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Few days ago, I went to visit a condo because I’m thinking about moving. Actually, the structure only was there, but that’s about it. The walls, elevators, lighting, floors are not built yet. I just wanted to see the view from the balcony, the divisions and the day light in the condo…

On the site, there were many construction workers…some very hot. I was hard all along the visit thinking about what I could do with them. I always get turned on by construction workers, I think it’s because of the whole package, the boots, the hats, the scruffy looks, the dirt on their clothes….Very hot!

Do you like construction workers as well? Why?


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construction2 construction3 construction4

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  1. Darryl

    Some construction workers are pretty hot, and it’s very interesting to see them working out in the sun. The ones i like most are the Men who get into their work not knowing that they are sexy as hell. Studs in tank tops, or shirtless with the pants uncovering boxers. Gives me a tingle all the way down my _______

  2. Mike

    I know for a fact construction workers are hot.Being a carpenter myself I’m around them all day!! Some days it’s difficult not to stare at some of the really good looking guys.The down side is it is a very homophobic proffesion.Are there gay construction workers?Of course.Are they out? None that I’ve ever seen.Myself included.That being said,I still have snuck off to a private place to fantasize and masturbate about a hot guy on site!!

  3. Mark

    Construction workers can me interesting to look at. Those guys where not construction workers and don’t really count. I work on construction jobs occasionally and do find some of the guys fun to look at. Generally though OSHA frowns upon guys in tank tops so usually they have way more clothing on than I would prefer to see on a cute guy!

  4. seth

    Must be me, but i have not seen any sexy construction workers ever. Thats like the hot pizza guy or cable guy coming to your house and having sex with you. That never happen to me. All the construction workers i seen are old, fat, and not cute at all. Then again i’m not into guys who like to label themselves after some kind of animal or stereotype that they think their are or they think i am..

  5. kebs

    I work in construction, i remodel homes and i like it but i don’t think im sexy and most guys are like “nice” ot oh that’s cool” sooooo are they really hot or is it the look that is nice

  6. Mitch

    It all depends some construction workers are fat pigs with bear bellies and some or hot. When I was a senior in high school there was a new building across from my job and there were two boys maybe 18-19 years old that were working doing simple tasks pickins stuff up and comparatively light labor. That had there shirts off all day with golden games and sun bleached hair with blue eyes. They were hot. I took a lot of smoke breaks so I could get closer and I don’t even smoke. So yes many construction workers are hit because there body show all the work they do. Also they tend to be more rough alpha males because that’s how they have to act at work. It almost like getting that elusive str8 boy.

  7. Emanuel12

    Yes, I agree with Darryl, think it’s so hot to see construction workers, really any guy with his partial boxers showers in a nice pair of hot jeans. Man, it’s so super hot, would love to just find out how nice the goods are down there. Do a drive by give the fine, slim ones some hot oral action, long as the smell isn’t too strong, but it’s a certain type of perspiration that turns me on down there too, there’s a difference between that and funk, lol to see a slim guy standing there, pants uncovering him is mad sexy cool 😉

  8. Jackson

    I dated a construction worker and nothing got me naked faster than when he would walk in my house with his boots covered in dirt with ripped jeans and a hard hat!!!

  9. Charlie

    I love a construction worker in jeans or Carhartts. The jeans show more but Carhartt makes my imagination run wild. I have worked with many of these studs and they know that they are hot by the way they act when someone comes along that turns them on. As for the smell I love a worker smell. They are not dirty just smell like they worked hard all day and that is a major turn on for me.

  10. Miguel

    !!SOME!! Construction workers are hot! you can see the emphasis on SOME….others look like something out of Hills Have Eyes and I just can’t take!

  11. Frank

    Being a construction supervisor, I walk around half the day with a hard on looking at the young Hispanic and Polish tradesmen.
    There have been many times I needed to find a private spot on the construction site to rub one out.
    Once, I was able to arrange a meeting with someone on the job site and I took him up in a scissor lift. We sucked each other off 30 feet in the air.
    Now THAT was hot!!!

  12. maxculo

    So Hot! and I find them to have more powerful thrust then the cable guy delivery guy and trashmens… I think I’ve said to much.

  13. G90814

    Big difference between fantasy (as in the pics above) and reality… Otherwise construction workers have the same % of sexy as any other type of guy.

    Personally, I prefer reality over fantasy.

  14. antonio

    Love walking by a site and seeing all the sweaty hot guys in their torn jeans big boots and wet tees…mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  15. locksley

    First of all, these are really great pics of really very goodloking black men, thanks!

    Yeah, I like down to earth guys who really are down to earth, nothing more organic than working with your hands. I find them to be more masculine without being “masculine-acting” which is so typical with the average gay male.

  16. John...

    There are hot guys in any trade. The construction worker thing is just one of those tired old gay created stereotypes, beginning with the Village People. The guys in photos do not appear to be genuine construction workers, just posers wearing hard hats for the photos is all. Fakery is no turn on to me.

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