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Washing the room with morning light, the sun revealed a small twin bed with a slumbering young man wearing only white briefs. The bedsheets are tossed aside revealing his flawless skin and amazing body. His morning wood reveals impressively. He stirs, plunges his hand beneath his briefs and firmly grabs his cock. Tugging firmly, a primal moan is heard from under the pillow.

Todd, a horny college boy living with his aunt while he is going to college, frees his arm from the covers. His hand searchs the night stand for the familiar feeling of his phone. It’s Saturday morning, end of the semester, not much to do today. He checks A4A and there are six messages. His favorite buddy had left one of them. They started talking earlier in the week, and made promises to “hang” on Saturday.

“Yes, I’m still down. Noon, coffee stand on the plaza?” They have to first resolve the dilemma of where to hook up. The profiles said they were 19 miles apart, however, they both new the distance was “as the bird flies.” It would take PlayNaughty87 about 40 minutes to commute, one way. Being somewhat DL, they didn’t exchange phone numbers or any other information.

Thoughtfully, Todd cleans his ass thoroughly while showering. Playing with himself in the soapy lather, he gets pretty close to orgasm, so he shuts it down, saving his load for later. He throws on a pair of flip-flops, jeans, and a black t-shirt followed by after-shave, underarm deodorant, and hair gel. He decides to keep matters simple by going commando. He folds his cock carefully behind the fly to avoid catching it in the zipper.

On the plaza, they recognize each other, grab a coffee and find a table away from others. They’re admiring each other as they make small talk, imagining what’s under the clothes they wore. Todd leans back and adjusts his cock to the side, showing his boner which is well defined through the thin material of his worn out jeans. PlayNaughty87 stares, and gets hard himself. He leans back and adjusts, and Todd drops his keys. He gropes Naughty’s cock with his right hand, as he searches for the keys with his left hand. Both of their cocks are hard as rocks.

They walk toward the sports park, watching the tennis players, wondering if everyone will notice their boners. PlayNaughty87 wants to take him home where they would have the entire house to themselves, but doesn’t want to spend two more hours on the road. Playing in the car isn’t comfortable. Hiding in the bushes seemed like an option but doesn’t like to stop once he gets started.

Todd sees the old apartment building, now abandoned, and remembers a rooftop party from his freshman year. They agree to check it out. They grope each other’s cock, and slap each others’ asses when they thought nobody was looking. The anticipation of pulling each other’s shirts off, licking and feeling each other all over, kept their cocks hard as rocks. Todd looks down and sees pre-cum staining the front of his jeans. They reach the roof and agree it’s a perfect spot.

Undressing, they start to wrestle, determined to get every last piece of clothing off of each other as fast as they can. An attorney in the next building notices, and starts to watch, but the boys were oblivious to the voyeur. Todd pushes PlayNaughty87 against the stairwell and bends him over to run his wet tongue up up his ass crack. He turns him around and starts licking his arm pits, biting his chest, groping his cock, and licking his balls. PlayNaughty87 is ready with condom and lube. Todd grabs it from him, saying “No, you’re my bottom today.”

Standing beside a wall, PlayNaughty87 puts one leg up on the stair rail as Todd plunges his thick throbbing cock into the hungry hole, slippery from generous amounts of lube. They change positions several times, and PlayNaughty87 is about to explode when he grabs another condom and puts it on. “My turn!” Todd lays down on top of their clothes. On his back, he jacks while PlayNaughty87 has his way with Todd. In just a few moments, Todd is moaning deep and long, twisting his back around, arching, and wiggling his feet. Cum explodes, PlauNaughty cums as he pulls his cock out of the condom. He blows his load onto Todd’s abs, they both reach for it with a forefinger, raising it to each other’s mouths and licking it, rubbing it on their lips.

Watching through the window, the attorney had pulled up a chair and dropped his pants. Jacking himself furiously, his cum erupted from his cock and covered the seat of the chair, his pants, and left a trail up to, and on the window. The boys never notice the man in the window. They are quite happy they found a spot for future adventures. They all pull back on their clothes at the same time, and with big happy smiles (and glistening brows) returning to life as it was, nobody the wiser as to what just happened.

Steve aka Blue_Iz


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  1. eric

    why didn’t he put the deodorant on before the t shirt? and the jeans before the flipflops?

    the voyeuristic attorney adds nothing to the story.

    at least this one wasn’t taut with the poignant stench of bacon.

  2. blake sacramento

    i thought this article was totally about those who can’t host or aren’t mobile. at today’s gas prices, there is no way i’m playing taxi driver, no matter how hot the other guy may think he is. if you can’t host or you aren’t mobile, then do something about it. get a bus pass or find a roach infested studio apartment….or something.

  3. el gato loco

    Good storie. I love voyeurism. Lol. And yea wasn’t this about that you couldn’t host? Give us ideas!!! Haha

  4. Brad

    Like someone else said, I thought this would be an article about the many who aren’t mobile, etc. Did you title this story so that it would draw people to it? Clever? Not so much.

  5. tony adams

    this is one of the hottest short-stories i’ve ever read in my life! good job! i love adam4adam! jeez, it had my jeans trying to tear open with being so damn hard!

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