Hot or Not : Facial


It’s been a while since the last “Hot or Not” !

Today I want to know if you like facials? Do you like to get creamed or do you like to cream someone’s face ?

I’m also curious about knowing why? How does it make you feel? What is the reason behind doing it?

I personally don’t get any satisfaction by getting a facial, I actually would prefer to swallow it all with a safe regular partner!

But I really enjoy looking at images of “cum faces”. I like the idea of a dominant male creaming somebody’s face… It’s hot!

Let me know your opinion on this!


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  1. hickandthick

    I get off blowing my load all over a guys face, something about it gets me harder for the second load. Like to see him clean it up as much as possible with his tounge. My cocks hard as a brick now….

  2. dadcorey

    I like to receive and giv facials, but rather get it in the mouth. Yummy. Fantasy to get cum bath from numerous guys. Facial, in my ass , all over my body, but a big load down my throat.

  3. Steve

    Hell yeah! Facials, cum shooting all over my chest, hair, any where top wants to drop that load. Love to rub it in and let it dry there. I can be such a pig sometimes but I love it.

  4. Kevin

    Facials are “OK” I’d rather get showered with a huge load all over my chest,cock and balls and then use it as lube to jerk off with !!!!

  5. GK

    Hell Yeah!!! Feels so hot to have a big load squirting onto my face. Just last night I hooked up with this Smoking Hot black guy and after he used his 9 inches to pound me into oblivion, he pulled it out and shot a HUGE load on my face.

  6. Mickey

    I prefer to give than receive…i dont like cum’s smell at all…i would never taste it even when it looks hot on videos or when other guys eat mine πŸ™‚

  7. InOverMyHead

    I prefer to get the cum in my mouth so I can lick him with it. But as a submissive, getting a facial is great. Even better with an audience, marked as some guy’s territory. Worried about getting cum in your eyes? Wear swimmer’s goggles – allows me keep my eyes open to watch while somebody pisses on my face.

  8. Jon

    Hell yes I love to receive & give facials!!!! They are very hot & sexy!!!! And then after getting a facial I love to suck that hard cock for awhile!!!!!

  9. justme26

    Hmm I have never received one but I do think its hot to watch a guy get one! I personally would enjoy just swallowing with a safe partner rather than waste it lol. And I’ve swallowed a few times and its hot. Especially as you are sucking and hear the guy utter those words “I’m gonna cum” then they grab the back of your head and unload lol!

  10. yank_in_tn

    there’s nothing like a dominant guy or guys taking control of your head pounding your throat deeply then blowing his load on your face like he owns it then putting it back into your mouth for cleaning

  11. Ale1693

    It’s not about domination. I enjoy getting facials! It’s just so hot to see the guys face and how he jacks his dick in front of my face and feel that hot salty cum all over my face, makes it hot! I would also swallow if I’m aware of my partner’s status.

  12. Nightauditor

    I love getting creamed by ahot load. Nothing makes me cum harder
    than feeling a guys cum splashing all over my face.
    Is it a sense of being dominated ? I don’t care…it just feels good !

  13. Srehturts

    For me I think it depends on the delivery. If a guy pulls out of your mouth and pulls your head back and is like “take that bitch”…. Then it will be the last time he does it to me, but I’m not against getting a lil cum on your face in the midst of it all. I’m with Dave I really get nothing from it or seeing it! I would rather swallow it and that is only from someone I trust! Not just a one time fling….

  14. Kaya

    I personally dont like to receive facials, i am not a fan of cum anyways.

    Sometimes it can look hot in pics, especially if the dude is loving it and doesnt look like his head is forced in that position lol

  15. Lovinglife99

    I personally do not like the idea of facials….I have never gotten one and will never get one. I will cum on your chest/ass/etc and you can cum in my mouth/ass/chest/etc but something about cum on someone’s face I can’t sign off on. I can look at pics of porn stars doing it but I wouldn’t want to see my friends getting one.

  16. ed

    I think the idea of a facial is simply to show ones total dominance over a partner. From the standpoint of a straight, there is nothing more gross,insulting, of degrading than to shoot a load in someones face, the ultimate put down and show of authority and power. Some self image issues are present in this practice. Plus if you get it in your eye, it stings like hell. On the other hand, taking a mans cum in your mouth is to me more of a show of interest in the pleasure of your partner, key word being partner, rather than degrading like a facial. It is also kind of a turn on to feel your partner lose all semblance of control when he cums in your mouth after an expert blow job.

  17. matt

    yes…VERY HOT! Jealous of the guy in that pic. i am a big sub pig and it makes me feel so good when Daddy cums on my face

  18. lexx84

    Nothing I love more than getting a got fascial. i’m sub and like the dominance of it. Always wanted to be in a room where a bunch of guys are beating off with the purpose of cumming on my face. SO HOT!!!!!

  19. Mitch

    I like getting facials when I can and I have facial hair. It take awhile to clean it out if my facial hair but I feels good. I suppose it is the warm feeling and the knowing what it is. It sounds gross but if has been proven thing that are normally gross are more appealing when sexually aroused (i.e. rimming) licking someone’s shit hole is gross but when I got a hard-on I think it’s hot. So with cum it is warm and hot when it is thick a creamy and stick instead of running down my face. I like swallowing to but it depends if I know the guy or not. I have a few regulars and only eat cum from to because there taste ok the others guys are to strong and bad tasting.

  20. jon

    I think Cum is hot overall and I love to see a guy release his jiz. Personally I think it’s awesome when I see a guy swallow or lick up every drop so facials aren’t my thing.

  21. FreeRangeRadical

    Totally hot! I like to get and give, but I like the guy to wipe it off with his dick and feed to me. No need to waste it!

  22. jaylc

    love to cream a face, prefer to get creamed, when I can resist the urge to swallow! something very porn about it. but besides that it’s just a great feeling having cum dripping from my slutty face!

  23. Jizzmo

    HOT!!! Facials are awesome to see, receive or give. Just a guys busting his nut is so awesome. I agree swallowing is hot to but cleaning eachother up and swapping is cool too. πŸ˜‰

  24. Barbarosa

    LOVE receiving facials. Especially that moment when my eyes are closed, he’s close, and I’m just dying with anticipation… Mm!

  25. hunter0500

    Incidental cum on the face during the course of play, fine. Fun, too. But shooting your whole load over a bud’s face … why? Fine if the two guys are into the Dominant/Submissing thing. To each his own. Me? No thanks.

  26. jock

    hell yeah, it’s hot. I mean it’s a great visual, it’s also great for slurping up your own spew and sharing it in a big sloppy kiss. great way to feed a crowd too. vids where the receiver is all prudish about getting cum in his mouth is a turn-off, but bless those boys that drag it in with their tongues.

  27. Inlandempirebottom

    I personally love getting facials and swallowing but hot sperm on my face hot still trying to get a blowbang done to my face πŸ˜‰

  28. BearOKC69

    In porn it is the “money shot” and seems much more satisfying seeing it than having it delivered unseen in the guys throat or ass. Also, you hit it in the head with the “dominant male” remark. Just as a hot pissing scene where a guy “marks” the territory and the non-dom showing his submissive side by allowing to be treated in such a way. I guess similar to canines rolling over on their backs and exposing the vulnerable selves to the Alpha male of the pack

  29. Black Bear

    Facial’s the reason they are hot to me…especially receiving… Is because; depending on the amount, let’s me rationalize my level of performance. Example; the more you can turn him on, the more he’ll bust.

  30. Gabe

    I like to give and receive facials. I like knowing that my cum is dripping all over my partner’s face. It’s a very powerful feeling. Sometimes, though, I’d rather have the cum all over my face . . . it’s submissive, but it also let’s my partner know that he’s powerful and in control.

  31. paul anthony

    yes do like them my fantacy is to suck ten men off at a session taking facial swallowing creampie in my asshole 10 or so loads running down my asshole is heavenly

  32. bigblackbear

    I’m like you I want to taste it, I think it’s a waste of good cum and if I ever squirt on someone’s face it will not be out of love and nobody better never squirt in my face or we be fighting.

  33. Fattybumbalatty

    Swallowing is more fun to me. I got a facial once. The guys cum got in my eye and gave me an infection…probably gonorrhea …was disgusting…never do facials anymore…sadly…never do much swallowing either πŸ™

  34. Citizen_Cane

    Nothing like the feel of the initial SPLAT when the Hot, Aromatic Cum hits my face….. then the feel of it running down my cheeks to my neck, cooling along the way….. the Feel, the Taste, the overall Sensation of it…. I can almost Cum myself when it happens……!

  35. Dred

    Hell to the no there will be none of that anywhere near my face. There was one of my partners who wanted me to do it to him and i was like no because to me in my personal opinion its feels degrading and i would not feel comfortable doing it to someone else

  36. HolePunchSD

    Facials are for guys that only get fucked in one position.
    Me, I’m unloading deep inside. My bottom guys (and myself) prefer it that way.

  37. wildman


  38. outdoorman

    Dave, agree with you. I’d much rather be with a safe partner and swallow his than have it all over me. But whatever floats a guy’s boat, I guess !

  39. Smegggg

    I prefer to swallow but if that’s not on then dump a load all over my face please, just avoid the eyes as it stings like fuck!
    I suppose it’s a dominance or power thing if you’re shooting or a passive and/or submissive thing if receiving. Of course it’s all about the situation, anything is hot and sexy if done the right way and with the right intent.
    Treat me bad, not because you’re an arse hole but because I’m good at being bad!

  40. lookatoy

    Having jizz land on one (on me,at least) regardless of where, is invigorating, not to mention empowering. It’s like watering a plant. Not as good as swallowing though. Nor as nutritious, I hear LOL. @quick vacation to Jizzneyland!

  41. Tortuga03

    OMG I love a hott load shot on my face! Im hard just reading this….especially blowing str8 guys who get so turned on by it they shoot bigger loads. Then they get to wipe my face clean with their cocks and feed me their hott cum. Now im horny hehe…..

  42. James

    I think facials are VERY HOT. I Love giving or getting facials either one. I also love a good facial movie. A gloryhole facial film is doubly HOT! I love the feel of the hot cum on my face, head, chest, it’s just a huge turn on for me. Plus Getting a facial is safer than taking some ones cum.

  43. Eric

    I think they’re hot to give and watch given. But I don’t like getting one. Just the whole Dom, and just the smell of it. Especially if its done in a Bukaki or group setting.
    I guess I just really like doing it and seeing it done.

  44. goldenloverinmym

    i’ve given facials to cpl guys b4 but me n my partner we swallow thats the idea of being lovers respect n passion together makes it so much better.DDDD

  45. NATE

    i love facials. where i live find it hard to find guys willing to do that. for me if i am bottoming and my top gets ready to blow his load, if he pulls out and shoots on my face its amazing, cause you can catch some in your mouth…mmmm and if your lucky your top will take a pic, or feed you some or better yet just leave it there to dry…while he pisses on you or uses one of your holes again…

  46. Bob

    I love it when a guy pulls out of my mouth and shoots his load onto my tongue and all over my face, especially if he washes it off with a hot stream of beer piss. If anyone wants to give me a facial in Sarasota , FL let me know. Group facials are hot too.

  47. discreetbear2

    I think it can be hot! When I’m taking care of a man I like to let him cum where he likes. I have had cum dripping from my face because that is what made him happy. Others like to cum on my chest…being a stocky guy they seem to love seeing it drip off my tits. But as always sex is about enjoyment for both. So I will continue to let him decide where to leave his cum!

  48. Dylan

    Wow, you can learn a few things on A4A! I never gave um much thought. As i sit here reading, my cock is rock fucking hard thinking about this. when i’m with a guy he’s taking my load down his throat or deep in him. as a very DOM top i love to grab a guy by the back of his head and pump it down his throat, nothing hotter!! but you guys have opened my eyes to the “marking of the territory”. I’ve cum in guys faces before but just thinking they don’t swallow, next best thing I guess. i now look at this in a different light. I’ll try it today

    I have seen millions of porns where guys have that load exploded on their face , yes called the money shot. A porn would be kinda boring if a guy came deep in his ass or down his throat and you didn’t see it.You have to see that load! Kinda like crossing a finish line. Its why we are all there. There is nothing worse than a guy taking a load on his face in a porn who you can tell, does not want it on his face. When they flinch or pull back, it ruins the whole scene for me.

    I think I may have just found a new vice!!

  49. Charlie

    Funny I have never given a facial but have had a few given to me. My first was the hottest Asian boy and I had been working him for a long time when he said he was cumming I didn’t move. He shot the sweetest load and it just kept cumming. Like another in here I have a dream of being in the middle of a bukkake party. Cum is my fetish so anywhere is nice but a hot facial is hard to beat πŸ™‚

  50. Funinevv

    I love getting facials. I love haveing a cock in my face and feeling the hot cum running down it. Anyone want to give me one? Lol

  51. ohiobimuscle12

    The accidental facial is the best. When you are with a guy and you are embraced and stroking each other. He groans, moans and he cums. He shoots so strong and long it catches your chin or cheek. There is that air of surprise, intensity and accomplishment when he shoots that big and far. So strong that is catches you both in the face, chin, or better in the mouth. great…now im hard just typin that. later.

  52. Mike

    Facial’s would be hot only if the guy would lick it off of you! I would rather swallow the big load.But like I said it would be hot if the guy licked it off of you then you kissed………SNOWBALL!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Harv

    Giving or receiving facials is HOT HOT HOT. Usually the smell (when receiving one) leads to a much longer post-cum hard on and the incentive for the next round of cum !

  54. Robbie

    I was sucking a guy at his place of business one time. We got interrupted so he could wait on customers a few times. Then finally, got a steady skull fuck going. I was going to town and didn’t realize he was as close as he was when suddenly he moaned and let go a HUGE fucking load of baby batter in my mouth and down my throat. I let some of it leak out, down my chin and onto my cock and balls. He said he was sorry he didn’t warn me, but i just pulled him into a hot kiss and we shared that magnficent load. Then I used the jizz that had dripped onto my cock and balls to jerk off a huge load; and we got to share that as well. TOTALLY fucking hot!

  55. A.Q.

    Love giving and getting facials. theres just something about getting covered in a guys hot seed that gets me off SO GOOD. but i’m a cum whore so I’m biased

  56. southernwoode

    I only suck my lovers cum. All other i have tehem drop their load on my face or hairy chest and massage it in. When im on top I drop it on their face!h

  57. IchigoPop

    I’ve never had a facial but I like to dominating aspect of it. I think it would be hotter if the top took control of my head to get it just the way he wanted. Not really into the whole “in the mouth thing”. If he’s a trusted partner and I know his status then just blow it in my ass.

  58. denvercocksucker

    Love facials and love swallowing cum. I’m a very masculine guy, and non-scene, most people are shocked when I tell them I suck cock and swallow loads.. Like drinking recycled beer now and again too

  59. Rocco

    Squirting a facial seems to be the preference of most alpha males, but it seems to me that swallowing all of a man’s load is a far more submissive act than getting it on the face. Swallowing is just as territory affirming, and lets the sub guy relish taking a man’s seed into him and the dom guy have a more intense orgasm. If sucking is not about dominance and submission then I don’t know why it’s so much fun to suck a penis.

  60. psblueeyes

    Yeah, it is hot when i cum on a guys face, to look into his eyes as I watch my own cock pump out on him – when a guy is into it, he has the most turned-on look of anticipation a man can get. As for getting a facial from another guy, I’m not so into it only because it’s not totally safe, when a squirt or two happens by chance, well – it feels pretty hot (as long as it doesn’t get in the eyes.) When I’m jacking and blow a big load and give myself a facial – that’s about as hot as jerking off can get! (Because I KNOW it’s safe, and I feel like a total stud when I shoot a big one like that) I LOVE to gave another guy blow his load on my chest (all those warm “splats” of hot cum blasting against my skin – incredible feeling!), or on my balls and then stroke me off with it while it’s still warm; getting both from 2 guys at the same time – that is the BEST! I also love to blow my load all over another guys tan muscled chest, then to lick my own warm white cum off of his tan hard flexing pecs (and even his pits and biceps if some happens to squirt there as well), working my way down to clean-up my cum shots from a set of ripped abs, and whatever has dripped down to his cock – licking it off his cock and sucking his dick into my mouth…you know where it goes from there πŸ˜‰

  61. Richard Van Leir

    Fuckin hott! Id luv to be the guy on my knees getting facefucked by 20 big cocks. Then spray me all over face, chest, cock. Bury me in cum. Then id use it all to jack off bloww a quart

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