Music : R.I.P Peter Rauhofer


One of the greatest DJs of all time – and certainly one of my fave – Peter Rauhofer died of a brain cancer yesterday at age 48.

He is know across the globe for his famous remixes for Madonna, Cher, Rihanna, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and many others and for his contribution to electronic dance music.

The DJ is survived by his mother Helga, who still lives in Vienna.

RIP Peter!


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  1. erick

    such a loss .Peter has done prolly the best remixes of MADONNA’S music including the Grammy winning for the song ”mother and father” RIP PETER.

  2. Mickey

    So sad….this is why you need to live every single day of your life as if it was the last one…. RIP Peter

  3. Ed Castrillon

    I can’t believe what I just read. Peter’s gone?. He was the Rumpelstillskin(I prolly just misspelled that last one!)of the D.J. world-he spun everyday top 40’s music into legendary dance gold! I consider myself lucky to have had the privilege to hear him live many occasions when he came to L.A. for major after hours dance events. Such a loss to the electronic world of dance. He will be missed, R.I.P Peter

  4. Somerville

    Peter Rauhofer traks are just what I need sometimes to make me smile and wanna dance. My deepest sympathy to his family. What a talented DJ with many accomplishments.

    Much love

  5. Tony of San Diego

    R.I.P. Peter

    Back in my Circuit Party days, Peter was on one of my Atlantis gay cruises, two white parties in Palm Springs and Cherry 5 in Washington D.C. with Manny Lehman.

    Peter, you brought so many good times to many people. Your life has been fulfilled. You brought joy to so many!

    I am so sorry to see you go. May God bless your soul and lead you to the kingdom of heaven. Amen

  6. Bradley

    Rest in Peace Peter!

    “Death can not kill, that which never dies.”

    Your music will live on and many will still “enjoy” it.

    Now you are doing remixes for the great artist that have gone before you…

  7. Belinda

    Omg so sad to hear about Peter he is all I listen to on Pandora. My heart goes out to his mom sorry for your loss. RIP Peter I will miss all your great remixes.

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