Stories : Tea Time: Lockout Yoga Practice – Final Episode

My face had barely been steamed by the three cups of Darjeeling tea I smelled, when the fullback stumbled down the stairs into my open loft style kitchen and living room. He looked like he was still in that in-between zone where his body had not fully come back from his tantric sex meditation. Trying to decide where to go, as if a child lost after a long nap, he headed toward the bathroom to put on his clothes. I stopped him and told him to get his tea while it was still hot.

“I’m still nude and like to stay that way as long as I can. So, unless you just need clothes on come over to the bar and fix your tea. I have sugar, honey, some lemon and cream. Doctor it up the way you like it. Where’s your teammate?”
“I think he went from meditation to sleep. I spoke to him when I left but he did not respond.”
“That’s cool, I can check on him in a few minutes. It will give us time to chat.”
I was leaning on my kitchen island, as my new football client made himself at home. He slid behind me with his strong hand patting my back and I was wondering what he would put in his tea. Was he a cream and sugar guy or a, sweet tart, lemon and honey guy? He split the difference by placing two teaspoons of sugar and a quick squeeze of lemon juice, stirring it up like I imagined he could in the locker room with that cute smile, quiet demeanor, and a sexiness that does not boast, but just is naturally sexy. Grabbing my mug, I moved into the living room and spread out the huge cushions for us to sit on comfortably. I like to be close to the cool cement floor during the warm months, so these Moroccan style cushions made it cozy to lounge and relax. He moved with his tea mug breathing in the Darjeeling scent like an Indian god. His torso expanded wide while he picked out what cushion to hang out on close to me. I offered him the largest one to hold his muscular body and full legs. Its silky feel brought a smile to his face as he plopped his fine ass down on it to sip tea with me. This quiet man had a plethora of wondering energy flowing around in his brain, but he did not know how to verbalize it, bringing it out to the light of day. So, I started our conversation with a question.
“I can feel your inquisitive nature. What do you want to ask me or ask of me?”
“Why did you move us into that tantric sex meditation up in the studio?”
“Can I be honest with you and read your tea leaves?
“Sure, I don’t mind. I have trusted you from our first meeting.”
“Thanks for your trust, same here. I am a sensor, not a psychic, but I can feel emotional energy from others very easily. What I felt upstairs when we were working on the lotus pose was some type of sexual energy between you and your receiver. It was not comfortable energy, but it was a bit negative and interrupted the flow of our yoga practice. Do you follow me?”
He took another long sip of tea and let it slowly move around his mouth and down his throat as if it would help him cough up the words to answer my question, “I’m envious of his outgoing personality and the way he so freely touches me, rubbing my bald head, hugging me close while slapping my ass, squeezing above my knees with those big hands which is very ticklish for me. He seems to have found all my sensitive body parts without really getting to know me. Do you understand?”

“Yes, he is a sensor as well. More the physical type than the emotional kind like me, he automatically knew my balance and strength when he grabbed my ankles and lifted me up into a handstand. We had just met, but he knew how to handle me as well. That is his gift and I bet he does that with everyone he meets.”
“Yep, you’re right about that. And I did not like it at first because I was jealous of how easy it was for him to make friends, even those other Pro’s on the field we are playing against like him. I have always been a shy, mental warrior, trying not to give up my secrets on and off the field.”
“We all have unique qualities which should be respected, not molested by our greedy envy. Because it makes us feel less than and desirous of other’s charms which is a negative influence on our own personalities. In a perfect world, we should focus on refining our own gifts and understand they are just as valuable; given to us by the great Creator to honor, never sacrificing them to be like someone we are not. I am rather direct in my communication with people and sometimes it ruffles their feathers a bit. But, I like to get to the heart of the matter quickly without judgment. So, what is this sexual stuff going on between you two or lack thereof, should I say?”
In his silent, shy manner, I could tell he was uneasy with my pointed question. Rolling the warm tea mug around in his hands he sighed deeply and closed his eyes. This fullback’s secrets were going to be shared with me his way, without words which would not sufficiently describe what he was feeling. He finished off the tea and handed me the mug tilting it towards me so I could see there were a few tea leaves at the bottom. I guess he thought I could really read them or else his sense of humor was a bit more edgy than I gave him credit for. He reached in with his long index finger grabbing one of the leaves and without any warning he placed it on my lips to taste. I never refuse a gift, so with my tongue moving around his finger, he pushed it further in my mouth for me to suck on. Tasting a mixture of bitter, lemony tea leaves and his sweat caused me to get hard in a moment’s notice. There is something to be said about the quietly, sensual sexy man who is big enough to overpower just about anyone, but chooses to approach my curious nature with his softer side.
Removing his wet finger from my mouth, he leaned back against my couch sporting a fat, rock-hard nine inch cock. Turning his attention back to the tantric sex lesson I had taught him, he rubbed his wet finger underneath the glans of his dickhead and whispered to me, “You should never have taught me this pleasurable, power controlling lesson.” Once his finger was dry from rubbing the most sensitive spot on his penis, he lifted his finger to my open mouth forcing me to suck it deep. With a smile of contentment crossing his face, he went back to work applying the wet index finger under his glans. I was unable to control my teacher to student pose with a decent distance between us. In my more direct manner, I bent over his dick with my tongue lashing out to exchange it for his finger, but, he grabbed my head and pulled me up to his face and spoke in almost a sinister way that explained his problem.
“Now you understand my sexual frustration completely. Upstairs in your studio is a fine man with a twelve inch dick that I cannot lick, suck or touch and it’s driving me crazy.”
Suddenly and unfairly sneaking up on us from above, the loud mouth receiver hollered, “What are you tea drinking homo’s doing down there without me?”
Without missing a beat, in my droll gay voice I replied, “Just reading his tea leaves while you were snoring like a freight train.”
Bounding down the stairs and tackling us both on the big cushions his soft, smooth skin wet from heated sleep made us pile up like boys rough housing in a big bathtub. He grabbed the fullback’s thigh above his knee and made him squirm in ticklish pleasure. In the same moment, he used his other hand to grab my ass, pushing me up to a standing position and ordered, “Go warm up my cold tea and I want lots of honey, Mr. Naughty Sensei.”
“Damn, I guess that cat nap has revitalized your energy.”
“Nope, watching the way you read his tea leaves stirred me up harder than I thought could be possible with two men and two tea mugs,” he growled holding that huge dick, waving it at me and beating it on the fullbacks smooth, muscular thigh.
I started to turn and put his tea in the microwave when he shouted, “Oh forget that sissy-assed tea and bring me that honey bottle. I know two horny bears that need to lap up some honey of this long tree stump.”
I quickly made my way back to the cushions with honey bottle in hand. The long legged receiver grabbed all our cushions and laid on them lengthwise. Then he took the honey and started dribbling it down the top of his dick all the way to his small balls. He grabbed the fullbacks head and pushed it to the tip of his long dick with orders like a coach and said, “You my main man start at the top while my Sensei starts at my balls until you both meet in the middle. How’s that for my own tantric sex meditation?”
We just laughed and did as we were told. Licking the sweet honey from the sweaty balls was a taste treat of sweet and salty flavors. I moved up the bottom of his thick shaft lapping like never before until our tongues met in the middle. Our sticky lips came together as we deep kissed for quite a while and the receiver just watched in partial disbelief. Then he pulled our heads up together to keep kissing and engulfing the sensitive head of his dick as we took turns sucking on his big twelve inches. I felt like it was time for me to let the teammates enjoy what they both had secretly wanted from each other, so I moved off the receiver leaving the fullback to handle his boy’s big dick like he wanted. My shy, quiet fullback grabbed my head and forced me down on his dick to suck while we all stayed busy enjoying a bit more than just tantric sex.
The sucking noises grew louder and the gags grew stronger as we both worked on professional dicks that held out, like the football strike, for as long as possible, before they shot their creamy loads. When I could tell the receiver was getting close, I paused to watch this powerful man lose his load down the throat of the willing and hungry fullback. He took his big hand and started beating his long dick hard while the lips of his main man were suctioned around the smooth head. And I noticed that the fullback was also running his tongue up and down that most sensitive area to bring his receiver the most intense orgasm ever. His long legs stretched out longer and his dickhead got even bigger as he grabbed the fullbacks head, shooting his sweet cum deep down the fullback’s throat.
I went back to work deep-throating the nine inches, moving up and down his shaft, allowing my tongue to linger under the glans of his head. This shy man was not the shy type when it came to reaching his long overdue orgasm. He rolled me over on my back and started face-fucking me fiercely while the receiver was slapping his ass hard and pushing his boy deeper down my throat. Just when I thought the fullback was going to drowned me with his cum, he pulled his dick out of my mouth and started jerking it hard as I lapped up his sweet cream that splashed on my face and lips. I could still taste the remnants of the sweet honey on my lips as his salty, tangy cum mixed together to make for quite a tasty treat.
The two fine pro athletes came twice a week to practice nude yoga with me and we ended each session with a long drawn out tea time that was always more creamy than tart. Finally, the lockout ended and the pre-season started up, leaving me alone each Sunday to watch my clients move their hot bodies up and down the field dreaming for another strike next offseason.

David W. Bradburn aka dwb42461

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  1. Saveme89

    Damn! That was BY FAR the best instillation. The first two brought it closer and closer, but I almost came reading this last one.

  2. CJ

    I’m sitting here behind my desk at my gym reading this FINAL installment of your story and my sweats are a little tighter now and I’m really hoping none of my members have an issue that needs immediate attention cause they would REALLY know whats going on behind my desk….LOL

    Perhaps one of the guys here would be interested in knowing why my cock is showing quite profoundly right now…LOL

    Thanks for the great story!! Really “perked” up my morning!!!

  3. anptony

    Damn…I’ve been following this story and you definitely saved the best for last…very nice job man..wish I had stories like this to tell

  4. David W. Bradburn

    Thanks guys for reading my fiction and allowing it to motivate you!! And this is for Hoback’s comment….you might just be surprised at how many closeted gay guys play professional sports. They typically don’t come out until they have retired. Don’t forget the 10% rule. That means any locker room of Pro’s will have 10% of their teammates who are gay or bisexual or, at least, questioning. In Atlanta, I have met 2 college football players who did not play professional, but are most def, gay and have boyfriends. David W. Bradburn

  5. David W. Bradburn

    I am so very proud of NBA active player Jason Collins for coming out on the cover of Sports Illustrated. He is a giant of a gay man on and off the court! Thanks for living your truth while still an active player.

  6. light150

    Look let’s be clear I don’t care about him coming out. What he does in his bed is up to him. Jason was not that great of a player and he is not on a team. If this was Kobe or someone big like that then it would be a big deal he was a ok player at best. I don’t think he will be on a team next year so he will be forgotten. So really people he really not that big of a deal.

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