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The 20 minutes short movie you are about to see shows a young heterosexual girl who lives in a gay world and is bullied for being straight! It is a very hard movie to see, I prefer to let you know in advance. It will probably bring tears to your eyes-

Love is All You Need? tells the story of Ashley, a young teen who is raised by the ‘picture perfect all-American family’ in the suburbs of California – with two moms, two grandpas, two uncles, and a little brother. But Ashley has a problem – she has a crush on a boy at school, which is against everything this world has ever taught her. Ashley lives In a world where the terms “gay” and “straight” are switched, this young girl must face the fact that she is straight in a gay world. This undeniable attraction to the opposite sex causes her to be the constant target of verbal and physical abuse until she is driven to a tragic end.

This video is dedicated to all gay kids who suffer from bullying at school for being different.

Check out the movie under the jump, let me know your thoughts about the movie and feel free to share your story as well!



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  1. JASON

    What angers me on this subject is the Gay community allows for other Gays to bully and chastise Gay people who don’t fit their idea of looks, lifestyle, or behavior.

    Bullying is a real issue but it exist within the Gay community as well as outside of it. I know Gay men with eating disorders all because a few pounds makes them “unlovable” in the eyes of some. Or I have a friend who has lost most of his friends for moving to the wrong side of town….

    The worst part is all the nasty queens who hurt the feelings of other and play these cruel games just brush it off as “drama” when the person who has been hurt says anything. I mean how dare them ruin a bitch’s fun right?

  2. Nathaniel003

    I saw it already….. Alot of people sending me the link on FB. Swear i cried the first time, sadly, this is exactly what is happening to alot of gay people around the world.

  3. Dan Ryan

    Thought provoking indeed, if you’re a close minded straight person (which is many but not all).

    However, I found the suicide a little over the top; no one can ever make any one commit suicide, that’s a fear reaction committed by the free will of an individual.

    When a “crazy” person kills themselves because of something crazy like the mail man is out to get them, no says the mail should stop coming. Similarly, if someone kills themselves because of financial hardship, no one says we should do away with money. Or if someone losses a child and can’t handle the depression, we say that’s sad but plenty are able to cope and continue.

    Bottomline, no one MAKES you kill yourself. That’s why it’s called suicide and not murder. When someone is capable of making the decision of taking their own life, its really just a matter of time before the “reason” they do it drives them over the edge.

    Suicide is a crazy action committed by a crazy person; any approximate “cause” is imagined.

  4. Danny

    It’s sad that children are being bullied because of their sexuality, what’s just as sad are the gays that bully one another because of the predjudice within our own community. Until we actually can stop this we will never be able to stop bullying elsewhere. Men in our community are commiting suicide from bullying in our own community because they are not handsome enough, rich enough, have a medical issue…etc. I feel sorry for those children as I was the, supposedly, only gay kind throughout my small town school and was bullied on a daily basis and the teachers then like the teachers now turn a blind eye to it because they just don’t want to get involved, especially the gay teachers out there. So sad.

  5. Ramiro

    Very powerful message in a different light. This video has encompassed so much that I have been though in my life.

  6. Sjw308

    It sounds like a movie that I watched, except that it is a guy instead of a girl. The movie is called being Normal. Pretty good movie. I think it’s on netflix too.

  7. Hunter0500

    Like Dan Ryan, I found the suicide over the top for a girl her age. I understood the piece’s alternate realtiy, but over the top ran through the Stepford Wives parents, the multi-generational gay family, the constant unchecked persistant blatant bullying in school and by her friends. It was all so much over the top in too short a time span that its message was lost.

    Shown to non-gays, could we expect it would increase their level of tolerance and acceptance of gays? I don’t believe so.

    It could well back fire by bringing to light the intolerance and lack of respect by too many gays, especially the most militant, for non-gays and non-stereotypical gays.

  8. stick

    I’ve kept this secret my entire life, and after watching this video and crying my eyes out; it’s time to say something about it. I was Ian growing up. There was another boy in my small town who was very effeminate; this made him the primary target for gay bashing on a daily basis. I set by everyday and watched the abuse, all the time secretly praying and being thankful that it was he and not me. This is a regret that I have/will carry my entire life. It essentially made me a bully too, by the sheer fact that I stood by, out fear of being the new target. I understand now that all he needed was just one person to stand up and say this is not right and needs to stop. That’s really what anyone need when being bullied.

  9. jace

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