Watch This! : It’s Time For Marriage Equality


I have nothing to say except, Watch This!


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  1. Darryl

    Yes it is time for Marriage equality to be the law of the land in all 50 states. It would be a horrible thing to tell the American People that it’s ok to discriminate against people who happen to want what all married couples want. It’s the right thing to do, if over 50 percent of us are ready, then the Supreme Court should make it official. It’s time….

  2. Bob

    I agree its about time that we all be able to live as equal American. I served our country in the US Navy and fought for our county. I have paid taxes every year since i was 18 years old and about 10 years ago I met a guy that I fell in love with. We live together, have rasied my son together, bought a houes together but we are not permitted to marry.


    We gays are demanding equal marriage laws? LMAO. WE GAYS CHEAT AS OFTEN AS CHANGING OUR UNDERWEAR (LITERALLY). And if we are in a relationship, it lasts for a few months… then it’s on to the next sucker who can’t see through us. What a joke. We’ll be getting divorces every other month. MARRIAGE IS A LEGAL CONTRACT (HENCE, THE STATE AND COURTS ARE INVOLVED). The United States is not ready for gay marriage nationwide. WE NEED THE BABY BOOMER GENERATION TO DIE OFF FIRST! The United States is still a Christian nation (like it or not). Christians believe if we gays are allowed to marry, God will have his wrath over the United States (like SODOM & GOMORRAH). Sorry, this is the reality we live in, regardless if it’s the 21st Century.

  4. Chero753

    I am still waiting from those who oppose same sex marriage to explain to me how their life will be affected if two CONSENTING adults of the same sex want to commit to each other.

  5. Jeffrey87108

    To late on the debate? Maybe( it is in the supreme courts hands now.). It is never to late to speak out and let your voice be heard. Even if we are allowed to marry, acceptance is down way down the road. Lets all hope that discrimination against all is in our future. End the hate against Race,Sex or national origin. End the hate between us men. Lets end calling our mates Partner and start calling them what they actually are (our husbands).

  6. Hunter0500

    Two nice looking guys who dress well, have good support from friends and family and appear to be employed. It’s a great spot promoting marriage equality for guys who fit that mold.

    But what do hard core opponents of marriage equality for guys see when they think of same sex marriage? They see overdressed princes with high heels and high hair. They see the loud and proud in pride parades wearing thongs or nothing, yelling as they disrupt traffic and business. They envision the men they’ve heard of having random, unsafe, sex in bath houses. bars, and darkened rooms. They see nothing equal.

    Marriage equality is close to happening in the US. If not at the Federal level soon, states will continue to make it a reality. The only thing that continues to slow it down is the behavior or too many gay guys and depiction of that in the media.

    … which does nothing for females seeking the same equality, of course.

  7. wantamannow

    I may not believe in Marriage between 2 consenting males or females,,, but would like the country to think about CIVIL UNIONS, more than marriage…..Civil Unions should give both all the benefits of a marriage, but just not the word Marriage…. Civil Unions are more the way to word it rather than Marriage….If it were that, I believe it would be more passable…

  8. contrarian

    This brings to mind when Nero dressed himself up as a bride and “married” a man. It brings to mind the Dred Scott decision which dehumanized blacks, and Roe vs. Wade which dehumanized babies in the womb, and the Court winking at Obamacare, which dehumanizes people when the government gets to make life or death decisions for them. No, I don’t believe in a bunch of lawyers in black robes acting like our unelected, unaccountable masterminds and undefining marriage. I do get it that guys are tired of being dehumanized because of their sexual orientation.

  9. FD

    I agree with Nuclear Destruction’s post. Gays cheat as much as they can, even in a “relationship”. This is purely a tax savings issue. Nobody is denying you a job, housing or voting like what African Americans had to go through. You’re just angering the 95% of Americans not in this lifestyle. Like the US doesn’t have enough problems already!

  10. roadtown

    I wanna marry my best friend but can’t because of descrimination. We Cant even tell anyone we are dating and it hurts. Love him so much. He moved to florida and left me here in the caribbean. I’m afraid I’m gonna lose him. We are both each others first love.

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