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Firstly let me just explain my deep and probably unnatural and obsessive love that I have with Amy Lee and Evanescence. I’ve seen them 6 times, I’ve met her 3 time and even once got a hug. I am and Evanescence hipster, “I listened to them before they were cool”. My song collection is 163 songs large, and that’s after I trimmed out a lot of live concert files. I am an EvHead and will be forever, so much so that I am in the works of writing a vampire stage musical using JUST Evanescence song, with pre-approval from Wind-Up Records. So to say I love and respect them, is a total understatement and I’ll stop drooling now.


This year marks 10 years since their first album release of “Fallen” the album that gave us songs like,

  • Bring Me To Life

  • My Immortal

  • Going Under

  • Everybody’s Fool

All of them to me as sacred but “normal” people probably recognize those. This also marks the 10 year anniversary of the first time I saw them live at the Hard Rock Live with MTV filming the whole concert. But in case you live under a rock for 10 years here’s Evanescence in a nutshell.

Way way back in time, in the year 1994 in Little Rock Arkansas, in a gymnasium during a summer school program. A newly transferred student named Amy Lee was playing Meatloaf’s “I would do anything for love” on a piano and that caught the attention of student Ben Moody, days later the first incarnation of Evanescence was born.

Playing little gigs all around Little Rock, Evanescence soon became a local favorite and it was inevitable that they were signed by Wind-up records and gave us the Fallen album just a few short months after.

Fallen was released March 4th, 2003
The Open Door: October 3rd, 2006
Evanescence: October 11th, 2011

Yes. Evanescence has had it’s ups and downs leaving frontwoman Amy Lee as the only original band member remaining, but they keep going. with album sales over the 35 million mark.

Amy Lee was named Rock Goddess of the Year in 2012 and Evanescence came out above Ke$ha and Jim James but losing to Ed Sheeran by less that 2% in MTV March Musical Madness


To commemorate the accomplishment of Fallen selling over 24 million copies worldwide, Wind-Up is releasing a purple special edition vinyl pressing of Fallen. I’ve got mine like millions of others and just cain’t wait what goddess Amy Lee brings us in the future.

And I’ll leave you with the latest “Single”, “Lost in Paradise” as sung acoustically by a modern day goddess of song.

Drake aka Crayak on A4A

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  1. Jaysing

    I agree 100%! I am a 23 year old gay male and I am in LOVE with Evanescence lol! It’s strange because I am also a singer/songwriter and when people ask me ‘Who are your influences?’, I always reply with ‘Evanescence’ who are always the first on a long list of 80’s and 90’s Pop artists.
    People automatically go to the response ‘I don;t like rock music’. They have so many unique sounds it’s always hard to place their songs in a category. If somebody NEVER heard any Evanescence songs, youtube them they are really AMAZING! Their music is so real and emotional not to mention relate able at times. I’m glad I’m not the ONLY one who enjoys their amazing work and even HAPPIER this is a blog on A4A. I would be EXTRA happy if they release those electronic songs they were working on back in 2010 lol.

  2. Randy

    I love Evanescence so much! I love how they have such a huge following and take many many ears to release a record! They been around for 10 years yet they are barely released album #3 (in oct 2011). I must add that from the new record “My Heart Is Broken” is one of the best Evanescence songs ever written! Amy Lee is such a talented under rated artist! She writes her own songs, is classically trained pianist, she plays the Harp! She’s a painter, designer, cook! And of course has such a beautiful voice!!!
    I hope we get something in the near future from Amy whether is a solo record or Ev record! I just hope it’s not another 5 year wait! 🙂

    Obsessed Evfan,

  3. Sentai Joe

    I like their music. Bring Me To Life and My Immortal were saving graces of Daredevil. The only good thing about that movie was introducing me to Evanescence.

  4. db

    been an Evanescence fan since 2002, man I love them so much
    Amy Lee has the most soulful and beautiful voice found in rock music, or any other type of music for that matter.
    Live shows are a freakin fantastic experience, and wow she’s good lookin
    what’s not to love?

  5. joeorjd

    would be ok song if you could tell the words she sings … does not pronounceate well so it sounds like jibberish– the piano is too loud as well and drowns her voice out

  6. john

    I love listening to their latest album. I read that it almost didn’t happen. Well I saw them live Oct 2011. Loved their performance. Loved them for years. 🙂

  7. Alex

    Been a super obsessed fan for years. I used to listen to 90’s punk and grunge room nonstop from the crack of dawn until i passed out and evanescence was one of the few things in my life that made sense. Everything else was total chaos. But music made things seem beautiful and bearable. It helped me cope.

    It’s because of them that I actually learned to play piano and write music so that’s also pretty cool.

    Also, what an odd place for evanescence to come up in discussion.

  8. David

    Yeah! I love them, they are great and i wish regular people could appreciate their sound as much as we do….long live Amy!!!!!

  9. Josh

    I never did get the chance ,to see them live. But love the music. I often would listen to bring me to life in my car. It’s a great song and keeps me awake when driving on log trips.

  10. Anthony

    You have officially became the coolest person ever, I’ve been a fan of Ev ever since they came out, I was in elementary school by then and ever since I’ve been obssed with them! Evanesecene ftw! <3

  11. 1ns1ght

    I am a fan as well. You forgot to mention the album anywhere but home. But that was a live recording from her album fallen concert tour . I am amazed how its been 10 years and I still have that CD fallen. It’s nice to know that there are fans out there

  12. Arson Nick

    I fucking love her. I always have and always will. My best friends of years and I still find her inspiring. Good to hear she kicked ass in the name of real music, though her bitchy diva behavior period wasn’t so charming.

  13. Makel

    I’ve ordered mines and just can’t wait for it. LOVE Evanescence since literally before I knew what music direction I was headed being only 12 when fallen came out turned 13 that same month can’t wait to receive my purple vinyl

  14. jay

    I’ve loved Amy lee ever since I could remember. My favorite song of hers is ‘sally’s song’ from nightmare before Christmas. I love them in concert and I made her laugh while performing cuz i was going cray cray. She’s such a nice person and keeps on doing what she wants and doesn’t conform. She’s such a big influence in my life. I’ve never been disappointed by her music and I can’t wait till she goes solo. Well, she pretty much is the band any way! Love Amy lee and always will! Long live good music!

  15. Sean

    Wind-up is a Christian record label and Evanescence is a Christian band. I bet money they would not support you if they knew you were gay.

  16. jose luis

    What a strange place for someon to talk of evanescence. They’rea great band. One of my favorites. As good as lacuna coil and nightwish. As for. The last comment about them being on a Christian label, Amy has addressed this by stating the band is not a Christian band.

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