News : US Federal Ban On Gay Marriage, Voted Unconstitutional


After several days of speculation about when the court would rule, it made its announcement this morning, June 26th 2013.

It issued an opinion on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which federally defined marriage as between one man and one woman, and therefore blocked gay married couples from receiving many benefits.

The Supreme Court voted 5-4 to deem DOMA unconstitutional, because it “deprived people of their Fifth Amendment freedoms” the Court said.

“DOMA singles out a class of persons deemed by a State entitled to recognition and protection to enhance their own liberty.”

More news will come later but isn’t it the perfect timing for Pride season? Celebrate!


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  1. Matt

    I’m glad SCOTUS struck down DOMA that Clinton signed into law, but they chickened out on Prop 8 and all they have done is to open the floodgates to a flurry of lawsuits as every state that does not have same-sex marriage goes down that path. SCOTUS just got in the way of marriage equality big time. I wish they would have had more of a spine.

  2. Vinny

    If we live in a society that says we are the land of the free, and the home of the brave. I believe that the essence should be held true if not what are TROOPS fighting 4 their 4 CONGRESSS need’s 2 get their HEAD OUT OF THEIR ASSES and allow same sex marriage. If not our society is taking steps back and not forward.

  3. nhoj

    One step closer is better than two steps backwards. Lucky for me this is all pretty much irrelevant since I see no reason to buy a cow when so much milk is free 🙂

  4. navysoccerboi7 Justin Taylor

    It didn’t rule DOME unconstitutional, only the part about federal benefits (I believe section 3). The rest of DOMA is def gonna fall shortly b/c of the ruling and many states are gonna be passing Marriage Equality b/c of this. The Full Faith and Credit clause was not applied to DOMA therefore most of DOMA is STILL IN EFFECT! We must work to defeat the remaining portions of DOMA. This is still a huge step in marriage equality, esp when Kennedy stated its unconstitutional to deny everyone the right to marry (Equal rights and protection). Its still left to the states to have gay marriage or not, but there WILL be couples in every state file suit and eventually back to the Supreme Court. Next time, they will have to make a definitive blanket ruling for every state. That WILL be in favor of gay marriage!!!! GO PRIDE! It’ll be the Supreme Court that decides gay marriage in America, not Congress. Congress could, but it wont be those knuckleheads!

  5. Christopher (A4A paid supporter)

    Vinny~ Congress can’t figure with is their “head” and which is their “ass”, so therein lies the disparity.

    They can’t do what they can’t figure out, seems that’s for what they get paid.

    Now everyone can shut up about this and move ON………

  6. Chicago Tim

    Lot of confusion here. The SCOTUS has said that all people need to be treated the same… If “married” people get bennies, and some states allow gays to marry, Then they need to be treated equally. Likewise, a state cannot single out a group for harassment.

    That said, marriage is a state thing… Congress has no jurisdiction…

  7. jace

    tiso nloy mater of time before theyapove gay magrage stop baing os pissed off peopel this goverment they can do what ever they like

  8. IntheBronx

    oh brother. … who gives a shit?

    im tired of these self righteous gays suddenly crying about equal rights….

    can u keep a man? keep a man first then think about marriage.

    stop cheating then think about marriage.

    get your life together first and then think about marriage

  9. D

    “The Supreme Court voted 5-4 to deem (Section III of) DOMA unconstitutional, because it “deprived people of their Fifth Amendment freedoms” the Court said.”

    Section II of DOMA remains law.

  10. JOEY


  11. 4x4lvr

    Makes no difference here: gay guys in El Paso are not interested in marriage any ways, they just want to hook up with perfect,handsome, prince charmings while hypocritically claiming they are just looking for “friends”. So, marriage equality, who needs it?—Not El Paso….Its a perfect example of pearls before swine—-too bad marriage is such a beautiful pearl!

  12. Trey

    It didn’t get rid of it. DOMA is still in place all they did was give gay couples the same benefits as married straight couples. It still defines marriage as one man and one woman.

  13. Eddie

    Hold on guys. Everyone is celebrating what is, at most, a minor victory. The SCOTUS only struck down part of DOMA. The part they struck down is the federal definition of marriage that keeps same-sex couples from receiving federal benefits when they are in a legal marriage. Each state is still free to determine what a legal marriage is within its own jurisdiction, including whether or not to recognize same-sex marriages of another state. This mean you could have federal benefits while living in Massachusetts and New York, but not in Texas or Utah. It really leaves everything up to the choices each state makes. Keep in mind that marriage has always been a function of state law and not federal law, which is the reason parts of DOMA were struck down. The U.S. Congress has no authority to legalize same-sex marriage. Only the states can do it, and that’s why this is going to be a long, hard battle.

  14. T-blow

    It may not be a giant leap but it’s a step in the right direction. A step I was afraid the SCOTUS would never take, so I am celebrating that.

    And to the few self-loathers who yawn and say “who cares?” – GROW UP!

  15. Steve

    The purpose of marriage was to produce legitimate offspring to keep a family name or dynasty going or continuously repopulate the earth…you guys are not going to be able to do that…all your about is stickin it in the first available hole…financial worries, mortgages, raising kids, schools, bills, it aint all its cracked up to be…and I guess some companionship in your golden years…if you live that long or do not succumb to divorce…its never going to be the same…just be glad you have made the strides you have…people are going to get sick of the prancing around and rainbow flags and the thongs…give it a rest…even the str8’s are over for better or for worse, sickness and health, til death do us part.. society as we know it, is crumbling…all this liberal shit is going to be the death of America as we knew it…chaos and ruin is what awaits us…or worse yet a dictatorship to control the over-populated country who is fighting over food, and martial law…wait and see..

  16. vafratboy

    IntheBronx, you need to speak for yourself. I got a man, have kept him for 12 years and counting and not cheated on him. I quite have my life together, thank you very much.

    And if I didn’t, I STILL would be deserving of equal treatment under the law. That’s part of what it’s supposed to mean to be an American.

    Steve, You’re an idiot if you believe that the purpose of marriage (of which no part deals explicitly with children, from a legal perspective) is to produce offspring. Guess what? Lot of married couples don’t produce offspring and lots of unmarried couples do. Claiming that marriage is about offspring only reveals ignorance as to what marriage actually is.

  17. Dan

    I think that the govt. should stay out of the marriage debate. That being said, if a church decides they want to let two men marry let they should let them. And if a church refuses to let two men or two women not marry that should be fine, also. No where in the Constitution is their a right to marry. Straight or gay. It is not a right, but a contract between two people.

  18. Matt

    Pitching DOMA that Bill Clinton signed into law was a good move. SCOTUS ran scared on Prop 8 making the legalization of same sex marriage something that will take years to accomplish nationwide. The legalization of same sex marriage is NOT NOT NOT “marriage equality” because a bisexual who wants to marry two people may not, for example.

  19. nick

    Many gays have no idea what a relationship truly means, or what love is. Cos, the male version never grows the fuck other words, guys, lets stop being sluts and maybe the world will take us seriously. .. I saw all gay men always think about hook up and sex.. most of them not mature enough to control that..

    I really hope we can b trust and love each other for ltr.. Once again guys, lets stop being sluts and maybe the world will take us seriously.

  20. Osei

    For those of us who are married, plan on getting married or want to get married in the future and have the same rights as heterosexual couples we are celebrating. For those who think it will never change the way they see their life now or in the future because all it means is …. (see STEVE post above) then you can continue thinking just that way. You want to have a positive spin on life, then here is the opportunity to make something new with your life, something that was never in the offering prior to this. There are many of us who took the step got married and have stable home lives, now we can provide our spouse with the same state and federal benefits that everyone else enjoyed. Don’t rain on our parade.

    Not everyone will or want to get married. Those of us who have chosen this step and will chose this step CELEBRATE.

  21. Dayo

    I agree with Nick and the guys from El Paso and NY above. Most gay guys don’t want to marry. They are too busy screwing everything in sight and can’t commit to a date let alone anything serious as marriage that requires real effort.

    We can’t be equal. Look at the way anyone who is not white is treated in the gay community. They will always be treated as second-class citizens in their own community.

  22. Steve

    Hey Vafratboy, before you start throwing around the word idiot…read what I said…Marriage’s original and primary purpose WAS to produce offspring…I did not say that was the purpose of marriage today or that everyone is capable or wants to do that…and I am quite aware of the legal, social, cultural and historical aspects of marriage, having been married for 45 years…hey give it a try…its not the same as having lived with someone even for as long as you have…best wishes to the bride and bride!

  23. John

    The invention of marriage had nothing to do with producing offspring. Marriage had to do with a man’s ownership of his wife(s) for which he had to pay taxes to his government. In more modern times marriage became a contract between a man and his wife to make sure they stayed together for the sake of their both being there to support and raise their children.

    Marriage has nothing to do with love, it is still just a mere contract, so unless a couple has and is raising children they are fools to enter into this contract just because they are in love.

    Those who imagine otherwise are just playing Barbies.

  24. blk1888

    Great news, but a shame, because if rights were being protected for all then there never would been an amendment! Does not make me confident in my government.

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