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Leonardo DiCaprio, 38 years old,  is one of the most popular actors on the planet. With the success of the movie The Great Gatsby in which he plays the main role, I wanted to know what you think about the man? Do you find him sexy? Is he your type of man? Do you find him Hot or Not?

Since the late 90s, DiCaprio has always been on the top 100 list of People Magazine ‘Sexiest Man Alive” but never won the tittle. Will he win the 2013 edition?

Let me know what you think? What is it about him that you like or don’t?


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  1. JOSE


  2. muzyqman

    I never let myself develop a crush or have sexual fantasies or longings about straight men. There’s no point. And there are plenty of handsome, sexy gay men to go around without making myself crazier than I need to be about someone who is totally, irrevocably unattainable.

  3. James7890

    Well hes average looking, but i dont think that he could pass as a gay male because he has to much of a straight male look to him.

  4. Hairynutz

    This is a hot guy! Sad he still doesnt have a star in hollywoods sidewalks, long overdue. Id love to see him nude. Nice body. Love when he has facial hair.

  5. Lynn

    Not . He looks dirty , like he needs to be scrubbed down with some ajax and a Brillo Pad. As he gets older he is increasingly less attractive . Something about him reminds me of an inbred.

  6. yoshikun1980

    I think, in his younger years, he was more cute… now, he’s still quite handsome, but not ‘cute’… makes sense?
    I’d still do him. hahahaha

  7. Zayne

    yes he’s hot, but more then just looks he seems to be a well adjusted man with a good head on his shoulders…I like his family values and how loyal he is to his friends … all these qualities make for one very hot man!!!

  8. E

    I love that he is an average looking guy, he is not “ripped” but someone you can relate too, and I find that hot

  9. martin odonnell

    I think at times he is hot like that pic of him with the smoke in his mouth I like a lot very sexy some of the other pics not so much I would love to see nude pics of him I have heard that he is bi is there any truth to that does anyone know for sure

  10. Enzo AKA SoCalTuffGuy

    I’ve never thought of him as “hot” or “sexy”, but I think he is handsome and talented: One of those “attractive but not my type” kind of guys.

  11. John Stewart

    Not…he is handsome but not “Hot” . I saw a pic with his shirt off, not at impressive…no “sex appeal”.


  12. Micho

    Definitly not. He has that same dirty quality as johnny depp. Though unlike depp I find dicaprio a terrible actor.
    I will be incredibly upset with the american population if he becomes sexiest man. I was super psyched when I heard he was taking a sabatical from acting.

  13. nike

    not at all hot. I think his head and face are too large. But he is better looking than I am, otherwise I wouldn’t judge

  14. edgar_truth

    i find him handsome, but i have no desire to have sex with him. i know it’s weird, but i wouldn’t want to have sex with him.

  15. David

    The older he gets the hotter and sexier he becomes—Many years from now the secret of him being GAY will be in the news

  16. Pafrker

    I am superised that so many people have responded so quickly! A really great actor! As a young man not the average good looks and as he gets older not your average guy, Sexually he does not start my engine but could run a long time on his class. He is a real star!!!!

  17. Sentai Joe

    Leo now as a 38 year old, yes I think he is hot. Leo during the Titanic days not so much. I think he will be one of those men who get sexier as he gets older.

  18. outdoorman

    To me, he has a nice looking face, but it ends there. In the pics I’ve seen of him showing more of his body, he does nothing for me. I wouldn’t kick him out of bed, but I sure wouldn’t chase him either. He needs to work on his chest, legs, most everything else.

    No, not hot at all to me !

  19. Scarpien

    Loved him in “Catch Me If You Can” but that’s about it. Never quite saw what others saw in him looks-wise, but that’s what that whole “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is all about.

  20. MIKE

    I worked with him back in the days when he wasn’t even legal ,he was sure comfortable with me . I should have made a move on him ,but that what happens when your a professional ,
    HOT , OH yeah

  21. Steve

    Fine actor and cute when he was younger but no, not “hot.” Also, hate being this shallow, but he REALLY needs to work out: the shirtless pics that make into People or onto TMZ are NOT pretty.

  22. jeffrey

    Too much a “boy” or “boi” in the younger days, although the older he gets the better looking he seems to me. I’d say give him 5 more years and he’d be fuckable.



  24. Hunter0500

    Although rumors abound, he’s never come out and said he’s gay. Therefore throwing him up for “hot or not” consideration is disrespectful. Just as disresptful as straights taunting gays with “fag!” or “queer!”. Many gays moan that they don’t get the respect they deserve for their sexuality, but then they feel totally free to turn around and rave about how they’d “do him (a straight guy) in a heartbeat and I’d keep it up all night!” Hypocritrical, for sure. It’s a perfect example of how many gays shoot themselves in the foot while supposedly fighting their way to acceptance and fighting to break down “unfair” negative stereotypes.

  25. Rich

    sexy when he was younger. now at 38 he is a man with good looks great eyes. although not my type. he is a good looking man.

  26. Dennis

    Definitely hot. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if some day he came out as being bi… Would love to spend hours on end playing with him. He’s definitely very nice and has had a few interesting roles, including one gay one.

  27. Jeffery

    He is VERY average and no way would I consider him hot. Would I look at him naked, sure. I’ve liked many of his movies but sexy and hot – not!

  28. Ed Castrillon

    Sadly NO, I have NEVER found Leo attractive. I think he is a good Actor but have NEVER seen his him as handsome, or as the leading man. He’s like a character actor for me. Like James Cagney or Bill Pullman for me.I think as he gets older he will get more seasoned and have a multitude of characters to play in various films but he just doesn’t give me “Matinee Idol” essence., just my opinion

  29. Ed Castrillon

    BTW-I don’t know what Leo’s sexual orientation is but in the late 90’s he did suggest to a male friend of mine that they go into a private restroom in the Viper room in West Hollywood on Sunset blvd. There was only one toilet in there so I’m not certain why he would have invited my friend in with him. My friend was star-struck by embarrassed/flattered by Leo’s suggestion, but after considering the option(my friend is Gay, but a little prudy about wash room sex)decided to wait in the bathroom line and use the facility solo…P.S. There was a rumor floating around tinsel town that Leo is a cross dresser but I haven’t heard enough first hand knowledge to support that theory.

  30. vafratboy

    I think he’s actually one of the better actors out there, but he doesn’t do anything for me in the looks department (not that he’s not classically attractive, just doesn’t do it for me).

    Hunter0500 – It’s in no way “disrepectful” to appreciate the beauty of a straight man. Is one only allowed to find attractive those who reciprocate that attraction. Is it disrepectful for a straight man who let’s just say looks no where close to Brad Pitt to think Angelina Jolie is hot, despite the fact that she would most likely not be attracted back to him? Of course not!

    I don’t feel “disrepected” when women find me attractive (though I’ll admit there was a bit of discomfort mixed with my amusement when a young lady whistled at me in Walmart). The idea that saying a straight man is attractive or not somehow disrespects his sexuality is asinine. Attraction reflects on the sexuality of the attracted, not the attractor.

  31. Lynn

    To Sick Rick, Some inbred’s I’ve seen have very wide foreheads and faces and he has very little jawline now . I wi;; say this He is a great actor .. If yo9u havent seen Whats eating Gilbert Grape you need to … I thought “how did they get that retarded kid to do all this stuff he was so believable …

  32. Hunter0500

    “Is it disrepectful for a straight man who let’s just say looks no where close to Brad Pitt to think Angelina Jolie is hot…”

    That’s so not even close. You’re talking heteros. There’s no comparison whatsoever.

    We’re not talking “gee, he’s nice looking.” The question here is “hot or not?” and is therefore asking if the guy is “jumpable”. For a gay guy to get all drooling over and wanting to jump a straight guy totally disrespects the straight guy’s sexualtiy.

    Respect for sexualtiy is a two way street. If gays won’t give resepct for others’ sexualtiy, they cannot demand respect for their own.

  33. tom

    he played the hyperactive and retarded younger brother in “what’s eating gilbert grape”. i never got over that roll…in deed, i still see him that way. a goofy, string bean,out of control kind of a kid.

  34. vampyre927

    Not handsome,not Hot!! He is an OK actor but he has that pasty,doughy face and he is not going to age well.I never got the urge to want to fuck him.

  35. vafratboy

    “That’s so not even close. You’re talking heteros. There’s no comparison whatsoever.”

    I don’t think gay and straight people are as different as you’ve been led to believe. There’s no difference between being appreciated by a man you don’t find attractive and a woman you don’t find attractive (regardless of whether you are gay or straight).

    To say it’s ok for a straight guys appearance to appreciated by a woman he doesn’t find attractive, but it’s horrible for it to be appreciated by a man he doesn’t find attractive is ludicrous, illogical and reeks of internalized homophobia.

    Putting moves on a known straight guy? Absolutely disrespectful. Being attracted to a straight guy? Not a damn thing wrong with that.

  36. russ

    As I find him handsome and when he was younger cute he’s definitely not my type but he is f****** hot because he’s an awesome actor What’s Eating Gilbert Grape when he was just a young kid that’s a great performance Basketball Diaries damn he can act he is handsome and he keeps it cool behind paparazzi Kudos 2 DiCaprio he’s a fine actor and hansome dude

  37. OB

    Not. He’s got those weird folded-over eyelids like an Asian even though he’s white. Plus, he got bloated over the past decade. A little diet and exercise would fix that right up!

  38. JK

    I bet you the majority of guys who think he’s hot are Middle Eastern or Latino. They prefer blonde over anything else.

  39. Orion

    Never found him that sexy… cute but I like men that are men and not on the boyish look side… don’t think he is aging well, Cary Grant, Rock Hudson, Sean Connery, George Clooney,now these are leading hot men Love the hairy chested men!!!

  40. OO_RICK_OO

    To respond to the question, in my sole opinion, he is both hot and extremely talented. As he matures, both his looks and talent grow exponentially. What I find interesting is the other comments people are writing. Attractiveness is the judgment of the one attracted. When I think of the years I spent in the closet and then read some of this dribble, I am reminded of why I did not want to be judged in a group that can be so damn “pissy”. Now I am older and more matured. I hope that those who judge me are not judging the entire group who share my sexual desires. DiCaprio is a hot man and most importantly has gave more money than nearly all of us on here combined will ever make, to assure that trivial matters such as oppression, the health of the planet and his fellow man will be better off than when he elected to get involved. For those things alone, he is, in my humble opinion, a great man.

  41. southernboisb

    HELL NO! DiCRAPio should just fade into the background. BTW, how many of us stood up, cheered, & clapped when he died in “Titanic”?

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