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I decided to check out one of sin city’s sex clubs, as it was my fourth night in town without so much as a blowjob and I was going crazy. The place was a little more run-down than I had imagined, but it was fairly busy with a diverse crowd. It had numerous private rooms, various “scene-rooms”, and a dark room. I wrapped a towel around my waist and wandered around the narrow, red-lit halls and for 30 minutes or so, but no one really caught my interest. I poked my head in the dark room, which had an s-shaped entry hall to keep out the light. I couldn’t see a thing, but it was full of moaning action. I was tempted to join the fun, but everyone entering or leaving the room were out-of-shape guys who all looked older than my grandfather.

Frustrated yet horny, I headed to the showers and decided jacking off in front of random guys could be fun. A few guys stopped to watch me and I was about to crank one out and call it a night when a fucking stud stepped into the room, glanced at my hard cock and smiled. He looked Latin or Italian with cropped dark hair and dark eyes. He had a smooth, ripped gymnast body and a chiseled face with a few days growth of scruff. His dick hung low and was semi-hard; his balls were smooth and full. He joined me under the stream of hot water without a word, pushed my hand away from my aching cock, and slowly stroked it. He was shorter, maybe 5’9”, and he licked my neck and hairy chest before dragging me out of the shower by my cock. I followed him into the dark-room without question.

I couldn’t see for shit, yet allowed him to lead me deep into inside. The room felt bigger than I had imagined, and smelled of man and bleach. My stud pulled me close to him and began licking my chest again. I wrapped my hands around his neck and guided him to my right nipple, which he began chewing on. I jumped when someone touched my thigh, and again when someone else started rubbing my back. I ran my hands down the stud’s ripped body and encountered random hands and mouths along the way. He reached up and began kissing me and I focused on his mouth as someone started rubbing my ass. He started moaning and I could tell someone was blowing him. He let go of my cock and grabbed my neck with both hands, pulling my mouth towards his as we continued to make out.

I still couldn’t see even a faint shadow of the increasing amount of men upon us, and I couldn’t tell where one body stopped and another started. Someone began sucking my cock, while someone else pulled my balls back between my legs from behind. The chaos became overwhelming and I closed my eyes as though it would make a difference. It was hot, but a little scary, as there was no way I could pull away from so many hands even if I wanted to. A hard fat dick pressed up against my ass and I almost lost my balance as I pushed it away. That huge dick tried again and again, so I shuffled my feet and pulled my stud with me until my back was against a wall. My eyes began to adjust and I could make out the doorway ahead of me and the shadowed silhouettes of what looked like 20 or more guys in front of me.

I wasn’t aware of the shift-change, but could tell someone new was blowing me; someone stronger and more aggressive than the last. His teeth were slightly scraping my shaft, but not enough for me to want him to stop. My stud gasped and clung to my neck, and I realized someone had pushed him up against whoever was sucking my cock and was fucking him. He held me harder and I wondered if that huge dick that had been poking around my ass had finally found its target. He clawed into my neck and moaned, and I bend down to continue kissing him. The guy blowing me was amazing, so I grabbed the back of his head with one hand and pushed my cock all the way down his throat. He apparently had no gag reflex, so I pumped away like I was fucking a hot hole. Someone leaned his back against my shoulder and was either jacking off or getting blown.

Without warning, my stud let out a bellow that echoed throughout the room as he shot his load. He stopped kissing me yet refused to release my neck, and his gasps became loud and desperate as the dude behind him continued to fuck him as hard as ever. Someone to my left grunted and came while someone else started pawing at my chest and was trying to kiss me, but I pulled away braced my shoulders against the wall.

My balls constricted as my cocksucker took me past the point of return. “Fuck!” I screamed as I came, and my body jerked as shot after shot filled some random stranger’s throat. Other guys began grunting and moaning and the room reeked of man-sweat and jizz. I tried to pull away but my cocksucker had hold of my hips and continued sucking until I was completely drained. I felt as though time had stopped and I would have sworn I’d passed out if I hadn’t still been standing. My head was spinning, the room got quiet, and I could feel people leaving. I searched for my stud but instead found the hairy shoulder of some guy on his knees in front of me, probably one of my cocksuckers. I patted his shoulder and pushed past him and around some other guys. Several men nodded at me as I stepped out of the dark room, but I couldn’t see my stud anywhere.

I wanted to call out for him and felt stupid for not having even asked his name. In fact, it dawned on me that we hadn’t even exchanged a single word. I made my way back to the shower, but he wasn’t there. A few guys walked by and nodded as I rinsed off, but I had no way of knowing if they had shared my dark-room experience are were politely cruising me. I lingered another 20 minutes before giving up, so I got dressed, walked back to my rental car and returned to my hotel.

It’s funny, but I regret never seeing that guy again. There was certainly nothing romantic about my experience and I know I should just appreciate the fun adventure for what it was, but I felt a connection. I still miss my stud to this day.

Enzo AKA Socaltuffguy

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  1. Darryl

    It’s pretty hot to end up in a situation that totally blows your mind. Mine was at IML in Chicago years ago. I’am planning on going this year, so who knows something fun could happen.

  2. einathens

    i love darkroom fun. it’s sex at its most primal, without context, emotion or judgment.

    men will do things in the dark that they would never admit to in the light of day.

  3. paul anthony

    years ago i loved taking the cal train up to the city to “blow buddies ” pts a dank dark old wood building with mazes and features upper and lower level glory holes i would be “drunk” when i arrived and with poppers ask for a lkocker when i paid take all my clothes offd and stay nude the whole time wandering the mazes encountering mostly fully dressed strangers kneeling in front of them unbuckle and take down their pants and suck their cocks rim whatever i had to do to get my salty reward mmm on a good night i would have sucked off and fucked 10 to twenty cocks each time sucking cock naked in a roomfull of dressed people is so so hot and slutty!!

  4. Daniel

    Nothing like annonomus sex to help spread STDs.

    I knew a guy who lived in the Inland Valley area that use to go to the bathhoise in Hollywood all the time. He enjoyed havinng sex in the darkended dungeon area. In fact, with the nail fungus on his hands and the other signs of his POS status, thats the only place he coild hook up.
    I esnt to see what im getting into. Guess I’m just funny that way.
    Play safe. Be well.

  5. Carlos

    I remember night like that at the baths! One hot hung blind guy and
    I would get it on hot and heavy with his big uncut
    Cock in my mouth as some guy would tongue
    My hole. Then he would fuck me and lick and bite
    My neck as someone else would blow me
    And I’d jack somebody off. No names.
    Just kiss, suck, fuck, and cum. I took the
    Blind stud’s duck most weekends for a year like
    That. No names, just make out, suck and fuck

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