Stories : Lockout Yoga Practice, Part Two

I woke up sweating and hard as a rock, after dreaming about my scheduled session today with the fullback and his teammate, the receiver.  My dream mirrored the many I had during overly aroused teenaged years when they ended up creamy wet.  Those dreams that keep growing and going, as you struggle to try and wake up from them are usually more horrific in nature than outright sexually explicit.  If my more seductive nature were in charge, then I might consider this dream precognitive.  Meditation can open the doorway very wide for psychic revelations, however, I think my overpowering gay hormones were more in control of this lusty dream and it was my duty to stay on track as their nude yoga instructor, not their nude yoga molester.

Just as I told the handsome fullback last week to go take a cold shower, I took my own advice and did the same this morning.  I did not have time to jerkoff because we had set an early yoga practice for ten in the morning.  And as usual, I was behind trying to prepare my studio for another big body to join us.  Finishing up just in time, my buzzer rang right on the stroke of ten.  I guess athletes are more prone to being on time than others who have less stringent demands.  That’s fine with me, since we had scheduled a two hour session so I could catch the other footballer up and stretch out my fullback, soon to be a faster running back, gaining more yards than ever before.

Just a bit nervous, I took a deep breath as my large loft door opened up to the bright smile of the fullback who was standing alone with a gift bag full of a large selection of quality teas.  He had spent some money since he brought me the whole tea making kit with no cheap tea bags, but tea leaves that came with a stainless steel boiling pot and strainers for a fine, fancy English tea time extravaganza.  He told me that when he was in London on vacation he got addicted to Darjeeling tea and the way they served it, just perfectly.  I thanked him and said we will have to enjoy this after our practice.  I started to close the door when out of the blue a very tall, boisterous brother walked into my loft.

“I am so sorry.  I was not trying to leave you outside, but was consumed with my tea making gift bag.  I thought you had decided not to join us.”

“Oh yeah, right, you hot tea drinkers are a snooty bunch.  When a good strong cup of black coffee is what you really desire,” he said grabbing the fullback and rubbing his bald head hard.

“As you can see my teammate is really much more outgoing and rambunctious than I am.  He is always trying to change my shy, quiet personality so he won’t seem so extra crazy.”

“Well maybe we can learn to share each other’s energies and tone him down a bit while we boost you up a notch or two.  It’s all about raising or lowering our energy levels to meet the need of any given situation, right?”

“Damn, bro, you are right.  I think I’m going to enjoy this nude yoga practice.  It reminds me of one of my favorite old movies, The Karate Kid, complete with the philosophical understanding of why yoga is so important to practice.”

I asked the six foot five inch, two hundred and fifty pound receiver what he knew about yoga.  And did the quiet, shy fullback fill you in on how I like to run my practice.  If not, I could go over all this again and risk boring your teammate, instead of just jumping right into the practice, I joked.  He agreed that the holistic approach was fine with him.  Then I asked what he needed to get out of his practice.

“I am a bit hyper and need to learn to focus on the meditative side of yoga.  This will help me on the field to make sure I am totally in tune with my main man, the quarterback.  I want to have more catches with even more yardage, so I really need to improve my focus on the football.”

“Okay, I think we can work on opening your fourth and sixth chakras to help you settle down your emotional energy which will allow you to psychically know where that football is going to land when passed in your direction.”

“Damn, maybe I will become famous for catching deep passes with my eyes closed.”

“All things are possible, but I rather you keep your eyes open unless those sticky gloves are really like magnets for the ball.”

“So you think I need those special gloves to catch a pass,” he boasted, spreading out his fingers wide to show off his huge hands.

“With hands that big, you should not have any trouble doing a handstand pose.  They look as big as my feet,” I chuckled.

When I turned around to head to the studio, telling them to get out of their clothes and bring a towel, he bent down grabbed my ankles placing me in a handstand of my own.  Once in that pose, I started walking on my hands while he and the fullback where laughing about how small my feet were.  I made it up the first step on my hands keeping my balance and letting these guys know that I may have small feet but my hands are strong enough to carry my weight.  They started clapping as I arched back onto the floor landing on my feet right in front of both jocks.

“Geez, you told me this was nude yoga not nude gymnastics,” he hollered, smacking my ass hard enough to leave a palm print.

Regaining my composure, I ran upstairs and said class starts in five.  I lit some cool green grass incense which always sets the mood.  Since, it was early in the day, I thought we would start with sun salutations that help to warm up the muscles and brighten the environment for our new member.  I would wait till the second hour to focus on the energy centering meditation poses.

I stood firmly naked in mountain pose waiting for them to join me with my eyes closed.  Slowly moving into crouching pose, up on the balls of my feet, as I centered myself actively waiting for my clients to appear at the top of the stairs, perhaps giving off that Karate Kid Sensei type of feel the receiver was looking to embrace.  Apparently it worked, because he entered the yoga studio gracefully naked in a more calming manner than when we had first met.  His nervous tension could not be detected as he stood on a mat waiting for my instruction.  I rose up in prayer position flat on my feet as the fullback joined us, he was on my left side and the tall football receiver on my right side, all three of us stair-stepping quietly in prayerful position, ready to worship the powerful energy of the sun salutation.

“Breathe deeply as you raise your hands above your head, arching back to elongate your spine without losing balance.  With a flat back, lean forward to touch the floor with your hands and hold this pose for a minute.”

We went through each stage of the sun salutation with warrior, cobra, downward dog poses and jumping feet forward back to standing prayer position.  These very strong, in shape athletes, did rather well until I sped up the process to get us warmed up.  Then, I told them to continue as I observed their movements to assist them with the poses.  Putting them on hold in downward dog so I could grab their waists and pull them further back for a more intense stretch, was a sight to behold.  There is nothing more Greek Olympian-like gorgeous to see leg muscles so firmly, sinewy strong, moving up to a perfectly shaped posterior with that indention on both sides of the Gluteus Maximus, presenting two of the most exceptional asses ever to workout in my studio.  I had to center my focus and remember that these clients, as described last week by the fullback, were both tops.

Next I had them stay put in cobra pose to correct their back, neck and arm stretches.  Another angle of manly beauty was strong back muscles, divided by the spinal column hidden so deeply in between very muscular protective padding.  They had to have this to keep their vertebrae safe from such violent tackling collisions.  I just worked on limbering them up a bit to create the flexibility desired.  After such hands on instruction, and when it was time to work on the warrior one pose, which is a deep knee bend with arms out to the side, knees planted squarely above the ankles, both of their dicks were semi-erect and the receiver’s other head almost touched the mat.  I could not help but guess he was at least twelve inches when fully hard.  As they held that pose, I instructed them to breathe deeply into their leg muscles and showed them my warrior one position or else my early morning lustful dream might have come to fruition.  I know the deep breathing was more for me to keep centered while surrounded by incredibly fine specimens, almost super-hero like, powerfully built, athletic warriors. No wonder they get paid so royally to be our modern day gladiators.

It was time to slow it down a bit.  The second hour had already started, so I had them sit in child pose, resting a moment.  Then we began to work on the hip flexors by bringing our legs between our hands and sitting with the bottoms of our feet touching out in front working on lotus.  I had them take each leg and hold it in their arms, rocking it side to side like a little baby.  Sitting firmly on our asses, we spread our legs wide and bent over as far as we could go with hands reaching out in front.  Holding that pose a little longer helps to loosen up the hips, lower back, and knees. And creates a safe warming burn in the muscles as they stretch out further.  I made sure they were breathing deeply into that pose and then suddenly release it to sitting position, legs straight out in front, shaking out the burn.  I was working toward moving them to full lotus pose which is not easy for big muscular legs.  So, as I sat in full lotus, I told both of them to place their hands on either side of my hip flexor to feel how flat and open my hips were to the floor.  That is the only way to reach full lotus by having your hips open and your knees touching flat to the floor, then it’s easier to fold your feet into the hips, reaching full lotus with toes pointing out.

I watched and assisted as they both tried to practice this pose.  The receiver with longer and skinnier legs had less trouble with getting closer than did the fullback with shorter more stout leg muscles.  I placed my hands on their knees pushing down a bit further to see how open their hip flexors were becoming.  I could tell the receiver was feeling a bit self-conscious about his semi-woody, so I just smiled and told him to honor the energy in the second chakra which is his pelvic region.  His frown turned quickly into a smile as he jokingly slapped his dick as if trying to calm it down.

“That is not what I meant about honoring all your body parts.  Just let it be and work on sitting in full lotus. I have seen many hard dicks during my years of doing nude yoga, so it’s no big deal.”

“Yes sir, Captain, but mines is a huge deal and it can get in the way sometimes,” he laughed out loudly.

“C’mon man just focus on the pain of this lotus stuff and stop blowing your own horn,” the fullback barked back.

“That’s just what I need you to do.  BLOW on dis!”

“Okay, Stop the locker room trash talking and remember this is yoga.  Just relax for a minute.  Sometimes when we work our hip flexors many frustrations and emotions come up creating discomfort.”

“I’m not in discomfort.  Feel a little weird about this sexual energy keeping me so hard when there is not a hot chick around.”

“When energy gets trapped in the second chakra it does not matter what’s going on around you, most likely, you will be turned on since this energy center controls the need to procreate.”

I took back control of this session and told them to stop with the lotus pose and we should move on to meditative practice.  Instructing them to lie flat on their backs in corpse pose without a worry in the world I decided we might need to focus on a tantric exercise, since both of them were still sporting fiercely hard dicks.  I think there are some unresolved sexually frustrating feelings between my two football clients.  My psychic energy is reading that the fullback may want more from the receiver than he is willing to give.  If I don’t clear this negative energy flow, then we won’t be able to fulfill any of their yoga goals in ongoing sessions.  So, it’s up to me the gay guy in the room to lead them down this slippery slope.  But, I can handle it with all the professional flare needed for these professional jocks.

I moved in between the two athletes sitting in lotus and spoke with them about tantric sex.  It is also from ancient Hindu practices that can and will improve your sexual experiences for you and your partner.  I asked them for permission to address the big bear in the room which was their sexually aroused states.  They both agreed with their eyes closed and a simple nod of their heads.  One technique I wanted to share with them was how to feel the power of multiple orgasmic pleasures without stimulating your dick and without releasing your seed.  This was used many years ago as a form of birth control and has become a very important aspect of tantric sex for the male species.

“Let’s start with deep breathing, heated breath which will move the energies from your brain to your dick.  Most guys don’t realize that ninety-nine percent of sexual pleasure starts with the brain and its capacity to allow you to feel things you have never felt before.”

I remained silent for a while allowing them to get into a deep breathing rhythm by doing my own heat of fire breathing.  Once I could tell they were more relaxed, I continued with this practice by having them find the most sensitive area of their penis.  It is right under the sloping glands of the head and runs down about an inch from the tip of the glands meeting together to form that heart shaped or snake-like look.  It is here where you need to focus all that powerful energy and allow yourself to imagine that the high energy is stroking that area with the intent of bringing you orgasmic pleasure.  As you breathe deeply, allow the energy to flow freely at this very sensitive area of your dick.

The fullback asked me a very personal question, “Could you touch the area on my dick that you are referring too?”

“Yeah, that would be helpful for me too,” the receiver added.

I guess my hands on instruction must apply to tantric sex techniques as well.  I told the fullback to take a deep breath and when he felt my finger touch that area to send all his energy there at that point.  Reaching over to his soft, smooth delicate skin on his hard dick, I lightly stroked with my index finger the area under the glans.  He jumped a bit in reaction to my touch and his dick rose upward.  I told him this is comparable to a woman’s clitoris and can bring extreme pleasure for him.  Turning to the receiver, I applied the same delicate touch underneath his glands.  He shivered for a few seconds and took a deep breath as his big dick bounced up above his belly button.

“On your own private time, you can practice this technique but do not allow yourself to cum.  Just bring yourself very close and feel the mini-orgasms that will emanate from that area all the way to the pleasure receptors in your brain.  The Hindus believed that this was more powerful than exploding orgasms which resulted in the loss of your energy when you shoot your load.  It can also help you remain more attentively hard for your partner and not shoot too quickly.  Women need longer periods of stimulation to reach their orgasmic levels than we men do.”

“Okay, fellows, I’m going to leave you alone to practice this for a bit while I go brew us some great tasting Darjeeling tea.  If you are not downstairs in fifteen minutes, then I will start hollering for you to come back to planet earth from the planet known as ecstasy.  And, please don’t leave any creamy wet spots on my mats!”

David W. Bradburn   aka   dwb42461








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  1. John

    These stories are the most erotic that I have read without any sexual action. They turn me on and leave me wanting more. I can’t wait to read the next!

  2. Darryl

    I’am looking forward to the conclusion of this story. Yoga, Meditation, Tantric Sex can do the mind, body, and sprirt alot of good. We all need to release the pent up tenion of the day out of our systems in order to be in harmony within ones self.

  3. mark weldon

    we have had to much grather time all ous fekk tge tgus was was ibe if trge time we have ever have and I cant stakstop so good look good a so that we have more time to spende wither

  4. mark weldon

    we like all mem straight men and ga7 men s0 bigs of them selfes and its just goos to spendwhen there all trying to have good sex

  5. mark weldon

    just have a good time no matter what you are doing and make the best out of life, because if you don’t life will be gone before as you and I know I , so all of us make the best of each day

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