Health : A Cure For HIV Within Months

Danish researchers and scientists believe that they will find a cure for HIV within months. They are presently waiting for results of clinical trials where HIV virus is stripped from human DNA and destroyed permanently by the immune system.

The technique consists of releasing the HIV virus from the reservoirs it forms inside DNA to bring it to the surface of the cell. Once at the surface, the body’s natural immune system would destroy the virus through being boosted by a vaccine.

Dr Ole Søgaard, a senior researcher at the Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark says : “I am almost certain that we will be successful in releasing the reservoirs of HIV. The challenge will be getting the patients’ immune system to recognise the virus and destroy it. This depends on the strength and sensitivity of individual immune systems.”

They think that within five years we could see a cure that can be offered on a large scale! That is awsome! Keep it up friends 🙂


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  1. Carlos

    Best news ever, finally something good about the HIV cure after all this time . Happy for my two friends and everyone else around the whole entire world.

  2. Grant

    This is great news, however, this isn’t the first time news like this has come out. There have been several potential cures and vaccines that have failed in trial stages. No one should get their hopes up just yet.

  3. marc

    The headline implies that a cure has been found. It is only a hypothesis at this point. This is irresponsible journalism.

  4. Synn

    If there ever is a cure, I just hope people remember the lessons we’ve learned over the past 30yrs– but I fear that they won’t.

    If so, it’s only a matter of time until something comes along that makes HIV seem like a stroll beneath the cherry trees… and we’re back to the ’80s, all over again. 🙁

  5. Philippe

    That will be a dream come true something I never though he will happen one day
    Maybe we still have hope one day the day light will come to blow away the dark shadow of my life
    Bravo keep it up

  6. David W. Bradburn

    This is incredibly great news and should inspire those of us who are Poz to keep taking our antiretroviral meds without missing a beat. Because the stronger our immune systems are the better they will be able to kill the virus once this new drug releases them from our cells reservoirs. And I’m sure next the researchers will then be able to create a preventive vaccine for all to take to make great strides in ridding the world of HIV!! Thinking positive in a whole new way. And praying that it happens sooner than later.

  7. Brad

    Wow that’s awesome! Aside from saving so many lives and making people well it would also completely change the lives of so many gay men who have experienced social stigma and relationship or dating complications. I had a BF for about a year who was Poz who I loved dearly but it was a constant stresser on our intimacy because he was the top and I was the bottom and both of us really wanted to not have to use condoms and a few times there were slip-ups that finally caused a blow-out between us. I really think things would have gone differently between us had there been a cure because that stress would have never been there. I have met and/or talked to many poz guys who I wanted to date or be with since then but that experience has held me back. This would change EVERYTHING!

  8. Cowboy1442

    Great news. Knew it would be done. Only wish it could have been done years ago and saved so many that we lost to this terrible disease.

  9. NicoSoCoCA

    As much joy that this initially brought to my heart, something darker emerged. I suggest that everyone head over to YouTube and watch some videos about Agenda 21. This vaccine fits the profile of part of the plan. I probably will take my chances and continue on my anti-retrovirals. Creepy.

  10. jace

    humm this would great sadly i havea few freinds who are hiv postiave and stauff that im not andsstuff tha i have lost a lover toehis vrious sadly he no linger alive and stuffbut thisw great if th founda cure for it butothe other hand not nessalry bea good thing casse tehre people there who think that hiv and aids cant hapendor will not happen to them tha they reuseste play safe and bare back well im off

  11. Rickio Anderson

    I really do hope these clinical trials are successful. The wonders of how it will feel to be HIV Negative again.

  12. Steve

    We’ve been hearing this quarterly for over thirty years now. While I remain hopeful of a cure, I see no more cause for celebration regarding this report than for any that preceded it ..

  13. einathens

    this is great, hopeful news.

    however, its success depends on a follow-up vaccine. is there one?

    it also doesn’t stop the virus from being caught or transmitted in the first place, or take into account people being infected, cured and then reinfected.

    what will it cost once it’s available? how will the for-profit pharma industry make money off a one-time shot versus meds you have to take daily until you die, because you’ll die if you don’t take them?

  14. Jason

    I hope this is true but i still want to see /hear alot more info on this & want to know what the CDC & FDA have to say because a statement like this just makes more ppl go out & have unprotected sex thinking that if they become positive so what they’ll be cured within months.

  15. muzyqman

    The chances are that, like with other pernicious diseases, this cure will be buried in the vault of some drug company because it’s more profitable to sell meds to “control” the disease for life than it is to cure it. I bet that the vaults at the big drug companies hold total cures for cancer, diabetes, leukemia and a host of other diseases for which they now can treat for decades without curing because they make more money that way.

  16. silver

    If such a study I going on are there anystudies like that giomg on hear in the U.S. an if not we u.s. participate in one those studies an how .

  17. Zach [CherAlways]

    Something doesn’t sound kosher in Denmark. But all kidding aside, I truly do wish the researchers nothing but success with these trials. A cure for this disease would be amazing and would bring joy to so many lives.

    • blog

      mike: From what I red, it would eradicate the virus totally…If your immune system can kill the virus on top of the cells.

  18. rj

    This is great news. Please remind your readers that this is not a license to be too casual and unsafe. Very often good news about HIV is interpreted as a reason to move ahead with sexual abandon. It is still a terrible disease, and if an individual is one whose immune system does not recognize the virus as a threat, the dilemma continues.


    There’s always been a cure or vaccine for HIV/AIDS. THE ILLUMINATI are just hiding it so poor people in third world countries, and gays can die off. It was made (or further advanced in a laboratory) to kill off certain demographics of people. This is an open secret.

  20. Betty

    Humm, really? Highly unlikely. This article seems very suspicious. There is NO indication the Danes are working on anything like this in any medical journal that I can find.

  21. Ben

    Imagine being able to bareback without worrying of becoming poz. I would try so many new things omg please let this be true!

  22. Shawn

    This is great news. Let’s just hope that big Pharm doesn’t make it so expensive that it’s out of reach for most, or even worse, block it’s release to save their precious profits on treatment drugs.

    It’s sad that we have to think that way at all.

  23. M

    If this pans out, and we must remember there have been similar announcements before, many in fact, it will bring about a new age. It will change society. Look back at how different things were before this plague began. The powerful beginnings of liberation, then this evil struck… This could bring about a great new time of not just freedom from disease, but deeper liberation. The best of the 60’s and early 70’s followed through? Who knows…

  24. Scott

    This sounds great, and I’d love to see a cure for HIV in my lifetime. However, this is all pie in the sky until we see something definitive, so let us not be lulled into a false sense of security. HIV is still a deadly disease so condom up, boys!

  25. Greg

    This is such amazing news. Any progress is a step in the right direction… even the ones that turn out to be “duds”, we can at least rule them out and keep moving forward. Here’s to a cure in my lifetime!

  26. Sjon

    “They think that WITHIN FIVE YEARS we could see a cure .” Hmmm . . . this is “months?” Well, yes, about SIXTY MONTHS.

  27. scott

    who posting here has had to deal with hiv/aids since 1985? well…i have. i dont hope for a cure anymore. been disappointed too many times.

  28. Eduardo

    Guys, please be smart and don’t take this as a definitive solution. Even if this becomes true (a few years from now) and they do find a cure, you still need to protect yourselves now and possibly even after a cure is found. They are talking about a cure not a vaccine that would make you immune, which means that you can become infected repeatedly. Only you can take care of yourself!. Be safe!

  29. Jay

    I pray to God this is true and look forward to the life changing blessing it will be for all of us…those living with HIV, AIDS and the Family and FRIENDS that are affected and effected by HIV/AIDS also!!!

  30. hotbottom44

    As much as i believe a cure will be found at some point, it’s not responsible to put up a headline like u did. nick

  31. Coco Drilo

    I don’t even read news like this anymore. They start in the headline saying that the “cure” is here or around the corner, then the article itself states that the vaccine or cure “might” “could cure if” “has the hope to” “it is expected to” I mean then that is not a cure. They are about to try it; they themselves don’t even know if it works or not. Later, we never hear about the trial or study again pr they let us know massively when it fails, like the article Mike pointed out. I don’t think they should let people know about it until they come up with a successful experiment. It is not fair to play with people’s feelings and hopes.

  32. dan

    The few guys that are complaining, why ? You have yourselves to blame if you ever get an STD. Don’t blame the government. It didn’t force you to have unprotected sex with multiple partners. This disease could go away if people didn’t sleep around so much. I hope they don’t find a cure because then all the other STDs will be spread even faster. They’re already becoming drug resistant and spreading fast. If you guys want to die, shorten your life span or just be sick, by all means do it. This planet needs a cleansing anyways.

  33. Allen

    That is great……until our evil governments decide to make something else to kill off our kind again! HIV is a genetic mutation that some whacked minds who want to play god and have their own agendas to eradicate homosexuals off the face of the planet …and little did they know they would loose control of it and it spread among the heteros….what pathetic fools to think they can wield power over life and death!

  34. Greg

    This is a great thing to hear about. But until the minds of those who are sexually active changes about how they go about protecting themselves during sex, people will continue to become affected. The focus should remain on how to prevent it, not how to get it and get cured from it.

  35. Ralph

    Too much money made on the drugs. And what would the gay men do if there was a cure? Still treat u like a outcast and leper. I know, I have been poz 20 yrs now. The scene is worse then the disease itself. We want all these rights, but when it comes to sex, look out, they will STUMP u like a bug.

  36. Sam Rhymes

    Is this really true and has this been verified? I only pray it’s true and correct…I’ve had enough of this virus personally!

  37. Darryl

    This is great news for all people around the world. So many Men, Women, and Children are dealing with HIV?AIDS. Having the chance to be cured is a wonderful reality. But let’s not all go out and bareback, to your hearts content. Sexually transmitted diseases are still out there. Condom use should be the norm, not the exception.

  38. Patch

    I’m sure that what will happen when the vaccine does cure HIV is that it will also turn us all into flesh eaters and begin the rise of the zombie apocalypse…

  39. Ebuddy

    Even though things like this are said EVERY SINGLE YEAR, I guess all you can do is hope. It’s great that they are making progress. I really hope & pray that there is a cure by 2014. This is effecting so many lives. I’d love to feel happy for the people who suffer everyday. I hope this time it works!

  40. Bufflatino

    Seems like they are always “on brink of” finding a cure… Yet the big pharm Company .. Continue to provide new and improved versions of current meds. That keep people alive and coming back for more meds. A cure??? Hey there’s no $$ in that!?!?…new and improved !!!. Yeah !! Kaching!!!$$.. Sadly enough even if.. (That’s a big if )they find a cure its only a matter of time B4 something else comes along . Good thing that came out of this horrible horrible dease is that it made “some” people a bit more cautious and safe also made people more LTR oriented ..unfortunately at a hefty hefty price..;(…

  41. mdgreg

    Very Nice, but I’ve Heard Many Things Claimed Before, for Many Years. Is There a Rigorous Scientific Study to Back this Up?

  42. David

    Any news that includes the possibility of eradicating this dreadful disease is good news. I know way too many people who live with HIV, and seeing them being liberated from everything that this disease causes them to go through would be a true blessing. Let this be the start of a new experience for the world community in general.

  43. 1badpuppy2

    yes sounds awsome but unfortunately drug companys will never let it happen due to the loss revenue they would take.

  44. Mike

    Great news! Its been far too long! If it does happen, we still need to be resonsible and never forget those we have lost.

  45. Travis

    This could be a medical miracle that i dont belive but @ Dan just because you feel this world need a cleansing just remember when it happen you wont be here.You’re forgetting youre gay and youre not making any babies either.Arrogant fag.

  46. Mitch

    This is great and wonderful news. I hope that it pans out and we finally have a legit cute but hope people do something stupid. I hope that guys don’t go out and start having crazy unprotected sex thing it doesn’t matter cause they will have a cure next year. Almost the same thing with AIDS in the 80’s every was worried but thought no matter we will have a cure in no time. It wasn’t until people were dying and the true devastating nature if HIV was realized that we started to protect our selfs. It would be horrible for people to treat HIV like a common cold on the boosting of a doctor.

  47. Robert

    Delusions of grandeur; unfortunately, the sustainability of HIV/AIDS is in this day and age a fully culpable and financially accessible leisure, to the content of pharmaceutical companies like Bristol-Myers. WAKE UP people! The cure for HIV has already existed for years…. The industry is just smart enough to know that your private insurance or government-backed program is willing to front the bill!

  48. Jay

    Don’t hold your breath just yet. Clinical trials are just that, “trials”. They’re still working to see if this, among many, will work. I don’t mean to be a nay-sayer, but we’ve been down this road before only to have our hope dashed. Let’s wait and see what happens and celebrate the steps that are learned with each and every experiment. Crossing my fingers here.

  49. Angel

    God bless and hat of off all the doctors and scientists researches may hopefully this time works and is not only hopes. my preys are always with you all

  50. DoninFtMyers

    Don’t you think your headline is a bit irresponsible? Really!! As my mama used to say, the proof is in the pudding. Let’s see published results of a definite cure.

  51. james

    To everyone who’s excited about barebacking and not worrying of contracting HIV if this is true; there are other diseases out there so you should still wrap it up! Guys like you have contributed to this HIV epidemic and the spread of other diseases and should be shot…:)

  52. Alex V

    Gotta love gays. “It’ll let us bareback again!” No it won’t you slutty asshats. Did you forget about all of the other diseases you get from skanking around the way so many of you do? You still have to practice safe sex. Using this possible cure as a reason to go back to unsafe sexual practices is immensely irresponsible and an abuse of the medical community. This vaccine, if it ever happens, should go to countries where HIV literally destroys populations, where people can’t afford control drugs. Africa needs the cure so that people stop dying, gays want it so they can stop using condoms. We don’t deserve it. Stop thinking about sex first and think about countries where the virus has decimated their population and society. If you can afford the drugs to control your virus, then you can wait.

  53. Hunter0500

    This is news that brings much hope to the many who are suffering from HIV. The announcement will do wonders in lining up donors willing to financially support the research so they can be part of the profits that will be earned from the promised cure. For certain, too, the treatment will be available in Denmark long long before it even comes up for possible consideration in the US so US residents should contact Dr. Ole Søgaard now to find a doctor to work with in Denmark just as soon as he and his team deliver on the promise of a cure.

  54. fallsguy77

    exciting, but not getting my hopes up — been poz for 27 years, and have heard a similar song before…. that being said, it would be fucking fantastic.

  55. AJ

    Scott — grow the fuck up. If you’re that jaded that you can’t even accept the possibility that this might be a cure, then just fucking give up now and save us your doom and gloom forecast.

    Alex V — exactly! Even if there’s a cure, be safe.

  56. Aeroflight03

    Many of these type of reports appear to be lobbying attempts to gain more funding. These studies require more funding so I am quite pessemistic about premature reports coming out using the words CURE in it. Where there are lots of money at stake, there are lots of scams and half-truths.

  57. Sean

    Don’t get excited so quickly. We all know that HIV can and does mutate quickly in humans, thus creating an unstable virus that is hard to treat. Should this treatment be successful in eradicating the virus from the cells, it would also need to overcome this challenge.

  58. Evan

    Could we all start being a little more optimistic people. Think about how far HIV research has progressed in the last 10 years alone. It is no longer a death sentence as you are all Hastily misled to believe. We are on the forefront of eradicating this Virus and you all are using every pathetic bone in your bodies to try and negate all of their efforts. Shame on You. It amazes me to this day how uneducated most people are about hiv, this so called virus that causes aids. Start educating yourselves and stop pigeon holing people who have this controlled, undetectable Virus in their bodies.

  59. passthebarfbag

    What a waste reading many of these comments.

    The conspiracy posts are among the worst. People all over the world want American pharmaceuticals, especially HIV drugs.

    There is no God? Without God there would be no “masterminds” belching that there is no God.

    Want less R&D on medicines? Tell the government to take over healthcare. Oh yeah, Obamao and friends are already taking care of that.

    To those who say another deadly STD will emerge, that’s probably correct. There is reportedly an incurable strain of gonorrhea showing up in hookers in Japan.

    Screw promiscuity.

    60% of gay porn actors are reportedly POZ now. So hot, so edgy. Let’s see if we can collapse a civil society.

  60. AfricanElephantMouse

    Keep going guys – we sure will get there eventually. I just hope it’s sooner rather than later for som of us.

  61. Dr. Freak

    Even though the process that will lead to a cure, the cure will still take a little while to become widely available. As a doctor, I get lots of calls from my patients asking me for updates. The truth is that there is hope, but a safe, secure and feasible process has to be developed. This is not a magic pill you take and the virus will leave the infected cell. SO please be patient and understand that even though we can affect the virus with a number of different chemicals outside of the body, it doesn’t mean that it works the same inside the body.

  62. Thalvin

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  63. Sophia Andrew

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  64. optimistic one...

    I certainly hope for a cure soon….. but I tend to agree with the guy about BIG PHARMA having the secrets stored in their vaults along with cures for cancer …diabetes …and even heart disease …..THESE people are just TOO GREEDY !!!!

  65. Jai J

    To everyone putting gay people down and saying stupid ignorant statements. First of all. The gay n bi sexuals are NOT the highest percentage of people still contracting HIV N AIDS. Its the straight n bi community who are contracting and transmitting HIV more than the gay community. Its been a very long time since it’s been mostly the gay community contacting and transmitting the virus. That was in the 80’s n early 90’s. The gay community are the ones who know more,about the virus n the few ways of transmitting the virus and also have safe sex the most because you ignorant people who think your not going to get it because ” its suppose tombe a gay diease ” which by the way its not a diease, its a virus. Very different, you guys are the ones who don’t worry about playing safe and are the ones who have the highest percentage of people getting it.

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