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The penis contains three so-called ‘corpora’ – sponge-like columns of erectile tissue – that fill with blood during an erection, making them expand and become hard.

Viewed from above, a corpora cavernosum stretches along each sides of the penis, the third, which also includes the glans, is situated below and between them. If one corpus or section is shorter than the others, it causes the penis to curve towards the shortened side.

There are two types of congenital penis curvature: it is either present at birth or develops during puberty (atrophy of the penis erectile tissue).

If your penile curvature is severe and making intercourse difficult or impossible, then penis surgery is likely to be recommended. The procedure gives good results in straighten bent penis whether the cause is Peyronie’s disease or congenital curvature.

There is a serious risk involved with surgery though, i.e. risk of erectile dysfunction or becoming impotent, so penis surgery should only be undertaking in the most severe cases.

If you are concerned about your dick, ask your doctor!


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  1. Christofur

    Yes, this is a medical condition not talked about very often and many guys are fine as long as there is no discomfort and the curvature not too severe. When I was younger I used to think something was wrong with me b/c I wasn’t crooked and didn’t curve upwards towards my stomach etc. Some guys are a little embarrassed about having a curved dick, but for the most part I don’t mind it… I think the shape gives it character.

    I wonder if Dave saw someone with a really extreme case of Peyronie’s disease which prompted him to write the article…

    • blog

      Christofur : No I didnt, I actually had sex only once with a guy with a curved dick, I personally really don’t like that 🙁
      I only do straight dicks, because I find it hard to suck, and it hurts inside my ass…and I dont find curved dick attractive.
      But that is just me, I know some guys loooooove curved dicks. To each his own!

  2. Matt

    I too would only elect to have this surgery if it creates difficulty or is painful. My ex-bf had a curvature to his penis (it did not impact our sex-life and did nothing to his size or girth regardless of the angle – which was quite substantial). Our sex life was amazing and he & it went and did things no other has done. Unfortunately, he cheated and we broke-up. He remained with the man he cheated on me with and his new lover convinced him to have the surgery, he thought the curvature made it appear deformed.

    Not sure how a 9×5 penis can be considered a deformity? It was extremely pleasurable to both of us.

    It was a complete mistake and he is now impotent. No amount of viagra will help. The alternative is an dwelling pump. It has caused great stress in and out of their bedroom and the regrets abound on both their parts. They are now divorcing.

    The moral of the story is “If it is not broken do not fix it.” Needless to say “I am enjoying a much more healthy and sexually fulfilling relationship.” Tsk.. Tsk…

  3. whileuslept

    Thank u on this article .. I noticed my cock was curving near the base after i had a heartattack .. Two clogged arteries.. Plauqe…
    Perhaps thats whats happened to my cock .
    Helpfull i will look into it…

  4. Love

    I prefer any curve dick than straight dick . Make me feel good when he fucking me . After sex I still feel it inside me … It ‘s a true . I am happy any curve shape dick . Thanks curve dick 😀

  5. Tim

    FYI- I read recently about procedures being done to place a stent in the penis to increase blood flow much like a stent improves blood flow through the heart and surrounding arteries.

  6. Danny

    I have an extreme curvature to my cock. It curves down at literally a 90 degree angle. I never understood why, nor did I ever go to the doctor to find out about it. I used to be very self concious of it, but from my experience most guys seem to love the feel, and are always shocked to see such an extreme curve, so I’ve just learned to accept it and be proud of it.

  7. Mitch

    I had sex with a guy that was long and straight except at the last 2″ it curved sharply upward. I tell you I fell in love with his penis. That penis kept punching my prostate the whole damn time. It felt like I was cumming even though I wasn’t I swear 10min orgasm. Lets hear it for the curvy penises. YAH

  8. Chris

    I am 22 and have had peyronies for about a year. Hasn’t really caused any issues sexually but I occasionally worry about my partners reaction.

  9. Hunter0500

    Any guy who’d hold the curvature of another guy’s dick against him is a dick. If you need a perfectly staight dick, they can be had at “toy” stores. Go get one of those rubber ones and leave real guys to those who appreciate all the great things that human males have to offer.

  10. flattopman

    Hi my dick is bent in half when it is always curved to the left a little. I played with guy and bent it and was very painful. I went to the dr and he said it was from tarmac playing. I am very un comfortable with this. I have a boyfriend and have had him for 3 years. I am not able to cum!!! Please any ideas. Thanks guys

  11. Andrew

    I have a dick that curves upwards and it’s perfect for missionary because I hit the prostate with every thrust. I make my boyfriend cum without touching his cock. One great reason to have a curved cock

  12. BearOKC69

    As far as a cock curve goes, I find I prefer it to a straight cock when it comes to sex…just a matter of what position works best for what curve..the curve can def help with deep throating and can hit the “spot” when fucking…again position is critical

  13. BearOKC69

    If it is something you have had all your post puberty life and it hasnt caused problems, I would think there is nothing to be concerned about from a medical perspective…however if it has developed recently, def need to get it checked out!

  14. Paul

    I had peyronie’s disease and it was getting painful. Unfortunately I elected for surgery. The doctor told me I might lose a centimeter or two. I lost over two inches. Fortunately I started wit 8.5. But having the surgery was painful and has pretty much destroyed our sex life.

    I would recommend that if you have a curvature, wait a while. Don’t rush into surgery! You may regret it! I sure do!

  15. Peter

    an ex of mine had a nice curved dick, Chris was proud of his large curved dick, one of the reason he became my ex was that he loved to show it to alot of guys and I never knew of anyone complaining about it, It made him who he was in bed,, At one point even after we had broken up for the second time, I would look on sites and tell were he was just by seeing his big curved dick posted in site from Maine to Oklahoma. I will say he knew how to use his curve,

  16. mario69

    as for me mines curves to the left and i love it…as long as it gives a good fuck doesnt really matter to me…: )If its not causing problems i wouldnt change a thing papi’s….

  17. Angel Rodriguez

    I have a little bit of curve action on my peen, however it doesn’t interfere with my sexual activity and none of my lady partners have ever complained. I’d never do any surgery on the tool though, fack that. I’d rather have a functional slightly bent cack than one that is straight and broken.. Hahahaha..

  18. vcbicurious

    I attempted to get fucked by a guy with with a curved dick… Worst pain I’ve ever experienced in my life!! It is all about the position though. The position we tried was extremely painful but I’m sure trying else would not have hurt. Also, a curved dick is easier to suck, in my opinion.

  19. Bill

    I dated a guy with a curved cock. When he fucked me on my side, the head of his cock hit my prostate just right. I shot cum in buckets.

  20. Brad

    Blog Guy: Hard to suck? Did you miss that lesson in Putting Out 101? All you have to do is position yourself at the point it’s curving towards, and it’ll slide right down your throat. You can’t just crouch between every guy’s legs because every cock is different.

  21. Dylan

    There is something to be said about curved cocks and I’m gonna say it! I love um!!! ESP large curved cocks. There is something about a 9″curved downward cock that just thrills me when I see it. If you look at the shape of the throat and a curved downward cock you can tell it was meant to be. I love to deep throat and a str8 9″cock tends to hurt the back of the throat after awhile. Curved down an we will be there all night. If it curves up, thats the guy you want to 69!!! Again anatomically correct position will work with any cock. You just have to be a ill flexible and think outside the box. Don’t be afraid to be in to a position that works for you and him. Now fucking may be a ill tougher but for the bottoms who like to have their legs over their head kinda thing, a nice downward fucking motion from either curved cock will work for you. Just be careful you don’t shoot your eye out. When life gives you lemons, add some Jack Daniels and make some lemonade.

    Curved cocks ROCK!!!

  22. vafratboy

    My dick is straight as an arrow (I’ve been told on numerous occasions that I have “the perfect cock” whatever the hell that means). But I don’t really care about bends or curves. A cock is a cock, I care more about what it’s attached to.

  23. CK

    I can agree with Whileuslept and Mitch both. Just like Whileuslept, the same happened to me. Years later now the curve is very prominent to the left but it hasn’t stopped me from any sexual activity! And as Mitch says, it can cause a guy to cum without being touched! I just place it to the other side when wearing my Wranglers!!!
    Curve me in a minute!!!

  24. Roberto

    There’s a common yet often overlooked cause of curving. It’s Peyronie’s Disease, which isn’t a disease at all but rather a condition. Tissue in the shaft can be damaged during rough play or even just intense and frequent jacking off. Scare tissue is formed when it heals in a flaccid state, and the scar tissue along the shaft heals with itself. Suddenly the shaft no longer has any “elasticity.” I had a thick, straight 7″ that was used intensely, and one day I looked down to find a bent 3″.

  25. goldenloverinmym

    mine curves up and to the left my ex his curved down and I LOVED TO DEEP THROAT HIM I never gagged at all have sucked some shorter str8 cocks gagged with each thrust,i’ve had 2 guys cum without touching their dicks while I was fucking them myself I love the curved dicks….Dean

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