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I’m an adventurous guy, and I’ve got stories to share that I wouldn’t even dare tell a close friend. Under an anonymous pen name, I can share details that will make you sweat. I had to re-think faceless or headless profile pics; guys without profile pics can be HOT. OhPartyBoy was in town visiting family for the holiday. He was from Jersey, and completely Guido … until his pants came off. Power bottoms love to serve, and OhPartyBoy was ready to play.

I thought faceless profiles were for either the really DL guys or maybe their face wasn’t perfectly symmetrical. The gays have a tendency to over-emphasize beauty but this is no matter for me. When I want to get off with a hookup, I the only preference I have is to be foul odor-free, doesn’t talk, and follows direction. A picture isn’t always necessary.

We chatted on A4A briefly: Fuck? I’m down, let’s meet. Downtown Starbucks, 7pm? Sure.

He recognized me, I have a face pic. All I saw was muscles and quite a package. The black sleeveless button-down begged to be ripped off. He spoke to me, and all I could do was glaze over and gulp down some drool. Forget the damn coffee, let’s go already. I can’t help that I look at almost every package I pass but I was almost sure this guy was packing. I wanted to grab it.

Being the polite gentleman I’ve been trained to be, I bought drinks and sat down to talk. It was a nice conversation, very polite. We exchanged numbers and promised to touch bases soon before he left town. I watched his ass walk away and made plans for what I wanted to do to it.

I can be so impulsive, I just give in to my urges when a hot guy is involved. I’m used to the Internet Profile Rules to get the real age, you subtract five. IThere were no promises from this guy, I didn’t care I just wanted to use up an ass for my own pleasure. My impulses spoke to me so I wrote a text and hit send. Nice bod, thanks for meeting up. Looking forward to catching up later. The reply came: Dayam I wish I didn’t have to get to my aunt’s house right now. I shot back, put your horny on the shelf, we’ll get it taken care of soon!

I prefer a guy that lets me have my way with him. Just shut up, and take it. I know you like it that way, you pig. The louder he moans, the harder I give it. Get on your back and jack off so I don’t have to wait for you to cum after I’m done. I’m a gentleman, I’ll wait but I’d rather be in the shower.

OhPartyBoy had his clothes off before I closed the front door. I grabbed his arm to take him to the bedroom and I soon felt his strength guiding me into the position he wanted me. Wait, damnit, this feels like r*pe! Crap, but it wasn’t r*pe, I wanted that wet and warm mouth slobbering all over my cock and balls. He just helped himself, like a pig after fresh slop in the trough. He had the rubber on it and was taking a second helping of pleasure by having a seat on my cock and taking it for a test ride.

Wow, he looked good ‚ muscles, tan, perfect hair, well-moisturized face, awesome tats that reminded me of a real dirty and kinky party boy but you’d never suspect under that facade to find a Power Bottom. OhPowerBottom; there, I just changed his name. He wanted to make sure everything I did felt good, and that I was enjoying the view. I wanted to kiss that face ‚ amazing lips were all I could focus on.

Onto his back, across my legs, stomach and chest, arm around me, and face next to mine. He found an awesome position and he fit perfectly into my cuddle spot. A little on the tall side for a guido, but since I’m 6’5‚  his body fit perfectly into mine. It was like we’d known each other for a year. I had the evening free, as did he. We hit it for at least an hour and a half. Came up for a water break, and to find some fresh towels to wipe the sweat from our faces before it burned our eyes.

He grabbed his cock and started to jerk harder and faster. I was ready to come, and just as I thought I couldn’t hold it any longer, he shouted and moaned as his cum blasted off into air, one, two, three, four and then finally FIVE huge spurts of his milky sweet cum hitting his face and chest, and then dripping down. We lied there a moment, caught our breath. He laid across my chest and I nuzzled his ear and neck. After catching our breath, we did some pillow talk ‚ an hour seemed like twenty minutes. I asked him to marry me, he agreed. We decided we would just hyphenate our names.

I was ready to have my bed to myself about the time his mom sent a text asking for him to bring ice cream when he came back. OhPowerBottom disappeared into the evening, and then back to Jersey after the long weekend. Maybe we’ll meet up again, whatever his name is. A faceless profile doesn’t always mean they’re assuming we’ll lose a boner if we see what they look like.

Steve aka blue_iz on A4A

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  1. Jack

    What was this piece of crap? Could be a good story, but impossible to follow. Try posting a good story next time!

  2. BTM

    to me a face pic is worthless – have no intention of dating them or LTR wrong site for that – i want to see what im going to enjoy the body – and as long as there in to what i am — the wilder side im cool with that – now maybe if your intentions are more romantic a face is nice — show me you cock balls ass and hands and im there … story not bad

  3. goldenloverinmym

    BTM- i agree with u and b true in your self description,my profile is true in all aspects and my pics r mine from the last year max.what u see is what u get.DDDD

  4. bucknaked13

    Like most, I like face pics too. But I have learned from several encounters faces don’t tell the entire story. I was visiting Fl. a couple years ago and met this guy with the sexiest face I’d ever seen. Couldn’t wait to get him to my hotel. Went into the shower to take a peek at the “goods” and have never been SO disapointed(Extra small dick/pancake ass, and flabby body. Was very polite but made excuse to get out of it. By the same token, I rejected a local guy that like me for several years(Because of extremly unattractive facial features, IMHO)until I was horney(Well it was a drought…lol)and I said, “F..It”. The most beautiful body(Nice dick/fat azz)and the sex was amazing. Since then, I have met several without face pics who turned out to be beautiful,average, and in a few cases, questionable(Despite what we THINK, most are indeed average). The PERFECT look is what most desire, but don’t sleep on the average or questionable. Sometimes they turn out to be very good. IJS!!!

  5. Tim

    There has to be some degree of chemistry… I’ve met any number of guys who looked good in a pic but in person there wasn’t the right chemistry.. Or their place reeked of stale beer or massive cat urine..ha.

    In a smaller town I totally understand not wanting pics up. What puts me off are weird angles, pics of gaping holes… Clearly not proud of what they are

  6. Charlottean

    I think it depends on the city a lot of times. Gays in some cities respect a persons preference not to be out, yet some cities bitch about a face picture being a requirement. I laugh at those pretty boys in their 20’s and 30’s with face pictures open/posted that live on gay sex sites 24/7. Let them keep bitching, they will grow OLD and will still be on this site with the SAME face picture posted and wonder “what happened”. Charlotte gays are the worst in the U.S.

  7. radman

    if u into “fantasy” that cool. nsa hookups r fun if both agree. heard of cyber cops using sites 2 bust unsuspecting patrons 2 man.

  8. Alex

    How people react of this story -funny- ,some don’t believe it,some think the guy is desperate ,some need to see a pic. But anything could happen so just be open and be less uptight.

  9. FreeRangeRadical

    I’ve had a few faceless hookup attempts, but the guys were either fat, 20 years older than their profile stated, or scare-a-buzzard-off-a-meat-wagon ugly. I don’t care how big your dick is if you look like Hannibal Lechter.

    So now, I want to see a posted profile pic or I’ll pass. Regardless if it’s just for a hookup or not, I have standards, and a public profile pic is one of them. It’s 2013, there’s no reason not to have one unless you’re afraid that your wife is going to look for you on here, and that’s reason enough for me to pass. I’m a professional, own my own business, and I know a ton of guys like me, some also like me ex-military, and the “I can’t post a pic because of job/wife/family/X” is just an excuse.

  10. Christopher (a paid supporter)

    Adam4Adam would cut down on it’s ‘fakes and flakes’ if they had a mandatory face picture policy.

    What makes me laugh? I proudly post one, and they ‘faceless ones’ that I’ve met, HAVE NEVER LOOKED REMOTELY LIKE THEIR PICTURE THAT WAS TAKEN OVER 10 YEARS PRIOR. That’s really sad……

  11. BetterNotBitter

    I just have to say I found your statement of being surprised he was a bottom surprising. As soon as I saw the title I KNEW he was a bottom. If there is one thing I know it is that Muscle guys are NEVER tops. The more macho they are the more they are a bottom. Guidos are always bottoms as well.

    I know that is a sweeping generalization but I’ve never been proven wrong.

  12. einathens

    what does a face matter? it’s gonna be biting the pillow ewventually and the lights will be off anyway.

  13. Rexxarino

    if you aren’t interested in the face (or looks, in general), then by all means, have at it

    (you certainly will increase your number of meets if such things aren’t important for you)

    just.. ..don’t make yourselves out to be so superior over those of us who would have a hard time maintaining a boner (or being able to look at ourselves in the mirror, “after the fact”) due to our own sort of preferences, that we usually can’t help having or acting on

    also, there may just be a day when finally there is an explosion in the number of guys who can finally get with the times, and not be afraid of showing themselves — hopefully i’ll be still be around to enjoy this

  14. jay11969

    The resistance to pics often comes down to fear of socital judgements. What gets me is people without pics or only dick/ass pics DEMANDING to see FACE pics of others. Most people want to see the other without revealing themselves first. Everyone has different standards. I am not caught up in societies “standard” of beauty as MOST people or indeed average regardless of what we THINK of ourselves. That being said, I wouldn’t pass on a “pretty face” IF it included other things I find attractive(Nice dick/ass, body, skin tone, and of course, hygene). If a guy has an unattractive face but meet the other standards, it’s all good for me. For ME, if the choise is between one with a “pretty” face but treats me like dirt or the unattractive face that treats me well, no comparison. In the end, most I’ve met, no matter what they say about themselves or the pic on display, turn out to be average(with different degrees of sexiness). When it comes to sex, I don’t have to be intimate with your face, but I DO have to be intimate with your body in some form or other.

  15. D3nver B0i!

    Faceless to me rings as sketchy. Its like, if you camt show me your face, what else are you not gonna tell me when hooking up.

    BUT there was a time me and a friend wanted to have fun. We said we were hosting an underwear party. Just bring a bottle and we’ll get down. I ended up chatting with a faceless guy (we were just gonna kick him out after drinking). Guy shows up, on time, IN HIS UNDERWEAR, WITH A BOTTLE OF GREYGOOSE. Lol so hott. We didn’t go all the way (he was just curious) but that night changed me lol

  16. G

    I don’t have a face pic on my profile. People tend to think I’m a troll or whatever. Most of them that I meet look worse than their posted pics and they are surprised that I am as old as I am. I like the idea of under- selling myself.

  17. eric

    I’d like to take this opportunity to again ask A4A to update the technology in the profile section.

    Why can’t there be different levels of unlockable photos?

    Some guys might want to show their face and hide their naughtybits. And they can.

    Some guys might want to show the fun stuff and keep the face a secret for a while. And they can.

    Some guys might want to show their cock to everyone, save the face for some, and show their gaping, cummy hole to ferwer still. They’re out of luck.

    C’mon, A4A, it’s time to upgrade.

  18. tom

    hi agree jay11969. cant stand it when they want a face pic, yet they have no pics of themselves. I usually think married and move on.

  19. Carlos

    i have no problem what so ever with talking with faceless profiles. what bothers me is when someone who has no pictures starts demanding for my pictures… how does that makes any sense.

  20. Buff

    For the people who think it is just an excuse that I don’t post a face pic because of my job. It may be an excuse but I have lost two different jobs because I had a face pic posted on A4A. In so many places, you can still be fired for just being gay. Since I am a teacher, it is even easier. (The first job was because several parents complained to the principal after a parent saw my picture. The second job was because several students passed around that I was on A4A. My teaching evaluations were all outstanding, but the whole fact that I had a face pic on A4A became a “disruption.” BTW, both schools knew I was gay when they hired me.) I also did not have any inappropriate pictures posted. The reality is that there are certain professions that require a certain level of discretion and not posting a face pic is a small price to pay in order to keep my job.

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