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New York Times is reporting a meningitis that is attacking and has killed a number of gay/bisexual men in the city. It is easier to catch than HIV. By saliva..kissing, sharing a cigarette or joint or being sneezed on. The good news is there is a meningitis vaccine that if received will protect guys for up to five years. And they are trying to get the news out before all the gay pride events this summer cuz we gay guys love to travel. Definitely check with your Dr. to see if you have had that vaccine in the last five years and get it if not.  Over 10,200 vaccinations have been given in NYC at clubs, sex clubs, house parties. 50% of the cases have been from the African-American gay/bisexual community and 18% from Hispanic and rest from white guys. It does not seem to infect women. Check out the article in New York Times!


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  1. TDG

    Oh to be black & gay. So unfortunate; I loathe my celibacy but it’s worth it. I was on the bus and a guy sneezed very close to me; a week later I had a sore throat and lots of mucus + a head that seemed more lost than usual. I’ve gotten better though there is still a bit of mucus to rid. Nevertheless, better to be safe than sorry; will set an appointment.

  2. James

    Why must they always promote the racial stats and segregation with diseases like this in the gay community?? ACTUALLY this new strand derived from the fatal meningitis strand that originated in Hawaii and made its way to Los Angeles where over 60% of the afflicted were gay Caucasian males. Just FYI. Anyway…keep safe.

  3. Synn

    “We will wake up one day and find our cocks have fallen off.”

    That may be the best ting to ever happen to the gay male community… at the rate things are going. 🙁

  4. s johnson

    if you all wouldn’t stick your dick into everything that comes along all these diseases would not be so prevalent….natures way of killing off the sluts i suppose

  5. LRG

    Where in your research did you find the 50% of cases being African-American? I can’t find that stat anywhere. Did you just make that up?

  6. chris

    Not to be a debbie downer but the vaccine is only good for one type of meningitis. There is viral and bacterial. And unfortunatly the doctors I had told me that I’m lucky because there is no cure for the bacterial form. And believe me it sucks to have meningitis. I had it back in 2010 from having a customer sneeze on me when I was at work. For everyones info, it feels like a migraine that you can’t get rid of even if you use ice and pain killers. It feels like your brain is hurting from the inside (from the swelling) and when you bend over you feel the blood rushing to your head, you will feel light-headed and your face will start to hurt. You won’t want to do anything like smoking, eating, walking, or talking. The biggest indicator that you have it is if you can’t touch your chin to your chest without the use of your hands. It sounds like b.s. but its true. Trust me. I hope everyone the best this pride season and that no one gets meningitis, its a disease I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Be safe everyone and if you can’t touch your chin to your chest get to the hospital asap!

  7. Dylan

    Read Chris’ response. I don’t believe migraine is a strong enough word. I had spinal meningitis in 2001. What I can tell you is you def don’t want this!!! The headaches are the worst pain I have eve had in my life and I have a very high tolerance for it. The headache is like someone is using a butter knife to peal off you scalp and brain all at once. The slightest movement, noise or just the light was enough to drop you to your knees. When I got to the hospital, and told them
    I had a headache for two days, and a temp of about 104deg. they freaked out and threw a gown and mask at me in the waiting room (that bitch of a nurse asked me if I was crazy coming in to the ER where I could contaminate ppl…what the fuck was I thinking…going to the hospital when I was sick) like I knew what I had.
    After the ice baths to bring down the swelling in my brain and the temp down the Indian Doc comes in and tells me in broken English,”we must do a spinal tap.” I had no idea what pain was. I’d put that up against child birth any fucking day. Spinal tap is where the take a needle the size of what felt like a #2 pencil and stick It in your spine. Than he said,”don’t move! this is only going to take a minute. If you move you could be paralyzed.” I cried like a school girl. They draw a couple of viles of spinal fluid and test it. The test is time sensitive. I guess my doc didn’t know that as 4 hours later they had to do it again. It sucked on so many levels.
    My suggestion to you is this…while cruising guys on A4A, open another window and look up signs and symptoms. Look up preventive measures. If you should have the signs and symptoms take care of it early. Protect the ones you love, the ride to the hospital can infect them. Nothing to cool around with.

  8. Leno

    Seriously, Gays are not the only ones fuckin all over the place. What !? – straight people don’t fuck? Johnson suggests we’re spreading diseases. Someone remind him how the Indians were wiped out waay before Gay Pride and Columbus.

  9. tom

    I honestly believe those racial stats are made up. I can’t find any evidence that supports this.
    If you are gonna post stats like that, deliver the source also before you go starting a witch hunt.

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