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“I like girls that wear Abercrombie & Fitch” are the lyrics from the popular song “Summer Girls” by LFO, a popular band back in 1999. It was a big hit back then and I am sure that it led to some big money for Abercrombie & Fitch.

I met my first partner in 2003 and all he would wear was A&F. He was obsessed. His wardrobe was at least a few thousand dollars. We were the same size so I also got to wear some of his clothes when I wanted to.

It has been forever since I have been to an A&F store and I had kind have forgotten about them, until now. Until I heard this quote from the CEO Michael Jeffries pretty much stating that they are exclusive to thinner, beautiful people.

He goes on to say that this is why the hire only good looking people in their store, as good looking people attract other good looking people. His comments have sparked quite a controversy in the media.

So, my question, what are your thoughts? Is it fair that a clothing line only target skinnier people? There are clothing lines that cater to bigger sizes and ethic styles. Or is what he said that is more controversial than A&F only catering to smaller people? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Jason aka ncboy1982

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  1. jay

    If Layne Bryant can market to the full figured woman then why can’t a clothing company market to the opposite? It seems that many fat people want to designate themselves as a social class that is being discriminated against when in fact they are the cause of their own seclusion because of a lack of self control. Food addicts should be treated like any other addicts and not coddled into believing that a diabetic coma is a fact of life. They need to learn then following phrase “I’m full”

  2. will

    I am actually a manager at abercrombie kids, and its rather unfortunate that mike jefferies said these things. I as well as my employees have been getting some serious backlash from irrate customers, But here the kicker I said “CUSTOMERS”. The people who are upset are still shopping here because in reality most clothing brands are the same. Mike jefferies just happen to be the CEO to voice the sad truth. Think about it when you go into a clothing store the clothes that cater to plus size women are generally not as trendy as the clothes mean for “model size america”. I however don’t agree with my CEO but this media frenzy is being blown way out of porption. Furthermore step into an abercrombie or ANF or Hollister and meet the models and associates. Just because mike jefferies is a image based ass doesn’t mean those who work for the conpany are.

  3. Chris

    It’s obvious who he wants in his clothes and how he markets and there is nothing wrong with that. It is his statement that is cruel and pathetic. It just did not need to be said. They are not the only clothing company that caters to smaller people. He should also be aware that ugly and unpopular come in all sizes.

  4. TDG

    Douchebag clothing for narly douches, plain & simple. There isn’t any controvery; he has the right to target the audience he wants; it’s his business and he’s doing what will guarantee success; that is, catering to those “attractive” peoples whims. At least he’s being frank. Saying “I only make clothes for thin people” isn’t the same as “I only clothes for straight people” or “nonwhite people” or insert any ethnicity/sexuality (things one can’t change).

    Should men complain that Victoria’s Secret is excluding them by not making hot & steamy thongs geared towards the male sex? Lol no.

  5. Ken

    I’m a bit confused: why is this suddenly controversy? A&F has been catering to the skinny, affluent, and beautiful for years, decades even. Nothing has changed in the company, from their marketing target to their model selection. Although they’d probably increase their revenue by producing plus-sized clothing, the uniqueness and exclusivity of the A&F label would be vastly reduced. The way I see it, it’s more aa business decision than an ethical one.

    However, if one is to argue ethics, isn’t the rate of obesity (in America, at least) up anyway? Wouldn’t it be healthier to slim down rather than bully A&F into enabling the overweight and out of shape? Just an opinion…

  6. Shadowking

    I use to work at A&F because I was stopped and I asked too. I was NOT impressed. I don’t wear their clothes and I quit after a week because the vibe they give off is very prejudice.

  7. Spencer

    In response to Jay, while it may be true that Lane Bryant does sell narket themselves for bigger people it is concerning that you think they are the cause of their own seclusion. First off fat does not make you fat having no self control does I will give you that. But there are so many other factors that go into body weight. My sister for example eats healthier than a lot of my friends who are considered athletic and works out regularly. She still could not fit into those clothes if she wanted to. And she doesn’t. Same goes for me. I have Crohn’s and my body weight fluctuates all the time. 10 pounds in eother direction not to mention family history dods habe things to do with body weight. You’re talking about one type of person and assuming that that is everyone and it’s not. Just like there are bunches if skinny people who eat crap all day and never gain a pound but we’re quick to call them in shape because they’re skinny. It’s a social norm not a fact. And as for the CEO he is surely entitled to his own opinion but it breaks my heart because there are young impressionable kids who see this and are torn apart and are in a worse state or others who use it as a means to bully. Just be careful about the words you televise. I do however know where he is coming from from a marketing perspective but I think he went way too far.

  8. LP

    He can say whatever he wants and market to whoever he wants. He’s the CEO of a company that is all about making money.

    Of course the beautiful, popular, skinny people will feel empowered. The non-poular skinny people will only strive harder to wear these clothes hoping it will make them more popular and beautiful.

    Both of categories are idiots. I always have had great style without wearing a single label. I bought clothes at vintage stores and barn sales and always looked good. Fuck being identified by a brand name.

    But hey, capitalism is all about making money off weak-minded people, so more power to A&F.

  9. jacelondon

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  10. Greg

    Fats really need to get over it. So what? You can’t wear A&F. Go to Big and Tall or any of the other fat people stores and get something there. Can’t expect everyone to cater to your big ass.



  12. barista92

    I used to work at A&F and in their training videos it even states that they only hire beautiful people. I think it is low and degrading. Everyone is beautiful in their own ways. I personally feel Mr. Jeffries has a lot of issues with his own image and this is how he copes with it.

  13. youknowwho

    Btw, a&f does hire “ugly” people…that’s their night crew..the ones who come make the store look perfect at the day time is when their “good” looking people come in

  14. Enzo AKA SoCalTuffGuy

    doesn’t make a difference to me, as A&F became embarrassingly unpopular here in Southern CA years ago. I suppose they need to do what they can to try to win the “cool” markets back, though I doubt it will work. Even their Holister label is tired.

  15. Tom

    Fat is not a minority.
    It is a good motivation for fat people who want to lose weight.
    It is his company he can market to who he wants to.

  16. Lovinglife99

    As a bigger person, I am not upset with A&F for marketing to thinner people. I do however find it appalling that the CEO would choose these words to express his idea. As Jay so eloquently put it- being fat is not something you are born with…nor is it something you must die from – you can change it. But I guarantee that the bigger people of America, even if they lost the weight necessary to be considered a “cool kid” would not go out and buy A&F clothing.

    Ps I was Fat all through school, I was one of the most popular people in my school and was Prom King my senior year – don’t think being fat held me back at all, it just kept me from buying clothes I wasn’t interested in buying in the first place

  17. Alex V. (DoYouEvenBork)

    I think it’s a rather hypocritical statement to make when you yourself look like a troll. If you want to make nasty and snide remarks about people you consider fat or ugly, then you better be the hottest person in the room. Seeing him makes me think he’s the one of the least attractive in the room. As a company they can market to and make product to serve whoever they want, I may not agree with that, but it’s certainly true. I just think Jeffries shouldn’t wear his own clothing considering who he considers attractive enough to wear his clothing certainly doesn’t include him 🙂

  18. Tom

    What a giant ass! How ironic that his company’s strategy is based on the good looking consumer when he, in fact, looks like a plastic surgery science experiment – hideous. But ulimately the public is to blame. The American public continues to buy the clothes from those foul smelling stores.

  19. Matt

    Never really liked AnF. Have tried shopping there before and the smell of the store gives me a headache and makes me nauseous. The one time I managed to get over that they didn’t have my size and refused to sell me what I wanted because it was for their models. I’ve never gone back to once since. I personally think that he should be allowed to do whatever he wants with his company, but he should also filter what he says. Not only does he refuse to make clothes for the overweight but he also wants to designate who is cool and who isn’t. My thing personally is I have better thing to spend my money on than a 50 dollar shirt. Just sayin.

  20. Daniel

    Jefferies is talking out both sides of his mouth. It would be one thing if this issue was just about physique/size and whether or not he wishes to cater to larger women. The real issue is that Jefferies, and many members of his target audience (“cool, good-looking people”), feel they are an authority on what qualifies someone as “beautiful.” He takes it too far by dividing us into the “cool” and “not-so-cool” based on superficial aesthetics. He reinforces this division by only hiring “good-looking” people in his stores (as if that affects their sense of fashion or sales/customer service skills). Basically, Jefferies’ message is no different from any other catty queen with his nose in the air: “If you don’t meet my standards for beauty, you aren’t worth my time.”

  21. eric

    just what we need, someone trying to make the real world more like high school.

    i wonder what michael jeffries’ senior portrait looks like. is he trying to extend his glory days or exacting his revenge?

    i never understood the concept of expressing your individuality by dressing just like everyone else and being slavishly devoted to a brand, so A&F clothes were never for me.

    in fact, behind our backs people used to refer to me and my ex as Anticrombie and Bitch.

    plus, the catalogues are too softcore to be useful as porn.

    in the marketplace of ideas, this CEO had a bad one. should’ve discontinued the sizes not said a word. he deserves the backlash.

  22. Wiiliam Eschler

    As someone who prides myself in a healthy lifestyle and keep myself in great shape, I am offended by his comments. These “rejected” people are HUMAN BEINGS, with feelings. I shall NEVER set foot in an AF store again.

    We, as a gay community, are persecuted on a consistent basis. We want equality, gay marriage, etc. We cry “treat us equally” and then publish a statement like that…. Your sweat shop clothes are only for “good looking” people. Well, my cash is as well. And guess what Mr. Jeffreys, you definitely are not in that category.

  23. Hopkins

    Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and other elite medical schools only offer acceptance to students with almost perfect GPAs, really high exam scores and other achievements in extracurricular activities. They just don’t accept random people from the street without any motivation and hard work. The same story applies to A&F. If fat people want to wear Abercrombie, then they need to achieve their goal of losing weight. In a sense, A&F is giving them motivations that they need. If someone has an eating disorder, then they should just avoid A&F (like a diabetic person avoiding foods with high sugar) and wear other brands that fit their lifestyle. There is no controversy or discrimination in this fashion issue. Fat people and their proponents are just exaggerating.

  24. chicagokok

    They have the right to sell and market to whomever they wish, though excluding most of the population is never a good business idea. Have you been to the H & M mens section? 90% the clothes are geared toward thinner guys–i know people who do not bother to shop there because they know nothing will fit them. So AF are not the first to do this, just thte first to say so publically.

  25. Joseph

    Everyone is forgetting one very basic thing, This is America, where money rules, so if A&F is catering to the nice and beautiful it’s because that is it’a marketing criteria that’s all, just getting the money of that section of the population, but on the other hand we have Big and Tall, for not saying FAT and Heavy, they are marketing this area, so as you can see we live in a market place in which we fit where we want to and we clasiffied ourselves, where we want to belong, it’s just part of the media manipulation and unfortunately the poor self steem of certain people.

  26. El

    I guess Food Addicts as well as Sex Addicts (which defines all/most gay men) should then be kept secluded. Since obviously stating the obvious is ok. PEOPLE should however be treated as humans beings with respect. Figures why gay society ridicules and mistreats its own kind. Always sad, but always true.

  27. chunkychippewa

    Even when i was at my thinnest– 180pounds, 6’2 — i could barely fit their clothes mostly because of my broad shoulders. Shame on this guy for being such a blatant asshole about his politics in retail.

  28. Joe

    This controversy is surprisingly similar to when the CEO of Chick-fil-A said he opposed marriage equality. Everyone knew it (his restaurant is closed on Sundays, for goodness sakes!) but I believe it was a bad business decision for both CEOs to announce their personal bias. Once you let your personal feelings into your business model, it means I let my personal feelings decide if I purhase from you.

  29. Christpher (Supporter on A4A)

    What does this matter to gay men? This is the same issue FOR WOMEN that is abortion, too.

    We really have NO say who makes what, and if this jackass wants to cater to the “twig crowd” so be it.

    It’s HIS business and he makes the decisions. Just like Michael Balmar made the HUGE mistake of releasing Windows 8, is every one on that bandwagon? Or is this just to stir the shit pot?

    The “calorically challenged” have a choice, just as I do, and they choose to be FAT, so be it….

  30. E

    I don’t think a store or brand has to be all things to all people, certain stores cater to certain people. Am I upset because Victoria secret does not cater to men’s underwear needs no that would be silly. Hollister, another brand of A&F also caters to the younger thinner teen. I personally refuse to buy there clothes because a) can’t fit them but also b) I think the price for a pear of jeans there is insane. I do not fault them for there marketing. I work in the hair industry and there are all price point and clientele based salons from the 10 dollar mall salon to exclusive spa, it just depends on the type of client you want to cater to. Even in places like Macy’s or Jcp it is getting harder to find bigger sizes, however we keep talking about bullying and inclusivity and tolerance and acceptance, and this store IS sending a wrong message to impressionable teens about when they say that only cool kids shop there, lets face it some families are broke and cannot afford to go there. We are also getting fatter by the day at a younger age, and these kids should not have to feel worse about it. I understand his brand message, I just think he could have sounded less cold

  31. Blake

    What a fucking ass. Do we, in America, really think that clothes make the man/woman? It’s about style and the way you carry yourself. I look just as good in a shirt purchased from Penny’s or Target as I would in anything AF could ever make. I hope seriously that this damn company goes under. I never saw what was so damn special about their clothing anyway. We are really living up to our reputation as the most materialistic country on the planet.

  32. xrayspex

    The “cool” kids wear our clothes? Actually,it is the exact OPPOSITE! If you are cloned brand wearing sheeple with absolutely no creativity or uniqueness in your fashion style then this yawn inducing brand is for you.

  33. Vin

    I’ve never understood the appeal of abercrombie. The clothes are boring and overpriced.

    The only plus is that seeing abercrombie on a guy gives advance warning that he is likely a douchebag. 🙂

  34. zaq

    No surprise that the racist CEO of A&F would also discriminate against plus sizes or “not as attractive” peoples. I dont & wont shop there because tjeir discriminatory practices are nothing new.
    Fukk them & the over priced clothing line. But the models are hot 🙂

  35. jay

    It’s not that they market to skinny/thin/ not fat people. It’s that he implied they were the only attractive people. If he wants to cater to one market segment, more power to him. Many companies do

  36. Mickey

    Michael Jeffries should not be allowed as CEO at A&F…the reason? He is HORRIBLE!!! What’s wrong with his face? He looks like a halloween mask! Isn’t he? LOL

  37. gerard i

    I am a 54 year old male 5 foot 4 150 pounds fortunately I can fit the Abercrombie and Fitch’s clothing line. and I also want to let you know that I ultimately can pick up guys in their 20’s at my age but what I found to be is not discriminatory again anybody other than the size that they can fit into I just don’t like the idea that Mr Jeffreys set it up so now I’ll just have to stop by his clothing line and get the word out of it as to what he said it might not make a difference to him only because of one person doing it but if people catch on and it hits major media he’s going to fill a backlash and shame on him 4 discriminating against gay men because basically that’s 90 percent of his clientele

  38. chris

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with what he has to say. Beans all have demographics, and the Abercrombie demographic will ever remain the preppy, skinny popular high school brand that it is. Why do people care if the CEO was being honest and was quite literally stating what we always knew about the store? Are we really that dense of society members that we are shocked?

  39. HolePunchSD

    Around 2003, I, too, shelled out hundreds of dollars at A&F–and I’m a Black man! Even though I was not part of the demographic that A&F marketed towards, I shopped there so I’m not going to pretend that I’m outraged by his comments.
    I consider myself to be fairly “good looking”, whether Mike Jeffries thinks so or not is of no importance to me.
    Jay bring up a good point about Lane Bryant (same with stores like Torrid & the Avenue), they cater to plus-size clientele. You don’t hear a Size 8 woman rambling about feeling excluded. Their called Specialty stores–they cater to a certain demographic.
    And that doesn’t always mean everyone.

  40. Indigo6

    Jay: Biased much? Not every full figured person is that way because they can’t help gorging themselves (powerlifters and line backers are a perfect example of big people who are in shape).

    Lane Bryant may market to a demographic of larger builds (and that doesn’t just mean “fat people”; learn your body types), but they don’t shun any potential customers who may be smaller than who they initially market to. They don’t tell the public they won’t hire skinny people to work at their stores, nor do they condone burning their damaged merchandise in order to preserve an image.

    How ironic that a store that sells jeans with holes in the knees, frayed seams and crooked stitching declares that fashionable and non-damaged, yet the burn jeans and shirts with an improper dye stain or what have you, and call THAT damaged!

  41. Michael

    I agree that Abercrombie is a brand marketed to young thin people. Most teenagers don’t even think A&F is even cool , they haven’t for years . Abercrombie only appeals to foreigners visiting the USA. I will continue to shop there . But only on sale and if the quality stays the same . I am a 47 year old …

  42. ernest

    I could care less about their clothes cause I don’t wear them. I don’t wear skinny ass jeans because they’re not made for black people. now I think the CEO is an idiot and trying to drum up sales for clothes. For the last couple years no one is really give a damn about to one really wants to go out and spend 85 on a pair of jeans. I said f*** him and his whole life. If he doesn’t like fat people maybe there’s something wrong with him. Because I can really give two s**** about him or his stores.

  43. Dick Ross

    The idea that all people are Fat because of self control is laughable at best with NO scientific studies to back it up.However there are studies that show that a large percentage become fat due to sexual abuse, food addiction or a tragic event. That was the case with me. I am no longer obese. It had nothing to do with self control and everything to do with the tragedy that happened in my life.

    Are there obese individuals that don’t have will power to diet ? Yes. But there are millions more regular sized people that can’t keep the weight off either. Now the the article.

    A&F have a right to market clothes to whomever they want. What they don’t need to do is make people feel less than in the process. Those that are ‘ good looking ‘ are related to those that are ‘ not cool ‘ in his eyes. And many will choose another store based on principal.

    A CEO needs to know when to shut the hell up. It may sound nice that you are trying to be exclusive but from the clothes I saw, there was nothing that demonstrated higher quality. It’s only in his imagination. Fortunately, we have a right to choose another store. And if I was his competition, I would be running ads to take those customers he is giving up.

  44. Derrick

    Does Abercrombie make money? Yes. Are they on the verge of bankruptcy? No. So their business model obviously works. In no way do they need to offer larger sizes than they already do, just like Burger King doesn’t have to offer veggie burgers. Get to the gym, stop stuffing your face, and you can fit in those expensive clothes if you want to.

  45. Chris

    I have found in my experience that people in general that were ANF are somewhat conceded. I am a large person. It is not because my my eating habits that I am fat. It is a medical condition. I know that clothing companies can cater to any type of individual they choose. That is fine by me, however, I do not think a person should make fun of people based on their weight. This is a form of discrimination and racism. It is like straight people beatings, making fun and putting down gay people. I believe that people should learn to love each other and not worry about race, size, sex or sexual preference. People in general need to learn matters and they need to learn to love other. I also believe that if people could learn to see people as they are the earth would be a better place to live.

  46. JD

    The fact that trendy clothing stores cater to, and hire, attractive and fit people is nothing new. Like it or not, it is just basic marketing. Clothing lines focusing on full figured fashions catch no flak, so to complain about the reverse is just moronic and emblematic of a whole different issue.

    This movement of ‘feel bad for and be be respectful of larger bodied people’ just because they are fat is insulting. In this day and age, you’re a jerk for making a fat comment , however it is perfectly acceptable for any lardo to make some ‘skinny b’ comment or tell someone to eat a cheeseburger and the person being insulted is expected to just be nice about it. It’s an annoying double standard.

    Did the CEO need to go that hard core? Probably not. Did he truly say anything utterly horrifying? Not at all. In all honesty, having the guts to just say the truth might just work in his favor. People tired of the whiny double standard will want to shop there.

    Those that are pissed? They will just keep whining about it, which keeps A&F in the media, which will still bring in more business with out any larger marketing pay out. It’s kinda of a win win. The CEO may be a bit brilliant.

  47. Buttercrumby & Fatchicks

    Jay’s foolish and mean-spirited comments about why fat people are fat just goes to show how ignorant most people are. Yes we live in the land of the morbidly obese and more & more children are too big too soon. But it is the ingredients in our food, the sedentary computer/video game lifestyle and yes, genetics and a predisposition to being large that also play into this issue. Abercrombie & Fitch will expand their size range and waistbands when their popularity dwindles and they wish to maintain their profits.
    Look at designers who have ”Big & Tall’ collections. Donna Karan, Dolce & Gabbana and many more. They know what side(s) their bread is buttered on.

  48. Leo

    Mike Jefferies is ugly as fuark. How does he have any right to dictate who can wear what? I thought it was that MAN made the clothes, not the clothes making the man. Another unfortunate sign of the times changing…

  49. Carlos

    I stay away from clothes that make me look like an advertisement. You mean I could pay over $100 for a piece of clothing and not receive compensation after looking like a douchy billboard?

    Loving the first comment also. The phrase “stupid fa****”, however inappropriate, comes to mind. There are more reasons as to why people become obese than that shallow assumption- ass…..

  50. JayinStL.

    I have a different perspective. I am a middle school teacher and coach at the high school level. It is already tough enough being a tween or teenager, let alone one that struggles with her weight. Now a popular clothier who caters to that age group is pointing out her struggles.

    To compare Lane Bryant to A&F is missing the fact that Lane Bryant and A&F don’t serve the same age group. This has been quite an interesting topic at my school.

    Personally, I own quite a bit of their clothing, and have bought a lot there in the past, but until they reverse their statement, the clothes will remain in the closet.

    Finally — look for the articles on Hollister which is owned by A&F, and the lawsuit over their disregard of the Americans with Disability Act. I guess they don’t like people in wheelchairs either.

    And, yes I’m fit and in good physical shape. I just think as a persecuted group (LGBT community), we should assist wherever anyone is being mistreated by the corporate world or government.

  51. Joe

    My best friend quit A&F shortly after he was forced to fire this gorgeous girl because she was missing half a finger that made her “non model material” according to his District Manager, the straw that broke the camels back was when the same District Manager made the comment that A&F was not a clothing company that was intended for the gay population, that it was solely intended for the straight metro looking male. This was about 6 years ago, and that was the last time my partner and I wore anything from Abercrombie, and we have yet to step foot in their stores. We turned our business to American Eagle and we have been better satisfied with that brand. Same styles, same look, for less money and better customer service experience.

  52. Paul

    Being one of those guys that doesn’t fit the “image” of a&f and it’s other companies, and also being a retail manager of many years think that a&f propagates the mindset that if you aren’t a size 32 waist and wear skin tight tees you aren’t worth selling to or hiring. It is ridiculous. The average male is 36 waist just like the average size of a woman is a 12. The fact that this moron on a CEO thinks it’s acceptable to promote a mindset of “appearance is everything” is not only socially but ethically reprehensible. If the company doesn’t want to market anything but smaller sizes, fine. But, the company is promoting a way of thinking that allows for people to make judging based on appearance alone an acceptable way for people to behave as well as making sure that younger people that are still forming their values and ethics to judge people by the same narrow standards as the stores they shop in for over priced, over rated, and over exposed clothing. Do I have a&f clothes? I have a couple of shirts, but I purchased them from other companies like Marshall’s or TJ Maxx because I refuse to give the company one cent of my money or go into their stores so the associates can treat me like a freak because I am not 20 or look like I belong in their catalog. The only thing this guy has going for him is his honesty about his personal lack of depth and the same shallowness he promotes in others.

  53. Mike

    The fact that A&F caters to the customer that is thinner and more athletic doesnt offend me. What offends me is the way that Mike Jefferies voiced the policy of the store chain. I seem to remember a womens store chain some years ago that was called, 5-7-9. It catered to women that wore only those sizes. Nobody that I can remember went on the bandwagon against them.

  54. jockn2cbt

    I agree with Mr. Jeffries. I’m a firm believer that there should be goals to aspire to and people to admire. Even if you aren’t born beautiful, at least you can make an effort to excel. What a scary world it’d be if Sprawl*Mart were the unisex, unisize standard for fashion. It is a good thing to have people that want to stand above the crowd. On the other hand, a stunning guy like Channing Tatum would still stand out if dressed only in a gunny sack. I think the man makes the clothes more than the clothes make the man. I’d never turn down some blue collar hunk in torn jeans and ratty shoes on the basis of his wardrobe. I’m also guilty of ambushing suits coming off work from the financial district at the Midnight Sun just so I could unwrap a well dressed guy.

  55. Greg

    I believe it is more of what was said. When he said he didn’t want fat people shopping in his stores. What about fat people that have skinny friends? People have mentioned Lane Bryant, yes that store caters to “plus size” women but non plus size people are still more than welcome to be in the store. That is my thoughts!!!!!

  56. Seth

    They absolutely have the right to market to whomever they want, and the consumer has the right to shop anywhere he wants. The bigger issue for me is his statement that it is company policy not to hire people who aren’t attractive….sounds like a multi-million dollar lawsuit to me!

  57. Rob

    Take a look at pictures Michael Jeffries. He’s a creepy looking aging would-be twink who’s had too much work done. Even so, he is nonetheless part of the very demographic he deliberately shuns with his company. People have a right to be vain and stupid, and unfortunatly too many people are. A&F caters to dupes who want to believe they look like the company’s models, but they’re nothing more than cash cows for people who are laughing all the way to the bank by pushing cheaply made Chinese goods.

  58. Skinny B!tch

    IMO all apparel companies cater to a certain demographic. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Diesel, D&G, Fendi, the list can go on and on and on, just because one CEO speaks his mind on what people ALREADY KNOW doesn’t mean that he should be criticized! Now it would be wrong if he said they were going to include plus size clothing and never did, nor plan to, people need to pick and choose their battles wisely, going into Herve Leger for plus size clothing is a stupid look on the shopper especially when the models for one are toothpick thin and just barely getting into the garments themselves, or how about the mannequins that display the clothing, they’re skinny as well, with no azz and not that much breast. I’m a size 26 waist and although one would think I could find clothing in my size that’s not necessarily true, I have to order my clothes because they get snatched up quicker, instead of people obsessing over being slim how about these same people make a line of their own with reputable OR new designers with fresh ideas, styles and sale exclusively to that target market.. nonetheless this whole world base what they sell on a specific demographic, Whole foods or trader joes for example demographic cater to health food junkies, just like muscle milk caters to those who want to build and maintain muscle, just like Ferrari caters to those who’re financially stable enough to buy their cars, or how about Apple or Lenovo demographic is the technologically thirsty individual. Every product on the face of this earth is made and sold with specific individuals in mind, if not the product would sit and collect dust!

  59. J

    Yes, A&F is exclusionary. So what?

    Over-55 communities are exclusionary. (I’m too young to live in one.)

    Moorhouse College is exclusionary (black males only).

    Curves gym is exclusionary. (Women only.)

    Big & Tall clothing stores are exclusionary. (I’m not big and tall.)

    Univision and Telemundo are exclusionary. (They don’t offer dubbing or subtitling in English even though the major US TV networks offer some programming “disponible en espanol.)

    I say, as long as the CEO of A&F isn’t breaking any laws, let him run his business as he sees fit. The market will decide.

  60. CJ

    First off, diabetes, weight and eating habits vary from person to person. It can also be a genetic factor that contributes to a persons size. I am myself an average sized person and thankfully can still fit into a kids extra large. Now the backlash behind this “controversy” is almost reminiscent to what the CEO Chick-Fil-A. They are opinions of that person and not opinions of the company. People are entitled to state their opinions whether we agree with them or not. If you cannot fit into something, make do with what you have. If a shirt you want at A&F can be simply made, go and make it yourself and save that money. I stopped getting most brand name things simply because; one, I am not going to give into brand names that would help me to become popular. That is up to you and f**k what anyone says. Two, shop around and find something similar and cheaper, like at JCPenny, Ross, or even Target. And three, image is based upon on how comfortable you are in your skin. Being over the top skinny or over the top fat should not matter to people. Stop trying to care what people think about you and do you. As for the CEO, he is an asshole with a really small and bigoted mind. Stop disrespecting people by thinking they overeat or are bulimic. For some, gaining weight or losing weight is difficult and for others its easier. Yes, there are “diet” plans out there, but it is ultimately up to how you feel about yourself and stop trying to please people, people who are not going to be real with you and be fake as hell. So be yourself because we are all beautiful no mater the size, weight, and shape of our body.

  61. Dee

    When will people especially gay people stop labeling bigger people unattractive, unhealthy, etc. Society needs to get off of their high horses and realize that everyone is not meant to be “stick figures” Full-figured people are just as beautiful but your attitudes towards us makes you ugly as shit.

  62. Kyle

    I don’t have a problem with ideology however this guy is hypocritical. Look at him he’s not what I or most people would consider beautiful. If he were a model then I wouldn’t have an issue but clearly this guy looks in a frosted mirror and has yes people surrounding him that are feeding him a big like of steaming bullshit by saying yes you’re beautiful. That’s my two cents as I see it.

  63. Esteban Lira


  64. Stewie_Griffin

    A&F is the official clothing for douche bags. I have never been a fan of their clothing. They generally look like clothes you would find at a thrift store w/ the letters “A&F” sewn on & marked up 400%.

    If they do not make clothes in your size, then look elsewhere. If the company is not willing to cater sizes to larger body types, why bother giving your money to someone who discriminates against you?

    Besides, search for Michael Jeffries online. This guy should not be throwing stones. His face alone would get him kicked out of the in-crowd & the popular people he favors. Michael Jeffries himself is NOT an attractive ‘all-American’ person. For him to shop at his own store is an oxymoron.

  65. Matt

    Well while I do respect the right of a company to target their product to certain demographics and feel that is acceptable, I do not think that being as blantently insensitive by a CEO is needed.
    He could have stopped at…”a lot of people don’t belong in our clothes,” but I think went WAY over the line with the rest of his rant.
    Seems like he has a dislike for anyone that is overweight and also feels like they have no friends arent cool and dont belong. Why doesn’t he just hand a gun or knife to the depressed youth struggling with weight issues.
    He seems like a real jerk. While he may have the attitude that he doesn’t need ~ and his company doesnt need money from the public “at large”…. I hope he gets his cum-up-ance!
    I suggest all “larger than life” people stop buying any AF clothing at the stores for their nieces, nephews, sons, daughters, etc… there are other brands that are in and cool, and I wonder how many of the kids wearing these clothes do have a conscience and would be bothered by his lack of sensativity! I for one am and will NOT purchase any more of his clothing line. In fact returning what I bought as a graduation gift and going with clothing from Hollister!

  66. Sean

    I agree that just because the CEO of this company is an ass, it doesn’t mean that the employees are. I do, however, think that many stores cater to larger women and men and can remain trendy; the company that I have been loyal to for quite some time now, American Eagle Outfitters, is one of these stores. We may not carry ALL of the extended sizes, but we carry many extended sizes, and we construct the clothing to fit the person that wears it (pocket size/spacing, logo size/spacing, etc.). It is this country’s prerogative to market to whomever they want. A&F and Hollister have found their niche market, and have narrowed down the market segment to who they truly want to buy their clothes. I feel that it could’ve been phrased with a MUCH more diplomatic approach. I also disagree with the statement that was made about the “model size” american; The average sized american woman is a size 14, which, to me, begs the question, “Why should these women be compared to women that are a size 0?” Ostensibly, I don’t agree with what Jeffries said, or how he said it, but it is the sad reality that we live in. I, as a boy, was forced to wear husky sized clothing, and I was never able to fit into the clothing produced by A&F or Hollister, but once that taste was put in my mouth, it didn’t go away… and it still hasn’t.

  67. Kico

    I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that over price trash . It caters to people that fall who that crap . Just because u wear a brand doesn’t mean ur cool or makes unlock like there ads . I use to be a buyer for a store and the markup and so high . That how to get you . They tell u that its only for selective group of people tha are cool . Grow a brain and creat ur own style . It makes look cool and smart and people show alot of respect for you . It’s so funny for me to see him say that . His a idiot .. He just cost the company alot of money by opening his brainless , stupid mouth .

  68. Jayce

    How would you feel if a clothing company or any company make an statement excluding gays or men that sleep with random people, Also state their clothes or whatevers being marketed only for normal decent people?

  69. Hillie

    Beauty is subjective and somehow we continually allow the media to dictate an image of standard. If you feel slighted by what has been said…. Let your voices be heard through your dollars! And reject that opinion he has so proudly shared by simply not making a purchase and go elsewhere 😉

  70. John

    It sounds to me Michael Jeffries was a fat unpopular kid when he attended school many years ago and he is now acting as an immature shallow adult. A & F caters to teenagers and people in their 20’s. Anyone who is over 30 years old and still wears Abercrombie and Fitch looks ridiculous in my opinion. It is time to “graduate” to a new designer that is more age appropriate. The models in the Abercrombie ads are extremely attractive but they are not wearing the clothes in the ads. CEO Michael Jeffries needs to visit some of his stores in upstate New York as many of the employees are not that good looking! He may have to hand out some pink slips and interview some new people that adhere to his “qualifications”..



  72. Josh

    I worked for A&F for 3 years. And like the above comment states very neatly, just because the CEO may be an ass doesn’t mean all of the employees are as well. And yes, the media is blowing this way out of proportion. I’m sorry to tell you folks, the fashion industry isn’t “fair” or always equal across the board. Hence the term brand diversity. Just because Gucci or Versce doesn’t say they only cater to a select group of people doesn’t mean they don’t. Look at a price tag. Yes Jeffries choice of words was not the most appealing but hey, kudos to him for at least admitting it.

  73. Dezy

    The irony is that he, Michael, is incredibly fugly for anyones standard. He should find out how much paper bags are and add them to his daily life wardrobe on his FACE.

  74. t

    I take issue with him believing heavy ppl aren t cool nor have a lor of friends…HOWEVER I do believe heavy ppl should STOP making exuses for their size n just lose weight…it s called SELF CONTROL….to many fat ppl rely on MEDICAL CONDITIONS as their way out…BULL#$^&…..n if fat ppl don t like it…hmmm then fat stores shd also sell sizes SMALL in their stores as well…….but the guy is an idiot in all other regards for saying heavy ppl can t be cool… is about CONFIDENCE…NOT size or what clothes u wear….

  75. Muzz

    Well the boy sure doesn’t remember the skinny years at

    A/F when they were in bankruptcy and closing stores at

    the same time praying that someone wood walk thru the doors

    and buy something…anything….we need the cash……….

    after this, even as old as this quote dates back to, they

    just might be singin a familiar tune………..

  76. Sospiro

    It’s disgusting, but it’s his right to target a certain population. By the way, in response to Jay, not all fat people are “food addicts”, and you don’t even have to be fat to not be able to shop at A&F–especially if you’re a woman, or allergic to the general atmosphere that pervades air in  the stores I’ve been to.



  78. Clay

    Here is the deal. Mike Jeffries is a tool bag, and has been for some time. There was a time that Abercrombie & Fitch was a relevant name and retail line. That time has come and gone, my friends. I cringe whenever I see someone wearing a skin tight, sophomoric version of a shirt. I’ve never understood why it has such a following among certain LGBT crowds. I really don’t understand at present. The minute it was spun off from Limited Brands, it started its shame spiral to the current status that is has now reached. It’s a shame that its senior management has singlehandedly run business with such a wonderful, storied history so far into the ground. It won’t be too much longer until that depth is eight feet. If you are a self respecting gay man, I implore you to check out some other retailers. I don’t mean American Eagle, I don’t mean Hollister, and I don’t mean Aeropostale. Go to Dillard’s. Go to Nordstrom, Neimans, hell go to JC Penney. Just stay away from clothing that makes you look like a fourteen year old. It’s disgusting.

  79. Jimy

    I can’t believe that the CEO made that comment, it took me back when another certain CEO of a clothing brand said he wish that HIp Hop community would not by his clothes, even worst when the CEO 0f chick- fil-a spoke out about Gay marriage.

  80. Marc

    Absolutely, it is completely fair. Every other clothing company gets to discriminate, even Wal-Mart makes all their clothes larger. Why can’t Abercrombie and Fitch discriminate? I mean seriously, I couldn’t even shop at Wal-Mart if I wanted to. Their small’s are as big as extra larges in some other brands. As my coworker said, “They [Abercrombie and Fitch] make clothes for the athletic style body, and I’m athletic.”.

  81. DJ

    I have never worn A&F nor will I ever wear A&F but that is because I am more frugal with my money and know they are a bit pricey. As a middle America person, I don’t find what he has said offensive. A&F is a company that is out to make money, and has targeted a specific type of person. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact America and “Free Trade” kind of promote individual thinking like that when it comes to an open economic market.
    The sad fact is most of the people are seriously butt hurt because they don’t fall into that category that A&F have stated they go for, and it probably brings up the old issues of High School and not being the popular kid.
    I myself have never been the popular kid or will ever pretend that I can ever look like an A&F model, and I am ok with that.

  82. Ed

    Considering that A&F is popular among the liberal glitteratti it will be interesting to see how the professional pc folks will react to this as they are pretty much the exact same folks. Now if A&F were owned by the Koch brothers, the outrage would be deafening.

  83. MystifyMe

    Let him say whatever he wants. I’ve spent the last 30 years of my life in the Army defending his constitutional rights, to include free speech. I have friends buried in Arlington National Cemetery that have protected those same rights. I don’t particularly care for what he said, but he has the right to say it. I don’t wear A&F, and don’t care if I’d fit into their clothes or not. I wear what I like, and what I’m comfortable in.
    Those of you who are offended by what he said have the very same right to express yourselves as well….go for it, and thank me in the process. I’m one of the less than 1% who ensure you can say what you want without fear of reprisal, or disappearing in the middle of night never to be seen again. Yes, I’m patting myself on the back, and exercising my right to free speech…deal with it.

  84. Nick aka boredboy555

    I have to agree with the majority. I personally find a&f a bit too mainstream for my taste but I believe that as a fashion brand it has every right to target whom it chooses. If you don’t agree with their target sales then don’t support their products and purchase them. The biggest movements in equality and ethics in history start with one person or idea and blossom from there so why not start with YOU?! Again i haven’t been a customer of theirs since sophomore year of high school so this topic doesn’t necessarily pertain to me personally but as a fan of all things fashion (despite the stereotype) I think it’s purely up to the producer or designer as it is their brand being represented. I do however have an issue with their notoriety of only hiring “pretty people.” What gives them the right to decide who is and who isn’t “pretty?” Isn’t beauty in the eye of the beholder?

  85. Ri_Fealsamh

    I find it obsurd that people have issues with his statement. While I don’t even pretend to pursue viewing “overweight, average, or underweight” people as “ugly,” I am also a business man that recognizes each businesses right to reach a particular demographic/customer.

    We don’t have to agree – that the beauty of freedom. We all have opinions, and make decisions, that not everyone agrees with. This concept doesn’t change just because it is some retail clothing store.

    Choose your battles…if it doesn’t directly impact your ability to make your own decisions to attempt a fruitful life, then why bother? You always have an option to boycott a business with which you don’t agree!

  86. Rick

    Being gay, slightly overweight, and older I see this type of thing a little differently as I am also a successful businessman. He hs the right to market, advertise, control his company, brand, and line how he sees fit. If i disagree with his policies, then i do have a choice. I CAN SIMPLY SPEND MY MONEY ELSEWHERE. There is no law that says I must shop in an A&F store or purchase from their website or catalog. Here is where I separate myself and my business from other businesspeople ( professional florist btw ). I have trained my staff and realize that the customer has the power to fire everyone in his business and in my business and the customer can do that by simply spending his money elsewhere. If you are offended by his views, beleifs, marketing, and actions, then just simply do what I do….”Don’t spend your hard-earned money in with his business” It really is simple as that.

  87. I.M.

    Well, it is nice to see that Will (above) has some “balls” ( to call the AF CEO) out and some intelligence as well.

  88. T-blow

    Eh, I always new Abercrombie was the brand for wannabes and now we have proof they market to people who think it’s makes them exclusive and “cool kids” to wear a certain label. Sad.

    I know it’s popular among gay people from the years they targeted our wallets with half-naked men in their ads but it’s over. Like a decade ago.

  89. Anonymous

    I think it’s absolutely bullshit what he said I mean look at the guy. He’s clearly had one or two Botox injections on his face he looks like he’s been stung by bees and its permanent. And too all you vain and heartless people out there I’m sorry to say you wont ever be happy and I feel bad for you

  90. Synn

    Not sure why anyone would want to pay a 1,000% markup on crap clothes, just to be a part of some aging 50something’s inability to get over being “the fat kid” back in Jr. High…. but it’s a free country, so whatever.

    I just never understood this company– especially during the era of their softcore porn catalogs: what was the point in paying 100% nude models, to NOT be wearing (A&F, or even ANY) clothes??

  91. bryan

    So it isn’t the fact of fat or skinny but coo and popular not all cool and popular people are skinny but that’s fine every couture clothing line will create a masterpiece for a fat women/men look at Versace they will do anything for a wealthy person.CEO an ass and ugly him self bigotry is bad and he will get his KARAMA is a bitch dont fuck her and she won’t fuck you he will get screwed when they want a younger person to run the company

  92. Selfish_Virtue

    He is absolutely within his right to both cater to whom he wants to cater to and to say what he wants to say about people whom he does not cater to. He just needs to be aware of the negative outcome of his tactless statement. This is not the first time I’ve heard that A&F does this (The first time being in 2007), and it probably won’t be the last time. It’s a business just like any other, and it will thrive based on the demand for its product.

  93. Pete

    Hell…I’m tall at 6’6″ and I should say most every store I go into discriminates against me then. Even if I looked like and A & F model they wouldn’t make clothes to fit my height.

  94. John

    I’m not a plus sized man. I fit just fine into A&F since I’m 5’6 and wear 32/30 and SM to XS shirt sizes. I’m certainly not someone they would hire as a model since I I’m 35 years old and considered a senior citizen in their world of glamour, but I absolutely have the body.

    Regardless of all things, yes, the man is entitled to market to whomever he wishes, but my GOD! How cruel and hateful? As if plus sized people don’t already feel badly enough about themselves, this man has to take something so obvious to people who already know they don’t fit into his sales demographic and then proudly slam it into their faces and grin while he does it. I haven’t bought their clothing in a few years, but I’ll be damned if I will now.

    Diplomacy goes a very long way, and Mr. Jeffries’ response is as undiplomatic as I’ve ever heard in my life. He had numerous other ways he could’ve phrased the response; he could’ve even deflected the question. Very poor way to represent his brand.

  95. aaron

    I’m sorry, but I am appalled at some of the comments on this article. For a group of people so for equality for all, not many of you sound very understanding. I believe that the CEO is plainly stating that bigger people are not attractive, its his careless statement not his targeted group that is the problem. That’s what businesses do, they target a specific group of people to maximize profit. When most people think of larger people they think that they are lazy or eat to much or don’t take care of themselves. Well that might be the case for some I suppose, but at the same time some people can not help their size!!! Whether it be from a medical condition or heredity, its not there fault. Quite a few of these comments are so hurtful that your no better than this CEO. Sure you might be considered beautiful, but I doubt that your soul matches. Ugly, vain, self centered, arrogant these things truly make you unattractive. And no I am not attractive by most peoples standards but that’s Ok with me.

  96. Cadiboi

    It’s not the fact he has a clear target audience that is upsetting, every business does, it’s mostly how he views people and how he categorizes “plus size.” A size twelve is plus size? Really? It encourages impressionable young girls to starve themselves and risk their health to be in the “cool” crowd. Plus size stores exist because this attitude is relatively common among many retailers, and “plus” size people would be killed off if the A&F CEO had his way. Also, practically every person I know who shops at A&F is gay, and how often are gay Americans in the “cool” crowd? The fact that this man is so blatantly discriminatory is an affront to his main audience. And, by the way, a gay man’s disgust toward fat people is truly sad to see, as many overweight people have a genetic disposition toward being fat. Your saying fat people should learn to control themselves is the same as a straight person telling you you should learn to like sex with women. You have no idea what you’re talking about and should probably keep your under informed opinion to yourself. For me, people who wear A&F are screaming “I’m a FAG!” when they walk the streets, sort of like dressing in drag. But that’s simply my personal opinion, and people have the right to shop here if they want. No matter how skinny I ever got, I would not hand a single cent of mine to this store.

  97. Dysfunctional

    This man has every right to his own opinion concerning his own store that by any means is a very profitable one catered to the size 0 – 6 of the world. Good for him. Do I think he made a wise choice in his words? No, but at least he’s honest about it. I’d rather take a blunt and honest comment than a sugar coated one.

    Now on the other hand, if I wanted to look like I survived a thrift store bomb and was dressed as such, I’d much rather go to an actual thrift store, since that’s how these clothes are perceived. *shrugs*

  98. Hotqban007

    To be honest I think that it’s in the eye of the beholder… What I find attracted other don’t… That he went to the extremes that he did. No he shouldn’t have… But it wasn’t offensive or racist like Tommy Hilfiger or Gloria Vanderbilt’s previous statements in the media. They were racist. It’s unfortune not everyone is given what society calls good looks and features. He was just a little rude, he should of had someone review is public statement.

  99. Ryan

    AF stops being a relevant brand after high school for most people. Their generic AF insignia is tired and boring. However…they’re kept alive by naive upper middle class kids who depend on an overpriced exterior to compensate for what they feel they lack within themselves.

  100. 1versfucker

    Generic, shitty quality, the ‘uniform for All-American wannabees’. I was curious about this product and its marketing strategy years ago. But it, the product, the campaign is now so old.
    I don’t even give this product a thought anymore.
    There’s way better style, value, selection etc out there now anyways.

  101. Jack

    The local a&f here has ugly people working at it. I have never seen a good looking person behind the counter, but beauty Is in the eye of the beholder I guess. Also Mr. Jefferies or what ever his babe is, is really unattractive anyway.

  102. chris

    I have no problem with who they market to many stores do this I chose not to wear their clothes I can fit into but I consider them a 20 something or younger store and sort of passe. I think a CEO should have more tact and if he does not hire a public relation person to handle questions like this. Somethings don’t need to be stated so bluntly.

  103. mike


    thats funny we all do see the equal opportunity part of this right

  104. Brandon

    This goes to say that this happens everyday, high end labels department stores all do this what jefferies said could havrbeen said in a much lighter tone.

  105. JASON

    Why would anyone with a brain spend $$$$ on poorly made clothing made by a bigoted company that does not see that stunning cool people come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and colours?

  106. Mr. Nathan Moore Beau.

    Abercrombie and Fitch. It seems like simple enough of a style to wear why the fuzz??… People are who they are.. YOu are powerless over people places and things…or make clothes that will fit targeted demographic. Whether or not you are being kind.. I hope you will throw a big party in honor of yourself…

  107. Kris

    As someone that writes for the fashion industry and has an opportunity to be in that world. I have to ask myself this question. Abercrombie WHO? The brand is not relevant as far as I know.
    Has anyone taken a look at the CEO Michael Jefferies? He does not accurately represent the demographic he caters to.
    While his comments are damaging and not well thought out, please believe me when I say he is not the “Go to” guy for the “Cool and beautiful.”
    If you were slighted by his comments I say… Stop and take a moment to see what your looking at. Basic clothing for basic bitches. Continue to love yourself. Life is to short. Get in where you fit in.

  108. CUB

    Some of you people are disgusting. There are a LOT of “big guys” out there who want to lose weight but for them it’s not all that possible. What happened to a community where we supported each other? Oh, that’s right…it never existed. It may come as a surprise to you, but not everyone wants to be a twinkie. It is my hope that you get struck with some kind of magic wand and you become fat and see what fat people go through every day. If it was as easy as “stop eating” then that would happen, but it’s not. I guess the good thing about all of it is that through it all, I can lose weight…you will always be a douchebag.

  109. Joe

    This IS NOT about what he said about “fat women.” What is causing the upset and controversy for many is, or at least should be, is that this 50+ year old ADULT is demeaning CHILDREN/TEENS. As if it isn’t hard enough to grow up without assholes like Mike Jefferies making it harder.

    He’s an “adult” and to be so lackadaisically cruel is uncalled for. People like him are what cause hundreds of thousands of eating disorders to be fed, no pun intended. Every year the number of diagnosed eating disorders doubles; our children are growing into adults who have very bad relationships with food, in either over-eating, starving themselves, or binging and purging. It’s not “cool” or “popular” to do that. Nor is it “cool and popular” to make fun of people who suffer under these very real disorders. It’s cruel and amounts to bullying. He should be ashamed of himself.

  110. Kristopher

    I dont agree with his policy, yes we have fat folks out there some to there own divices ,some who cant help it. I also want to say we all arent beautiful or thin, and would love to wear AnF . I also wanna state has he taken a look in the mirro all that Botox n lift he has is fucked up, he isnt pretty at all!!!! Look in the mirror all of you before you judge.

  111. Kev

    Never could understand why gay men $pend so much on clothes. It is a waste — pop some tags guys! Been doing it for years. I use my money for better things and better causes.

  112. David aka bottomboy34

    The guy is a total douche bag for saying that out loud, there are more subtle less offensive ways to put things. That being said if you want to wear the A&F clothes control your diet and work out. Certain designers cut for certain body types I can wear Calvin Cline stuff really well but things that are cut for a more muscular frame not so much. If I were so inclined I would add weight training and more cardio to my regular regimen, I do lots of yoga.

  113. M

    He embodies a lot of the very worst that “merica” has become. The shallow mindless emptiness that is the “soul” of “merica”. All about pathetic surface appearances and shallow ideas of “exceptionalism”. Sad pathetic shallow people who think they’re “special” because of genetic chance? Because of the clothes they wear? Yes that pretty well sums up so much of the level of thought that is “merican” “culture”…

  114. matt

    Wow that’s funny when I was in high school in the late 2000’s a&f was a big thing I never really cared about it cause it was all over priced and I still dressed the part with out breaking my wallet or my parents but u honestly can noylt be made due to what he said its his company and as every company they have a targeted crowd.

  115. vafratboy

    The dude is an ass. A&F doesn’t need to make “plus sizes” if they don’t want to (no manufacturer can ever make things for EVERY possible size anyhow), but there’s a difference between not manufacturing for a body type and cruelly attacking a body type.

    I have a 30″ waist, my abs are prominent and I do little exercise and while I try to eat decently, I’m hardly the poster boy for healthy living. My bf carries a little more weight than I (he’s still “thin,” by just about any definition, but just carries a bit more fat than me). We largely eat the same meals, and his job has him moving much more so than I so if it were really just a matter of diet and exercise, he should be just slightly thinner than me, yet it’s the reverse. So there’s more to it than that. We’re all individuals, and being thin comes naturally for some and for others it’s ALOT more work. For others still, it’s impossible due to medical conditions and the like.

    But even if we were all exactly the same and could state that all overweight people were that way as a result of lack of self-control, it doesn’t matter. They are still PEOPLE and there is never a good reason to be cruel to other people.

    But will this hurt their sales? Probably not. Just about every negative comment I’ve seen about his remarks starts with “I never liked A&F anyhow!” So, whoopty do, he’s being boycotted by a bunch of folks who never shopped there anyhow.

  116. Jay

    In response to those who think my comments are insensitive. I am tired of all the excuses people make for why they are fat and for some reason, only in America, there are “other” factors in weight gain. If you know someone who doesn’t eat that much, exercises and are still fat, THEY ARE LYING AND SNACKING HEAVILY ON THE SIDE, just like any other addict trying to hide their ailment. For some reason, every other culture and species on the planet gains weight from over eating and a sedentary lifestyle, but in America, nothing is every anyone’s fault. FOR ALL YOUR FAT FOLKS, YOU ARE FAT BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO STOP EATING SO MUCH, MOVE YOUR ASS, AND EXERCISE, THAT’S IT! For the .001% of the population with glandular issues, see a Dr. , most of you are just lazy gluttons, be honest with yourself instead of trying to fool yourselves.

  117. Jay

    Another thing, if you are fat and don’t want to do anything about it, then shut-up and be happy with yourself. If you are unhappy, shut your mouth, stop stuffing it, and exercise.

  118. Rexxarino

    i’m not reading all of these comments

    the gist of it is, any entrepreneur has the right to target whom he wants to target (up to and including, specific ethnicities) for hawking his wares; however, that same entrepreneur does not have the right to expect to be free from garnering “negative feedback,” if he himself is being offensive/divisive.

    based on what i know, i can only continue to say, “fuck mike.”

    there is nothing wrong, of itself, of wanting to exclusively-hire “good-looking people” to represent your establishment, either; rather, i’ve heard that this definition tends to enforce a “racial superiority” idea that, in 2013, should be all but non-existent now.

  119. blowiemcblowjob

    Wow, Did anyone get the license plate of that truck that hit Michael Jeffries???? I am no prize by any means, but I don’t go around judging peoples appearance while looking like I hired Helen Keller as my plastic surgeon. He must have some HUGE stones to make a statement like that, looking as he does. When I was a youngster, A&F was just a sporting goods apparel store – Pre Les Wexner and becoming “cool” They really don’t market clothes – they market an image — And I find it HILARIOUS that he doesn’t think homos should be wearing his stuff, when the print advertising looks like Bel Ami or Corbin Fisher with lots of Bruce Weber thrown in (actually I think he did some of their catalogs) Don’t own any AandF clothing at all – never have. bought 2 pair of flip flops there on clearance — I do have a problem finding age appropriate clothing that fits —- I am in my 50s, and finding small size shirts and pants with a 29 or 30 waist isn’t easy. Really.

  120. puftwaffe

    I just find it funny that comments published in an interview given from 7 years ago have suddenly sparked a controversy again.

  121. Jay in Chicago

    Target whom you want and sell to whom you want. But for all this nonsense of “we go after the cool kids and hire only good looking people” with a good chunk of the guys responding jumping on that bandwagon and applauding this moron’s “balls for speaking the truth”, it has to be asked. What is this? Are we all still in high school? Grow the fuck up already. This is why those customers and employees of A&F who get too deeply caught up that fool’s level of thinking find themselves perpetually single, lonely, bitter bitches. And no it doesn’t mean every A&F customer and employee thinks like this idiot, but it’s blatantly naive not to realize and comprehend that the CEO of any company is largely seen as the face and personality of that company’s business culture similar to how a president, prime minister or other head of state is viewed as the face of that respective nation to the rest of the world.

  122. DK

    Amongst all of this, I think it’s important to point out that A&F’s clothes are tacky and unattractive. I’m his target market, and I wouldn’t be caught dead in that garbage. A&F jumped the shark in 1997, I don’t know why anybody cares what this circus freak has to say.

  123. Max

    He’s a glaring example that skinny people does not = beautiful people. Beautiful people come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. There’s some skinny people that fit into small clothes and have the ugliest faces. Over weight people can go to the gym but ugly skinny people have no remedy.

  124. Don

    I am disturbed that we, as gay men, would not only condone this company but embrace it. What you are really saying is that this CEO has every right to conduct his business as he chooses no matter how cruel and elitist it is. How would you feel about a company that only wants “straight” people to wear their clothing and what’s more, loudly declare it. There would protests and boycotts, as well there should be. How is this any different? Many many gay men consider themselves “born that way”. So called “ugly” people are “born that way”. Furthermore, if someone is “fat” or “ugly” how does that directly affect you? Consider improving your own character. One day, the “so called” beautiful gay men will sag and wrinkle, might become fat and undesirable – it is only then they might truly understand the arrogant, nasty statements of this CEO.

  125. Kaycee

    If clothes are what determine us as men and women of America then shame on us! I weighed 290 my 11th grade year now I’m at 189 still don’t buy A&F clothes dont make who you are and for the larger size Americans if youre upset that A&F doesn’t cater to your needs either lose weight or shop somewhere else. You can’t blame a company for who they target it’s all business at the end of the day. It’s just sad to see how superficial us gays have become. Defining a person by clothes and weight is so high school. Let’s grow up and concern ourselves with better things.

  126. NslashA

    He has the right to say whatever he wants, hire whoever he want, and market to whoever he wants. That being said, his statements are pretty shallow.

    Personally, I’ve never understood why people would pay outrageous prices for a T-Shirt that has that company’s logo plastered in huge letters across the front, the way I see it you just PAID to advertise for them. Clothing doesn’t make you popular, take a beautiful person with and ugly personality and put them in a expensive label brand outfit and you have just that, a beautiful person with an ugly personality in an expensive label brand outfit. Beauty fades, but if you have a beautiful personality you can still be attractive when your esthetics fade. Unfortunately people are looking to fuck your personality, well I guess some are, but they’re sociopaths.

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