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The Member Of The Week is my facebook friend Jorge a.k.a Principetigre on A4A. I have a tendency to add gorgeous men as a friend on facebook just because they are beautiful, and he is one of them. I discovered when I talked with him that he is a member of A4A for few years and that he is also an artist.

Feel free to check out his art on his blog here! I would qualify his work as contemporary/pop/electro/clash/sexy…. lol! It is not for everybody I have to admit, but I would totally see his artwork printed on cool t-shirts or in a very forward art gallery in NYC.

Chat with him on A4A, he is a cool guy and if you happen to live close to him, I’m pretty sure he is a good fuck buddy, his body rocks, and his dick…..ouffff a piece of art! I’m even thinking about flying over to meet him for a little vacation in Colombia.



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  1. Josh

    He is hot but he’s a top and so am i so nothing more than friendship could ensue, his art is cool and made me chuckle so i’m one of the group that it is for, sucks to be the group that can’t appreciate artistic humor or art in general

  2. Jacob

    Hope he’s real. Most profiles from South America or Europe are usually spam. Got 3 in one week asking to be friends if just send my e-mail address.

  3. Charlie

    He sure is hot. One of the guys that tats really work on. As for the art I will leave that to the rest of you.

  4. Rob

    Yet another example of the stereotypical Adonis. Thank you for continually promoting a4a as a site that only caters to the attitude filled young and fit. Where are the blog postings of REAL normal gays? Why do you continue to self serve instead of appealing to everyone?

    • blog

      The other Rob: Honey is this the first post that you read?
      Maybe you should verify previous “member of the week” to see that there is hot guys, average guys, skinny guys, black guys, white guys, asian guys etc…featured….

  5. Rob

    I was looking for the piece of art you were referring to that he carries with him everywhere (you know, the one between his legs) – but it is not on his profile. Where did you see this gorgeous art work (created by the Master Himself)?

  6. Hunter0500

    “there is hot guys, average guys, skinny guys, black guys, white guys, asian guys etc…” who all seem to fit the one model where “hot” gays are only young, urban, trendy, smooth, slim , and effeminate.

    “Average” must be in the eye of the beholder. Profile picture after profile picture in A4A shows guys that are far from young, urban, trendy, smooth, slim, and effeminate. Quite the diverse crowd, but as we all know, diversity all too often is an unpopular concept.

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