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The cable guy came the other day and it got me thinking… I always hear about guys and the plumber, the cable guy or the UPS guy but this never seems to happen to me. In fact I can’t remember the last time I thought one of them was doable. Am I missing something? Is there a code or a handshake someone forgot to pass on to me?  How is this happening to so many guys and not me?

So let’s hear it, let’s hear your UPS, FedEx, cable guy or maintenance guy sex story. Make it short and make it sweet but mostly tell me how you knew the guy was available!!

g skorich AKA eastvalleyoral

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  1. HeywoodJablome

    Well first of all, you have to be friendly to them. And offer them something to drink (“Hey man, it’s pretty hot out there today, do you need some water or something?”). And be sure to refill their glass often. Then when they are finishing up their work, you say, “I bet your pretty busy today, sure you don’t need to use the bathroom before you leave?” And of course because you have been loading him up with liquids, he will take you up on it. Then once his dick is out, nature will just take its course from there…….

  2. Matt

    Two years ago we had to put a new roof on the house and a glitch with the roofing company made their Friday a half-day so the owner’s son (my age) knocked on my door bright and early Saturday morning asking if he could work to try to get the project back on track. I caught his eyes darting down to my jeans, which can be a dead giveaway. Later, he’s on the roof shirtless and I’m in the back yard making some idle chit chat. He clearly had stirrings in his pants because he shoved a hand in to rearrange. I made a comment about inopportune hard ons and then went over and took a leak on the orange tree. He watched the entire time. I asked if he needed a break and he was off the roof in no time.

  3. whitebtmfoblktop

    well he wasn’t the cable guy, but the cliche food delivery guy…i just had a “vibe”
    i had ordered food to be delivered and the cutest guy showed up at my door with food! i couldn’t stop myself from smiling. he was just so cute and had form what i could tell a great bod too, tall, dark handsome, great smile, just my type! he also was constantly smiling back. of course i took my time and invited him into the hall while i dbl checked my order, he noticed some of my art on the wall and commented on it, he seemed impressed that it was work that I had done and spoke about it in a way that an art educated person would, i was flirtatious and so was he , but i chalked it up to his “working up” a better tip,(well that certinally did work out for him)after i had checked and my order was ok , we had an awkward “goodby” moment i kinda felt like i should have kissed him off, but we strangely shook hands and he left. i never got his name but was sure that i would be ordering more often from that establishment!
    a little after an hr (i had already eaten)
    security called and said i had a food delivery downstairs , confused i asked from where the delivery was from,and it was from the resturant thet i had just ordered. I got a weird and happy feeling (could it be the same delivery guy?) so told the desk to send it up.
    It was the same delivery guy, i asked what was up and he said he had lost something and did i see anything (???) well i invited him in and said what was lost, he smiled that huge beautiful smile and said “i gotta be honest, i really just wanted to see and talk with you”
    smiling back i said “have a seat” and we sat down on my living room sofa. Not missing a beat he just kissed me ! i of course responded back and in no time at all we were both naked on my couch going at it! as it turned out he had that same “vibe ” thet i did and took a leap by coming back. he is into older men and also a student of art so we actually do have lots to talk about , not that much talking happened that evening though. He was the perfect guy for me, a thick hung top, who is totally into eating and fucking ass, we ended up fucking all nite, and finally fell asleep in each others arms. the next morning we fucked like bunnies again (good thing neither of us had anything pressing to do)
    even though there are many years between us, we are both very attracted to each other and have been hanging out and fucking now at least a couple times a week, i am his “stop” after his shift and bonus! he always brings “eats’ when he is done with work!

  4. Charlie

    I am the plumber and can tell you no one ever made a move on me. Can you tell me the secret handshake? I have been to many places where I would love to shake hands and cum out sucking. Also I know service men that have had many experiences when they say men or women answer the door naked lol, dream on. In my many years of this I caught one str8 couple getting it on when I walked in (and they didn’t invite me to help either one of them) I think that most of these so called encounters with the service man are just dreams.

  5. Juanito

    When the maintenance man came to fix my apt heater, I was just getting out the shower, told him i needed to get dressed when i answered the door in a towel. As soon as he looked down toward my dick I started hard right away. He came in, started working on the heater kneeling down on the floor and showing odd one of the nicest set of buns ever. He looked bsck at me a few times, by that time I was fully hard and the towel wasn’t hiding it at all. He smiled, asked if he could use my restroom, i said yes, walked him towards the hall and he had his Dick out before he got to the toilet. I saw a fat meaty piece of man meat hanging, i smiled and he grinned too. Came back in the room with his dick out still. No words from that point just good old 69 and a thanks have a good day.

  6. vafratboy

    Supposedly, this happened to a friend of mine. He claims that he knew because he was wearing some thin shorts that didn’t leave much to the imagination and kept catching the guy staring. So he tested the waters by discreetly (and then less discreetly) playing with himself and watching the cable guy get more and more flustered til he was pretty sure. Then he went for it.

    I could see it possibly happening with a cable guy/repair man, etc. Somebody who actually had to come into your house and stay there for a bit versus the FedEx guy who just drops off the package and immediately leaves. That said, I’d have to be pretty damn sure before I’d make a move, and I can only think of one guy who has stopped by like that (it was a Fed Ex guy) who I’d have been remotely interested in anyhow.

  7. pmf

    I have a regular fb who is a verizon installer. I met him online and his sn is actually verizon guy. I thought it was his job but then he pulled up to my place in his verizon truck. It was winter and he was wearing his long underwear and as I pulled them down out popped his half hard cock. I swallowed it right down and suck his nice load out of him. We blow each when we can. Hes a hot man. Early 30s,tall, muscular and hung nicely.

    He visits every now and then and hes due tomorrow. He wasnts to fuck this time and I’ll happily give it up for him.

  8. Darryl

    I have had more than my share of home delivered dick and yes its all in the way you greet them. On One occasion I was awaiting having my phone line checked it was Friday afternoon when he arrived @2 pm. He was a youngish light skinned brother who was thin with braids and a ludacris type smile. He apologized for being late as the appt. was set for b4 noon and he said that i was his 5th of the day. Once he diagnosed the problem he said it was going to mean a rewiring job and would i mind if he grabbed a quick bite before climbing the pole? I assured him that so long as he was going to fix it i didnt care when he started.After about 20 minutes he returned and I was morre than ready I had put on only a pair of shorts and a t shirt as it was hot as hell and i could tell he was hot also so i suggested he do the same. He refused and went to work. He was out there for more than an hour whgen he returned to my door and said he thought things were completed. When he came in to test it i noticed he was slightly bleeding on his hand and he says he got a splinter while climbing down from the pole. I told him i can get that out and when he sat down to let me try i was right at his lap. Well in less than 5 minutes i was purposely rubbing my hand against his crotch and i saw the results quickly. As i was able to remove the splinter i insisted that he let me put a bandage on the hand and i went to get one. I peeked around the corner and saw him adjusting his dick as it was noticeable throught his pants. When i got back i was putting the bandaid on and i rubbed his bulge on purpose. When he looked in my eyes he knew it was on purpose i did all that touching and he said top me “id like to use your restroom” i thought he was embarassed but as he went in i kind of made sure the door didnt close all the way and peeked through the crack, As he stood there i gained more nerve and let me catch me looking. When he saw me he played with it for a second and asked if i liked what i saw? When he did i simply said yes and got on my knees nd sucked him in the doorway to the bathroom. He told me he was off for the day as my call was his last and then took me into the bedroon and fucked me for more than an hour . He told me that he was married and had 7 kids and that if he knew how many women came on to him at work i would know how lucky i was his Friday late call.

  9. TrizzyTroy

    Well my hot story believe it or not is with my exterminator. About 7 yrs ago my brother decided to rent his house out. He n his then wife had married n moved outta state bcuz of both their jobs. I was single knew the neighborhood well n he had the house renovated. Anyway, he told me he had a yearly contract with Terminex, a local exterminating company. Due to a cemetery about 100 ft behind the homes sometimes field mice became a issue. The 1st time the guy comes to the house I am shocked!! He is abt 5 yrs younger avg height, tight body even thrue his uniform shirt his arms are bulging. I play it cool we have casual convo abt my bro n wife. He compliments me on my taste in furniture n the way I hooked up the bar in the finished bsmt. He came by monthly so abt 2 months in we were cool 1st name bases. One summer evening he came by just as it was getting dark. Said he had came earlier but I was not home. As he was going thrue the house I was enjoying the usual view of him bending n squatting treating the house. In the bsmt I had forgot I left some porn on the top of the DVD player. He saw it b4 I cld move it n just smirked. I offered him a beer since he said this was his last job n bcuz he had came back. A beer n 2 shots of Patron later he asked me abt the bi-sexual porn. I said I like the best of both worlds sometimes. Turned on the DVD & told him to lemme know what he thought. 15 min into it the mountain of meat btwn his muscular thighs gave me the green light. His body was like a sculptured piece of chocolate n caremel. I did things to him he later confessed his wife never did. And I enjoyed being his last stop for the duration of the contract n a few extra visits in btwn.

  10. Craig lover

    Years ago my plan to seduce the cable guy was to leave gay porn by the cable box. Always chicken out after he got to my house.

  11. Ed

    Well, when I was living in my house (for sale now) I got Comcast triple play. the big deal they were running- $$$ off for so many months…
    The hot young guy that came to hook things up and drop off the boxes had so much trouble with equipment not working… He came back to my house three days in a row to drop off new boxes that worked-
    I mentioned that his efforts didn’t go unnoticed- but I didn’t have extra cash to tip him. I mentioned that is was too bad he wouldn’t take a BJ as a tip- joking- he mentioned he wasn’t gay- (yeah) and after some coaxing… I sucked this stud off for 5 days in a row… He would stop by every day at the end of his shift and I’d get my snack…
    Haven’t seen him since, but I think he is no corrupted… lol
    Neighbors couldn’t figure out why my cable needed so much work… hmmm…

  12. Nyc8x5

    Years ago, while living in a very small town, the service guy from the natural gas company made a pass after setting up a bogus service call. He was about my age but already married w/2 very small children.

    Had I been the slut I’ve become since then I might have let something happen. I didn’t find him attractive at the time and just having come out myself, I couldn’t be a part of what might have been a huge mistake in his life. We had a long talk, which I’d like to think helped him through a difficult time.

    The one that got away was the hottie cable guy a couple of years later. I tried to offer something to drink – – no luck. 🙁

  13. Emanuel12

    Like a few of the writers here, haven’t as of yet had an experience, felt like two times I were very close. Just didn’t know how to react on it. Was last year this time. A knock came to the door, was the Vivint security guy. Wow quite a hunk, nice body, smile sandy blonde hair blue eyes. He forced himself in the house we talked, I kept an eye on his nice bulge. He told me if I’d convert over to their company, he’d not charge me for installation. We discussed everything, was every bit of an hour. So, he did ask for a cold glass of water, went got it, he poured it in on the ice and responded man,” that sounds so good, listen at the ice pop” still at the point could not help but notice his nice bulge. Said, he was from a local city, married. Wish I’d made an effort to get him. Said he’d come back in a few days to do a follow up, he did but was just too scared to make a move or know what to do….any tips on guys like this? Know the married guys are bicurious anyway, love a nice guy to freak/blow them for the most. Then, not long had the cable guy to come, nice handsome guy, was really scared to make a move on him. Thing was, he and I use to sing in the same group, always had hearts for him, kept watching his pants to see if he’d make a move, guess he may been s scared as I was since we knew each other. Then, I sparked up a convo about a certain incidence, he and I talked for about 30 minutes. Wanted and always have wanted him sexually first time I’d seen him. Question now, how do you approach a guy like this to see if he’d get down. Although they mention, it’s problems home with the wife, but they work through them. Was this my sign?

  14. Chicago Tim

    How about a straight bj hookup? About ten years ago I worked at this small company where the receptionist got busted (and fired) blowing the hot FedEx guy in the supply closet. Best part? She had just returned from maternity leave… Lol

  15. ez12b4

    So I check into a Houston Hotel. Nice guy at the desk, but I thought nothing of it. He was a young guy, average looks and build. I got to my room on the second floor, started to clean up for a night on the town and discovered I had no bath towels.
    I called the front desk and the desk clerk said he was just getting off work and would bring them up before he left. I put my shorts on and was brushing my teeth when the door opened and the guy that checked me in walked in with some towels. He acted as if nothing was unusual. just like a locker room he said.
    he hung the towels in the bath room, then sat the others next to me by the sink. right next to the condoms, poppers, and lube that I had ready to go for later that night. I was a little embarrassed, but it was to late to do anything about it other than act normal.
    I’m standing there in my underwear no shirt and the guy puts his arm around my neck with a hand on my right shoulder and asked “do we have you fixed up for the night buddy?” I said I think so, and he began to massage my shoulder. He moved behind me and started to work both shoulders and neck. Ok it felt great and the guy said “just a little extra guest service.”
    I could see him in the mirror behind me, working my neck and looking down and my getting hard cock. Dumb me I didn’t know where this was going, so I thanked the guy in an attempt to get him going. He ran his hands up and down my back some. I turned around and said thanks for the towels. He ran his hands down my side and took the shorts down with it. On his knees and this was great.

    he turned me for the bed and I went down on my back watching him take the lube and condoms from the sink. he tossed me the poppers, dropped his pants, put on a condom. I got on my knees he lubed me and it was the best room service I have ever had.

  16. bimmw

    i am married and so is a friend of mine. We hang out sometimes. He is having some home problems. How do i see if hes bi curios too?

  17. wildman


    Iam a mailcarrier for the usps.
    few years ago , a realy sexy man left me a note in his mailbox.
    one thang he ask me if i was gay, and i told him yes.
    after many houres of texting back and fourth.
    by that afternoon , we was making planes to met that nite,
    After many houres of playing that nite 🙂

    And a few weeks pass he txt me again and he left me a text and said my back door is open and i want to fuck u.( I was in my uninform ) after a good load i left.

    And after a few months went by, he ask me to come into his garage to see somethangs he was working on.
    he begin to site down he unziped my uninform pants.and begin to suck my hard cock. once i deliver my load to him, i return the favor to him. He got off also. it was a very good day 🙂

  18. Drake

    When I managed a flower shop on base I had more than my share of action. I had to order my flowers from Texas because the small border town didn’t have a supplier. My UPS guy always wore the tightest uniform and no underwear, well one day I had enough and pretended to reach by his leg to grab a box and grabbed his bulge. He was rock hard, I gave him head in the cooler as we weren’t open for business just yet. These young pilots would come in to get flowers for their girlfriends and wives and always seemed to be freeballing in their jumpsuits. One guy cut himself on a thorn and I took him in back to get a bandaid. He grabs my ass and pulls me into him…. Damn that cockblocking girlfriend of his!

  19. leanmuscled

    Same handsome delivery man for a couple of years. Tall, trim, clearly athletic, handsome black man with a hint of beard. Every time he found me at home he chatted me up, and I fantasized about him. Finally he came late one evening, later than usual; I had seen his truck outside and purposely stripped down and wrapped a short towel around my waist. Sure enough, he buzzed and I let him in. He was apologetic and didn’t even have a package for me. Wanted to know if a neighbor was in or if he could leave a package for another person in the building. I was already hard and stiffening with ever second. He saw the towel rising and his shaky story got even shakier. I took the package and asked him if he wanted a drink. I felt I had to turn away because I was so worked up. He accepted and shifted in his shorts. When I handed him his glass of water, he looked me up and down and I loved it. fuck it, I said and pulled off my towel and started stroking my dick. He smiled and opened his shirt buttons. Unbelievable.

  20. MIKE A

    Santa Barbara,CA 1985

    My cable guy made regular visits to fuck the shit out of me ! He was a classic , Longish Blond curly hair , Smooth White Skin and a get set of tools. He gave meaning to the song AFTERNOON DELIGHT .Whats in a name… I had more memorable sexual experiences than I can remember living here in the present is full enough at 53 . I still look with lusty eyes at any 1/2 way hot guy in a service oriented uniform.
    Mike A from NYC

  21. cntrlnjguy

    Ok guys. Mine is kinda on the same lines as the rest of u but with a twist. Mine involves a UK motorcycle police officer I met back in the 80’s when I was on an extended stay in London.
    About two days into my trip I went to a gay pub right by the hotel I was staying at. After a few drinks I went outside for a cig and to get some air. This cop pulled up on a BMW, took his helment off, and walked to the pub. My mouth hit the ground when I saw this guy. Dark hair, bright blue eyes, one piece riding suit, and a set of guns and pecs to die for. Also the package down below has hot too.
    He looked through the window and was searching for something. I asked weather or not he was going to raid the place and he just smiled and said no. he was looking for a friend of his. I asked weather or not it was a bf of a friend. The replie was friend and that he didn’t have a bf anymore. BINGO!

  22. Fukmegoodnhard

    A couple summers ago, it was a brutally hot day in Seattle. I came home from rollerblading for 21 miles and was really sweaty.

    I noticed the mailman and saw that he was a replacement. I walked towards my house as he was coming up the sidewalk. I noticed that he was also hot and sweaty.

    We glanced at each other, smirked. He has his shirt unbutton mid-way. I asked if he was taking the heat into stride in which he replied that he would be happy when it would cool down.

    “Wanna a cold lemonade?”


    He stepped into the house and that was all it took. 🙂

  23. eastvalleyoral

    thanks guys!! hot stories. I guess the pizza boy does deliver. looking for ward to some more hot stories from you guys!!

  24. tom

    great stories all. not sure if this applies though, but it was a very interesting experience. many, many years ago when i was a lot younger and somewhat thinner. i got a job selling magazine subscriptions door to door. went to this one house to try and see what i could sell. an older gentle man answeres and i gave him tho whole speil about needing to sell magazines so i could win a trip to jamaica or somewhere like that. he listened to me and found that he was a professor at a local university. he was a nice enough looking man and seem very interested in me. he asked me how bad did i want the trip and told him that i would love to go somewhere tropical. he had me stand up and then ran his hands up both my sides and took my head to lean in and kiss me. i returned the kiss and he then started to rub my hardening cock thru my shorts. he then unbuttoned my shorts and let them fall to the ground. i took my shirt off to get more comfortable, and he smiled and said he loves thin red heads.he then asked if i would be willing to fuck him for him to buy one scrip. needless to say i jumped at the chance and he bent over the table and spread his ass for me. it didn’t take me long to cum in him and i know he loved having me do it also. i signed him up and then left hi house thanking him for both the fuck and the scrip. funny thing is. when i got back to the home base. i found out he stopped payment on his check. oh well. the things you do when you’re young and stupid. but i had fun anyway.

  25. TwelveInchCable

    This was about 10 years ago or so… When m4m hook-up sites had just become a favorite of mine. I was married at the time and had realized that my desire to be with men was out of control. I had chatted with someone who was in a similar situation, married, timid and always horny as I was. We had made arrangements to meet at a well known franchise restaurant to talk. You know the anonymous meetings where one exchanges an alias name and asks what kind of car will you be driving… So we met, ended up meeting in my car instead of going into the restaurant. We talked, it was all pretty cordial, and since no move was made on either one’s part and we were both married and had no place to go, we just parted and went our separate ways. (I know some of you are reading this and thinking, you could have just done each other in the car, but I think we were both so nervous, married and it all seemed to dangerous at the time… lol).

    What I had not mentioned was that I am white, he is black, and when we had chatted online, he did not fail to mention that he was packing a 12″ piece of pipe. All the while when we had met and we’re talking, I had wondered, how many inches had he exaggerated by…

    Well a year goes by, my wife and I had moved into a new home, and as you know someone has to be home when the new cable service has to be installed. My schedule was more flexible than hers and she volunteers me to be home on this one certain morning.

    Then comes the knock at the door, I answer it and who do you think is standing there…

    I could not believe it and was not certain that he had even recognized me. The day that we had met over a year ago I had a baseball cap on, we met in my car and it was dusk out. If he did recognize me had not let on. So I invite him in and show him where we would like the TV’s located, he is conducting himself professionally and just starts going about his business. Within the time that he was there I told him that I had to run a quick errand and that I would be back in 5 minutes, he said that he would just wait in his truck, and that the policy was that if the homeowner was not there he could not be in the home or continue with the work. I told him that I had to drop off some keys to a neighbor and that I would not be long. When I returned he just politely smiled and went back to work, he said he didn’t have to much longer to go. I told him that I needed to get in the shower and ready for work. He just smiled and said that he would let me know when he was done and would be on his way.

    I thought dang this guy is not going to break his professional character for nothing. So I went into the bathroom, leaving the doors open to the Master Bedroom and Bath, then proceeded to take my shower. My mind was just racing wondering if this guy was going to cross the line and take the bait. I was in the shower a good 10 minutes or so lathering and soaping up my body and thinking of crazy sexual thoughts… getting a raging boner as my thoughts raced ahead of me. Sure enough, he yells out that he is all done, I respond back with a, “what,” he pops his head in and repeats himself and leaves, for about 5 seconds. He then with no words exchanged, walks over to the toilet plops out the biggest dick I ever saw in my life. I am in the construction trades and definitely know 12″ when I see it. DANG. He proceeds to take a leak, I step out of the shower, he stands there 6’2 200 lean muscular pounds. Steps into the shower and lathers up… U can imagine my thoughts, some of trepidation, but mostly with just pure lust. After spending one of the most spontaneous sexual interludes of my life I still to this day can not believe that it happened to me. Afterwards I asked him if he recognized me, he smiled and said immediately.

    For those of you that want to know afterwards he seemed nervous as hell, he claimed that this had never happened to him before, call me gullible but I seem to believe him. Unfortunately we never met again, but you can imagine I think of that day often…

  26. HardtopFTL

    I live in a pretty gay area, and my home is definitely gay (calendars, art, books, Billy doll here and there) and this one cable guy came on to me. very one-sided, but he did come back (so to speak) for a non-repair session a week or two later. Unfortunately, he is the only one so far…most of these guys are so busy and their trucks and phones are tracked by the companies, so not as much opportunity as there used to be. and if they are a duo, usually don’t want to out themself to their partner.

  27. 1versfucker

    2 experiences:

    hot mail man = check.

    hot pizza delivery guy = check.

    Just be friendly, confident and obvious and if the guy is interested he’ll respond.
    Be prepared to not take it personally if it’s a no.
    In my country we are just so damn conservative that when most guys cruise we turn up our nose or play coy. It’s laughably sad.
    Go to any southern mediterranean city and it’s the complete opposite. 🙂

  28. AshevilleDreamin

    Well does it count if I was the repair guy? lol

    For the past 3 years I have used my summer vacations from college to earn some cash with easy local jobs. I usually spend a lot of time doing minor home/plumbing/roofing repairs as well as landscaping in a fairly nice neighborhood in one of North Carolina’s more accepting cities. Last summer an older guy, I’d say mid 40’s probably, had me come out to help with some drain issues he was having after putting in new sinks. So here I was, laying on the floor in the kitchen with my head under the sink when the man walked in and asked me how it was looking. I sat up to tell him that I was almost finished when I noticed that he was staring at my crotch while he absentmindedly rubbed his dick through his shorts. I told him that I’d be finished in a few minutes and that I’d enjoy the company if he wanted to stay and talk while I finished up. Well no sooner had I gone back under the sink and he sat down next to me and had my cock out within moments. The situation had made me hard as a rock by the time he pulled it out, and long story short I didn’t last very long with how skilled he was with his tongue xD He had me come back again several times that Summer, it seemed like something was always needing fixing at his house. But I’m 21, and the odds of me turning down a good blowjob from a handsome older guy? 😉

  29. simple

    my stories are real. i had fun with one cable man and one AC man.
    the cable man encounter is not a surprise. although he’s married, latin, masc, hot, he actually advertised himself on craigslist … but he’s very hot, driving verizon truck. he’s very str8 looking and built. he enjoys kneeling down and working on the cable, while i fuck him from behind …

    the AC man was a total surprise. didn’t expect. he looked so str8, he’s married with two kids. latino. after getting his job done, i was asking some question about my AC in my side yard, he was trying to explain to me what the box on the wall is used for … but his bulge touched my hand and i could feel it was hard … then we smiled, and moved in my house … he came again twice … he’s up north. i’m down south. he asked me to make a fake service call to his company and send him to my house then have fun lol …

    oh i actually had another one, a handsome black guy who helped me move … he’s str8. he liked getting a massage … i rubbed his butts naked, and touched his cock … only until then he realized what’s happening, he stood up from my bed, zipped his pants, politely said he’s not gay … took my 20 bucks and gone.

    i also tried many times with cable men, repair men, mail men … lawn works … no success so far.

  30. Rockrocknow

    I’m a “service-tech” and I visit customers everyday. I’ve had a few experiences. The best way, in my opinion, is to leave out whatever kinda porn ur into. Whether its magazines or movies. Understand
    That I must stay professional until u cross a line that I then know your not setting me up. Little towels and revealing shorts also work 🙂 Happy hunting!!

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