A4A : Do You Have Any Artistic Talent?


Hey guys, it’s Thursday, almost the week-end, keep it up, only one more day.

Today I want to know if you have any specific artistic talent? Do you sing? Do you paint? Are you a circus performer? Do you draw? Are you a clothing designer? Are you a photographer?

I’d like to see/hear what you do… and share it with others, here on the blog.

In another life I was a singer… I say another life because I put it aside a bit to concentrate on business, but I miss singing, performing.

Here is a little bit of a song I recorded the day I learned Whitney Houston passed away… I recorded “I Will Always Love You” acapella, hope you’ll like it, don’t be too judgy about my weird faces and head moves…I was very into it lol!

So i’d like if you could send me what you do (photo, video) or just simply post it in the comment below if it’s a youtube link, or your website or flikr page etc. Don’t be shy, you saw me after all….

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  1. Joseph

    I am a photographer, I do mostly architecture and cityscapes. I do have a Flickr account at3unit3 is the name and you are more then welcomed to stop by and see my shots. I’ve also do a lot of bar scene shots. mostly trying to get myself out there and be recognized.

  2. Unkutkris

    DAMN BABY!!! You have got pipes, I was singing along with you very amazing and as usual soooooooooooo lick u all over.!!!!

  3. Jacks von Liria

    I am a makeup artist. I work as a freelance . Very creative and very hard work too, but I love it!!

    I also have a website too with some of my work and some of my own products from my new cosmetic line.

    I am planning in December to launch a male skin care line. ( men has needs too)


  4. Danny

    Face/Body painter, prop maker, sculptor, jeweler, bead maker, knitter, crocheter, costumer, special f/x makeup artist, I kind of do it all.

  5. jay

    I sing, but I’m shy about it. I recently started to break out of that shell once I did my first talent show and got excellent reviews, but I don’t think i’m ready to post anything just yet

  6. Frank

    I like to write.
    I have written many songs and poems and have started a book with many other ideas to follow.
    Just wish I knew how to get something published.

  7. Christopher (A4A supporter)

    I wish I had “more hands on artistic talent”, like drawing?

    A kindergartener can do better, trust me!!!

    I’m still stuck with “stick figures”.

    Sketch? Me? Right. It would look like a ‘wannabe Picasso”

  8. JP TheVoice

    I’m a Young Chicago Artist/Producer. Only been at it for about year but madly in love with my craft. Listen to some recent work I’ve recently released using the links below

  9. Gr8D8ingMaterial

    Being a chiropractor, I’m great with my hands, building stuff, gardening, deep tissue work, etc. One of my favorite talents though, is painting. When I bust, it looks like a Jackson Pollock painting all over my chest or his chest or his back. 😉

  10. eyesofblue1972

    All my ‘talents’ are mental in nature. Having earned a masters degree in business administration and through many life experiences I have learned I have excellent leadership abilities. It would be difficult to discover that about me though because they only come out when I’m in that kind of setting.

    I wish I had artistic talents and could sing, dance, play an instrument or draw but it’s just not part of who I am and that’s ok if all of us had those talents no one would be special. Some people would say I have kissing talents but what do I know since I can’t kiss myself.

    So I find myself being jealous of those who do have visible talents, wishing I could be like them. But I like who I am, for the most part. Just a really nice guy who likes to be nice to others. I guess being nice can be a talent because I’ve talked to plenty of guys that just don’t have the ability to be nice to anyone, which is sad.

  11. Me.

    I am very good of drawing ! Never used it for business , just for my hobbies . I don’t say it on my a4a . I don’t like to show off my talent

  12. MIkel CT

    My name is Mikel i’m in Connecticut , I’m a a chef, but i also do elaborate fruit platters and carvings ,not those little arrangements you see “edibles” make… lol ,,, i do 15 foot spreads , palm trees , baby carriages ,etc everything carved out of fruits ,, some arrangments take 8 hours non stop to produce. anyone wishing to see pics hit me up at boricuainbpt at yahoo dot com

  13. homieg44

    Your cover is a lot better than I was expecting. And you’re cute, which is a plus. I guess I can record something and put it up as well. lol

  14. TravelinThru23

    I’m a singer songwriter and producer, I write sing and produce my own music. Currently based in VA trying to make the move to LA.

    My music is sort of 80s and 90s influenced indie pop. Check it out at =) travelinthru23 is my screen name on here btw.

  15. Scarpien

    Hey Dave! Very nice cover of Whitney. I sing as well, but not in public. LOL I’ll only sing in the company of close friends or around the house.
    I am also into art and architecture. Growing up I sketched/drew mostly (abstract and portraits) but now I design/draft homes and even build models if needed. I’m currently designing my own home which I intend to build and decorate as well, to see if I’m any good at it, decorating that is. I’ll send some samples of my work via email.

  16. jace

    yah iahve artictic tealent im dacer and and nd perfromer tha i alos mmake and design jewely that i also paint tow call me miuti talented

  17. Jayson

    I am a independent cinematographer…. I have a small indy film production company that specializes in documentaries. I also do graphic design and photography, always looking for hot guys in Central and So Cal area who would like a portfolio shot of them…. hit me up on adam4adam…. My profile if JustJay2u if you are interested in doing something artistic.

  18. Blkseaguy

    I’m a photographer who has been working on a photo project since 2001. The volunteers for the project have allowed me to use their images and share their stories with the rest of the world and for that I am grateful. I’d you’d care to see, the project is located at:

  19. EccoDiPluto

    WOW! Dave, what strikes me about your singing is how heartfelt your lines are. I really like when contemporary male singers utilize head voice, it gives me chills. Really, your voice made me tear up. I love sexual men singing to me :):):) I’m easy if you can serenade me successfully.

    Anyway, I’m an opera singer! Lyric Baritone, most recently I sang Raoul in Phantom of the Opera. If you’d like, I can email you a clip 😉

  20. Photographer In The Making

    I am studying to attain a Master Degree in Fine Art – Photography. It has been a wonderful and spiritual journey thus far – I have learned a lot about myself and others through my craft.

    Here is an idea – is there a space to add “artistic interests/abilities” in the profiles?

    Thanx. :0)

  21. Leo

    I am a professional musician. I sing, I play piano, I lead two performing groups, one of which is a small light opera company. I also compose modern classical on occasion and several of my works have been performed in my area.

  22. Scarpien

    JP TheVoice: you got talent there. You need to pursue it and see where it takes you.

    Jarred: like that tune. Funny thing is I was “supposed” to be the musical one in the family as well, playing the piano and organ but at 11 years old I moved to the US and abandoned both instruments. Now I can’t play any while both of my sisters play several; one plays as many as 7 or 8.

  23. Alex

    Wow! Cool! Lots of artistic folks here. I am what one would call an all-around artist. I am a professional actor, a professional singer and a professional dance instructor. I am also a published writer, a published photographer, and I do graphic design. My latest effort at learning to play the piano is meeting with only marginal success so far. Lol

  24. Corey

    I am a dog groomer. It doesn’t sound artistic really but a lot of visualizing the perfect cut for each individual dog. I have worked on show dogs but I prefer working with the non-specific clients that say “make him/her cute”. Going to start competive competitions next year.

  25. Twofoura3er

    I like to draw, paint acrylics and oils, sculptures metal and clay or found objects,art installation and design furniture,

  26. Raul

    Im an Artist for 13yrs so far so good,I paint portraits,nudes,erotic art,and other subjects,my own private Art studio is in San Juan,Puerto Rico.

  27. jfrank

    My career isn’t artistic at all. I’m an infantrymen in the US Army. Though once I’m out of the army I would love to take up my passion of cooking n photography. Just been so long since I’ve done either that I’m not sure I’m still good at them.

  28. rebmaoes

    I paint, carve, sculpt, sing, play guitar, sew, build houses, landscape, mechanic, woodworking raise several species of animals, make jewelry and weave baskets in addition to my “have to” duties….lol

  29. Tancredo

    I am photographer and also has acted on stage and sang in choirs. I still can do my shots on modeling though I have never done it before.

  30. John

    My background is Interior Design, though I am presently working as a Kitchen and Bath Designer. I have always had talent as an artist (more an artist technician than a creative artist) and an appreciation for architecture and history. ID is a very good fit for me. A very good friend who is a graphic artist is redoing my website, which is:

  31. E

    I have dabbled in everything artistic, I painted, sculpted, sang, drawing. I do hair for a living, so I guest art just flows through me naturally.

  32. Michael

    I love to paint portraits and domestic scenes. Working on
    improving my drawing skills. Would love to be joined by others interested in getting together for art as well as other activities. My profile “MUSHROOM”

  33. Gambrell Francois & Stevie Martinez

    me and my husband meet on adam for adam. we are a leggaly married young gay couple he was in nyc and i live in hartford ct now we live together and make crazy with movies we edit and film our own movies no 3 party : check it out!

  34. Rikan prince

    I am an aspiring actor/dancer/producer and director. I needed a outlet to let my creative juicea flow. So i started my own youtube channel. I have my own skits, shows, paradoies, dance videos, and stuff. Its something to do until i make it big if ever. Check it out if want!! :))

  35. Monty

    WOW, Dave! You have talent and you are oozing with sex appeal. Like you I used to sing but over the past decade my time has been devoted to my career. I am a motivational speaker and use that talent a lot.

  36. Steve

    I’m a designer — trained in product and drifted into graphic — and have done just about everything but clothing. Because I also collect movie memorabilia, I wind-up doing alot of exhibit design.

  37. branch10a

    I am a lighting designer for theatre in the Baltimore area. I work mostly the community theatre circuit in my spare time since I am an Office Manager/bookkeeper by trade. Always looking to do a show, more into musicals but have done many plays. Please contact me and we can chat about it.

  38. marc

    I wish I had artístic talent but do not — but I so appreciate and encourage it in others. I read 3 to 5 books a week, and authors are my heroes. Just re-read Margaret Atwood’s “Cat’s Eye” — brilliant.

  39. jack

    Ive been writing a book just trying to finish the ending for it and ive talked to a publishing company so i hope i can finish it

  40. Vermont Retreat

    I am an art school drop-out 3 times over. Just couldn’t get into the culture. Plus lost all my art in a fire about 14 years ago & kinda quit creating altogether. Digital photography has changed all that, and am a pretty good amateur. Studied it at MassArt, but again, not into the art world. Ran off to the Green Mountains in hopes of figuring it out.

  41. Brian (BenLiteral)

    1. I write novels, both romantic and science fiction.
    2. I sing and produce pop and synthpop music.
    3. I am a graphic designer and digital artist.
    4. I am a choreographer.

  42. Brian

    Im a singer iv been singing since I was 5….. I samgnin church as a kid I hear im pretty good…. I sang with the dayton boys choir amd was selected by the board of ohio to sing with the ohio boys choir tour and had the chance to sing to president bush also had the chance to audition for the voice on nbc didnt make it on tv but was 15 people away cant wait to go back this summer and make it on tv this time!!!
    ~Bri Bri~

  43. Jayson

    I teach color guard and winter guard. It’s fantastic when the kids get it and performer their little hearts out. It’s like watching my art form come to life in front of me.

  44. Michael

    Thanks ,For the Song ,I wish I could sing !
    But I paint and make pottery here in NYC one of the hardest places to actually be an artist . I worked in fashion design and then went to entertainment ,Films and TV . Yeah you would know the shows and stars ,
    I grew up making art so now I m back to painting and designing thinks like pottery owls which are not corny or tacky ,BUT after doing this for 2 years I m going into serious reserves and people dont buy Art like a designer pair of sneakers.So im thinging i may need to get a roomate.

  45. Nic

    I’m a singer, I have been singing for years. I will send a video to the email….I don’t have a link or anything so if he posts my video then yea it’s me in the dark (power outage). I sing all genres. I’m feelin John Legend atm so yea here goes….

  46. Rico

    I do illustration, dance, makeup/drag and I cook 🙂 I’m glad for the gifts I was given because I get to do what I love for a living

  47. Campbell

    Im a book writertrying to finish the end of one right now i hope one day to get it published it one day i hope this post dont get deleted.

  48. Jerry

    I love to sing its my passion. I recently was retired from military. I was diagnosed with stage 4 synovial sarcoma and they had to amputate my foot. But it has not stopped me from singing. I’m 25 years old retired and I sing every chance I get. I actually was talking to producers but I moved away from San Antonio and moved back home. BTW great voice. I sing country music I’m a country boy through and through. My a4a screen name is boredom88

  49. Greg

    I have my BA in Dance and working on building my resume doing professional work to get my MFA. I want to teach dance technique at a university.

  50. Dekorum66

    International artist … Professional Chef … Pastry chef last 30 years
    Published floral designer … Yeah I’m busy and so little
    Spare time … But I love it all …

  51. Raving Lunatic

    Yeah, I’ve been an artist ever since I could hold a pencil (according to my grandmother). Went to the Art Institute of Seattle. The admin of the animation department told me I was one of the best artists in the entire school which was a REALLY huge compliment. I think the hallmark of a “true artist” is the ability to apply their creativity and skill to nearly any medium. I’ve been called an artistic jack-of-all-trades before as well as a “renaissance man” before. My mediums of choice these days are computer graphics, drawing (by hand), sculpture, jewelry design and painting but there are still a lot of things out there I want to try like fashion design and a few more large scale murals would be fun. I’ve got a book I’ve recently finished writing and illustrating that I’m trying to figure out how to get published. It’s sort of a kitchy coffee table humor book, the kind you’d see at Urban Outfitters. What it is basically is an ABC book for adults with an animal theme called “Alphabeast Soup”. For example, “P is for Percy the Platypus who take pleasure in presenting his private parts to people in public parks” and “B is for Benny the Beaver who likes bondage, being bound with a ballgag and to be beaten til he’s black and blue when he’s a bad boy”. All with humorous illustrations as well. So if anyone has any ideas how to get this thing selling on the tables of Urban Outfitters I’d love to hear from ya. So here’s the link to my work if anyone wants to see what I’ve done so far in this life–>

    Over & Out,

  52. Mychael Dio

    I could say ,Like Xena,….I have many skills…..I am a gourmet catering chef and pastry maker owning his own business that is also a tattoo parlor in addition to a bakers kitchen.I also am quite the painter specialzing in faux finishing everything from a wall in rooms all the way down to marbelizing wooden furniture…Airbrush college taught skills…If you can airbrush you can tattoo with a little practice on pigskin…Love to sing at Karaoke and used to deliver singing telegrams ( a capella)dressed as a Chippendale dancer..master gardner specializing in tropicals,and exotic plants and herbal remedies.Love dogs, and helping my fellow man whenever I can!!

  53. gabriel G

    Well truth be told I really don’t know what my true talents are? When I want to draw? I can draw.
    When I want to sing? I can sing.
    When I want to take up photography? I can take photos.
    If I want to get into cosmetics? I can be a good makeup artist.
    If I want to act? You wouldn’t even know I was acting.
    If I want to model? I’m only good for print and nothing els.
    It all depends really I guess? Are true talents come out when we least expect it. Everyone has some special talent.

  54. WBFF

    I have a Bachelor’s Degree in piano performance with minors in voice and organ, and a Master’s Degree in architecture.

  55. Michael

    I’m a budding fashion designer whose previous designs were reviewed by designers all over the world through weekly correspondence. My designs were also critiqued by the fabulous hollywood star designer Bob Mackie who raved about my sketches. I’m also a budding writer who attended UCLA and I’ve just completed my first children’s e-book is that online for sell at It’s a great book for teaching kids about self image and happiness within. I also have a completed gay screenplay ready for the market as well. I enclosed the link to find it:

  56. eyesofblue1972

    Marc, we all have talents some of them just aren’t visible. I often say I have no talents but I really do they just aren’t artistic talents. Some people draw, others sing, some paint, others can act. Some are good dog groomers (Corey). My talents lie in other areas and they only come out when I’m in my particular field of expertise. I’m sure there is something you excel at you just need to think about what it is.

  57. Traye

    I love to sing and dance in my spare time, but my main thing is actually knitting/crocheting. I’ve spent the last couple years learning and getting settled in the craft, and am now into designing my own pieces and patterns. I want to eventually make this a source of income, through a combo of generic items that I can make in bulk and building up my repertoire of custom designs to produce as the orders come in. You can check out what I’ve accomplished so far on Facebook at The TryzzKnits, and on Instagram under the same name (also, you could just search #TheTryzzKnits for my yarn related posts on Instagram)

  58. Gerald

    I create “original” music (melodies/lyrics): R&B, Contemporary, Crossover. 17 of the 56 original are ready for arrangments. I play no instruments, but “create” (I guess it’s a gift). A melody or lyrical phrase will jump out of my head when driving, sitting, walking or listening to a stimulating conversation of another. I have tried many times to connect with other songwriters/composers (but, they are deeply focused on sex instead of networking to build a corporation of “combined” new songs to lease to producers, managers, etc. My songs are created to be “timeless.” My music, when produced, will be worth priceless millions and will affect change in the world: inspire, believe, courage, love, etc. Feel free to contact me anytime. I LOVE MUSIC BECAUSE I LOVE THE LIFE IT TELLS ABOUT. jerry

  59. starbearer666

    I draw and paint, I do many different types(pencil, acrylics, chalks/pastels)I mostly love to do rock star portraits. I just took a job where i will be doing some interior design too. After two years being unemployed that is an answer to prayer. I played Guitar (rhythm) in a garage band as a young man, and that has since taken a back seat, but do love to jam with my Brother, when I can, who is an unbelievable musician in his own right….check out his band CADILLAC CREEPS at they are actually heading up the Ft Lauderdale HARD ROCK CAFE 42nd Birthday party this weekend. I also have written many songs and poems over my 48 yrs and still love that just not as often anymore.
    Great Topic!!!! give a human side to some of the profiles here. If any body interested to see an example of my painting contact me through my A4A account starbearer666 and i can email or text pics of some.

  60. blog

    Wow so many talented guys on A4A ! I didnt know so many of you were artistic. I will watch everything 🙂
    Thanks to the nice comments about my song as well…

  61. Byron

    Excellent Dave, I enjoy it. Thanks for sharing. I’m a massage therapist and a Reiki Master. I use to play the Sax (many years ago).

  62. Cedric

    I’m a visual artist. I create displays for film, commercials, retail, and theatre productions, etc. Recently designed the set for a theatre piece that I’m very proud of. 🙂

  63. Freak666

    Oh Dave I’m amazed you have such a great voice and you’re so danm cute…I’m a photographer and I also have some graphic design skill,I’m working on my website user name on a4a freak666

  64. Pablo

    Hello people!
    I draw and paint, sing at a choir and now I am going to be part of an Opera. Used to play piano and bass recorder.

  65. Leon

    I am a gardner and singer. I amin the process of converting most of my lawn to flower gardens…I would much rather weed than mow…a little lawn to set off the gardens. My gardens are my canvas and are a fluid work in progress. As for singing, I have for more than 35 years and am part of a gay men’s chorus.

  66. Adamion

    I’m a guitarist and keyboardist and member of ASCAP. I may also be interested in collaborating with other A4A members. I’ve been composing and producing instrumental music. As a new age artist “AorphiA”, I was chosen for one of my instrumentals “Right of Passage” for placement on a compilation cd, along with other new age artist on a cd titled… Echoes of Tuvalu”. I’ve posted one of my new age instrumental tunes at and my guitar works are more rock/metal and I go by the name “Omani Seth” for that style of instrumental music. You can check out that tune at

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