Watch This! : Beyonce’s New Commercial For Pepsi



Beyonce’s latest commercial for Pepsi marks 10 years of collaboration between the diva and the beverage company. In this campaign Beyonce channels her past signature looks from “Bootylicious”, “Crazy In Love”, “Single Ladies”, “Run The World” as she dances on her new single “Grown Woman”.

Pretty nice uh?


(full commercial video after the jump)


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  1. Christofur

    Cool video, entertaining for a commercial. I keep waiting for her to release another ballad… something like Halo. Seems like it’s going to be a while.

  2. mark

    I’m over her. Tired of her bleached hair. I’m annoyed by her husband too. He should be forced to wear a bag over his face in public.

  3. juace

    intreing add the t is fact that coal poruduts are well know to stipa cooper penny dont beve me try this take some coke and or pepie that te trainosed penny that put in the cola that leve sewt for about 20 minutes that ti then put it out to wll be nice and shiiny eagine wahthe dose your inide for you body

  4. gearjammer73

    Love the past looks n she s a beautiful woman but the current look was horrible..w all that money she needs a better weave .that blonde was fake as shit n looked ragged on her…

  5. Deon

    I love it…I got my whole life…now if we can get this album or even a single i’ll “b”a very happy

  6. TrioletUSA

    As usual, boring never looked so good…

    The only time I’ve ever liked her was as Foxy Cleopatra in the Austin Powers movie…


  7. Purebalance

    While I think she needs to hang it up and she is overhyped at this point and I do detest JayZ, the two of them are not like Paris Hilton and the Kardashians and actually do good things with their money and care about people other than themselves. JayZ needed to hang it up years ago, Beyoncé is turning into another Celine, Madonna, etc.

    • blog

      TrioletUSA : honey the commercial just came out 2 days ago…
      Like or don’t like, but don’t insult me on our blog!
      All your comments here are negative, keep that for yourself please.

  8. Charlie

    I agree with a few people on here…I can’t stand her or her husband, she’s over rated, and I don’t drink Pepsi. I hope she and her ugly husband stay in Cuba.

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