved getting sucked. All depends on the guy I am with. Had an bf that Luved to suck me. But didn’t wanted to get sucked. N he had a beautiful black cock. Nice purple thick head. He luved for me to fuck his tite sweet ass. Had another bf (white) that luved to suck as much as I did. 69 each other or he suck me eat my ass n then I do the same for him. We cum in each other’s mouths, and so on. So it’s all about time person n place. Agree with you on the idea that sucking can just be as hot as fucking, which I luv to do. Its just whom ur with n the time n place.

  31. George

    I really get turned on in 69 position. Like to swallow cum if everything is right. Nothing better than the sweet taste of cum!!

  32. DrOral

    Let me say first I enjoy the hellout of oral sex tell me who and fuck for 8hrs or more without stopping for at least hour have to stop and not sure the bottom going let you back in sucking can last the whole night or day sucking also include playing with the nipples massaging, rimming, finger fuck ass play, eye to eye contact. stroking the dic sucker head verbal release, The sensation when a mouth is on your dic starting soft and feel it grow in their mouth that choke sound (WOOF)precum dripping out their cockucking hot mouth and they bring it to you in a hot kiss.Ok I have to stop you get the picture.Last a bj is quick ie,cock sucking is before the fuck (most of you get). But a man that is into the feeling of the dic in his mouth watch out he is a mouth of talent that most wont experience. So I guess that why most men fuck.69 on boy can u fuck 69…NO Say how I know ..Droral and company

  33. Matt

    I give it well and love receiving it. I don’t take shot in my mouth much less swallow it. Besides SEEING a guy explode is hot.

  34. Puck

    I love sucking dick more then having sex with a guy. I find it more enjoyable and easier for me being a bottom anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting fucked too, but giving head is easier and more intimate for me. The bed dosn’t have to get messed up, you don’t have to take off all your clothes, you don’t have to douche (if you’re a bottom), there is less of a chance of aquiring an STD (If you’re not swallowin) and sometimes I don’t feel like I have to prep myself adding lube and not constrick so much for him sticking his dick in me. So if I guy won’t at least let me suck his dick to start off…its a no go.

  35. oralsubo1

    i enjoy givng oral to completion..if a guy wants to play/suck my cock , fine..if not, fine as well..depends on other guy

  36. bigcockhungry

    I personally love to give head,deep throat and swallow. I have tried 69 and enjoyed it but like to be the head giving rather than the head receiver.

  37. Ricky

    I’d have to agree. I love giving head & getting it too. Also I think it’s a big turn off when guys want head & refuse to return the favor. What the hell kind of shit is that? Rude is what it is. That’s why it’s best to find out what he wants to do, will, & won’t do. Before you meet & he shouldn’t go in blind as well, he also has a right to know what your plans are with him. If not, I feel it’s a waste of both your time. Lay out the ground rules. Plan it out before either of you get upset. Think with your head not your dick, don’t let being horny fuck up a possible good hook up.

  38. bonerhead54

    I am 59yo and still to this day would rather lay back and enjoy a nice slow blow job rather than fucking anyday, don’t get me wrong I also love fucking but when you find someone that really enjoys giving head you just can’t beat it(no pun intended), but I also love to give a slow bj and to be able to feel your partner tensing up and then arch his back while you go deeper and deeper and take the warm load right down the back of my throat.After all a bj is not complete till you cum.

  39. Mitch

    I live starting with oral manly because it feels amazing and it is fun when a guy loves to suck on my knob. But of all the oral if had only two guys have ever been able to finish me off. All the others get me to the edge but can’t get me over. Most men give decent had only know one guy that is no good but is ass makes up for it. So all gays need to at least try oral. Just no ass-to-mouth.

  40. real14u

    I like oral but will only do it while wearing a condom. 98.9999% will not give someone head if a condom is involved. Maybe im playing it too safe. But if i wrap it up when im inside a nice clean ass, i will wrap it up when recieving oral. Nuff said!

  41. Cole

    Hey guys,
    This might be weird but I’ve been waiting for something like this to be written.
    I’ve never sucked dick for very long before and I think I’m terrible at it.
    I know some guys here have some tips for how to get a guy off (how much spit, use of hands, should I stick a finger up a guys ass) and I know alot of stuff is just dependent on my partner, but lets face it, most guys are pretty simple and enjoy getting off to anything.
    I just want some advice on the proper blowjob.

    Find me: unm76

    Thanks guys!

  42. slimbutnottrim

    very good posts on here..personally, I love performing fellatio..especially if there is chemistry between us and he is clean as a whistle….there is nothing better!..on the flip side, my penis is not that sensitive and I don’t know why guys think it “feels so good”…it’s okay but the barber shears at the back of my neck feels SO MUCH better to me…lol

  43. lottabooty

    I have to agree with Numbr1sun!!!! It humors me when people put “safe sex only”, or “no BB/RAW” rubbish in their profile but 9.999 times out of 10 they don’t cover it up during oral, kinda ass backwards don’t ya think???! You never know what’s in people’s pie holes. 1. Me personally, giving oral for at least 5 minutes is cool, then let’s get to the good stuff: 4 play , anal, then blow your load in me. 2. As a bottom, I’m not really into receiving oral, I’ve had it performed on me before, it was o.k. I guess but I’m not really a fan of M2M oral. If it’s a pretty gal that wants to receive oral then GAME ON!!!

  44. rich1728

    i`m the same way i love oral as well both give/get and love to swallow and get facailed and rim as well,if in the lockport area hit me up

  45. jimmy58

    I think all the previous comments, and no doubt those to com prove the obvious: we each have our own taste (pun intended)

  46. Dave

    Part of the misconception is caused by the lack of a check box on profiles. Oral both giving and giving is great. In fact I know several in long term relationships that have never done anal sex. Myself While I am mostly a top, I would readily settle for an exclusive oral relationship coupled with the cuddling and making out. Giving a good BJ takes practice so communicate well and it gets better.

  47. Chahlie

    Please…now days everyone sucks dick whether they are top or bottom. 80% of the guys around these days are bottoms anyways. If I had $1 for every “cock sucking slut” that asked to “suck me off” I’d be retired and living in the Bahamas.

  48. Chahlie

    Please…now days everyone sucks dick whether they are top or bottom. 80% of the guys around these days are bottoms anyways. If I had $1 for every “cock sucking slut” that asked to “suck me off” I’d be retired and living in the Bahamas.

  49. Duddster

    Sometimes it is just fun to get naked and just enjoy each other…whether it be making out or licking, nibbling…well you get the picture…

    I just love the smell the feel and the touch of a man…and there is nothing hotter then watching a man enjoying himself…and if I am the one supplying that pleasure to him…dang…just the moaning is enough to get me going and throw in some heavy breathing and you just want it to never end…and most of the time getting off is soooooo over rated!!! because it really is all about enjoying each other…

    I am going to need a few minutes here…what was the question???

  50. biggdaddymac1

    Good sampling of responses here..I’m am curious as to why u(sixt8) don’t trust a guy who isn’t n2 oral sex. (Being sucked) What are ur suspicions about him? I enjoy giving oral much more than receiving, the exception would be rimming. Since it doesn’t happen often, When a guy does it that feels really good. Like (Tim and DDM)With oral, I go limp when guy attempts to give me head. I’m thinking it’s possibly because they don’t know how to stimulate me properly or go at it too aggressively. So I rather get off getting my nipples sucked, kissing and being rimmed…in that order and then j/o to completion.

  51. Comeangetit24

    Im 26 and the only thing I like better than riding a nice piece of meat, is sucking a nice piece of meat! Never met a man I couldnt get off just by sucking him! Not to mention I find it as a personal challenge to take every inch down my throat or try! But ive noticed alot of tops around my area dont like to suck just suck and f*ck. Which is kinda sad, cause I love getting some good oral sex! But hey whats a guy to do! 😉 Just my opinion!

  52. MJK

    Oral is the only thing I really enjoy, both giving and receiving, and 69 can be pure bliss. I’m a white guy, and the aroma of a black man’s cock and balls makes my head spin.

  53. kevin

    i prefer giving oral than topping its so much fun and alot less trouble. less mess with lube … and i know when he cums and i dont have to worried about me cumming in his axx and he didnt cum. i got off-he didnt thing….so oral solves most of that…..

  54. EccoDiPluto

    I LOVE when I’m on bottom, the top is shoving his cock down my throat, sweaty balls on my forehead, just sitting on my face, while he tongues my ass as I’m folded in half. MMM. Good times.

  55. INTOIT

    ORAL 4 ME ,is the BEST ,Sex ,Bad Breath or NOT,Im happy to have a great dick ,But I think most oral guys would agree it is a visual thing as well ,So How a cock looks is important as well as how a guys crotch smells ,It a sight ,smell an taste thing so it good sex for all my senses

  56. BroCA

    I like oral sex on a “hors d’oeuvre” basis–something enjoyable that you partake of before the entree (read: ENTRY) that follows.

  57. Mike

    I’m one of those strange tops that dosen’t really enjoy fucking all that much. It’s messy, it’s risky, and it just takes too much work. I also don’t think it’s all that appropriate for just a hook-up–but that’s just my opinion.

    I have noticed in my own area, most guys are looking for a top that will dominate them. I’m not really down for that. Give me mutual oral anyday–I think it’s a lot hotter than fucking, and gives you a lot more satisfaction, and a better opportunity for a repeat visit.

  58. John (sweetboi2 on a4a)

    For me I LOVE giving oral sex and like getting it as well. Nothing makes me more excited than sucking a guy to completion. I’ve always loved sucking on a cute guys cock and have been told more than once I’m the best they have ever had. Not to big into anal but LOVE giving head sucking balls and rimming a nice clean ass.

  59. John

    I am versatile and prefer a versatile partner too. Most importantly a guy who knows exactly what he wants, how he needs to do it and how to behave like a man in bed.

    I love oral sex; giving and getting, as long as it’s with someone who knows what they are doing. Guys who have to hang on to my cock while sucking it are worthless. If one is going to suck a cock then suck the whole cock else don’t bother wasting my time. When giving I like a guy who knows what he wants (like I do when I’m getting head) and will do the steering of his own cock, not being afraid to push my head down on it further or make any other adjustments he needs in order to make the experience best for him. Guys who just lay or stand there, expecting me to know what they “really” want are boring to say the least.

    Good head also depends on the correct angle of attack. Novelties like 69 or doing it from the side are a waste of time where I’m concerned. I prefer giving or getting it straight on. I also like a guy who knows (as I do) the technique of going down on it deep and swallowing the load when is comes. Nothing is worse than someone gagging in the middle of getting off.

  60. jace

    sorry if a guythat m t twke on the hole if a guy tyluicly had smalllips the willnot be bake kiss and suck dick well o have thatmore then one to me an ifond verry anyoing

  61. einahens

    oral sex is great. it can be foreplay, play play, or aferplay.
    it’s just that few guys do it really well– especially when confronted with an above-average cock.
    i’d say that the ratio of bad head to good i’ve recieved is 8.5:1.

    avid fellators and the men who appreciate them should check out Suck Dick, Save The World.

  62. Jason

    I love to suck a man to completion or just to get him hard so he can plow my hole, but I do not like to receive oral. I have only ever had two blow jobs that felt good to me. My cock is super sensitive and it becomes uncomfortable. There is this one guy I hook up with who loves to suck my cock or jack me off and it is sheer torture because he wont quit when I ask but it feels so good too.

  63. real14u

    In regards to Oral sex i feel one should wear a condom regardless when that is being done. I feel people should play safe all the way around not only anal sex. Its better to be safe than sorry. Disease StD’s can be transferred through oral.

  64. Melvin

    I always tell guys I am versatile, which I always believed meant that one likes oral give and receive, which I do and it means huging, cuddling, rimming and maybe fucking. I have only met a few guys who did not want to be sucked.

  65. lottabooty

    Numbr1sun is right. STD’s and it’s conduciveness to oral… “Safe sex only”, “no bb/raw” in some people’s profiles but 99.9% of the time no protection is used during during a BJ, and in some instances putting your tongue on someone’s bunghole or vise versa??! HMmm, yeah, o.k. kind of defeats the purpose eh?. You even see it now in porn. Personally I’m not a big oral guy, I’d rather have anal any day 🙂

  66. Charles

    The art of giving a man a good blow job is a lost art….A man who has amazing oral skills moves to the front of line for me anytime….

  67. Kevy

    Personally I think 69ing can be even hotter than the intercourse if both guys have a great connection, and that position can lead to many other things I love, like working my tongue all the way down and around ending up with a hot rimming . all the rest is just icing on the cake.

  68. liento

    I guess I am the odd man! I love oral sex, especially 69. I love full body contact, with another naked guy, especially if he is hairy. Watching a guys muscles as they tense, and his hips thrust when he is cumming really turns me on.I will fuck him if that is what he wants, but the foreplay is the best for me.

  69. whtazz4bbconly

    Very good read!! I’m a total bottom who loves to suck dick before and after being fucked. I believe that a bottom should serve his top to his fullest. I like getting sucked as well, and absolutely enjoy a good rim job before getting fucked. Very few of the black tops I get together with ( 1 on 1 or 3sums ) rarely suck me. I don’t really mind if they do or not as I’m usually pretty busy in both ends. But its true, the guys I’ve been with who have gone down on me were older. As far as 69’s go, nothing hotter and more enjoyable having your dick sucked while deep throating a nice piece of meat.

  70. jockn2cbt

    Cock and Cum, Baby! I’ve “deeped” elevens before, nose buried in their pubes and still have the presence of mind to lick their balls. Who the fuck said 69 was boring? I guess if you have no imagination. I cum handsfree while sucking certain hot guys from the mere anticipation of a good feeding. There are two camps in the gay world, guys who get off on ass and guys who get off on cock. I can’t even start to fuck a guy unless he’s some 24yo blonde Adonis with an ass no one could resist sinkig their teeth into, or in an orgy where watching some hot masculine top cocksman gets me in the mood to plow. The Europeans seem more fixated on having fun cumeating than Americans…..just another reason to emigrate.

  71. John

    numbr1sun: It’s your own assumption that no one acknowledges the risks. I believe we all know the risks of STDs etc., by now. Those of us who care are doing what we need to do and don’t feel the need to bring it up in every topic about sex.

  72. Michaet

    I am guilty as charged. Cock sucking is foreplay to me. I’ll suck the top until he is nice and hard, then I’m ready to be fucked. I need a cock in my ass!

  73. Aterran

    I have had too many issues with guys who couldn’t suck… I have an average dick… 6.5-7in and I’ve had guys supposedly used to 8-10in dicks scraping me roughly with their teeth to the point of me going soft from the experience. I’ve even had a guy not know his limits with deep throating and got to see his lunch again because he wouldn’t pull off when I told him too. I enjoy giving head… will let a guy blow me a bit but I’d rather give head and either go or go on to fucking… I simply don’t have enough time to teach oral 101 to a guy I will never see again except in those eye averting situations where he knows I know he’s full of shit on his supposed skills… or simply our personal chemistry did not mesh enough for his skills to come through…. personally its a no for me to receive but I will gladly give

  74. shotzy812

    i love oral as much as anything else….feeling a hard one hitting the back of my throat…or mine hitting the back of his…good long suck sessions are great…

  75. dewey

    I love oral sex it feels so good. I also think 69 is really hot. do the oral first to get that cock nice and hard then go for the anal sex.

  76. John

    Head is very hot love it alot but for some reason ive noticed more tops not wanting to give but just recieve and im not for that. If im gonna bttm then the tops needs to make me want it and getting head is very hot. Not much for 69 only because I get lost in pleasure and stop sucking so I can enjoy what im getting lol I prefer to just swap head and a little 69.

  77. vafratboy

    Oral sex is just fine, but it’s rare to find a guy with the skills to bring me to completion orally. And if they do, alot of times they will change what they are doing when I start to cum (either pulling me out and trying to jerk it the rest of the way, or stoping with the motion and reverting to JUST sucking trying to take the load), and a drop in stimulation at the very moment I’m cumming just makes for a subpar orgasm for me.

    I’ve had funs times that didn’t go beyond oral, but more the most part, if that’s all we’re gonna do, I’d rather do it, but finish up with my hands (MY hands, because a good hand job from somebody else is even rarer that a good blowjob).

    On the other hand there was this one guy I hooked up with a few times who gave the most amazing BJ. After the first time I would have totally been good with him taking me all the way with just a BJ, but he always wanted topped.

  78. Charlie

    I am perfectly happy to get a man off by sucking his cock and he does not need to return the pleasure. I do like getting head too and 69 is the tops but something inside of me loves to just please my man. I have not met many that say they don’t like head but it does happen and they have always told me up front so I know it is not my talent that makes them lose interest. I have had guys last 30 seconds and some will go for an hour and seem to enjoy every minute in my mouth. Some times a hot bj will lead to more so I take what cums my way and enjoy it all.

  79. Mark

    I love to give a man a bj. If he wants it to completion, then I’m more then willing to do so. If he just wants it long enough to get hard and then pound my ass,,, then so be it. Being a submissive, slave, bottom boi,,,, I dont need recip unless he wants to. I’m happy either way.

  80. Huskysucker

    I love to suck dick, lick balls rim ass and swallow cum….I’ve been sucking dick since I was 8yrs old……I love to man local glory holes and swallow one load after the next….I go to an adult theater near the city I live and suck guys off while they watch the pornos playing…..I’m not that into being sucked though…..I give up my ass to some of the hot guys that wanna fuck me….but I’m totally ok with just swallowing their nut….

  81. marc

    To see that big bulge in a guy’s pants, to feel it through the fabric, to unzip it from its locked place, to feel that firmness in your hands, to suck that 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 inches of flesh, to taste that precum and then the big load of cum — heaven.

  82. wantyosuckuoff

    Oral sex is hot, giving and recieving. Nothing like making a new buddy by sucking them until they blow in my mouth. Never can get enough, or give enough head. All fellows welcome!

  83. pl09

    Ain’t nothing better than eatin a clean fat ass or as I’ve experienced recently slim guys have have some good ass too. Me personally, I’m a top if it ever goes that with someone but I prefer oral more than anything. I like receiving(who doesn’t like getting their dick sucked) but I really love giving. Someone called me “super head” and I consider myself D.B.A.E.(Da Best Ass Eata).

  84. BiisI

    I really don’t like giving oral. I like getting oral and having a guy really be able to take a good throat fuckin. And if he’s a swalloer even better. But I don’t mind the spitters out there. To each his own on that one.

  85. Wayne

    I like head but I’m just about turning against it. Most guys are not good at it. That’s why I’m only into foreplay which is a lost art as well. I’m uncut and most men don’t have clue how to suck one, uncuts are super sensitive and you can just stay on the head forever… put it down your throat sometimes. What’s up with all this gagging? Don’t jack my dick suck on it if you know what you’re doing.

  86. ccocklovingman

    I LOVE to give oral. It seems that mor and more guys just want to fuck. Giving oral provides great passionate foreplay and to me there is nothing more exciting than sucking a cock, licking those hairy or shaved balls and eating a sweet ass then finishing it off with a nice juicy load shooting down your throat.
    Bring them on-will suck any and all!!!!!!

  87. Second the Motion

    Seconding the above comment by numbr1sun.

    True story. My bud, a smart, decent, non-promiscuous guy, was on vacation here at the beach and decided he’d meet up with a dude who he had been with before. My bud gave the guy a blow job.

    Several days later a lesion appeared near my friend’s lip. My bud had no idea what it was until his doctor gave him the diagnosis — Herpes, one of the four incurable H viruses.

    My bud deserves better. I feel for him and am glad he shared his story because it’s a reminder that oral sex isn’t as risk-free as we wish it was.

  88. cavalier95

    I Love Oral the best an most over any other sexual act i love to give an get depending on who i am with at the time.
    I think there should be MORE guys Into Oral myself but most guys in or around my area dont see oral sex as actualy being sex the consider it a type of forplay or what ever i personaly prefer to give it to guys younger than me an to get it from guys older than me in that order i also love ot sniff lick an eat hot boy ass, armpitts crotch an feet an love the all natural boy / man scent it makes the oral even more fun its even better for me if the boy or man dont shave his ass or balls makes him have a more manly or boyish taste an smell

  89. Zamir bklynbttm

    I’m 22 and love to Give Bjs to older m! Nothing’s gets me off more than servicing a Hairy older man.

  90. guy who recieved bad oral

    there are more important things to blog about than this. oral sex is only good when you’re with a person you enjoy having sex with and blah blah blah. hooking up and trying to enjoy a blowjob is too risky and off-putting for me in the first place. I’m not that loose. but of course this website promotes hooking up, an already awkward experience which would make getting or giving bad oral doubly uncomfortable.

  91. Suckmy9inchstick

    A blowjob if done right can be out of this world! I rarely top or bottom but to give or receive oral or a handjob is sweet as fuck! I love going down between a dudes legs. Clean, fresh showered and im there. Likewise, i love when a dude is between my hairy thighs and working that dick. I have a pretty good size and i like it sucked base to tip…..rarely can i find him tho.

  92. Vanilla Times

    I think of oral sex as the forbidden desire of my late high school years finally being realized! Seeing guys in the gym shower wet, hairy, and “hanging loose” always fueled my sexual fantasies of sucking their cocks and getting them off. Today, I still get a thrill when sucking on a hairy cut cock and feeding my fantasies. I also like to jerk myself off while sucking on a hard or flacid penis.

  93. gaguy4fun

    I think we tend to over label ourselves. I would say that I’m a bottom and oral giving. That means that if a guy doesn’t want to suck me I’m OK with that. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t let a guy suck me (and enjoy the hell out of it!). And as a bottom I don’t know what I would make of a guy who wanted to fuck me but had no interest in me giving him a blow job.

    And yes, there have been plenty of times that oral was the extent of the physical contact between me and another guy. And frankly it was a lot of fun. Something about sucking a guy to completion is a huge turn on for me! So in short if your guy doesn’t want to give you head keep looking. I’ll be happy to! :-0

  94. Fluffy

    I don’t like getting oral. Love giving it.

    I don’t like fucking as a top. Love getting fucked as a bottom.

    And I’m bored to death of giving oral to a guy to completion, having him zip up and say “so long!”

    My experience is the exact opposite as this writing. Almost everyone in my area seems to be obsessed with oral or 69 and almost no one wants to fuck (and if they do? They only wanna flip-fuck which makes us not a match). Everyone wants to suck me off or have “mutual oral” and I sit there and read the messages thinking “does the term “bottom” mean absolutely nothing?”

  95. JackPasadena

    Man… I realized when I was about 35 that i REALLY love sucking cock… just getting on my knees and having a masc. buddy’s stiff one shoved in my mouth is about my favorite position. Nothing wrong with a good 69 or and love a bud down on my meat, too. But there’s something so satisfyingly carnal about just working on a buddy, hearing him grunt and huff and put a hand behind your head before he delivers his seed to you, the way men have been doing since we were apes…

  96. Bjbuddy45044

    Love oral giving and receiving more than fucking 69 is fun loving exploding at same time in each others mouths! :-)~

  97. scott

    stupid men= are the whos who demand you wear a condom before they will suck you. you cant get AIDS from oral. its a proven fact.

  98. Barnabus13

    I love oral,both giving & receiving.In fact not really into fucking unless we please each other orally.Love sucking in the shower,feels great having a hot HARD cock in my mouth while the water is running over me.

  99. AJ

    I personally love oral sex! I think it is so hot givin and receiving and i find it super weird when a guy says he doesn’t want to suck. I understand guys new to being with guys that don’t want to suck because it is something new, but every guy should love to have his dick sucked right?
    It is usually a turn off to me if a guy isn’t interested in my sucking his cock and doesn’t go much further than that.
    I also think 69 is amazing! Especially when we are both getting ready to blow I love to bust my load in a guys mouth with his (or anyone’s) dick in my mouth too it makes things so much more intense!
    I am content without anal, just make out, and swap some hot blowjobs, too me a mouth feels way better than an ass anyway!

  100. Sixt8

    Thanks guys, the comments here are really interesting.

    No one was born knowing a single thing about sex. We all had to learn. Unless your partner is totally selfish then he’s wanting some feedback from you about what he is doing to you, be it directly verbal or through body language. Most are enjoying that you are enjoying what they are doing to you. If you don’t know how to give good head, or get it, Watch, Learn and LISTEN!

    It’s your responsibilty to let him know what feels good to you and what you want. Everyone is different in what makes them feel good. An uncut cock is different and so what turned your last cut partner on may need some adjusting.

    I’m adding these additional comments but don’t really think I should have to.

    101 comments so far and alot more that we haven’t heard from. Keep it cumming!

  101. Terry

    I love all aspects of man to man sex. Love to get fucked but I also enjoy sucking cock and often do so without expectation of reciprocation. Once or twice a week, at least, I am visited by a buddy who is there only to get his cock sucked. I love the taste of cum and as soon as I’m done with one load I’m ready for more!

  102. AusTex942

    I love oral sex, whether sucking a guy or being sucked. Best is 69.

    It is good by itself, or as a prelude to more!

  103. Ed

    Giving good head is an art. If you are into your own orgasm 1st, you are not going to be good at it. I can only think of one time when I didn’t make a man cum. The feel of a cock swelling up in your mouth, with the head pushing through the foreskin or on a cut man, the head swelling rapidly before the rest, is a huge turn on. You can’t fake an erection so it is obviously a compliment. I’ve found that my lips and tongue techniques are far more effective at producing a big load than simply sucking and stroking. Love to slip my tongue between the foreskin and cock head and sort of swirl around the circumference of the cock head, then using just my lips slide the foreskin down a bit so I can lick the underside where the foreskin meets the cockhead. This by itself often results in a quick load, much to my chagrin on the days I was looking forward to getting fucked. It is also fun to feel the squirms if you suck the cum tube real hard from the top to bottom while wiggling your tongue on that tube and then once you reach the ball, you gently suck each one in turn into your mouth and then both at once while moving your tongue as rapidly as possible. Rimming the ass is the next obvious destination if your partner is willing. Some tops weirdly think that getting rimmed is like bottoming, duh! It’s like lots of fun!!!!! Of course once you get him fully erect, you can try to deep throat him. I can do this on an 8″ cock if I straddle my partner with my ass in his face or if I have my head hanging off the bed. This takes a lot of practice though to get over the gag reflex, damn, can’t remember gagging and trying it the 1st time on a big cock can really dampen your enthusiasm for attempting it in the future. It is kinda fun though to have a set of balls on your nose or chin and know how much pleasure you are giving. It also brings some fun to things if you can remember to reach up with one hand and play with your partners nipples while you are trying to suck his brains out through his cock. Be sure to cup his balls in one hand, this will give you a gauge of how well you are doing. As his balls become more firm and begin to get tight you know you are on the right track. The biggest turn on for me though, is to have my tongue on the bottom of his cock as he cums. You can feel his cock pulse on your tongue as he cums, OH YEAH! If I happen to get fucked while I’m having this kind of fun, so much the better!!!

  104. leon

    I would like to start off by saying I like this blog, it sheds some light on an area that is in fact gray. Next! I think oral is the best, it’s also a safer route to have your way with someone without giving it all away. Like I could get head all day everyday and same vice-versa!

  105. JR

    I love to give a blowjob and I have been doing so since I was 15. I am very good at it and can deepthroat. I have guys drive all night for me to suck them. Some guys just want to get blown. I like mutual and 69. I agree that older guys like it more. The wild thing that keeps happening to me this year is the 20 to 30 yo’s I meet all want to rim. Some will not even touch my cock, but they will get down there and really put their tongue deep in my hole. I almost feel like it is a handshake. I will not rim unless I know the guy a while or we have had sex a few times but these young ones go right for it. I have also had to teach them how to give a good blow job. Maybe we should be showing the young ones how to do it and that it feels good if done right.

  106. James

    When I was younger I loved to top or bottom, and loved 69. But then I found out I had diabetes, and as times pass, I am less able to top, and enjoy oral being preformed on me less. Don’t get me wrong, it still feels great, but since my diabetes has caused ED I feel like I am not able to satisfy my partner in that aspect. On the other hand I love giving oral, and have been told I’m quite good at it. I have even gotten several guys off orally that said they had never came from oral sex. I have a limited gag reflex, and have been giving oral since an early age, so have had a lot of practice. I also love to rim a clean ass, and can eat ass for hours. Oral sex is great, and can be done in places where other sex isn’t. I love sucking a guy as he drives down a dark road or street. As some one else mentioned in an earlier comment, glory holes are hot as hell, but glory holes are getting harder, and harder to find.

  107. JImy

    I just can’t seem to fine a guy that can really give a great blow Job, maybe I am looking in all the wrong places, have found a guy that love to rim and he does it wonderful but he doesn’t stay hard to fuck which I love to be fuck, but i will keep on looking.

  108. Roni

    I Like getting head, and I like giving head, but for me oral is foreplay, a prelude to intercourse. I have never been able to cum from getting head; so fucking is what I’m looking for. When a profile says Oral only, or Top,I know I won’t be sexually compatible with that guy and it saves time and confusion.

  109. Greg

    What a topic! My favorite thing in the whole world! I could live on oral sex and Frosted Flakes. I must add that I hate having a partner who only wants to suck me. I want it to be mutual. But a lot of “bottoms” (I hate that fucking term) like to pretend that their dick doesn’t exist. What’s the purpose of being with another man if you can’t enjoy their dick too?

  110. Marvin

    Oral sex is awesome! It’s the beginning of a great sexual experience, whether giving or receiving. It’s a pleasurable and intimate act that leads to intense sexual release. Enjoy oral sex it’s quite possibly the best!!!

  111. Nathaniel003

    I love oral sex, both me and my bf love giving and getting head, and he loves it even more since i can deepthroat. We even invite a third guy to have some good oral fun at times, no harm in that, but we save the actual sex for ourselves.
    I think guys would love oral sex more if he comes across a guy who can swallow his dick whole. Not only that, but he has to know what he’s doing.

  112. Suckingdick348

    I really enjoyed reading your Blog on oral sex. I love giving and receiving oral sex. Most men would agree with me. However, I am a little confused about the reasons why some men don’t want or prefer receiving oral sex. I have spoken to several men about this topic. My findings were that many men have a complex about who they service and whom services them. They have to be masculine, not fem, not older then….., don’t want a few extra pounds, or even chubby, bear, or fat. We are ALL men with dicks that get hard and want to release. I stay away from people who try to put me inside a box by saying what they don’t like. I respect individual preferences. Hence, some people are just OUTRIGHT RUDE. The masculine wants the masculine. The TOPS are oral. The bottoms only wants TOPS. I am honest when someone asks me whether I a TOP or a bottom. My response to them is that I LIKE SUCKING DICK 2 COMPLETION and that anything that may arise depends on mutual chemistry. I am NOT going to promise you anal just to get some oral. ORAL & ANAL should be separated. Let’s be adult about this ORAL SEX thing and relax and bust a few good nutts inside a warm mouth. Try It! You just might like it! Lastly, ORAL SEX is the way to achieve the ultimate release.

  113. JDSOKC

    I am totally oral.There is absolutely nothing like having a big cock down my throat sucking on it to completion. it’s worth the challenge to find someone who can totally appreciate the art of a good blowjob.

  114. Al

    Let’s face it, most of our first experiences were oral. Mutual jerk offs led to blowing the guy you were with. I enjoy taking a warm cock into my mouth and feeling it on my tongue with the final reward of having him unload in my mouth.

  115. Brad

    I’m always immediately turned OFF by guys who mention their use of alkyl nitrites (or what they choose to casually label as ‘poppers’). First of all, I prefer the type of guy who ISN’T a drug using piece of human waste, secondly, how trashy would it be for to bring a vile of chemical to bed with you to sniff during sex?? Really??? The kind of sex I’m familiar with needs no stimulation. 🙂 And isn’t this stuff used to clean those huge tape players? Hmmm….someone’s trailer park is showing, again.

  116. latinoguy

    I prefer oral sex to anal fucking any day. I do notice older men are better at it more into in than the younger guys.

  117. Jim Bob

    I love giving head. I’ve been doing it for 40 years now and have become quite intuitive into what pleases a man. When I was younger I was all about being a top. Oral sex was just a prelude to the main event, and a drive down 69th street was a way to test the limits of a “straight” man. As I’ve gotten older and more practiced and I suppose less frantic during sex I have come to appreciate the fact that oral allows the giver to set the pace and the tempo of the sexual liaison. Slow and sloppy with lots of kissing of various other body parts, rimming, edging your partner towards that mind numbing release is wonderful. But for those who like to be skullfucked that aint the way to do it! Fast and furious with lots of friction leading to an explosion of man juice can also be a blast (pun intended). These days I’m more of an oral bottom with the bottom part of the equation coming in to play if my partner is one of those guys that feels cheated if he doesn’t get to top. I like to bottom after I’ve given him that first orgasm with my mouth. When he recovers from that and is ready to top , then we can take it slow and steady and give me the anal pleasure that I desire.

  118. eyesofblue1972

    I don’t pop easy from oral sex. It’s not that I can’t it just takes a long time. And I’m a big leaker so some guys will suck me for a minute and when it starts flowing they stop.

    When it comes to sucking dick I like to do it, a lot!! And if a guy is a leaker even better!!

  119. Lee

    I am a top . Love to screw a tight young ass but I equally like a blow job from a guy that knows his stuff. Good time is to start with a blow job , then screw. I am able to go a second time if the guy does oral all the way .

  120. Bill from Brownsville, Pa

    I truly love sucking a mans cock, the feel of it in mouth is overwelming. Especially when he is about to cum. I enjoy the taste of cum, I am told I give a great blowjob

  121. John

    Just grab the guys head and screw his mouth the same way you screw his ass. Getting head doesn’t mean you have to be lazy about it, you need to participate more than just standing or laying there.

    Tell your prospects that this is what you want to do and that will help to sort out the ones who really know how to give good head from the mamby-pamby types who don’t have a clue as to what they are doing.

  122. Kyle (Thameshouse)

    Oral is by far the most fun part of sex. I would rather give oral (or receive, if they’re skilled) than have anal sex.

  123. Martin

    I’m glad you brought up this topic. I am baffled at how many guys don’t want to receive oral. wtf! I’m a top, never a bottom, to me that applies to screwing. For me to even want to meet with you oral has to be something you want to give and receive.

  124. BNM

    I get oral from 99% of guys I meet and don’t have to give it. It’s much easier and less cumbersome than anal.

  125. Peter

    I love oral sex, but who doesn’t. When i was younger, I has so many girls that gave me BJ’s, but now as a senior my preference is guys, and thats because, not only they are more abundant, but do a better job at it.

  126. timberrrr

    Excellent Topic. Sucking cock rocks in my book, I enjoy foreplay, there is nothing hotter than that first look, fantasizing and admiring some hot guys bulging cock. Or stripping him down in no time, so that I can feel the shaft of his thick hot throbbing cock sliding thru my lips and down my throat. Sometimes it can just be all about giving pleasure, just looking up and making eye contact while he’s moaning or just admiring his swollen manhood. Making love to cock orally is awesome. Because then there is nothing that can hold me back. I want more to enjoy, and that is spending quality time licking and tonguing his sweet tasting moist man hole. I know he (you) will enjoy that and you won’t want me to stop and I won’t want too. Hours can go by, sucking licking, cock balls eating out a beautiful hole. For me oral rocks, either 69 or no reciprocation necessary. But cleanliness is paramount. So give me your cock n balls n let me rim that nice moist man hole.

  127. N.J.

    Mutual oral is the best. Im still learning from my partner how to take a really big one, but he`s patient and definitely loves sucking me too.I enjoy getting him really close, then letting him flip me over and have my ass

  128. Letmeworshipit

    I’ve been writing about this subject for a couple years now on my blog ORAL COCK WORSHIP (Google it). I have never particularly enjoyed anal sex, either giving or getting, but LOVE sucking dick. AS I have often said, when there is a great mouth/mind/cock connection between an eater and a feeder, it is magical. And there are “Tops” and “Bottoms” in oral, too. Some embrace one role over the other, while some guys like it equally. For me, I enjoy receiving, but only after getting my gluttonous fill of cock and seed as a total, knee-walking cocksucker. No guilt in accepting your role. It’s as much about the mindset as it is about the physical feelings. I love it when guys read a certain post on my site and tell me that it reflects their perceptions or feelings. That’s when I know I’m hitting a common theme. For many of us, oral rules!

  129. Wayne

    I guess I’m one of those who once loved head, not anymore. Most guys can’t suck dick to save their lives. Those poppers are a turn off, as soon as it gets good they stop to sniff. I’m uncut with a sensitive head, deep throat this dick as well as suck the head. Open you mouth up and stop that gagging and slobbering one my dick(yuck). Man look at the dick before put it in your mouth… getting excited because it’s and you can’t get it in your mouth is such a downer. As someone said here practice, because you’re only good at something if you enjoy what you doing. Too many think if you suck me off I will give you the dick… nope sloppy head get you put out and no return nd please quit jacking my dick… you say you wanted to suck it so do that.

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