Watch This : Amazing Marriage Proposal!!!

Ok guys, I know, I’m a very sensitive person…my eyes get wet verrrrryyyyy easily, but as soon as this video started, I started to cry.

There is something so emotional about seing faces of people full of joy, that makes me explode in tears.

This video shows a stressed Tim who wanted to surprise his amazing partner Bennie during his birthday with a flashmob to one of his all time favorite song “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”

Check out the video and let me know if you like!

If you and your BF met on A4A and would like your love story to be shared with the world, feel free to send me a video or a photo of you guys along with a small text and it will be my pleasure to post it on A4A blog. (blog at

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  1. dfm924

    I am not a fan of these types of proposals. They scream “look at me” instead of saying, “I love you so much”. I’d love to be in the audience when someone does one of these and the person asked says, “No fucking way!” LMFAO.

  2. Chris

    I think these type of proposals are simply amazing. Maybe one day I will find someone that cares enough about me to propose to me in this fashion

  3. CHRIS

    Love it!

    Dfm924…you’d love to see someone embarrassed and hurt???
    This didn’t scream look at me it said I love you and want to see you smile/be happy. IMHO.

  4. ajbbincubus

    OMG!! That is too precious!! I’m so jealous of these too. They have love. They want to be together. I want that so bad. I’m just tired of friends with benefits.. ugh.. I hope they have a wonderful life together, wish them the best!!!

  5. Stewie_Griffin

    I am probably alone on this opinion, but nothing romantic about meeting on a hookup site like A4A & calling it, “A love story”. Romance is already out the window, & I would be too embarrassed to tell someone I met a committed partner from A4A or any other (non-dating) hookup site.

  6. yoshikun1980

    That was so sweet!!!
    Much more romantic than mine… I had to sneak while my partner’s family went away and propose, then get him to stop crying before they came back in the room. LOL
    Being sneaky is fun for certain things… but there are just some things you ought to be able to share, especially with family.

  7. Mike

    I DONT believe in Marriage at all…I did ,but Gays want Marriage to be legal BUT on this site(and others), they are looking for 1,2 or more to join them and their Boyfriend/Husbands..PATHETIC..If you want the same rights,live by the same rights..”1″ partner in a REAL Marraige,Thx

  8. cravenmoorhead

    Dave you Work sooo hard providing us with Great Blogs. Keep up the Good Work. I also Like how you don’t take shit from anyone. Soooo Many Haters. Don’t Hate Masturbate!

  9. eric

    It’s hard to take anything serious with “single ladies” playing, but this couldn’t be closer to a total gay stereotype proposal.

  10. Dlazbtm

    I met my bf here and we’ll be 3years on May! He’s the hottest guy ever( 24yo mix black/white, 6’2 and 180lbs) and a prof. football player! I’m lucky to met him on here!!

  11. Pearl Lily

    That’s so sweet wishing them all the best. When I prolapsed to the love I of my life I took him to a five star French resturent asked the pianist to play on cue and as the champaign arrived the ring – platinum gold with two diamond studs were in his class. I went on one knee and proposed.

    He seemed very suprised and a little embarrassed but accepted and took the ring. Shortly after he told a mutual friend he didn’t mean to say yes and was embarssed so said yes. He broke my heart in pieces.

  12. Hunter0500

    Perfect for me would be to be on a long, tough hike with the guy, alone deep in the cool woods on a hot summer day. Along the way we’d get sweated up and muddy while we worked the trail. At a point when we stopped to rest, to get rehydrated, and to take in what was around us, he’d bring up the topic. And before we went further, yeh, we’d seal the deal.

  13. OnlyTellTheTruth

    Someone complained about them meeting on A4A and I don’t get. You can meet your soulmate any day, any time or any where. The problem with a lot of people, they keep their eyes wide shut and then cry whoa is me. Keep your eyes open because you never know.

    As for the couple, good for them.

  14. Hunter0500

    Hey Stewie_Griffin,
    How about looking at it this way …
    – there’s hookups. slam bam thank you … sir; no do-agains. (i don’t get why a guy would go for those … but to each his own. alone as it may be.)
    – there’s guys you want to hook up with time and time again. good men you want in you life that you have sex with. all in good fun. and you do have a relationship of sorts with them. good buds.
    – there’s THAT guy that gets your heart and your head. you two can decide if your penises are off the market.

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