Music : Emeli Sande – “Read All About It”


I really love this singer. Her voice is amazing and I just wanted to share this song with all of you. The video below shows all the lyrics, which are beautiful as well, read them or sing along…Very great song, well I think!

Emili Sande is a UK singer, very popular over there and starting to get popular accross the world. Sometimes she gets compared to Adele on her style,  her voice is quite something! They both have lot’s of soul and they are known for their talent not for how they look. I wish there were more “real” singers like them today. So many electronic music with computerized voices… It’s nice to hear real voices!

Check it out below and let me know if you like.




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  1. SexIsntEverthing

    Love the song and the singer. I’ve heard many other songs from here and I love her music and her voice. I just wish America could have found her and liked her music earlier.

  2. CHRIS

    Great recommendation! Just downloaded Read All About It (w/Professor Green) and Read All About It Pt 3 two days ago. Check out Next To Me if you haven’t already.

  3. Ak zero

    I met and talked to her about a year ago, she was huge in the UK but not yet in the US, very nice person, quiet. I hope she gets huge here also. Her CD is very consistent with the great songs.

  4. Steven

    I was looking for this song! I was a cool video on Youtube (X -Factor) of a group of people who did shadow arts, and this was the song they performed to. Thanks!

  5. Keepittreal89

    Very nice song but please guys, go listen to Emelie Sande “breaking the law.” This song is lyrically insannneeee and melted my whole being while listening to it. 😉

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