Hot or Not : Dean and Dan Caten (DSQUARED)



Dean and Dan Caten are identical twin brothers, fashion designers, founders and owners of DSQUARED², an international fashion house.

They were born in Toronto Canada, but moved to Milan in 1991, to work for Versace, before working for Diesel. They launched their men’s collection DSQUARED in 1994, and launched the women division only in 2003.

They now design underwear, cosmetics, fragrances, footwear and their brand is sold all around the world.

Aren’t they cute? Keep in mind that they are 49 years old! This photo (above) is from Interview Magazine in which they did a funny photoshoot together.

The Caten twins, hot or not?


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  1. Daniel

    I guess if you’re into anorexia they might be considered hot. BTW, dump the heals baby. They do absolutely nothing for you. Ugh.

  2. Ultimatt

    Oh no, not cute at all. I don’t factor age in when appreciating a man’s beauty. But they’re way too thin, and their faces do nothing for me.

  3. Phillip


    BARF! Why couldn’t he go through the amount of effort he put into looking like a woman… to look even better as a man?

  4. djuannonly

    I remember when these two first came-onto the fashion scene and the first DSQUARED collections. These guys were surely hot then. They were also a lot less fey than they are now which, to me, mad them hotter then. Now, I still think they are attractive and accomplished but I’m not sure if “hot” is a distinction I can give them.

  5. Shadow

    I think they are HOT. I love older men. Something about older inshap men with lite facial hair…That is sooo delicious.

  6. j

    This pic is not cute nor hot for distinguished gentlemen. I think maybe a different pose without the drag and incest overtones and then yes, they can be hot.

  7. Ryan

    Underneath the many Photoshop filters I would imagine there is a lot of wrinkly saggy flesh happening. Even then, what firmness remains must start to wear off when their botox does.

  8. Da_Kwen

    I think they both look amazing.
    I personally like the one in the suit better, but that’s because I’m feminine. I just want the other one’s shoes and watch:)

  9. ricco

    too skiny.i’ll fed them cheeseburger.they must be doing tictac diet…..not sexy..i like my man with bit cushion and not felling scared if i will break the bone on make out session

  10. mark

    I think most of you did not read that this photo shoot was meant to be funny. Other than that, they are fine. But considering if it had been a serious shoot, then I’d do away with the heels and feminine pose.

  11. goldenloverinmym

    the cig dont bother me the hiheels do,prob when they open their mouths a purse will fall out,not into fems.NOT

  12. btor

    i think they could be “hot” in the right situation

    the above picture is not, nor is it intended to be, that situation

    its a statement about the duality of man, particularly, gay man

    the stilettos are indeed fem but no more fem than any of you queers taking a dick in the ass

    so stop being so judgmental

  13. Ed McAn

    Not. I knew them before they were them, in Toronto. They have always creeped me out and their secrets are widely disseminated. Thumbs down.

  14. David

    I too love older men and although these two are a trifle too thin – they are quite distinguished and handsome in their own way. I get it – that the photo shoot was supposed to be fun – but personal preference would have them both in tuxes. I’ll go with HOT-ish. Have always thought it would be fun to have a twin sandwich……now that would be HOT!! And no, I do not mean anything incest related – other than them sharing the same man at the same time. Just saying….double the pleasure!

  15. yoshikun1980

    it’s a cute pic…
    the one in the tux is cute.
    The heels… meh. I’m not bothered by the cigarette.
    If there was more definition in that bird chest, maybe. LOL still no heels, though.
    also – if they did have sex together… what of it? Not like they could have a baby.
    I think twin-sex is hot. LOL If I had an identical twin – we’d be gettin it on like rabbits! LoL

  16. Twin lover

    Harrisburg17102 and carrera12 are identical brothers who are gay and love each other. I see nothing wrong with gay identical twins loving only each other.

  17. Matt

    Disgusting. I was having my breakfast and almost hurled it back up at the thought of these two even being sexually active.

  18. ndallastop

    Smoking? Not hot, not cool, not fashionable, and definitely NOT something an educated, intelligent person would even THINK about doing. Thumbs down! Totally.

  19. Mychael Dio

    I’d let them tag team me in a heartbeat…Have always wanted to do it with identical in the middle ,of course…But if these two are as fey as I think they are, then it might only happen ONCE….just for the experience..I do not like effeminate men much at all

  20. ichigopop

    I’m going for hot. Hot in the tux, love the playfulness and openness of being able to wear heels. I’d be whatever flavor of threesome we could be together.

  21. jacelondon

    evetualy msit of the guys whi have said no tis nt hot pwuld not anying about what is hot to eac there owm thisfashion like said ti ment push people buttons thati i have laugh and theu guy who make a coem about prooerlty botehrs that not fashion,brand and or desinger

  22. Hunter0500

    For those that find them hot … to each his own.

    The guy in the tux … for sure ok on a first look. The other guy … the cigarette, the heels, and being naked with that scarey look are a total deal killer.

    Another “Hot or not?” here that’s mostly not hot. But that’s the way most go for “hot or not?”. About a quarter of guys find them HOT. About a quarter say NOT. The half in the middle say “kind of a yawn”.

  23. Lowell

    Well at least no ones passing judgement on them,right?and Blog Boy!you could have found a better picture ,you little button pusher you.

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