Stories : The Steamy Way I Lost My Virginity


I was 18 at the time away from home attending college; one thing about me is that I had not ever been with a man before. My experience was left to hours and hours of pornography. I longed to have my first encounter but never had the opportunity to do so, couldn’t get away with much while at home, but getting back on topic. I attended a gym that was not far from my college apartment so I decided to join it (surprisingly it was a $20 membership for college students) About a week or so I got into the habit of starting off running for about 30 min then I would proceed to the weight lifting machines.

After an hour of strenuous exercise it was time for me to wind down. I proceeded to the shower to rinse off the sweat that was just glistening on my body, but before deciding to get dressed I noticed that the gym had a hot tub and a sauna. I figured “what hell I have nothing to do today” I first tried the hot tub for about 20 min just letting the jets massage all my muscles and just relaxed with not a care in the world. After that I had a desire to try the sauna (since I can be totally naked in there) after rinsing off in the shower I headed towards the sauna it was empty so I just layed my towel on the bench n just sat down leaning back in all my glory (lol). I got turned on knowing that I am naked in a public surrounding and a guy can just come in, to my surprise that actually happened. The door creaked open and the next thing I see is a salt n pepper daddy making his way into the sauna. He was about 5’8″ 170, muscular build, Caucasian. I paid no mind thinking that it was just another guy coming in to use the sauna. The steam kicked up creating a mist that made it almost impossible to see the other person, but I had noticed the salt n pepper daddy was touching himself in a sensual way but was careful since I wasn’t sending a signal back. To show him I was getting interested I started making my dick bob up n down. The guy then began to stroke his shaft subtly.

It must have been getting too hot for him because he stepped out to cool off under the showers. I followed n took the shower across from him and asked “what were you thinking about”, “How to make more semen” he replied in a sensual tone. As soon as he turned around to cool off the front of his body I stepped behind him and reached around and held his dick in my hand. I was thinking “wow, it so big!” He reached behind him and started jerking my cock. I was in nirvana, my cocks was throbbing my balls were tingling with such pleasure, while my  cock still in his hand he pulled me back into the sauna and began sucking me off. Between him sucking my Latino cock and heat of the steam room, my senses were in overload I was getting there but I wasn’t finished with him just yet. It was my turn to return the favor. I took his 6×5 cut cock in hand and started going at it like it was a cherry Popsicle.

This went on for about an hour which felt like only minutes passed by, I was thinking to myself “fuck me right now” Only I didn’t have any condoms so we just went back n forth blowing, touching, and kissing each other. Both of us were feeling the cum brewing in our balls as we groped each other into a writhing frenzy, our cocks were so hard it hurt just to jerk them, it was definitely time to get it in. We sat laid back on the sauna bench I took his cock in my hand and jerked it the way I do mine, this drove him over the edge and let out a loud moan of ecstasy and shot upon shots of cum exploded out of his cock like a cannon, I thought we were gonna get caught but luckily no one heard. We sat there making out while he took a second to recuperate. It was then my turn to blow my load, I was almost there and then I told him “squeeze my fucking balls” he did so and at that exact moment I erupted like Old Faithful, I was covered in my Latino baby gravy and I felt great. We sat there kissing, touching each other enjoying the sensitivity our cocks still had. We used the shower one last time to clean ourselves and got dressed. We exchanged our goodbyes, I grabbed his cock one last time while he grabbed my ass and we parted. That definitely was a steamy way to lose my virginity.



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  1. Abhie

    If you guys read the story , I thought he stated sauna , then he mentioned steam. Is this a true story or I read it wrong.

  2. Junior

    Everybody can read and understanding in a different way. I read the story and I think is interesting. Because things like that happen almost often. Not in a sauna, but at the malls restroom for example!! lol

  3. Me huh?

    “If you guys read the story , I thought he stated sauna , then he mentioned steam. Is this a true story or I read it wrong”

    Why is it some guys always have to tear everything apart? They can take no joy in a pic, story, article, clip…always have to find a negative and tear someone else down. I simply don’t understand the compelling need to find the negative in anything that is not theirs. Not enough hair, too much, too young, too old, wrong race, height, too gay, too masculine….are people’s lives so miserable that it is necessary to bring everyone else down as well?

    Go back to the Bambi movie and watch the scene with Thumper being called on his negative comments by his mother. “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.” was the line Thumper repeated back to his mother.

    Perhaps we should start a Thumper rule online and call out people who can’t offer constructive criticism, only hateful comments.

  4. Eric

    Calm down Abhie…they gym I went to had both a dry (hot) sauna and a Swedish (steam) sauna, so…I’ll bet that’s what he’s talking about. The steam sauna would make more sense as it would create enough of a cloak to get the job done. It was a fantasy I had many times.

  5. paul anthony

    the night i lost my”back door virginity” was a thanksgiving eve evening i was really drunk at home with my roommate and fuck buddy tony before this all let him do was give me head with no return this night i was passed out in bed and i woke up to his cock sliding in and out of my asshole slowley i was very wet evidently he had dumped his first load inside of me and was going for number two my god i got so horny i started backing up on him slowly at first within minutes my asshoe was swallowing up his thick ebony 11 inches fully in and out i think i let him dump three loads of his cum into me that evening since then i fell in love with the beautiful feeling of being fucked thank you tony wherever you are!!

  6. einathens

    a lot of people use the terms ‘sauna’ and ‘steamroom’ interchangably, even though they are quite different. doesn’t detract from how sweet the story is.
    my only quibble is that at one point they stayed in for an hour, but that’s minor and it doesn’t detract either

  7. Tom

    Steam room, is like a sauna, I have sauna in my home its dry heat, other sauna may have hot rocks you put water on .. or just have steam fed to them… but there all great for a nice play room… I use mine alot that…
    I also have a outdoor hot tub on my back deck, thats a great place to fuck around too….

  8. Junior

    Guys, who cares if were in a steamy room or sauna? That guy who wrote the story he just want it to share it with the ones who read it. Dont get twisted with things that does not deserved to be twisted. IS JUST A STORY! Enjoy it! lol lol lol.

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