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Hey guys, I woke up with this Idea…

Why don’t we all share our screen names here and all get to know each other. Where are you from, how old, what do you do in life, are you single, attached, bi, gay, married, got kids etc…Maybe you’ll find the man on your life on A4A blog?! Who knows….

Ready? Go!




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  1. Casey

    I’m kcflett818 from Rifle, CO. I am 24 years old, I am a miner in a marble quarry. I am single and gay with no kids but maybe would eventually like one. If you’d be interested in chatting and getting to know one another hit me up :).

  2. richard burke

    rich1728,single white gay male 43 yrs old from lockport ny no kids and am currently employed as a taxi driver and i love to do fun thing`s

  3. Egypt. W

    Nakhti – 28, student, single, gay, no kids, attractive, humorous, stylish, open-minded, GREAT guy!!! πŸ˜‰

  4. Ray

    47/gay/Washington, pa/single
    Night shift mgr@a pizza shop
    No kids

    If you’d like to know more, hit me up πŸ™‚

  5. Christopher (A4A paid supporter)

    Isn’t that what the ‘picture-less/photo-less/headless’ profiles FOR, Dave?

    If guys aren’t willing to show their faces in their profiles, why would you think they’d be more forthcoming in the form of a blog?

    Good luck there, buddy. Just getting an “answer from a compliment sent” is a pretty miraculous act on this site. I’m just sayin’……….

  6. pinkduff

    im ralph im a 25 single gay man I live with my dad and don’t work and don’t drive I have never dated anyone before. don’t be shy say hi u guys can ask me anything

  7. Charles

    I am 33 years old. I am a support analyst for a CMS nursing home software. I am a fairly new homeowner, and take pride in my integrity. I have two dogs and love to landscape, as well as renovate. I am single, gay, physically fit and like to flip in the bed. I am classy, but trashy when it counts. I am a man’s man. No dope here. Live life to the fullest and enjoy my family every chance I get. Love to travel and love theatre. I am self supportive and would like to find the same in a man. I am attracted to all flavors and have no racial hangups. My only hangup is lack of morals. That doesn’t mean I am prudish when it comes to sex. I am a serious freak in that department.

  8. Dustin

    I’m 34. Divorced dad of 2. Gay. I am a assistant general manager of a well know larger hotel company. Single. Db256

  9. dee

    wyfurball here, yep born and raised in Wyoming. 51, live in Hawaii. one third of a polygamous triad. life is an adventure. anything goes. would be interested in meeting others in a three way or relationship.

  10. Ernesto

    my screen name is ernestox23x i am single and gay. I’m 22 years old i live in Indiana. i work at KFC been there since i was 16. I’m looking for relationships to friendships. I’m a really nice guy, respectful and if you ever need to talk I’m the type of friend that listens and gives out advice. I’m attending ivy tech community college studying medical assistant. when I’m not working I’m usually just at home relaxing, sometimes i go out to the clubs with family or i would go to a nursery home to volunteer. i enjoy running, basketball,volunteering or watching a good movie at home. one last thing I’m from El Salvador was born there came to the U.S.A. at the age of 10. This is who i am.

  11. Zach [CherAlways]

    My name is Zach.

    I am White, 25 years-old in Age, 5’10 in Height, 130 pounds in Weight, and Hung with an 8-inch cut cock.

    I am a Versatile/Top.

    I am HIV-Negative.

    I am gay.

    I reside in Mount Dora, Fl, which is a relatively small suburb located 25 miles NorthWest of Orlando.

    I am seeking casual fun, friends, and am also open to the possibility of something more substantial–if I meet the right guy.

  12. lvrubntug

    lvrubntug here 34 very married 4 kids 17,16,12,10 fron chino ca iam a mechanic most the time..not really looking for a bf or any thing just blo n go safe fucking hang out when I can have few cold ones in cochella valley now hate it here land o bottoms lol

  13. jay

    hey everyone my name is jay,i am from buffalo l,new york,i am 28 about to be 29 next month,my a4A sreeen nameis first_timer_84

  14. mark

    im 32 not married gay but not out single had a person ive been fooling around with for a long time but he wont do more so looking for others to start out as friends then maybe let things happen

  15. Jody

    Hey my screen name is Btmbear3. I am 36yo, 5’10, 300lb, gay 100% bottom, & single. I live in Burnsville, NC which is a small close minded town about 40 minutes from Asheville. There are very few gay men in Burnsville. I am out to some family & close friends, but do to the anti-gay mentality, I choose not to be open to everyone. If you’re interested in knowing more, let me know & I hope to hear from any of you.

  16. Maybeforsure

    Married twice. 2 great kids. After the second divorce I began ‘dating’ guys. What an experience! That was over 6 years ago and now, at 46, I’m wondering what this life has to offer. I’m not out and considering dating women again…unless I meet a guy who I get serious with. The hookups have been phenomenal and I’ve dated a guy for about a year in the past but long term relationships seem few and far between. Of course that’s true in the straight world as well so who the fuck knows….

  17. Phillip

    I am Phil.
    I live in Lynchburg Virginia.
    I am 30 an single.
    I am a professional that works in marketing and recruiting.
    I have a dog, and love to travel with him up and down the east coast.

  18. Leo

    A get-to-know-me post, huh? FIRST! lol

    I’m in Rockford Illinois, aged 32 (soon to be 33 in July). I’m a professional musician who has been single all his life. No kids, no attachments, and totally available for the right guy.

  19. Barry

    My screen name is Cancerman85 I’m from Roanoke,VA 28 in July. Very single, gay with no children…love hanging out with friends and family. Writing,reading and listening to music in my spare time. Also been working in the restaurant industry for 12 years.

  20. Paul

    I.m Tightbunns on A4A I live in Wellsville NY in Western NY I am single and gay and i’m 58 years old .I use to work in Health care i don’t work anymore .And love sex !

  21. eric

    Harddayswork, Born And Raised In Effingham Ha. Bi And Single But Love Making New Friends And What Not. College Senior And Hoping To Work In Homicide Investigation. Currently A Waiter. Love Going To.Coffee And The Beach.

  22. Kiernan

    ok I’ll play.
    username: madeofstone
    location: Omaha, NE

    I’m a 22 year old photographer. I run my own business and I hope to be the next Mike Ruiz someday. I am single. I’m a laid back type person, definitely not a Type A personality. Im kind, caring, gentle, passionate, honest, creative, fun, nerdy, goofy, smart, sarcastic, and witty. So if you want to get to know me, then send me a message.

  23. Tello

    I’m 21, single, living in Houston, I’m just a loser pothead that wants to be held. My username is unknownsolder my tumblr is

  24. Jared

    I’m a professional black male living in Virginia Beach, VA. I’m 45 years old, single. Not sure why it’s so hard to find a compatible date. I am self sufficient and expect very little from a mate. I just want someone who can hold their own. But everybody seems to be so extremely picky. But, I guess I’d rather be single and content than to be with someone just for the sake of saying that I have a man.

  25. CJ

    Screen name is unm76.

    21 year old bi college student from New Mexico, which contrary to popular belief IS in the United States.

    I try to be funny sometimes.
    Try me out.

  26. djuannonly

    OK, I’ll bite. This seems a pretty good idea. I live in the Monroe/Bastrop area of Louisiana surrounded by swamps and bogs, lots of people who are extremely friendly but terribly unhealthy. I am coming-up on my 40th birthday in September and I work as an educational consultant. I really enjoy my work and the ever-changing groups of kids with who I work. I’m looking for a man of intelligence and breeding; guy who is funny, loves life, social and socially conscious would be my ideal. I guess, like everyone, I want a man who is self-confident without being an arrogant prick or a snob. It would be nice to be with a man who is equally comfortable talking about the latest political scandal AND the latest episode of Project Runway, the imminent collapse of Judeo-Christian mythos AND who’s wearing what at the latest awards ceremony. Where are the renaissance men? Being a little concerned about your physical appearance is not a bad thing either.

  27. Nextgeneration1(james)

    Screen name is nextgeneration1 I’m 44 yrs I’m only looking for chatting and making friends I live in toms river ,nj been unemployed from 10/2011 to may 2013 now I work for a courier company

  28. tatted army cowboy

    I am cowboy4x4. I like to hike with my dogs, workout, sleep, watch tv, anything outdoors and anything that grabs my attention. I’m 23 and I live in NM. I am not opposed to distance for friends or more. I’m single. Anything else you could look me up and ask.

  29. eric

    Harddayswork, College Senior 22y/O Blend And Raised In Savannah Ga, Love Making New Friends And Fb. Criminal Justice Major And Love It. Bisexual And Proud. Would Love.To Meet Someone On Here.



    My screen name is: SIMEONN. I’m 27 yrs old and originally from New York. I am currently serving in the US Army and I’m single (long story) lol I identify as gay and I’m divorced but me and my ex wife are still the best of friends. I don’t usually comment on these blogs but I liked this idea. So why not?

  31. Amanalone

    My screen name is Amanalone, and my real name is Eric. I’m originally from Denver, but I lived in Kansas for 15 years before moving to Oklahoma.

    I am a single GWM who has never been in a relationship. Maybe someday…

  32. Bruce

    Hi guys. Bruce here from Oklahoma City. Looking to get out of here. I’m 5’9″, 189, br/br, white, masc. looking for a fun guy to chill and hang with. Screen name is okcman4man

  33. muzyqman

    Those of us who don’t lie in our profiles (there ARE a few of us!) have already provided this information, including body and/or face pics.

  34. mattison

    i’m mattison. i’m a soon-to-be 29 year old from jersey. i usually don’t comment on the a4a blog, but i figured why not? i’m gay, single, childless, all-around-awesome, and a huge fan of facial hair and hyphens πŸ™‚

  35. mattison

    also, probably should have mentioned above, but my a4a name is mattison…just in case legions of blog readers are dying to chat me up, haha.

  36. Randy

    Whats up,

    screen name: kingme336, I’m 20 (21 in 6 days lol)

    I’m gay, single, and working on me International Studies/Sociology degree here in NC.

    I thought this idea was so cute I just couldn’t pass up :}

  37. Human

    20. Just another human being waiting to be accepted and loved. I don’t label my sexuality, if someone has that “spark” to me, I try to capture it.

  38. Jacob

    username is crjake, I am 24 and living in Coon Rapids minnesota. if you are in the area and like bottoming hit me up maybe we can make something work out. πŸ˜‰ I am bi and have a fiance. she knows I’m bi, but doesn’t allow me to do men, so I don’t, or haven’t tryed it yet. since we’ve been engaged. lol oh by the way into young guys, 18-28 and twinks are a big hot sexy plus. πŸ™‚

  39. Tito

    Hi all!
    My names tito :p
    My a4a is BrokenThoughtz
    I’m 23 years old
    Adorabbly cute :p
    Fun bubby and in your face all the time…
    Taking a break from school but will be going back …..sometime
    Just working and paying bills and my video games is all I do. Lol

  40. Micheal

    I’m 22 I wait tables/ go to school full time and I’m trying to pursue and acting career. I’m gay and single

  41. Sinde

    Its been kind of fun reading your guys’ posts and then stalking your profiles. So I’ll follow suit. My screenname is Sinde. I am 6’6” 190. I am in the military but getting out soon. Im originally from Ohio. Single and probably for good reason. If you are bored, send me a message. Just mention the blog and Ill hit you back. Happy Stalking. πŸ˜‰

  42. Dlazbtm

    I’m jay, I’m 30yo 5’10 130lbs. I work in home health and a part-time interior designer. I’m originally from the Philippines and moved in San Francisco 8years ago. I love the outdoors and getting fit. I’m a down to earth guy who loves to meet more friends. I have a surrogate son, he’s the cutest baby in the world and I live him so much. Hit me up here, my A4A is dlazbtm. Happy pride everyone!

  43. NoGameStr8Up

    28 White 5’9″ Brown hair, blue eyes 180#.

    I am originally from a small town in the ‘mid west’ and have lived in California for 7 years now. I recently just got a puppy she is a pit bull mix with American Bull dog. I like to travel, hang out at the beach, lounges and explorer new things. I am mostly into black dudes but learning to be open to other handsome men!

    Feel free to hit me up for simple conversation.

  44. pesoptomistic

    37 yo, pretty attractive avg blk guy, airline supervisor in illinois, divorced, now currently in an open relationship (leading to single but its cool & open for now), live w my 6 yr old boy. Long for a match that can be a friend to my song and partner to me. I an artist in theatre and music. looking to relocate somewhere warm never or rarely cold & will be an avenue for my dream career in music/theatre. There’s more but contingent on ones interest in really geto know me… would be a pleasure to meet the right guy

  45. AJ

    Actually, Dave, Christopher has a point. It’s like pulling teeth to get guys to reveal anything on the site itself and after reading some of these guys’ comments, while I’ll grant that most of them are probably accurate, I don’t believe all of them. This is about making yourself look good, so how much do you want to bet some of them are still embellishing themselves? Remember, boys, if you want to meet these guys, stop with the Internet inches, hmmm?

    I’m AJ. That’s all you need to know because I’ll eventually meet the local guys. πŸ˜‰

  46. adamnoteve13

    Im adamnoteve13. From aurora IL. I go to school and work full time. Im 21, 250lbs verse bottom. Really looking for something serious but fun till then.

  47. bitop4u2

    Hi guys, my names Mark and I’m a bi guy from Champaign, Illinois. 49 yrs.old, single, dd free, HIV neg. and tatted up. Check me out.

  48. D-Rek

    19 Year old Black Male in Memphis, Tennessee!
    Currently full time college student and I am single.
    I’ve tried the “dating” thing and I’ve just accepted
    that maybe I’m not made out for love -shrugs- Oh well.
    I am currently learning a second language and will be traveling overseas, so that means I like to travel lol.
    I’m mature, attractive, open minded, and some say I’m a comedian lol but if your interested just hit me up and I’m sure our conversation won’t go stale.

  49. lexx

    I’m bebo00 I just turned 22 Last week πŸ˜€ i work in constructon.. My fiance died two years ago And recently i just dating again

  50. AzBiBottom

    Rob here…i am a sub bi married guy that is very discreet. I live in Phoenix,Arizona. Being married i don’t get out to play much but i always enjoy a good chat.

  51. tom

    I’m Tom
    No Kids
    Love Animals
    Not looking for half my age or twice my age or on the other side of the planet πŸ™‚ for all the ad bots out there.
    Just looking for a local guy around my age to have fun and see where it goes.

  52. Darrell

    hmm let me try this out…

    my screen name is cuteboi323

    I am 26, and I have taken 2 years off law school so I get into a worth it school..right now I am working, and figuring things out. I love the outdoors; infact anything really. I love hiking, running, surfing, snowboarding, kayaking, and love swimming. I am very laid back, understanding and I believe in Auroras as I have gotten really good at reading people. Want someone who’s chill fit, healthy, laid back and isn’t afraid to be who they are, passionate, loving and caring. right now I am blessed to reside in Monterey Bay California..
    Hiv neg..may 24th, 2013..if your curious lol;_D

    well anyone wanna meet up hit me up..I am literally an open book:-D

  53. Switch820

    My name is Greg, I’m 20 years old, I live in Buena Park, CA, I’m a licensed Esthetician and Makeup Artist,I am gay, single, very friendly and love to meet new people. If you would like to know more about me check out my profile and send me a message. πŸ™‚

  54. lover198011

    lover198011 on A4A, Afro Amer. 32, single no kids. Bicurious,masculine. Not looking to date only. Mostly into making friends meetups are cool. Arlington,Tx area anything else you know where to find me.

  55. Gene

    I am a single gwm 51, goodlooking, easygoing, love to cuddle, kiss, and be very passionate, looking for my soul mate if he is out there. I work at a distribution center at a job I really like. I am very family oriented, I do have 3 grown kids, and 2 grandaughters. Not sure why it is so hard to find someone to commit to a monogamous relationship. Im looking for someone, honest, caring, not bad looking, small spare tire is ok, 37-53 age range, preferably in or near my area of Newark OH

  56. Jay

    Jay, 39, single and looking, Biology teacher and love animals (including men :). I am lemarjay in the Atlanta area, divorced Asian male

  57. Samvimes2012

    37M, Bi, versatile, no kids, divorced over 3 years ago
    in my area it is VERY difficult to meet anyone
    I live in a rural community in Kentucky
    seems there are a few guys around but they won’t talk
    well everyone have a great day

  58. SB

    My screename is roland19. I’m 23, single and live in the Philadelphia area. I’m a nice guy, educated and looking for friends and more.

  59. atomickiwis

    Might as well play along lol
    Screenname is atomickiwis
    29 years old, single POZ guy
    Living in Wisconsin, not forever hopefully lol
    No kids, never married.
    Gamer, artist, writer, Outdoorsy nerd
    Love getting tattoos
    Looking for a fellow gaming nerd to game with and go camping and hiking..

  60. Rafael (Summus)

    Hello gents I am in my first year for my masters in NYC prior NAVY here. I am online with realistic expectations. I have a genuine attraction to older men of any race and hairy! I have a flexible schedule for traveling. I would like to be taken off the market but not in a rush. Lets chat;)

  61. Byron

    I have two screen names One is Sagittarius1219 and the other is Magichands02. I live in San Diego and single at the moment. Thanks for reading.

  62. brasilianboy3

    I’m originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil but I live in L.A, I’m 18, in school. Love sports like to be athletic and to go out and have a good time πŸ™‚

  63. justchillin08

    Hello. My screen name is justchillin08 – actual name: Kyle. I’m a 25 year old guy hailing from NY. I just graduated from grad school, and I’m looking to move to somewhere in Pennsylvania in August.

    Feel free to chat with me –

  64. youngnwiaguy

    screen name is youngnwiaguy, 31, not young anymore, but it has been my screen name for a long time. From NW IA, not out, bi, 6ft 210, brown hair and eyes and looking for FWB primarily.

  65. Buckeye

    I’m 28 and live in the Dayton, Ohio area. My screen name is buckeye1985. I’m not out due to job and family. Would love to find a guy that is genuine and not shallow and a gentleman! I’m laid back, adventurous and I have a great sense of humor. I’m open to all kinds of guys but tend to be attracted to older distinguished males! I am single and have no children! Anyone want to sweep me off my feet? LOL

  66. Makemehappier

    Hi from Pensacola, Florida! I’d like Christopher (who posted earlier) to know that I always respond to anyone who sends me a message. I think it’s the right thing to do, even if I’m not interested.

    Thank you, Dave, for this site. I absolutely love it!


  67. Armando

    26, Hispanic, 5’8″, 180, brn/brn, in San Diego, CA. Simple, happy, looking to meet guys for anything really. Friends, fun, dating, and LTR. Screen name: sd_toker

  68. Christian

    My Γ±ame is Christian my screen Γ±ames is x-trina2010 i am 31 from hartford ct single I was in love once looking to fall in love and start a family

  69. david

    I am David from Chicago. Divorced single parent. I work in the horticultural field. News junkie and into koi. I am a verbal guy that is obsessed with oral sex. No anal here.7 thick meaty inches. Into porn especially cumshots. Kinda hard to find dudes into oral only. Masculine discreet dude here

  70. Justin Taylor navysoccerboi7

    My sn is navysoccerboi7 and my name is Justin. Im a US Navy vet, 29yo, VersiTop bisexual (relationship with guys only). I live in Groton, CT (Submarine capital of the world) and have 3 Chihuahuas and own my house. Im a professionally trained chef and wanna have my own restaurant one day. Im single and have no kids but I do want 2-3 kids with my husband one day.

  71. Xander06

    Hi I’m Kyle. I’m 28 and live in a small Arkansas town where I work and teach at a university. I finish up my second masters in 3 weeks and I will be off to a new university and town to work on my doctorate. I’m single and ready to meet some great guys! Hit me up if you want to chat.

  72. tom

    Hi all. My screen name is cdtop. I live in central Ill. Am 55 yrs. young and work in a factory. I’m a gay divorced father with a 12 yr. old daughter. I adore her and she is the #1 person in my life. Not out yet. Think i’m waiting for her to get older. I crossdress on occasion and do it because i like to. Am not doing it because i wish to be a girl. I love men. Looking for a friend first, and then see what happens.

  73. Corey

    Currently live in Omaha, travel a shit ton for work, looking for guys that enjoy traveling (Ft Lauderdale). Check out the profile and message me if interested..

  74. Jackson

    I’m Jackson, 28 years old. Educated, working, and an aspiring artist. I am a fashion designer and a choreographer. I’m single, and actually never had a boyfriend. I’m gay and always have been. No kids- but I love them. I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Been here my whole life but traveled to Africa, Canada, and Mexico. I am a fan of art, music, movies, and nice people. I’m a workaholic and constantly stay busy. I am family oriented and constantly seeking to better myself. Alway looking for the right guy, but open to fooling around until I find him :))

    Screen name: hershey03

  75. Anthony

    I’m Anthony. I am 21 Years old about to be 22 in July. I just finished one semester of college and am currently working. I’m single and my screen name is amsitts1991 on this site πŸ™‚

  76. Los angeles to san Antonio! kaykay2991

    20 turning 21 latino male november living in la currently but movng to san Antonio in september would like some people before i move
    Pretty laid.back type of guy love hiking lots of outdoor stuff beed more friends that actually like that kind of thing lol really out goingfull of energy mmmmm if uou wnt to know more just nessage me! Kay
    Kaykay2991 πŸ™‚ thabks for reading

  77. Henry (roadtown)

    Hi I’m henry and am from the Virgin Islands. I’m 23 years old, gay and single. I currently work as an operations admin at a Trust Company. I love to travel. Enjoy making others happy. Positive attitude and hope to pursue a career in the field of aviation.

  78. RD aka Pop_rox

    I’m RD
    Pop_rox on a4a

    I’m a single, bi-racial, 30 yo, editor that loves being creative. I live in NJ but still close to NYC.

    Vers/bttm, 5’10, 135, 8in uc and a tight bubble butt.

    I’m single but open to everything from casual fun with fwb to ltr. I’m also very couple friendly.

  79. Tchastlty

    I’m a married 32 year old male bi male living in new jersey. I’m vers, but prefer to bottom, and im open to almost everything that safe and sane. im also very very very very discreet. 5’6 170 brn brn mod hairy bubble butt and 6.0c

  80. Musclebtm22

    Hey guys. Musclebtm22 is my name on here.

    I’m a single 23 year old working professional in Las Vegas. Graduated from Virginia Tech and moved here for work.

    Never dated before but definitely looking for someone eventually. Kids later on, but enjoy hooking up and hot sex.

    I’m a total bottom. Looking for a good looking total top, who enjoys working out, having fun and who doesn’t mind traveling.

    If you are ever in Vegas, look me up. I like visiting new cities too.

    Good luck hunting guys.

  81. Pinedalebound81

    I am 32…white…i live between phoneix arizona and pinedale wyoming…i own my own buiss and when i am not doing that i am corp ex manager….i am single, no kids, and the whole of my life ahead of me…just need that one to share it whith lol

  82. LilGoGoBoi

    Hey all!!! πŸ™‚

    23, from Seattle, WA…hoping this gets me some cool new conversations and friends πŸ˜€

  83. coolblk37

    hello every one πŸ™‚
    i am a gay 42 Black single male.No kids. looking to make new friends:)im from worcester massachusetts .i am friendly,open minded,carring,loving,a good listener,a romantic at heart:)i am a top.

  84. aschb

    aschb 22 here, live in lewiston idaho, wouldnt mind some big jock to cuddle with:) so ya big romantic here but have a dirty mind too. chat with me to find out what i mean…:)

  85. SupermanBanana

    SupermanBanana (I usually post on here as TDG), 22 y.o. I dunno how to articulate who I am on here; I can share what I am, however: Black, gay, male, American, athlete, writer, illustrator, worker; and proud to be those things.

  86. Brandon

    I am 27, single, gay, out and just someone who is looking for a nice guy to hanging out with and get to know.. Handle is bspider… I do have to change something’s but that’s me…

  87. Peter

    Hi, I am peter Alden, screen name is peter69alden41. I am a 70 something Bi guy, who absolutly should be gay because all I think about is being with a gay guy, they satisfy me more at this age than a woman ever could. I am obsessed in finding gay guys to suck and fuck, the ones i have been with find me attractive, and a great sexual Partner. I am a top, and hope the day i die, it will be by sucking a cock 1/2 way down my neck

  88. Darrell

    Greetings and salutations…my name is Darrell…53 year old african american male living in southeast ala…sane and stable…i’m a floral designer…educated…Bachelor of Arts degree from a HBCU…find it hard dating younger guys or reaching across the lines of color because of all the blatant prejudice that still exists in the south…i would like to meet someone who accepts me for me…not because of my age or the color of my skin…i’ve met several caucasian men on line that obsess over the color of my skin and assume i have a massive cock…living out the myth…that is so disgusting….

  89. Rob

    Greetings to the A4A world….Very clean-cut and professional-type single GWM here in Denver, Colorado under A4A member name “RobInDenver”….this site is very cool, but my interests in meeting guys is not for hook-up sex…but to start as friends and actual dating. Any suggestions for a more “friends and dating” site, please let me know? Also, if A4A can please add a mobile app for the Windows Phone, I would be so thrilled! Seems as though the smart phone world continues to ignore the growing popularity of Windows Phone 8. It’s not just exclusively an iPhone and Android world in mid-2013. Take care guys, and please be safe out there!

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