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I remember the first time I really actually heard and listened to a Ke$ha song. It was a mix of “Take it off” on one of my local radio stations and I instantly just liked it not because of her but because of what the song felt like to me. It reminded me of some of the most amusing and fun filled nights at gay bars in Orlando. But I still didn’t like Ke$ha much to the chagrin of my then faghag.

“She’s just another autotuned coke whore” “Ke$ha is a west coast Lady Gaga wannabe” and I said other things too. But then I actually listened to the “Cannibal” Album and listened to the lyrics and did research on the girl that is Ke$ha.

Did you know she unlike a majority of pop stars is involved with all her songs from the ground up? How about that Ke$ha has written songs for Fergie, Britney, Christina and more! How about her fact that her MOTHER wrote a song made famous by Dolly Parton?

But nothing I say can make your mind change about ANY musical artist. (To me Amy Lee is my goddess and that will never changed). But I could hope you’ve be open minded and open eared enough to have some curiosity.

While reading up on wikipedia I found out that Ke$ha has a EP released recently called “Deconstructed” and it’s her, totally unplugged doing five songs. Showing off her pure vocal talent, without computers or autotune.

  • Old Flames Can’t Hold A Candle To You (The song her mom wrote for Dolly)
  • Blow

  • The Harold Song

  • Die Young

  • Supernatural


I was thrilled to see The Harold Song on there because that is the Ke$ha song that changed my mind from thinking she was a druggy club kid to an artist. The lyrics, the sounds and the emotions.

Sure her “Fuck you, I’m living my life and not hurting anyone” attitude some people don’t get, others really do. But I proudly admit that I listen to Ke$ha and that she and her ballads and love songs are fun guilty pleasures. So throw your cautions to the wind and youtube a song or two and then maybe you too will understand there is more the Ke$ha than glitter.
Two paws way up for this great EP not to mention her newest album Warrior is great wake up music!

Drake aka Crayak on A4A

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  1. mark

    I find her annoying. Her music , especially the lyrics are awful, ridiculous,….ugh !
    Like you said, she has a “fuck you ” attitude and doesn’t she mention “Jesus on my necklace” in one of her songs ?

  2. Love58

    I’ve always admired her she also did backup for Flo-rida and she always recorded a demo for a Korean Pop Band by the name of Girls Generation called Run Devil Run.

  3. Nicolai

    The Harold Song and Past Lives are my favorite you should listen to it. Plus you where in Orlando?!!! Let me guess parliament House? 🙂

  4. Cory

    she is the cheese to my macaroni! just listening to her music makes me feel like we have to have partied at some point together. what song by Dolly did her mom write

  5. Matty

    I wish more people liked her because her music is so fun.

    Her Deconstructed mix of the Harold Song is an extremely beautiful but haunting ballad that I can’t even listen to right now as I just had a break up and that song will pull every single emotion right out of me.

    On second thought maybe I do need to go listen to it

  6. Cell Mass

    I find all the music entries on this site to be garbage.
    How about some more variety? How about something other than pop? How about something that isn’t a gay anthem? How about a band?

  7. Cockoholic

    When I first saw her two years ago on Sat Night Live I couldn’t decide if she was a creative genius or a fucking idiot. And I’m still vacillating between those two opinions.

  8. db

    keshe… well okay. i always thought she was at least better than lady gaga. but in comparison to Die Antwoord, they’ve got nothing. glittery meat wearin chicks will get eaten by a lion in South Africa heh. besides besides that, Amy Lee is A GODDESS and none of the above can compare whatsoever. evanescence ftw

  9. Domtoppapi

    A whine, annoying, no talented hack…makes Brittany Spears look like Madonna, and Madonna looks like a real singer…lol…but I digress…KeySucker (as I call her) simply sucks…repetitive, noisy, silly little girl…I see a fast food restaurant in her future…”you want fries with that?”

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