A4A : Amazing Hookup?

You are sitting at home and you decide instead of heading out for the night that you would rather order someone in, you login to A4A, find someone, work out a time and place. The hookup goes off without a hitch and everyone is happy.

Same you, different night, you decide since you had such a great time the other night you would try it again. You go online you find someone and you set up a place and time. The guy gets there and for whatever reason you aren’t feeling it. You still invite him in and make it clear you don’t think it’s going to work out but instead of making it into one of those dramatic moments you sit down and talk,  you find out he is a great guy and you make a new friend. 

Good times are happening on Adam4Adam. They happen all the time. We tend to focus on the bad hookups but there are good ones as well. 

Let’s hear about some of your really great hookups from A4A

g skorich AKA eastvalleyoral

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  1. Matt

    I’ve actually made some really good friends via A4A without sex involved. These guys have become friends I hang out with in my real life. That said users are so jaded by the idiots that lead off with “DTF?” and “Looking?” as the first thing they say that saying anything to some people is just as bad. My opinion: Even if you are looking to hook up for sex, engage the person in a non-sexual conversation FIRST. I’d like to see A4A arrange it so that a message cannot be deleted until it has been responded back to and then rated by both. Thumb up or thumb down and to have the user’s running % be automatically displayed on his profile. THAT would force guys to have a little manners and kindness to their interactions that “DTF?” most decidedly does not. I’ve said before: how hard is it to say to someone “I’m not interested, thank you,”?

  2. Charles

    Met someone on a4a place, time done! First time i looked into his eyes I thought to myself‚ ‘he his the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen then i found out he is smart and caring. We have dated for more than 5 months have traveled to many places together and our future looks bright so far.
    We had to realize that a4a is mostly a hookup site but we also realized that love can be found is strangest of places. A4a has never being a subject of discussion. Our paths simply crossed while we were both connected on a4a.
    Best of wishes to you all!

  3. dolphin

    Institute Matt’s idea and the site is dead in a week. I guarantee it. Nothing about that idea sounds effective or desirable.

    As for good hookups. I’ve had a few on A4A. Probably one of my better hookups ended up being with somebody I knew as an acquaintance IRL, but would have never hooked up with if we hadn’t run into each other on A4A. Have hooked up a few times with him since.

  4. Barstoworal

    I have had several nice hook-ups on this site. I have had a few no shows, but that seems to go with the teritory. I was on line one night and met a man that lives about 30 miles from me. We hit it off well and I traveled to his place. Once inside we chatted a little while headed to his bedroom. Both of us continued to talk as we undressed. As he pulled down his underware I couldn’t help but notice his cock. His cock was I’d say 8in and very fat. He noticed me looking and just laid down with his legs spread. I crawled between and began sucking his cock. Nice, fat, with a wonderful taste. All I could do was moan while sucking his cock. The moaning seemed to turn him on more. Next thing I know he rolled over and pulled out a condom from a drawer. Now I don’t do anal much, but looking at his cock seemed to make up my mind for me. He lifted up my legs and I drew them back. He started with just the head rubbing my ass hole. He lubed my ass and the next thing I knew I am asking him to please do me. He put the head in my ass and let it rest there. Then, little by little he entered me. While pumping my ass I found myself pushing back at him. I have no idea how long he was in me as I was just enjoying him riding my ass. I asked him to pull out of my ass before he came. Pulling off his condom I went back down on him asking him to please cum in my mouth. As he started to cum I began miling his cock with my lips and tougue. Beautiful cock, good tasting cum I almost came while getting him off with my mouth. We haven’t hooked up since but I am looking forward to more.


  5. David

    Mostly no shows even when sex is not mentioned—You need to get rid of the BLOCK — even when a new member enter’s and you go to view they have already blocked you—-I think maybe they hit Block instead of Last View…..BTW seems out of towners are only ones who communicate with you when they go back to their home states — most of the local men have communication problems!!!

  6. eyesofblue1972

    Ok Matt, the ratings thing again? Sorry it just will be abused and good people will get bad ratings because some guys are just assholes regardless of how you treat them.

    I’ve had my share of good and bad hookups when I can actually work them out. My problem is I live in the biggest vagina (yes I used the ‘v’ word) in Ohio so I talk to guys that are at least 1.5 hours away from me. That doesn’t mean I haven’t met some of them. Some by accident at the bath house, most on purpose.

    I have made what I think are some good friends. Just the other day I met a guy I have been talking to for a long time and we went out with his friend and had a blast and plan on doing it again. Yeah there was some sex going on but just being with these guys was nice, if we didn’t have any sex time I would have been ok with that.

    There is also the aspect that I am not out to anyone in any way and only just recently began exploring this part of myself so some of it is kind of new. At first the hook up thing was fun and exciting, meeting a guy for a quick fuck and go. But now its kind of worn out its welcome. I would much rather develop a meaningful relationship that doesn’t include sex. But that doesn’t mean I’m not open to sexy man fun with the right guys.

    I did discover, entirely by accident, that I really enjoy just being with a guy, having nice conversation, maybe a little touchy touchy or heavy duty making out.

    But anyway the question was amazing hook ups. I don’t know if I can say I’ve had amazing hook ups. I have had some very nice hook ups and a few really bad ones. I will never forget the first time I hooked up with a guy though. We drove around town looking for somewhere to go and ended up in a porta-potty in a public park. He was young and cute and it was the first time I ever topped a guy. That was fun, not necessarily amazing though.

    My definition of amazing would be a hook up that inadvertently turns into a friendship with the possibility of maybe more than that. If I was in a different position in life I would definitely pursue a deeper relationship with a guy and not have anymore hook ups.

  7. Rodolth

    I have been on here for quite some time…I was having a blast chatting with soo many great guys form all over the globe!
    Sad to say that those days have gone….No one chats…No one smiles..Nada…I have been blocked by members i have never seen or even said hi to!
    Many memebers profiles are sooo not true…Many are sooo angry at life that they are on this website to vent that anger back to punish?????
    Friends…hardly! Ask a member to meet for drinks…blocked!
    Send a smile…blocked! View a profile …blocked….
    There is very little respect shown and even less given..

  8. TJ

    Guys on here aren’t looking to meet up, just email endlessly and play 14 year old girl type games. I never take it seriously!

  9. Brandon

    I’ve met a guy from A4A it was a great time for both of us and we still talk off and on. He’s a good guy. I’ve also made a few friends on here and there hasn’t been any sex involved. 🙂

  10. goldenloverinmym

    first off no being computer lingo savy what is “DTF”i guess i’ve been lucky have had a few great encounters but have had more not so good ones,and many more no shows than i care 2 think about

  11. Laz

    Jury is still out on this. I have made no real friends on adam, and most guys are flaky at best. But I have had some one offs great encounters.

  12. george

    i have met some great people on adam ..and a few of them r part of my life these days ……great people hat’s off to all and all the best ….

  13. Chicago tim

    I’m sort of over the one-and-done thing, and make that clear to my new tricks. Lol. If the chemistry is great. I want to hit it again. Just this week I got a message from a guy I last met over two years ago… He’s moved back and wants some more. And so do I ;))) thanks Adam, you’re like Facebook to me

  14. EZEfromBE

    This is my 1st post but I’m a reader of a lot of these posts & I’m amazed that there are not more responses to this subject! I’ve actually met some really cool people via A4A & had some amazing hookups!
    One thing that people need to remember is that everyone is different, everyone has had different life experiences & that our interpretation of this difficult form of social interaction is dependent upon those things AND how someone is feeling at that particular moment.
    The key is tollerance, understanding & courtesy! Give someone a chance & you may be pleasantly surprised!

  15. Emanuel12

    Sort of agree with Alex here, too many guys post such a bogus profile on a4a. Most of us are wanting to meet nice, real guys on here, they put so many things/lies and not mean any of it. True, if not interested one can respect the profile, don’t post, specific and if you hit them up and say a simple hello, they never speak, or view and still not reply. Have chatted with some cool guys on here, but hookup? Can count them on one finger, lol Guess it goes back to the person posting really isn’t them, false stats etc. If it was as many real guys on here really wanting a decent date/hookup, would make this site so much fun. Got some just asking/sending emails to pay to be with them. Not going to happen. Why pay for sex and it’s something they want to do? Maybe a viewer can answer that for me. Wish all the real guys the best on this site.

  16. rick

    6 years ago, I arranged to meet a 19 yr old at a local coffee shop, we met, chatted and he decided that it would not work out for sex, 2 hours later we were still laughing and joking, I am proud to call him my friend now after 6 years

  17. Brian

    How does looking for sex and big honest and upfront about it make someone an idiot? A4A is a service- how you use it, and others use it, is their choice. I don’t think it’s right to judge someone just because they’re using this site in a way you’ve decided not to engage in. Lets all try and be a little more tolerant of each other.

  18. Tony

    With me it just been making friends no serious hookups yet.
    I also totally agree with matt above how hard is it to display a little kindness not interested thank you works for me.

  19. Steve

    I agree with Alex, Who on here would like to be friends anyhow with a 64 year old man. Everyone want someone younger and good looking. Im still looking.

  20. Mitch

    I found a few decent HOOKUPIf a 2 good ones that turn in to FWB thing. The one I will take about is a very attractive guy that is 5years younger then me. He works out and has a nice trim body. Almost porn start looks but a little rough around the edges he has a big dick like mine but he is about an inch longer. About a year ago we meet 4 times I topped him 3 and on the 4th he topped me and I felt like I was cumming form start to finished it was. 5-in orgasam while he fucked me it was awesome I wanted more. My ass was devastated when he contacted me 2-days later to say he met someone we could meet while he was in a relationship. Fast forward 1year he contacts me out of the blue saying he is single again and wants to restart are FWB thing no love just sex a mutual respect. He has the tightes most perfectly shaped ass the nicest hardest and largest cock that hits all the right spots. We talk a little and or good friends and I fear the day he finds someone. I have fallen for him but if I confess my feelings it could ruin what we have. It may just be sexual but it is the best I have ever had and he is the only person j would consider being faithful to and forsake all others. But it would never work I don’t think I’m his type anyway like I’ve said in others posts I get a lot of mileage out of my cock and the fact that im not some insane queeny bitch not my looks which aren’t bad just plain and overweight.

  21. FreeRangeRadical

    I’ve had some fun with A4A hookups, but only on the sexual side. I haven’t found anyone I’d date from here, but that’s always a possibility.

    New traffic on the site seems to have fallen off, though, so for meeting new people beyond the regulars (myself included), there are other options for that.

  22. Mike

    Maybe this is a stupid question but what does DTF mean?
    I have meet some great people here but like most sites there are some losers and abusers. Oh well life is good!

  23. John

    I have had a lot of fun here on adam4adam hooking up with others on this site. It is also a good place to meet others that are visiting here where I live. I especially like to meet up with truckers that are stopping here for a few hours! This site really works good for me!

  24. Alex

    Matt, you are fortunate, indeed. I will start a conversation, and I will respond to a message. I find it remarkable that it seems most people in my area have no concept of what it is to CARRY ON a conversation! Someone will contact me with a question, and I will reply, usually asking that individual some comfortable and comparable question thus giving them something more to generate more questions in follow-up messages. I don’t need to point out that obviously, this is how conversations are built and maintained. I actually had someone say to me one time that talking to me was like having a discussion with a dictionary. I find it incredible to think that someone would find fault with me merely because I am capable. I do not make friends easily, but I certainly have the gift of gab, and I can talk about almost anything. I am left to conclude that in my area, if one isn’t interested in drag shows or weed, evidently one isn’t worth talking to at all. Sad, sad, sad.

  25. 69Sexplus

    I have made some really great hook ups using this site! Ya most of the time its just a bunch of flakes that just want to play email tag or try & scam you into buying into their website or what have you. However I have had the pleasure of a couple real gentlemen straight up with good manners and very respectful who mostly are visitors but a few locals that have shown me a great night of hot safe sex!
    I have also made contact with guys in other cities that I was traveling to, and have had some of the best sex ever with some of the largest cocks that I have ever been with in the Vegas area, and all were gracious host that I have definitely became a returning visitor when in need for some great company, gracious hosts, and incredible sex partners that always leaves me completely satisfied! Thank You A4A for a great service.

  26. CarTP

    I agree with Alex, I hardly consider using A4A the equivalent of a takeout service. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but it takes a lot more feeling out and more substance on a possible get-together to really grasp the person I might meet. It’s not as easy as ordering pizza one day and then Chinese the next.

  27. R Robinson

    Well I want start by saying that I have I had much more luck in meeting very hot sexy and nice guys on here then any other outlet such as bars and other gay establishments. The best experience that I ever encountered was on a4a. There was this guy that hit me up one night and he liked what he saw and so did I after chatting he was the only one that made such a sexy and provocative offer. He asked me if I wanted to come over I said yes and he replied the door will be open and to come down stairs and I will be in bed .that was a offer I could not refuse upon my arrival he was there laying there just as handsome and as innocent as prince charming could be as I undressed and got under ther cover he was so hard but he seemed as if he was asleep I laid there admiring his beautiful body he eased up closier to me and gently kissed me on the cheek. That night we made hot passionate love and was very safe. In the morning we made love safely again and I left I had not heard from him sense because I feel he does not get on this site very often. So I hope that one day he will return hit me up and repeat that night . Soall that I can say is that some meeting on this site is well worth the wait.

  28. phkmyass

    Used to get on A4A to invite anonymous men over for motel sex. I’d leave the room door ajar, the guy would walk in and see me naked ass up ready to get plowed! Some men got right to it and some wanted a BJ first. One night, right after my hookup left came a knockng at my door. It was a guy that I had seen earlier in the day. He had a knowing smile. No words were exchanged, I just laid back down on my bed and he got busy! 🙂

  29. Sundance36

    I have had experiences where people all they want to do is to see your pic. I think they collect them. When all they have to do is to look between their own legs and see the same thing. I have mad many leading on conversations but when it comes to setting up a meet. Then all of a sudden people go silent. So I took a extended break from the sight upon returning to the site. It hasn’t changed. I was told to post pics I did and nothing changed. I’m not that bad looking, just not sure this site is being used as it was intended.So I do not come here to expect to make a hook up much less meet someone in person.

  30. Jeremy

    Have had some great hookups in my time on A4A. Still it’s harder being a bigger guy and living in southwestern Ohio to always find anything at all. Overall, I do manage to have some good times tho. Here’s to hoping that more friends and fun can be found on A4A.

  31. TrizzyTroy

    I was cruising the visitor section around the Christmas holiday. Now I don’t have a particular type I just know what I like when I c it. A guy spoke n sent me a smile. I checked his profile b4 I replied. To my surprised he had already opened his pvt pix. YESS!! He was, abt 5 yrs, older, had some casual nude pix. Small frame, nice smile. We talked online, his English was not perfect but understandable. We agreed to meet he was staying at a hotel near the stadiums area of our city. I offered to pick him up n show him the “gayborhood” of the city. I decided to check out a bar that was newly redone. We talked had drinks n he asked if I wtd to go back to his hotel after the club night ended. Back at the hotel the sex was great, gentle but strong, his body was my party, body language is universal. I ate him like a Sushi buffet he rode me like an amusement park. We even had a senssual shower after, which almost turned into round 3!!! We still keep in touch via A4A. He is from NC, by way of Japan. Another flag in my United Nation of Sex. Variety is the spice of life!!

  32. Mike

    Ha! That conversation usually goes, “Hey…How are you?…Nice weather we’re having…Wanna fuck?” If there are nice gay guys out there looking for friends, I haven’t found them yet.

  33. Tom

    Came home one night, logged into the website. Got a message 5 minutes later. He actually read my ad, basically asked me if I was interested, we met about 30 minutes later and it was some of the best sex I have ever had. Not much on getting fucked but this time was awesome. I think he turned me into a bottom. Also, best rimmer I’ve had in a long time. Quite happy, but I wish all my interactions on this site could go as easy. Read the ad, people. That helps a lot.

  34. MychaelDio

    I met a man that had no profile pic a couple of weeks ago,,he sounded pretty hot,so i decided to waive my no pic no play rule and invited him out…I didn’t think he was ever gonna get here cause he works a lot, and finally after 2 full weeks we hooked up tonite…Man, I am glad we did…We have so many things in common it is unreal..He is a nice looking man and the sex is awesome..He was so into it,, i have never had anyone pay so much attention to me, and i returned the favor..We have arranged to see each other as often as possible over the summer and have made a good friends with benefits situation out of this..I guess it was worth wading thru all the bullshit until the right one showed up…Happy man here!!!

  35. Aaron

    The guys in my area on A4A aren’t worth the energy to even block them. It’s pretty sad. Men in my area are only on for one of two things. 1. To hook up and never talk again. or 2. To find ‘greener pastures’ than what they have now. I’ve found A VAST MAJORITY have boyfriends, married to guys, married to women, girlfriends, yet they are on here. And it’s ok? Never knew a woman or a guy who thinks it’s ok for their boyfriend, husband to cruise a gay hook up site and bring something fatal home to the partner. Also A4A is a HOOK UP SITE. For those who think it’s a chat site or a dating site or any other garbage, should look again at the ads displayed on the site. Never see one that isn’t about sex. Just sayin.

    • blog

      Aaron, the ads are for you to be able to use the site.
      So it is for hookups, dates, friends whatever you want to use it for

  36. mike

    This topic is perfect timing for me. Chatted with a man on a4a for quite some time and we finally made plans to meet for a drink. He was not interested in me and I found him quite attractive. Not really disappointing as we turned out to be good friends. As it turned out he is interested in a friend of mine and I hope all goes well for the two. NOW on the other hand I met a man I was not interested in until we got to talk and know each other and then all of a sudden it was firework. wow. He turned me on so much that till this day I OFTEN THINK OF HIM AND OUR LOVEMAKING SESSIONS.

  37. AntonioN949

    So I have lived up and down the SO CAL COSTAL area and one thing is for certain I have a lot of awesome friends and met them all through Adam…I do have my “rules” but its where it weeds out the good from the bad. Too many men dont keep their standards and I am in no means a muscled body go go dancer or expect one. I keep my eye realistic and I keep my standards as they are and also have manners. Its astonishing how many MEN not BOYS….MEN dont have manners. I often say I wonder if they treat their mother that way and ifs an obvious yes then that person isnt worth the time or a corona and two tacos from Jack N the Box.

  38. Domtopcock

    I must be one of the lucky ones. All my hookups on line have been great. N there have been many. Great guys great sex great times. Not one problem in the bunch. Why? Honest up front. N hot fucking in the rear. Lol.

  39. biiguy2000

    I’m relatively new to A4A, and haven’t had any good nor bad experiences here, yet..

    When I contact people, some ignore it, while some (a few) are polite enough to say they’re not interested.

    If anyone here wants to chat, you’ll all be welcome.. distance doesn’t matter here…

  40. TC

    To Tony and Matt, Because even responding with “Thank you but not interested” isn’t enough. Let’s not deny the fact that there are more “trolls” on here than anyone cares to admit. As long as you respond to they’re messages (even with “not interested, thanks”) the more you’ll continue to receive from them. Guys don’t get the hint these days. Shoot, not responding at all doesn’t seem to work anymore either. They’ll just keep sending messages until they’re blocked.

    Personally, I’ve had to block maybe two guys since I’ve had an account on A4A. Both were trolls and of the two of them, one guy got really upset that I wouldn’t hook up with him again and started harassing my inbox. Wait, does that count as my “bad hookup”? Lol.

    Back on topic, I’ve had a few good hookups on A4A but not many of them are worth enough to repeat the story. Most of the other guys I’ve met on A4A have becoming great friends of mine. We talk weekly and hang out when our schedules permit. I don’t regret any of it.

  41. eastvalleyoral

    @matt, @david you need to remember this is a site guys choose to come on. they have no obligation to talk to you and they can block who they want.

    thanks for all the great comments, a4a is a tool we use to meet other men, how these men respond is up to them.

  42. jim^_^

    I live in fort worth. i think it is mainly location because around here most guys have the horrid attitudes. i was talking to a guy for about a month when he invited me over to his place for drinks. i said it sounded like fun and i also met his brother who he lives with.and we all got drunk and had load of fun. they both hot. i thought his brother was way more attractive. had this little tible sun tattoo up on the top of his glorious as crack. well when the night came to a close we all went to lay down. the one who invited me asked to me to sleep in his bed i said sure but nothing is going to happen this night. well the next morning i woke early and was happy with the meeting and excited for a new prospect. i walked to the kitchen to get something to drink and his brother is streached out on his sexy belly displaying his delicious posterior to the rest of the room. i went home that day and when we all parted ways it seemed evvedything was cool. well i was far from the truth . when i sent him a message a day or so later his response was “we have a certain type we look for in our circle, and you are not a fit.” I was shocked. i didn’t understand and when i asked him ro elaborate on what those qualifications were he proceded to tell me that if i didn’t know then i definitely would never have worked i was just pissed at that point so i told him to sit on a knife. it was not the first or last encounter like that. people around here are apparently ignorant as to what common courtesy is and how to genuine . most never read the words on profiles and just want to fuck. But i have met a few gems on this site its not so bad just annoying like the majority of people on this planet

  43. don

    I have a couple good fb’s from here. One I can for sure count on whenever I am in his area. He does live a distance from me, but we always have some good times when I am in his town. He loves to make out a lot, and while I wish he were versatile, I love to enter him and fill his ass up. We both love it bareback as the sensations are just so much more intense.

  44. don

    Also, my best experience was when I was visiting a town, contacted someone it come to my motel for a massage, and it was so much more.

  45. Brian

    I met an ex of mine on A4A. He was one of the whiniest, most emotionally crippled person I ever met, but he’s still the best sex I’ve ever had. Had an eager ass that wouldn’t quit! Just rimming him sent him climbing the walls! If our relationship had been purely sexual, I’d still probably be in it. But my brain doesn’t work that way. But every guy I’ve been with since, I’m disappointed because he soooo rocked my world. LOL!

  46. Mike

    I live in a town with a very large military population. Over the course of a few days, I conversed with a married guy stationed here from Hawaii. It was the same old story of his non-attentive wife who would not perform oral sex on him. He craved it and sought it from other men. We arranged to meet in public and then cum to my place. We met and I knew I wanted him. His body and face were like those you see in the military porn videos. I could not believe he would be interested in me as I was about 30 years his senior. He was and we went to my place. He was wearing gym shorts, tank top and flip flops. We wasted no time in pulling his shorts off and sitting him on the edge of the sofa. On my knees, I caressed his cock and balls. He was already hard and ready for me to service him. His size was impressive (not huge) but the turn on was the total package. I savored his cock and took my time so he would not cum to soon. He knew how to treat a cocksucker and interacted by rubbing my head and shoulders and reaching down to rub my pecs. I was still clothed at the time and was not expecting reciprocation. As I withdrew his cock from my mouth and inched my way up his treasure trail with my tongue to get a taste of his nipples he reached from my crotch and said let me see your cock. I unzipped my jeans and he started to stroke me. My dick is smaller than average but very hard. There was no way he would find that a turn on, but he did. He asked me to stand up and to my amazement took my cock into his mouth and sucked me. I was too close to cumming and begged him off. He would not hear of that and kept sucking me until I exploded oh his chest. I got down on my knees again and got to work on his rod. In the meantime he was massaging my cum into his chest and moaning. I could see his toes curl up and feel his balls retract. He was on the verge of cumming. I took his cock out of my mouth just as this rope of white creamy cum shot up on to his chest and even so far as his neck. It kept cumming just like Old Faithful. When it stopped he laid back and smiled. It was the hottest encounter I have ever experienced. He showered and I could see he was still semi hard. I asked if he was up for round 2 and he said yes. Round 2 was not quite as intense but I did make him cum again. I wiped him up and he was on his way. He texted me with a thank you a few minutes later and wants a rerun. We did the following weekend. He was then deployed to Afghanistan. I think of him often and hope he is ok.

  47. darryl

    Oh sometimes you’ll meet someone and think omg why did i waste my time, my lube, or a condom for that waste of time. Then you do the slutty hook thing and have an incredible time worthy of a repeat. You just never know from just reading a profile, or looking at a picture. When it’s all said in done, if the chemistry is right, then all is well in the world. If not then you can chalk it up to a good chat gone bad. Yuck,

  48. goldenloverinmym

    I posted on here b 4 some things have changed,but as we all know things don’t always turn out the way we hope,have had some great times with guys from a4a,but my best and most loved memory is of a guy I met here,very hot latino the sex was fabulous we carried on meeting a few times a week then he disappeared for a month came back and we resumed for about5 months.We r no longer fwb but sadly just friends I consider him a friend and confidant that we can and do talk about lovers and sex of past and current lovers.i was in love with him but have accepted the fact that sadly he was never in love with me.but he was and still is my 1st gay friend.and am glad to have had the opportunity to be his lover for the short time I was 8 months.he is into another younger guy and I have to accept that.but the thing I learned from EEEEEEE is that we all change it’s tuff but we move on and grow with each experience.Dean

  49. greggo429

    Hey. What is with these guys who claim they are “peace keeping missions” in Afghanistan? So far, two guys (I think) have chatted with me with that line.

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