Watch This : Carl Proposed To Drew #Flashmob


May 11th Carl insisted that his mother bring Drew to Bethesda Fountain in Central park. Drew had no idea what was waiting for him… Carl was going to propose to him.

These flash mobs always make me cry, I don’t know why… Maybe because I get emotional to see people’s happiness? Maybe because I’m single? lol

I started crying as soon as the song “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri started, can you do better?

Congratulations to Carl and Drew for their engagement!

Watch the video above and let me know your thoughts.




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  2. Chris Jackson

    This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. This renews my hope that some day I will find my soul mate and be with him forever. I wish you two nothing because I know that together you have all you need. Congratulations both of and never ending happiness upon you.

  3. Jim

    Now why cant my husband be half that man…. No I have a cheap self centered guy, that always has something to say or how to do it, and not 1 romantic bone in his body. 14 years of I dont know, not hell but just unloving? Death do us part… cant come quick enough, suicide is so drastic. My next man has got to be better, I dont think I can do worse.

  4. Derek

    This was the worst thing I have ever seen. People do this to get attention. This is exactly why gay people are seen in negative light. Gross! And yes, I am gay.

  5. Richard

    This was so very touching, made me cry also. I can’t wait until same sex marriage is legal in Florida so I can marry my wonderful partner of 35 1/2 years. One day we will do this also.

  6. Erich

    I am definitely a romantic and I would give everything to have a man in my life that would create such a special moment for me, full of meaning and sentiment. However, the long speech before the actual proposal was just that … long. It felt sketched and overdone … and that took away so much of the heightened romance that was created at the beginning. That said, it is beautiful to see someone profess their love and devotion to another.

  7. Jason

    This was very romantic and it would seem that Derek has some of the negativity that straight people have against the gay community and this is why we are where we are right now, but thankfully that is changing. I wonder if he would think the same thing if it was a straight couple up there?

  8. Hunter0500

    For the two of them, you can’t do anything but wish the very best! It’s clear they’re sincere in their relationship. In fact, they’re so already married. Makes you wonder what’s left to say in vows? What’s left to do in any kind of ceremomy?

    BUT…the credits at the beginning and the end. This has now been commercialized. “Get yours!”

    Pretty much took the “specialness” and turned it into McDonalds.

    • blog

      Hunter0500 : you always make me laugh…always a bit negative in your comments. It is always, tacky, ugly, it sucks, sad, bad, mad……Are you happy in your life? lol
      What if the guy who did the video is friend with the guy who proposed, and did it for free for him (montage, filming, dancers etc…)?
      Therefore that is why he is showing a credit at the beginning of the video…

  9. Ed

    If that video didn’t touch you, you don’t have a heart. I’m not the marrying kind but I thought it was a beautiful event that occurs somewhere daily for heterosexual couples so why shouldn’t committed gay couples do the same? It was very well accomplished and really quite tame & tasteful. An expression of love from one human being towards another can never be gross. Those who are fortunate enough to experience that depth of love should not be restricted to the closet in the expression of their love for each other. Marriage is meant to be a declaration to the world of ones love and devotion to another.

  10. how sweet

    will the flash mob show up when drew or madge whatever there names are throw a fit of rage because one is drunk or sleeping with the other’s best friend?

  11. Hunter0500

    “This was the worst thing I have ever seen. People do this to get attention. This is exactly why gay people are seen in negative light. Gross! And yes, I am gay.” said Derek.

    Have to agree to a great extent. It’s clear when Carl turns to the crowd and says “in front of these people” that something excessive (gross) is going on. Where are their friends? Family? Co-workers? … the very people who should be in on this? Strangers? Well, great and all, but ..

  12. David

    Jim, whether it’s 14 years or 14 hours, you have the power to walk away from a situation that clearly is not working for you. Bless you in acting from that strength. Love and light.

  13. Viceroy219

    One more piece of evidence that we are all alike… gay, straight, bi, trans.. doesn’t matter. We all just want to love someone and have someone to love us. Isn’t that we are all here on Earth?

  14. ajbbincubus

    OMG!! I fucking CRIED!! Thank you for sharing this.. I want to be with a man so bad.. I want us to share our lives together. Why do we fucking cheat on each other like crazy and yet still want marriage. I don’t get it.. but thanks for sharing this.. I hope Mr. Right is out there somewhere. I’ll keep looking till the end.

  15. K

    I’m confused. Was it a proposal? Or a wedding vow? It just seemed really long and drawn out to me. Touching, yes. But I didn’t get all teary eyed about it.

  16. camouflage85

    Such a beautiful moment for this lovely couple. This video almost made me cry….because so many of us are waiting for that moment. Well done guys. I wish you both the best! Magnificent!

  17. 69Albert

    I’m not a sappy person or a guy that get emotional over weddings/proposals. But if you don’t shed a tear for this proposals hearing meaningful music looking at the dancers/the boyfriend crying!, There has to be something missing in your heart.

  18. Terry

    Lovely, Just absolutely lovely, and so what, Hunter, if the flash mob is a paid event, people go thru all kinds of pomp and circumstance that costs money to express their love to one another… Nothing would make me more happy then a dance performed just for me:) It is just absolutely my kind of thing… Woo Hoo… My Partner and I have been together for 17 years… If he did this, I would marry him:)

  19. StreeterBoi

    Blog or Dave, to your comment to Scruffy: He may want the youtube link b/c he may want to share this on facebook. I know if I wanted to share it on facebook, I would not want to share it from here, what with all the advertised porn on here.

    And to Dereck and those that agree with him: It is not just gay people that do flash mob proposals. In fact I have only seen a few. I have, however, seen a whole lot of straight people proposing in this manner, getting in this manner, hell, asking their girlfriends to the prom. Straight people love themselves some flash mobs as well. So there goes your argument.

  20. jay

    there are heros out there waiting for mine to decide that I am what he needs and wants don’t think he would do something on this scale but I hope and pray that he does one day he is my hero

  21. SkinDiverNY

    It cracks me up that this video is on a hook-up website. Did Carl and Drew meet on Adam4Adam? Will they now cancel their accounts and live together happily thereafter?

    • blog

      SkinDiverNY : some people use our site for something else dude… some gay guys are also into having a relation, a family, kids even…

  22. Hunter0500

    “What if the guy who did the video is friend with the guy who proposed, and did it for free for him (montage, filming, dancers etc…)?”

    Do you put your name all over presents you give your friends? No. The credits at the beginning and end took something that should have been very special, very positive, and very personal and turned it into a product that “you too can buy!”.

  23. jaded

    Been with a guy for 5+ yrs and we’re having a rough go at it… haven’t seen him in a week (think we’re right on the virge of the end). I am a 37yr old single divorced dad of a 6yr old – midlife crisis material. I don’t think I’ll do marriage in ceremony sense of the word, just not that guy… but I think I’m ready to have a partner for life. So needless to say seeing this was touching (yes long and a bit gaudy but touching).
    That being considered just wanted to share the moment… I wipe my eye for the one tear that weld up and after minimal contact with my “significant other” I get a text…”when can I get some”. WAY TO GO ROMEO…. your timing is impeccable. I’ll be sure to inform you when I make time to f@#k you. Damn gay men f@#k up more often than not! Ijs

  24. JD

    This has to be one of coolest way I have seen someone propose to the person they love. And still I wonder, why can’t I find the good man that would do the same for me?

  25. Jason

    For all of you saying that that this is just some gays getting attention yet again, and that behavior like this is why we have no rights need to get over their bitterness and self hatred. I mean seriously, cut the shit. Go to therapy or something (or read The Velvet Rage by Alan Downs. I liked it and it helped me and no I don’t work for him.) It was a beautiful gesture. I think the dancing was a little hokey but hey, it’s not me. I’m sure that straight people have used this service. There are plenty of straight people who have it announced at stadiums, for God’s sake, and no one accuses them of flaunting their sexuality. Why should we slink in the shadows at some false hope of acceptance? The only real way of acceptance is to be out and to normalize us. Seriously get over the self hatred. It’s irritating and divisive.

  26. john

    Yes, those guys were hotter than hell. But, that was waaaaayyyyy toooooo loooong. By the time he got down on his knee where was the surprise? Next time shorten your speech.

  27. fallsguy77

    Hmm I wonder exactly when society decided that our special moments of our life had to youtube worthy. I am a romantic guy, but this stuff borders on cheap sentiment, and kind of forced — that proclaiming their love in public will make it more so… And more importantly, it looks like a street production of Oliver. I mean if you’re a fag, BE A FAG! Matching flashy costumes! the New York Philharmonic! Josh Groban crooning live!! Id be interested to know how many of the relationships are still going on amongst all the flash mob proposals I have seen. Although the one that was on that FOX show, that took place in an amusment park and cost 250 grand, was quite impressive.

  28. Edgar F. Rivera

    The whole time I was thinking, “When is this going to happen to me???”. This is great, really happy for them!!!

  29. Keith

    Just simply…….. “magnifique”. I can guarantee you fellows will be ecstatically blessed for many years, because your hearts and souls are in the right place. Love you both. Keith.

  30. Joe

    this video was jersey shores meeting queer eye…a cliche…it was forced sentiment…though i am happy two people found each other…now they need to hold onto each other…

    it warms my soul to know all of the hard work done by previous gay folks that this moment of freedom…free to touch…to say…to love openling…to make a commitment and have it be okay…i applaud the past and continue to look forward to the future…

    congratulations and much happiness Carl and Drew

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