Gay Stuff : How Old Are You “Online” ?

Determining your online age isn’t s easy at it seems.  We could all shave a year or two off our profile ages but for the guys over 45 they seem to think shaving 10 years off is not a big deal, it is. Remember, when determining your on-line age, it’s better to be a great looking 40 year old than a bad looking 35 year old. 

I’m all for being who we are.  I’m 48, will be 49 this year.  I’m in good shape, full head of hair, attractive enough but the age thing stops a lot of guys from reaching out.  Or worse, reaching out and telling me I look great from my age, thanks!!

I was reading some profiles when I read one where the guy was looking for guys between 23 and 34.  Ok, I get it, he probably wants someone over 21 so they can at least have a drink out together but the 34 part?  What’s up with that?  How different does a 34 year old look from a 37 year old or a hot 45 year old?

For me, older guys who have their shit together are hot.  They are more relaxed, more confident and know what they want.   

The next time you come across a profile of a guy you like but the age thing is a turn off, set that aside and give the guy a chance, who knows he might be the best fuck you ever had or your long lost soul mate, but remember, the internet subtracts 5 years so add that in.

Thoughts?  Comments?


g skorich aka eastvalleyoral

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  1. AP

    I use my real age. In my opinion, if you lie about your age, you’ll lie about anything. That’s more of a turn off than most other things. Be honest.

  2. Singelguy

    I agree 100%. Unfortunately, our community seems to be very youth and numbers oriented, which is sadly very superficial. Whether we like it or not, the vast majority of people on these sites are just looking for a fast fuck. The criteria is set to achieve that objective. That is just the way it is.

  3. Murrayman

    Soon to be 57. Never lied about age. If a dude does, makes me wonder what else he’s lied about. Honesty is key in any relationship. Heck I’m proud to be my age with the wisdom of life on my side. I’ve been hit on by guys from 21+. Yeah that makes me feel good, of course, but older men seem to have it more together. Age is only a number – attitude and confidence is more important.

  4. Daniel

    If a guy lies about his age, he is telling me right off the bat that he CAN NOT be trusted. Kick the trash to the curb, and move on.


    BORN 8/26/1945.

  6. Orlando guy

    Personally I don’t lie about my age but I see most guys on here do which is very sad cuz sooner or later u meet them n its just embarrassing n dissappointing .its like guys whose same pics I’ve seen on their profiles for the last six years when I see this I only feel pitty for them n dont even reply cuz i feel offended by it . I’m 33 now n I feel better n sexier than when I was in my 20s be mature people leave the lying about ur age to women ps n thanks for addressing this .

  7. DoninFtMyers

    I have always been honest when stating my age and am amazed at the ages stated online by some acquaintances. I mean, misstate your age and one glimpse upon meeting identifies you as a liar. Along the same lines, but far more serious, is a person who lies about his HIV status and sometimes infects unsuspecting partners.

  8. blueblueeyes

    another issue that I run across. Inches, I don’t know what type of measuring tool some of the members are using, and I want to stress that I am not a size freak, but if you say you have 7 and it is 4, don’t you think it will make your potential partner wonder what else you are not honest about? That to me is the biggest turn off and it just make people talk bad about this site and its members. Its bad enough that there are way to many players on here, but guys at least be honest, especially when you know it will come out as soon as you want to take the relationship to a more personal note.

  9. Jay

    I’m a 33 yr old Asian who is attracted to older Caucasian men. I don’t have a problem with men being in their 40’s-50’s. To the author of this article, would you send me your pic?

  10. 4me4you



    Good morning. The subject of your blog is one that I confront daily. This is my first time ever responding to one, too. I am a single, attractive, very healthy, clean, safe, sane, fit, bald, non smoker, non drinker, non drugs, longwinded, TOTAL TOP. I am 60 years old and soon to become 61 next month. I am flattered with comments accusing me of being 40 years old when met in person. I am often flooded with negativity because of my honesty, security and confidence of what I present online. I am often asked what is my secret for staying in such good physical shape. Those who are privilege to know me intimately are surprise of my package, my sexual performances and stamina! I am educated and well traveled as well. I am just blessed like that and continue to improve who I am. It is disappointing when my sexual opposites disregard me because of my age and pass by the “perhaps” the best man that they have never had! I am still here, safe, clean living and enjoying life, making mistakes, learning my lessons form them and move upward and onward! I am ready to share who I am and all that I have with others who are sane, sound and of quality!

  12. Cowboy1442

    Age is also measured in you’re heart. Ist’ll be 50 this summer but I still feel 19. My health is good and I keep active.

  13. Alik

    I am 50 and in a better shape then many of those 20-30 something that think they are God’s gifts. I always publish my real age and think if you really want someone who knows exactly what he want and knows exactly what to do, then you hit me up. If not, your loss not mine 🙂

  14. Alistair2008

    I agree to a point but most guy 40 and up are just pervs and need to settle down with someone and stop being a tramp.

  15. Romoni D'Aubigne

    I always use my correct age. I’m currently 35, yet there’s a guy on here who is STILL 25, even though I was 25 when I joined. My thing is, why lie about your age, dick size, etc. The truth eventually comes out.

  16. southclevebi

    I agree with you! I am 49, and most who meet me think that I am barely 40. I do state in my profile that my stated age is real (49), so the “discount” doesn’t get added back. I am sure, however, that others immediately pass me by when they see the number without bothering to even check out the profile…happy hunting!

  17. Colton

    Never understood why people alter their age for the internet. If someone doesn’t want to talk to me based on my age, totally okay with me. Probably less drama and insecurity I have to deal with.

  18. wamoo

    It’s the same with cock size. You can subtract 1.5 to 2″ from each pic or description. Virtual age and virtual cock size can be anything you want them to be.

  19. Mark

    These days guys who are often in far better shape than the generation of guys who came before. I have recently turned 49 and do things that I doubt my father had any ability or interest to do at this age. I’m in good shape, not bad looking at all, nice build, fuzzy chest, good hard erection but to most I am OLD and don’t get much consideration. Personally I like older men for exactly the reasons you have stated but have found that most older guys want the younger ones. Now I will admit that I like a guy who takes care of himself and not a guy who can’t see past his belly but his age doesn’t tend to be an issue with me.

  20. Ray

    I think I’m the only person who actually tells the truth. I’m 43 and proud of it. If that’s a turn-off, I’m not going to be interested in the guy, so why lie?

  21. TDG

    I don’t go younger than my age and I tend to go no higher than 40. One guy I briefly dated told me he was 29 when he was actually 40; he did look great for his age.

    I agree that older guys are substantially more relaxed, confident, and are almost certain of what they desire (well, the out & proud ones anyway). I prefer older than me because, though this is a cliche thing to state, guys my age tend to have not progressed mentally passed high school; it’s a turnoff and why I remained a virgin until I was out of high school (I had the false hope that everyone automatically matures almost asap; fool’s error).

    Older guys know what they’re doing, are more stable, less confrontational over trivial pointless matters, have adult bodies (yes!), and don’t shy away from passion (this is all relative to the individual as there are older men who desperately attempt to relive their teenage years; I’ve not met a “bad” older guy though).

    It’s tough when they catch serious feelings though; I’m young and, although i don’t aim to whore around, if/when I find the guy of my dreams I’d wanna grow old with him; not him growing old before me.

  22. BearOKC69

    How old was this guy? While there are guys that only want guys significantly younger (legal age to college max), my experience is most guys want someone within 5 to 10 years either side of their own age, so that might explain the odd number range. While I prefer a man around my age, I have been used by guys much older and much younger than me. But then again I am a slut and rarely turn down a hard cock

  23. Robert

    I post my real age, 58, if they think it’s too old, their loss. No, I don’t have an 8 pack and never have but shit happens. I was in a severe car accident a week after my 35th birthday and it was down hill for the next 10 years. After 4 neck surgeries which resulted in being put on disability, weight lifting is out of the question with the rods he had to put in there. Men come in all shapes and sizes but the personality doesn’t change. You could have the greatest body in the world and the personality of a shrew or the body of the Pillsbury Doughboy and be the sweetest – so body type doesn’t always match.

  24. goldenloverinmym

    lies,thats where it starts.i’m 58 and not gonna hide the facts.if u lie about yer age you think no biggie,well next thing u lie about your status u say neg when u r poz,guys tell the TRUTH about everything if u r that shallow n dont like older guys your loss,we r older wiser prob better off with finances.i’ve been around the block a time or 2.i’ve met some fun guys here and met some jerks 2.I’M 58 AND TESTED NEG 1-11-13… take a chance u might get a surprise….DDDD


    If you can’t be honest with your age, well what else are you not honest about? Think about it. A guy who has no qualms with lieing about his age will have no qualms lieing about if he cheated, STD status, availability, etc. That’s how I see it. Why not start out on the right foot? Buck up fellas! Doesn’t matter how many miles on the odometer, but how good a shape the car is in (if you know what I mean). But in the gay world, the maximum odometer reading seems to be 30-35. That’s a whole different story. We gays are so shallow. Now only if I can locate that fountain of youth!

  26. goldenloverinmym

    oh yea onr more thing dont say 8 or 9″ when u have 6″ do u think we wont notice when we get naked.we may not say anything at the time,trust me i notice and will take note of the LIE,SO USE WHAT U GOT and enjoy each other and TELL the TRUTH….DDDD

  27. alwaysb

    Using age limits or ranges for potential dates is smart. The author assumes the only issue involved is how someone looks so he asks a fair question: “how does a 34 year old look different from a 37 year old.” But as someone who has a profound attraction to older men, (I’m 29 and often enjoy men in their 50s), the issue is not about looks. Age differences usually accompany a whole host of social differences as well that make dating difficult. A twenty-something and a forty-something are usually in completely different places in their lives economically, emotionally, professionally, and thus personally. So the while an old man enjoying the eye candy of young meat might feel unfairly left out by age limits, they are pragmatically smart.

  28. dctechie1

    Hey skimmed through the responses and I have to say I was recently put into this situation. First off I am 25 years old and I was looking for a buddy to play around with. This older guy (49) pops up and we meet talk and have very good chemistry. So we are fucking around and having a good time I’d stay over at his place sometimes so we could maximize the fucking :). 2 weeks ago he dropped a bombshell on me he is 59. Now I had issues at 49 because I have aunts and uncles that are that age and I certainly have issues at 59 because my dad is 60. For me it was more about not wanting the idea I was fucking my dad, not into that role play. I have an age cap at about 35 for relationships and mid 40s for just sex because as nice as older men are, there are definitely social norms that come into play also. Anyways I hope this makes sense.

  29. Jay

    I’m a younger college student who has only been attracted to older men. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve messed around with my fair share of people who are younger than me. I typically don’t like going outside of 30. I have younger parents who are 44, so I don’t like the idea of dating someone who is closer in age to my parents than myself. I know me writing in is a bit different than the rest of you because I’m much younger than most of you, just thought I’d give you my perspective on the issue.

    Also, the lying about your age situation happens amongst “college students” as well. There is a guy on my campus who’s been trolling this site at least since I was a freshmen 3 years ago. His age has not changed one bit (he’s still 22) and to my understanding, he has an age insecurity and is somewhere between 28 and 30. I’d much rather a guy be upfront about his age because at least I know that I can trust the rest of our conversation.

  30. Andy

    I’m 24 and I can honestly say the best top I’ve had to this day was 48. And I was 20 at the time. Older guys have their shit together, and more often than not have experience and know how to please a man. If they’re attractive age means nothing.

  31. Griff

    I see the profile of a guy who I used to hang out with from time to time. At the time, he was seven years older than me. Apparently he found something to make himself younger because according to his profile, he is three years younger than me now.

  32. mika

    I tell the truth ,dont assume everyone shaves off 5 years ,that makes me 5 years old . So how about truth ,anyone ever hear of that ?

  33. Matt

    I’m 41. I frequently meet people who don’t believe me (I usually get late 20s, early 30s), so I pull out the driver’s license to prove it. In person, if I never mentioned my age, nobody would seem to care. But online, I believe in being upfront and honest, so I post my age. Guys don’t talk to me, and of those who do, it’s usually a comment about how they’re not into old guys. (Yet my picture is always recent, never retouched and I know guys click to my profile because they see the face.) Go figure.

  34. Bear for Bears

    I am hit on by so many young guys from A4A (currently I am 34yo), but I give each one the same message… “Thanks, but I am into men over 40yo.” Always have been and always will. Lately I have been into men their 50s. Young and thin is a major turn-off!

  35. eastvalleyoral

    thanks for all the great comments. it all boils down to embracing who you are and being happy with who you are!!

  36. DSC

    I’m amazed that some guys shave 10 years off their ages….. as if they could really get away with that. I think we all know better.

  37. Steve

    I never post on these but feel the need too, I love older men, They are more confident and have so much more to offer. They are passionate during sex and and really know how to treat a man. and if a guy is hot hes hot at 21 and hot 50.

  38. dbuckman

    Bull shit. Truth is over rated. While I never lie about my age (69) in real life, my on-line age is 90. Well, that doesn’t work out too well either. I regularly get comments like, “You look great for 90” …not a compliment. However, I do look good for my age. Fact is when I was young, I didn’t like old men and I still don’t. But I no longer want a guy under 35 or 40…or over 59.

  39. Grivet

    Hell! I’m proud of my age which is 62 and will be 63 this year. Far better to look o.k. or even “good” for my age than to pretend to be younger. My first thought when guys lie about their age is “What else are you willing to lie about?” Sadly, it is most often HIV status or that they are married

  40. Vagina

    Some people don’t like admitting how old they are. The gay community seems to be guided by looks. In the minds of some people 40 means wrinkles and since image is everything in this community, it should come as no surprise that anything inclusive of and above that is unacceptable. It doesn’t matter how well put together you are or how good you look for your age. Some men who are 40 and over are asking that only those who are much younger than they are should send them a message. If the 40 year olds don’t want to be with each other, why should anyone else?

  41. k8aa17

    Im honest and I like guys of all ages, when I came out very young i had older friends and dates , it was good to have an older guys perspective, but today younger guys just are rude and crude ” NO OLD ” when in reality if they would have an open mind and no hang up, could see the benefit of the wise, they will be there soon enough, time is mean on some.

  42. Eric

    When I was in my early 20s (around 22) I used to have a sex buddy who told me he was 28. However, I later found out that he was 35. Yeah, he lied to me about his age and probably lied about lots of other things. However, it didn’t matter because we were only sex buddies. I never understood why guys lie about their age online. Well, I understand. They do it because it improves their chances of having sex with a younger guy. Some guys look extremely good for their ages. Some guys look older than their actual age. But at some point, you can’t lie and say that you’re 28 when you’re actually 48. No guy will ever look that young. 🙂

  43. bucknaked13

    Instead of lying about age, we should be addressing the issue of ageism in society, and the gay community. The truth of the matter is society is youth driven. Gay men are also youth and “looks” driven. While it is wrong to do, most lie about their age in order to get laid as they know the older they are, the less likely they are to meet someone. Even those in the same age group have a tendency for younger. A lot of under 30 guys make it clear in their profiles that they do not desire older guys unless they are willing to “give” them something. But, in the end, it is better to be honest and accept the possible rejection than to lie and be discovered later.

  44. KaimukiMan

    I am honest, but anyone who admits to being over 50 has to expect a 80% drop in attention. I’ve tried it. Same profile, same pics. At age listed 48 I get 4-8 hits an hour. At age listed 51 I get 1 hit every 4 hours.

  45. Jon

    I agree. Lets face it the online thing really can bite ya in the arse. lolo. I have been dating a 22 year old for 7 months, good thing I told my real age (63! his dad thought I was in my late 40s….I wish.) The point it our so called gay community has a number of hang ups when dating another gay man…age, height, race oh and lets not forget weight.
    When I was in my 20s I always dated much older men, like the author stated, they were always together and no drama.

  46. Scifighter

    I’m glad to see this topic here. I’m 39 and I had a 23yo ask me if I still could have sex at my age. And I thought It was quite funny because most of the young ppl that I meet don’t know what the hell they are doing in the bed which isn’t a real big deal to me me I told him that everyone has to learn at some time. But all that aside I try to stay away from profiles that have any age, race or look restrictions. I think those are the people that miss out on life. But that is just my opinion.

  47. george


  48. bimatt4334

    Not everyone “lies” about their age. I am 50 and that is that! I try to be up front, but yes I am getting intollerant of others who wont even chat or answer a simple email question because of age. WORSE yet are the ones who will “block” you because you’ve tried to contact them with NO response from them except to block you. Were you that offended? Really? This is a site to meet others for relationships/sex right?
    Get real!

  49. Mical65

    I am amazed at the amount of people who use 20 year old photos , subtract 15 years from their age and would not consider a date with someone the same age as they are .

  50. will4you

    Good Post! I have no problem with older men. I actually prefer older men than ones around my age and I’m 24. They are passionate and less dramatic. The only turn off is when they lie about age and appear to look a lot more different than the pictures they had up. I actually met a guy that said he was 37, I invited him over and was a great looking guy, good in bed, and had a sexy voice. After we finished He told me that he was really 50 years old. I immediately was turned off and I was disappointed in a way. I didnt meet up again just because he lied. Age is nothing but a number, be yourself!

  51. jace

    age is jsut nuber for aloo yuo sueor ficka assses out there sadly most older gay men nio all but msot dont take careof them self the lets them selfs go thathy got old and fat and out shore and stop careing that imy self im liite gaere but look like imabout 25 yu never guys m aculty age andstuf case i look much inger themi really and stuf stiff that itned giy giys any where from 21 to 50 but if there inthere50’s then the need to look good to be with me jace

  52. Youngin

    I will comment from 25 year old’s perspective. It isn’t that older men can’t be attractive but personally I want to be with someone closer to my age give or take 5 years. Yes, some 45 year old’s look good and good for their age, but I don’t want to be with a guy 20 years older than myself. If we compare it to straight people would we expect 25 year old women and men to date and marry people twice them in age or comment that they should give them the benefit of the doubt? No. It’s all a preference. Just like some 45 year old men want 20 year old guys. But lying about your age doesn’t make sense. By saying you’re 35 when you’re 45 and look it, lying about your age won’t all of a sudden make you desirable. People have preferences lets just accept them and be honest.

  53. Chadwick

    I use my real age in my profile, I am very confident man at 53, I like how I look, how my body looks and I am comfortable in my own skin. I get a lot of comments saying “Wow you look great for 53”, I take it as a compliment and reply with a thanks.

    The ones that confuse me are the messages (Normally from people whose profiles say “No one over 35”) saying they will make an exception for me. I say no thanks no need to make an exception. Or the ones from people who are 30 years old, but dont want anyone over 33, really?

    I guess age is a state of mind, and I like the state that I am in.

  54. cockoholic

    I naturally look very young for my age — people think I’m early-30s or even late-20s when I’m actually 44. So my fake age online of 38 splits the difference between my actual age and the age I look. I want to find someone compatible who doesn’t look/feel/act way older than me or way younger than me. Actual age means little. And I tell people very quickly my actual age — usually when they make a comment that I look young for 38. I agree about the dick size nonsense — I subtract 1.5 from everyone’s reported length, and that way I’m not disappointed.

  55. cranky

    It seems that either only people that are honest about their age are responding to this article, or some of us aren’t telling the full truth about how we really handle ourselves.

    I admit to having two different standards:
    The craiglist standard, and then everything other than that.

    I never lie about anything in my profiles on sites like a4a, manhunt, etc. I consider them to be there for the possibility of getting to know one another; not just for hook ups. Pics and stats are always current.
    Then there’s craigslist.

    It’s solely for hookups, no one seems to want to know anything about anyone. And if i tell my real age (50) no one EVER responds. So, yeah, i’ll lie, but only about age; never about anything else; including sending outdated photos.

    Do i feel bad about it? Only slightly.
    But if we hit it off and a second hookup / date is in the plans, the first thing i do is come clean with the age. It’s never changed anyone’s mind; but more than a few have admitted they wouldn’t respond to an ad from a 50 year old.

    And in response to the post from Alistair2008, who said:

    “I agree to a point but most guy 40 and up are just pervs and need to settle down with someone and stop being a tramp.”

    That has got to be one of the most idiotic things i’ve read in awhile. After a certain age, our sexual desires somehow are not normal and healthy, but become perverted? Now were just tramps and not some hot guy you just slept with?

    YOU are part of the problem, Alistair2008; no wonder people feel the need to lie.

  56. Jay

    One thing that also bugs me is when guys put an obviously false age that they think is clever (usually 69, 90 or 99) to hide their actual age. I always politely respond that while I love older men, ____ is out of my age range. 🙂

  57. RealAge56

    I have run into a lot of guys who lie about their age and it’s very sad. When you lie about your age and post your picture, your not fooling anyone. You do look older than what you say. If your on one of the mature sites, this practice is very rampant among the much older men. I have been blessed in that I look younger than my age. Some guys have accused me of lying as well and posting an old picture. I have met young guys who like mature guys on A4A and it pays to be honest because that is what they want anyway. I agree if you see someone lying about their age, what else are they lying about?
    It’s a real turnoff.

    As for how to look younger than your age, the best advice I can give is that if you abuse drugs, alcohol and smoking it will catch up with you when your older in your appearance. I think that is why a lot of gay men over 40 look a wreak.
    My favorite is people who use different ages on different sites, but use the same pictures! Again, your not fooling anyone having different ages on different sites.

  58. Hunter0500

    My age is what it is. Age doesn’t matter. You can be hot and 24 and be a total ass and terrible on the workbench. You can 74 and an ass, as well.

    I’m more concerned with connecting with quality men repeatedly over years for good man to man fun. I’ve got buds in the 20s and buds in their 60s. People constantly tell me I look 10 years younger than I am. Even with that, I’ve got no reason to lie. And wouldn’t want to lose a quality guy because I did.

  59. rubirosa

    I know that Adam 4 Adam does not automatically update our ages yearly. It’s amazing how many guys have been 42 for over 7 years.
    I’m proud about my age and I update it each year. Can’t say the same for others.
    What’s the big deal anyway?

  60. Jeff

    lol…I am as old or young as I want to be…its all about fucking n cuming…most of the guys u fuck with on line you will NEVER meet…so I don’t care…those I do meet lied about their age as well…I always say up front if we meet and you don’t like, say goodbye…its kewl…well have NEVER had it happen…and I have fucked a lot of bottombois…19 to mid 40’s…truthful gay?…oxymoron bullshit

  61. Savguy77

    I never understood why people lie about their age online. We are who we are, we are going to age and nothing can change that. I think a lot of guys, especially younger guys, have an “age max” and as we get older we may have a “age minimum” and a “age max.” For some it may be a preference, they may not want to date someone as old as their parents, for others they may not want to date someone who reminds them of the “immature child” they once were, or it may simply be that guys within a certain age range typically do have more in common with each other than guys outside of that range.

    Whatever the reason, I have always had a “Live and let live” attitude. We are not all going to be into the same things, we are not all going to want each other, for what ever reason, and that is actually a good thing. If we were all interested in the same things, wanted the same people and just gave into whom ever wanted us then this would all be kind of boring… It takes all kinds to make the world go ’round. Our differences it what makes us unique and they make life interesting. Imagine how boring life would be otherwise.

  62. Chris

    When I first started trying online sites like a4a to meet guys I found that most guys did not tell the truth about their age. It seemed like if they said they were 45 they were really 55 or 65. So I felt like I had to age adjust for these sites – putting down the age I looked like.

    It is sad when it is so bad that we automatically assume that if they say 45 – add 10 years.

    But this gets right back to a previous post about using recent profile pics.

  63. jake

    I know the hottest guy. He’s 33 but says he’s 31… I’m 22 and I have older guys turn me down for not being old enough so grass ain’t greener

  64. Makemehappier

    I always use my real age. I just wish the younger guys would give us a chance. I don’t look near my age, but when they see the “number,” many don’t even try.

  65. Older guys are nice

    In 27 I love an older guy but I laugh at the ones who lie about their age to try and impress me. Older athletic bear types are my fav but never see any. Most older in my town are like 70 claiming they are 30-40

  66. hiphoptherobot

    Lying about your age just seems like a lack of character. I would never lie about my age, but it annoys me that a lot of my older friends are now posting ages younger than me. All the time I get people telling me I look too young to be thirty. No, I look thirty, but all the other “thirty year olds” on here are pushing fifty.

  67. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE $$$$$$$

    I only date older daddy types. They have by far more wealth than men of my age (20’s). I’ve had some offer to leave me their estate when they die. Now only if gay marriage is passed here in California, can our union be legally recognized. And by our union being recognized I’ll be entitled to his retirement benefits. Over $1,000,000 in the bank plus hidden assets isn’t too shabby if you think about it. I love my daddy’s.

  68. Rico

    Lol I’m 28 online and 28 real life. I am always assumed to be younger though, but even so I tell people my real age. I think it’s more so the older guys who look rough that have to fake their age or wish they were younger. I would rather be 40 saying I’m 40 but looking like I’m 25 lol.

  69. exmil67

    I am not ashamed of my age my real age is 45. the cool thing is I get complimented a lot for looking as good as I do and my primary group that has interest in me is guy in thier 20s. I work hard for what I’ve got and I’m not ashamed to say it.

  70. Armani

    I think it’s up to the person to decide and regraless of hot or NOT being young and fucking dating or anything with someone your dads or grandfather age isn’t everyones cup a tea . So in other words NO you do Nor have to give someone a chance if there twice your age plus. Older guys should know that you may have been hot and maybe still is but everyone will not be into you abs that’s rather your old or just a reg HOT guy but remember u can’t call yourself hot only we can so what you think is only what you think not everyone else thank you 😉

  71. garconrudy

    I’m 21 (22 this month) and can’t stand guys my age or in their 20s (you understand). I am an old soul and not afraid to say I’m attracted to older men in their early to mid-30s. I just don’t want to be anybody’s babysitter and guys in my age group just come with so many strings and drama.

  72. The Professor

    The less specific, personally identifiable information out on the web, the better. Acknowledging the 21st century’s complicated notions of privacy, I would recommend shaving off or adding a few years to your age just to thwart information collectors. Skorich’s point is well taken; there is not a practical difference between a 34 year old and a 37 year old man. Anyone who would be distressed by such a ruse doesn’t have much of a handle on things. Such an age differential is not a lie, but a barrier of protection. The lie comes when guys are truly misrepresenting or, even sadder, when a guy thinks that he comes across as 32, when he is in fact, 62; it is notoriously difficult to escape one’s own time and culture. Truly, to expect a completely transparent and glaring honesty in the digital sphere is naïve, foolish, and dangerous.

  73. Edgar_Truth

    I’m neither for it or against it. I think it’s bad that many in the “community” are so obsessed with youth and beauty, but hell the rest of the world does the same thing.

  74. G90814

    Some of you guys are missing the point, or drifting… this isn’t about age, or age preferences…

    It’s about LYING about your age, or being so rude as to put your age at 90, or 99, or 101 when it’s obvious you aren’t quite that old.

    If you have to lie about your real age, then you are more likely to lie about anything else. It’s just plain dishonest.

    I’m 50, proud of it, and even if I wasn’t, there’s nothing I can do about it. I’ve earned every one of my gray hairs, and feel glad that there are some out there who appreciate it, and my advanced years of wisdom 🙂

  75. GrandRapidsMIMan

    From my 46yo point of view telling the truth in the community has not always been one of our strong suits. Age, cock size or if we have a BF, if we’re looking for sex we want what we want and nothing’s going to stand in our way. I’ve had to face reality that weather I’m on A4A, CL or any site the majority are there for a hookup and I’ve been guilty of that behavior until now. I’m the age I am and there’s not thing one that can be done about it. I can say this I’m passionate in bed, I take my time to enjoy my lover and maximize the pleasure for the both of us. I watch my partner for when he’s having the most pleasure and I do those things for him over and over. I don’t know very many older guys let alone younger that have sex this way, I know I’ve been with them.

  76. Richard

    I think it’s probably natural for us older guys to like
    younger dudes, to find them sexually attractive. Some
    young guys like older men (are we more experienced? Sexy?),
    but most don’t (what’s up with THAT?). I’ve always supplied
    my real age, so I stand on my merits (or faults), but I know
    guys who’ve “re-stated” their ages.

  77. Wooofer here on Adam

    56 here and “did” lie about my age in the beginning. The “beginning” for me was age 40, the first time I touched a guy because of the internet. I picked the age that everyone thinks I am, which is consistently 7 years younger. I figured who cares, it’s only about sex. So I met people an no one ever questioned me….. but…… I started liking some people I was meeting. All of a sudden I had to deal with the inconvenient truth. Most didn’t care or were just slightly pissed. But a few were extremely upset, because here they were starting to like me, and suddenly they find that I am not who I said I was. I destroyed a couple budding friendships, because they would not forgive at all. So about 10 years ago I started using my real age. Of course far less people will talk to me, but I don’t like dealing with inconvenient truths.

  78. Andrew

    I don’t have a problem posting my accurate age. I’m more offended by the young guys who feel that they have to be downright hateful towards older me in the wording of their profiles. Keep in mind, young whippersnappers, you’re not going to be young and beautiful forever. You should hope that in your older years you are treated better than you treat your elders, and pray that you don’t find yourself older and alone. Karma is a bitch, boys.

    I’ve just turned 49 and am finding it very difficult to be alone.

  79. Andrew

    I would add this caveat for the younger guys: it’s doesn’t bother me that you’re not interested in older men – that’s certainly alright. Just don’t be a bitch about it! (BTW… that was supposed to be “older men”, not “older me” in my first post! lol)

  80. fred

    My partner and I are 16 years apart. Does age affect us?, not at all! I feel younger being around him! And he’s an “old soul”, mature for his age. But the gay culture seems to have an age hangup. Seemed like a guy in his 20’s was great. In your 30’s, start looking to AARP. 40’s better be checking into nursing home. And 50, ha, find a cemetery! Well guess what! I am beyond cemetery age by gay standards and never felt better! All I can say is, wait long enough, you’ll catch up!

  81. railman

    My profile states: “real 51, not internet 51, where 8 to 12 years are shaved off”

    Also when guys lie about their age it does not make them more appealing. Someone who is 50 stating they are 38… they don’t look 38, what they look is really, really tired and haggard for the age they are trying to portray.
    If I’m too old then they are probably too young to too immature no matter what the age.
    One more thing… how many of the guys pretending to be younger and always “looking for younger”.. how many guys 20-30 years older were they looking for when they were in their 20s ??

    Also, the dating issue… what happens when you finally get too old for the younger ones??
    Just my thoughts. : )

  82. Darryl

    I use my real age when i’am a4a. I don’t feel the need to lie about it, knowing when someone meets me, they’ll say you don’t look 51. I try to stay active and workout just for my own health, and if someone thinks i look good then i’am good with that. I’am not hung up on age, it’s all about the chemistry you have with someone. And for the guys who thinks that anyone over 40 is old, well guess what you’ll get there then you’ll know what it feels like. And yes older guys do have their shit together, since we don’t have to pretend that we’re this or that. There’s something to be said about expirence.

  83. Ray tom

    Just want to disagree with those who say that those who lie about age will lie about other things–NOT TRUE!!! I subtract 10 years from mine but thats the ONLY thing i ever lie about. I am in my late fifties and I still feel like 18. I workout and bodybuilding aspirant. People who know me say I look damn good for my age. Most importantly, I HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON with those over 30. While I have learned life’s lessons, yet I speak the same language, go to the same rock concerts, etc. Some whom i have tricked with told me that if a person was olde than my online age the wouldnot go out . In other words if I gave my actual age I would have lost a trick. NOTICE the difference between a “trick” and a LTR. If I were looking for a ltr, thats totally different.Thats the place to show true age, and all your faults etc. For the most part this is a hook up site NOT E-HARMONY!!!! That is not to say there is anything wrong in dating on this site and many say explicitly “dating” only. Yes, I agree with the writer who said ttry older, you may experience experienced sex! I close by saying–One day you too will be over 30 !!

  84. gearjammer73

    39 n 40 in Sept…..I look much younger but would rathet be great at 39 then a haggered 29……young guys do it to….tons of 17 year olds say they re 21….

  85. August

    I’m 24 years old and have never had a second thought of dating older men. But it’s when they lie about their ages is whats irks me. Last summer I met this guy, and he seemed like a great catch; he told me he was 42 and was getting back into the dating game.

    We had a few dates and things went well. We decided to go away for a weekend and as he told me things weren’t making sense chronologically. He then mentioned, “When I was your age I would never date a guy my age.” So I asked him, how old he was exactly. He told me 51! I was so disgusted with him. He should not have believed I’d have been so shallow to ignore him because he of his age.

    Honesty is a major priority, and for being so old he should have been wise enough to know that.

  86. Mark

    The unfortunate reality is that many men will screen you out if you’re above a certain age. If I show an accurate photo of my appearance then my age is honestly not relevant to someone I am meeting for a hookup. If something more is desired then I have no compunction about giving my correct age.

  87. hitmeup

    You have to lie a little bit for your age when you want to get a hookup. Otherwise your chance just go down to close to zero…..It just a number, don’t take it so seriously. this is a hook up site, sadly honest does not get you too far.

  88. Steve

    I’m “49” in my profile and have been for a couple years now. I acknowledge that I won’t be able to get away with that forever; indeed, I’ve gone instantly from 42 to 45, 47 to 49, etc.

    But with those jumps came a corresponding decrease in contact; I know that when I update to 52 that’s going to be pretty much mark the last chat I have on A4A.

    But, whether anyone chooses to believe it or not, I’m scrupulously honest about everything else in my profile (weight, cock size, etc.) … maybe because I know I’m cheating on the age a bit.

    But, c’mon, the guys on here who post things like “no old (>35) creepy dudes” only reinforce the behavior!

  89. cranky

    A lot interesting posts from guys that say that they NEVER lie about their age.
    How about a few more from guys that admit they DO?
    Sorry, but it’s a VAST number of men, in my experience.
    As for the popular notion that if a man will lie about his age, then he’ll lie about ANYTHING… not the case for me. Age is the only thing i’ll lie about; and only for a one-time anonymous hookup on craigslist. And only a believable age. Like some of you have noted, some of us are lucky enough to look damn younger than our actual ages. And i wont attribute it to any superhuman personal discipline on my part… ive just been fortunate in the DNA lottery… i know it wont last forever.
    So come on guys; let’s hear more from those of us that stretch the truth… and why we do.

  90. Josh

    I never lie about my age, I’m 22 and am currently in an open relationship with a 31 yo and he is great, we are honest and all, i like older men, and not afraid to say so, but if they lie about their age than they won’t meet me and i won’t speak to them, i can tell when someone is lying in many different ways, liars are not the kind of people i wanna meet, people want what they want there is no changing that, i know that i’m not the best at this kinda thing but there i have said what i have to say

  91. Esteban

    Sorry to offend some but i do indicate the age of who i m looking for. Its because of an experienced from a creepy older man than i am. I’m not saying all of them older males are creepy . But because of that bad experienced i’m pretty cautious now.So please try not to judge us who does the age thing right away.

  92. Joe

    When I first started talking to people (them) and others, they were all around the same age as I was when I was 26 years old…thats been 11 years ago and they suprisingly enough are still 26 but I am 37..hmmmm….I have called them out on it on several occassions and suddenly they don’t even know who I am anymore..the funny thing is, they look years older than I do and still try to pass it off as being in their 20’s, they look horrible…Fortunately, I still look 26 BUT I use my real age, which is 37, I have nothing to hide, if you don’t like me because of my age then FUCK OFF there are plenty more out there that don’t give 2 SHITS…age is what you make it, and to think that 37 is old WTF, you will soon be there too! Why people are hung up on age, and some even get embaressed over it, you people don’t even need to leave the house nor get out of the bed in the mornings, you might as well just lay there and die and get it over with, they should just hang it up because it is irreversible. I think I look good and I know I feel good at 37 I mean come on 37 is young, I will continue to age gracefully and love every minute of it. I telly you what, I am not in to much older men but I have seen some HOT AS FUCK 50 year old men out there, great I mean absolutely fantastic muscular bodies on them, that would make you turn your heads twice. I could only dream of looking that great at that age regardless of good genes.

  93. Latinlust69

    I post like 10 off my actual, but I here that I look
    Younger than that. I like and want a younger guy,
    But so what? If a dude is 50 and looks 30, cool.
    It’s the interaction which is a turn on for me, not
    The vintage.

  94. Clarkroddick

    I agree with the other post. I’m 22 and will be 23 this year. I don’t like guys who lie. I had a guy tell me he was 29 and turned out to be probably 65. I wish I was joking about that one but truth glad I met him at the bar. I am attracted to older guys bc they know how to satisfy but I haven’t really found a decent one yet. I also don’t like too old bc there a limit. Can’t be older than my parents, just weird I guess.

  95. omar espinosa

    everyone thinks im in my early 20’s

    im 34 and will be 35 at the end of june…

    people are always shocked.

    alot of young guys are into me because they think im super-smart, NAH, im just old and DID IT ALL B4.

    It is very very annoying to look so young that people dont believe your life stories, or your work history and you have to whip out your ID or passport.

    Im also mixed ethnicity and mixed euro, i end up looking greek, macadonian, italian, mexican, iranian, iraqi,(arab/persian) eastern euro, turk or sometimes Filipino…

    I get gas station indians and arabs to talk to me in their language and they get offended/annoyed when i dont reply back to them.

    Im too white for the ethnic-trophy hunter racist types AND YES trophy hunting based on race IS racist. Im too white for the “sticky” types who will only date within their race.

    So i look VERY YOUNG, i look mixed ethnic and NO ONE wants me, for me.

    Im 34 nearly 35, and i havnt had a date in over 10 years and i have never had a lover/bf.

    Gay men are racist, and fickle.

    Never out smart, out think or out do a doctor or lawyer if you want to keep those smarmy-kunt types either. Gay docs and lawyers tend to have the biggest egos and dont like pretty faces that have brains and a knowledge base greater then them !

    If you look pretty and muscle bound, shut your mouth fellas and just smile, act friendly never argue, and submit, thats what a lot of rich, or professional gay guys want..

  96. Tony

    I use my real age but hate using my age because i do not look my age and i get questioned if i am older than what i say i am. I could pass for 35 year old but in reality i’m actually in my early 20’s. Between my maturity level and facial hair i can pass as older. I tend to get stuck, do i lie and say i am older and disappoint guys when they find out i am actually younger or do i keep my age as is and just deal with the questions of being older.

  97. omar espinosa

    It dosnt matter if you live in sydney, london, chicago, sf, houston, dallas, indy, birmingham… The negative assessment and commentary, what i said above holds true. (( all places i have lived for at least 6 months and as long as 5 years)

    F’ing sad.

  98. marlon

    hey first time posting here and i gotta say this is a very good topic. I totally agree on tellin ur rite age n info on ur profile rite from da very start. To me age is jus a number its da personality dat counts u know guys. keepin in relatively good shape is an added plus bt u dnt av to be a gym rat tho lol. all ages are fine by me heck im gonna be 25 next month. :-)!u guys can give me a shout n tell me ur views of my post Ikari is my username

  99. Brad

    For supposedly older men, some of you queens need to grow up. I can tell you from my own experiences as a man of color that nobody is obligated to find you attractive. Just because you’re not someone’s cup of tea doesn’t speak lowly of them or you. Just move on and find someone who does appreciate you.

    I’m 28, and 10 years older has always been the peak of my comfort zone. It has nothing to do with physical attraction (I’ve met plenty of hot guys in their 40’s and 50’s), and everything to do with having shared interests and experiences. I enjoy video games, animation, comics, trading cards games, roleplaying, etc., and I’d be quite insulted if he wrote it all off as “kid’s stuff”. And even if we have the same hobbies, the fact remains that we’re in different stages of life. He probably owns his home and is thinking of when and how he wants to retire, while I’m still getting my career off the ground and making my way through life. I’m still attached to the idea of journeying through life with someone. If you’re already settled, that kinda takes the fun out of it.

    And quite frankly, I have to question the motives of someone who’s always chasing younger guys. I’m reminded of my older brother who only dates 19-year-old bimbos because he can’t make it with a woman his own age. Saying I’m shallow for turning down a guy twice my age is extremely hypocritical if he was thinking with his dick in the first place.

  100. Brad

    Oh, I guess I did get off topic, didn’t I? Yeah, if someone lies about his age, that’s a dealbreaker. One could argue that A4A doesn’t automatically update people’s ages, but if you haven’t touched your profile–let alone updated your pics–in 4+ years, you’re not helping matters any.

  101. amerrycon

    I’ll be the big 40 this month (still trying to get used to that).why lie bought it or my dick size? The way I see it is,I’m me if you want to spend time with me let it be for me the real me which is what & who I am.

  102. marlon

    age is just a number ! so we should all live life to the fullest! to me older men are the hottest n kindest guys to know!

  103. John

    I found a long time ago it does not pay to lie period even about your age, because age is written on person’s body, this July I will be 72.a few months ago I had a sex meeting with real nice guy that was 26 and to my surprise he had on his profile he was looking for men over 60.

    If someone puts in profile” no one over 35″ or something to that effect I just move on, I found there are a lot of younger that like older men and that is great.

  104. Tristan

    I’m always up-front about my age (I turned 60 last fall). What’s the point in trying to pass myself off for what I’m not? Besides, if the other guy relents and agrees to meet up ‘despite’ my age, he’s generally pleasantly surprised, maybe because if I say I’m 60, he assumes I’m really 65+, which is simply not the case. And by the way, I’ve been with some really hot 65 year olds 😉

  105. Sing2907

    Confidence is sexy. What else should I say to make it clear as day?
    Now, I find men that are on their 40s and early 50s can be sexy and have no issue with their sex drive. But as one of the comments above said, when it comes to date an older guy there are lots more come into play compared to otherwise. It does turn lots of heads and brings up lots of questions which I can personally deal well with. But the only thing that stops me the most for having an LTR with much more older guy is that his chance of passing away first is higher than mine (assume we all live healthy life and all and none get hit by the bus in the middle of the road). By that time, I will be on my 50s or 60s and assume I live until my 90s, I will most likely to spend my 30 years alone (unless the cycle continues: find a younger guy to date or get to catch same age guy to date). Now my apologies to all the older men by saying this but at times it is not just a number

  106. Lp

    I post my Online age is 90. I do that, because, if you’re going to judge me for my age I’m going to make sure that it’s way out there. I’m not looking to marry anyone and my age shouldn’t be an issue for fucking. It should be whether you think I’m sexy and how our interpersonal chemistry reacts.

  107. Michael

    I am a proud 47 here and prefer men my age and older for intimate relations and relationships. As a bottom man, I want a man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to take it or make me tend to his needs!

  108. Dylan

    What’s in a number? I used to be a “under 40” kinda guy when I was younger. Than one day I went to my favorite Glory Hole, I was so fuckin horned up. The place was dead. I said to myself, the next guy to come in to the booth next to me is suckin’ this cock. Moments later I could see the light next to my booth went out and I just stuck it through the hole. I had received the most amazing, toe curling head I have ever received. He swallowed every drop and came back for more. He than took the second load an never stopped. Never even took his mouth off my cock once. We both exited at the same time and chatted in the parking lot. He told me he was 54. He gave me his number and we meet all the time. I told a friend about it an he was repulsed by the fact this guy was older than my dad. I didn’t care all I know is I get the most amazing head anytime I want it…just a phone call away. I pride myself on the way i suck cock and never ha a complaint, an being able to deep throat is something I learned from this guy I met in a booth. He is my teacher! For the younger guys out there with “under 35” in your profile….you don’t know what you are missing. Experience is an amazing teacher.

    Read Andy’s post!!! He knows.

  109. Vince

    I have never understood why anyone would lie about their age, HIV status, or anything else for that matter. I am married to a woman. I am bi. I do cheat on her with men (and other women)and she has no idea. Frankly if she would have sex I would not cheat. But she has decided that at 40 she no longer wants sex. Too bad for her as I do, a lot 🙂

  110. Mark

    There’s a guy in my city that is approaching 50 but lists, and has listed for the past few years, his age on here as 37. Another guy is past 50 but lists his age as 39. I just saw a profile this morning that went from 48 yesterday to 41 today. Sad but true: there are very few profiles that can be trusted for accuracy, which, when HIV status is involved, is very troubling.

    I agree with Andrew above: younger guys need to get over themselves. There’s a reason why all of those Hollywood people go under the knife: it’s called aging, it’s a bitch, and, yes, my dear vapid A-and-F wannabe, it’s going to happen to YOU, too. (Personally I would rather date a fit guy in his 40s ANY day over a magazine-cover 20-something).

  111. Patrick

    This is not necessary on topic, but I have noticed that older men (40-60) seem to look specifically for the younger guys. As a man of 45, I love getting with guys my own age. The sex is better in most cases. They understand foreplay and how important it is to the whole sexual experience. Let the younger guys play with each other and us older guys lets make love to one another. Stop discriminating against your own age group. Nothing wrong with the younger guys, but open yourself up to all. My best experiences have been with guys in their 50’s. So much passion in these guys.

  112. Ron9

    (This turned out to be way too long, but bear with me.)
    I’m 61 and don’t hide it. I’ve spent the past 40+ years working in radio, recording and rock production, almost always with people half my age, and I am able to relate to them easily. Most people guess I’m late-40s to early-50s, in both my pictures (current) and in person.
    In fairness, you don’t see the bald spot in my pictures, and no one’s ever said anything about it. Thanks to prostate surgery four years ago, I no longer ejaculate when I cum (technically I do – and god knows it’s intense – but nothing comes out). And yes, I’ve had both knees replaced, but beyond a small scar, you’d never know it.
    And you know what? I’m ok with all that, and so are the guys I meet. Those guys range from 18 to 35 and up.
    A year ago, I was laid off after 31 years with one company, and I decided to effectively retire. The layoff came a few weeks after the second knee replacement, and I began gaining weight long before I could do anything about it. Yes, I’m working on it, but there’s still a very visible 30 pounds to go (and it will). And guess what? The same several fuckbuddies still come around as often as before!
    The reality is, my strength is more personality than stats, so while I wish people would give me a chance, I accept the fact that they instead use my stats as the deciding criteria. Yes, it can be frustrating, bur I’d rather be liked for who I am than for who I claim to be.
    Sorry this is so long, but thank you for the chance to get it out for once.

  113. IRME2U

    Just because there is snow on the roof doesn’t mean there isn’t a fire in the fire place. Age is a permanent part of life no matter how much you nip, tuck, color, or dress…….Age doesn’t define us, We define us..And we aren’t older, we are Mature, and I am only 26, I mean 32, or is that 40…oh, now I remember, I’m 57 and PROUD.

  114. Pat

    i use my real age (59) and talk to men on a4a all the time.


    i can count the number of men i’ve met ,in person, on one hand. part of that is my age, my interest in interracial relationships and other factors.

    moreover, i understand the more conditions one insists on the smaller the demographic gene pool becomes.

    in my case, for instance, i dig black, younger, top, uncut, cute, sexy, masculine, brain surgeon who loves trolls and giving foot massages as my perfect man which means my available list of men is limited to THREE, WORLD WIDE…and i already was with one of them for ten years.

    i will admit; way to many men my age have left the planet for parts unknown which adds to the limitations of meeting mister right.

    after it’s all said and done this is what i got…a lot of time to think about being in a relationship with the perfect dude…

    but telling someone online i’m 45, 49, even 55 is lying. haven’t we, as gay men, had to lie enough in our lives without lying to each other?

  115. muzyqman

    I ALWAYS use my correct age. I’m 62 and proud of living this long, helping to raise my friend’s three children, owning my own business, having had great lovers and great one-nighters, and still being HIV-. While I started losing my hair in my 30s, I have shaved the top for the last 15+ years so nobody knows how much fell out on its own. And my face is almost UNwrinkled. I’m convinced that’s because I never worried about getting older or having wrinkles. I always figure when a guy’s profile says he’s 27 and his picture says he’s 34, he’s probably lying about other things as well. And a liar is the last thing I need in my life. The truth is always better, even when it’s an inconvenient truth.

  116. Steve

    Age VS. Eligibility is very big stigma for guys and an issue on first time meetings . To often we get shut down on opportunity to be discovered for that who we really are and what we may actually have to share with another , maybe no more than an understanding genuine frendship . We are initially excluded because of our age . Older age is like an unwanted scar , we hide or disguise so that it doesn’t become our focus and that others can see past it to the real that we have to offer .

  117. Will

    This is a problem you encounter when your interest and interactions with other people are based solely on superficial aspects of a person.
    Also, how often do i come across profiles of men well into their 40s, 50s or 60s who’s will only talk to boys in their late teens early twenties…. the superficial agism, racism, classism ect…. comes from all angles.
    I think AP got in right in the first response to this blog: if you lie on your profile, you are an internet deceiver, and when it comes to sex and relationships, trust is paramount.
    don’t lie.

  118. Jonnieboy1966

    Any interest, sexual or otherwise, is in the eye of the beholder. If guys want to lie about their age, that’s their business, and more power to them (I guess). However, when a guy gets his nose out of joint because he’s “too old” for someone. It’s someone’s prerogative if they say “no one over [whatever]”. Is it their loss, sure, if that makes you feel better. But the minute you tell someone “It’s your loss, I might be too old for you, but I’m a great guy”, you make it apparent that…you really are not a great guy, whatever your age is.

  119. vafratboy

    I don’t lie about my age just because I don’t lie about anything on my profile, but if you’re looking for a quick fuck, I can’t really get all worked up over it.

    As long as you are of legal age (and NOT living with your parents, I get so frustrated with guys who are like, “come over, my parents are out to dinner.” Umm… NO, even if you’re 18, I don’t relish the idea of your parents unexpectedly arriving home and walking in while I’m fucking you!), and YOU ACCURATELY REPRESENT YOUR APPEARANCE, then I don’t really care if you shave a few years off the number. I’m not fucking a number, I’m fucking a body. Be accurate about the body and do what you want with the number. I don’t even recall the last time I fucked somebody older than 21, but if you’re 60 with the body and face of a 20 year old, I’m not gonna turn you down.

    On the flip side, if you’re looking for more than a fuck, then pretty much any deception starts things off on the wrong foot.

  120. 15 years younger

    I use this and other hookup sites just for that–to hook up. I don’t use them to look for a relationship. I’ve no problem with reducing my age–even considerably–on my profile if it helps me get more action, which it certainly does. I look much younger than my real age, and my face and body pics are current and accurate. If someone likes or doesn’t like the way I look, he can see everything he needs to see to make that decision. Why put my real age if that by itself would be a turnoff to some guys who otherwise think I’m attractive? What difference does it make only for hookup purposes?

  121. StoryCrafter

    I am 47 – I don’t look it, get guesses everywhere from late 20’s to mid 30’s. I post my picts and most guys think I am lying about one or the other – too many guys post a pict that matches their age they post and THEN aren’t what they are when the guy gets there. 🙁 When we meet in person some seem very surprised I really am 47 since I look like my picts.

    I prefer to leave my age off sights, when I can, but am honest about it when I do post it. And I do mention that I am in a 26 year open relationship, so the ones that can do math wonder if we met in Kindgarten. LOL

  122. bobby you know how you go online,and you’re like,”why are people still posting their same old ass pix and dishonest stats”? Well I feel the same way about these seems as if just about everyone claims they tell the truth about their age..well a suggestion to the blogger..REPOST this question and ask people to put their screen names in their comment…id like to see how many people will do that,lol…

  123. Jordan

    You know there is a reason guys put age limits on who they will date. I do not want to date a guy who is 19, I also dont want to date a guy who is old enough to be my dad. Its not fair, but that’s how a lot of us feel. Older guys should stick to their age group and younger guys should stick to theirs. And for the record its not just the looks, its perspective….the life perspective of a 19 y.o. is going to be different from 25, 35 or 40. Anyone within 10 years is date-able…..after that things get muddy.

  124. AJ

    28 year old Brad, you are a textbook example of the guys I dislike with a passion. If you’re going to make assumptions about guys above your 10 year limit, then you fucking DESERVE to get left behind.

  125. BP

    I’m 42 and haven’t updated my age from 40 yet…why? Cause I prefer the company of guys younger than me and know that I can be easily filtered out..Hell already filtered out at 30. It also helps me keep tabs of where I’m at in the “log in” process without having to thumb through 8 more pages of guys over 40.

    Put it this way. I don’t fault the younger ones if they’re not attracted to me, cause it would be hyocritical. I’m not much attracted to guys my own age, a few year younger, and nothing over my age.

    Why? Cause those are my preferences. Sorry if you feel left out in the cold, but so do I. It doesn’t mean that we’re going to cuddle together to keep warm.

    Get over it. I’m going to get to that point where my body doesn’t look as good, my face sags and hair falls out without the millions of dollars to keep me looking young. then I too will fade off and someone will take my place.

    I understand the process. Don’t like it one bit either, but that’s life…and eventually death. So no sense complaining how nobody loves you and how unfair life is.

    Someday all of those young guys who scorned you/us will be in the same boat. Each year brings a new crop of hot young guys and the ferry takes another batch of old guys to Hades.

    We’re all superficial…your full of shit if you say you aren’t. To that point, there are guys who like fat guys too, so you can go hit up that topic next, and it’s the same answer.

  126. Carlos

    Im 22 and I had my first bad experience not too long ago. first of all, the guy only had one pic, we met, i questioned him about his age and he said he was 34. Come on my dad is 58 n compared to this guy my dad was a baby…

    Age isnt the issue but lying about pics, and age is a big issue for me. The best sex i have had was with a 42 year old.
    why? just like someone said before older guy have their shit together. Meanwhile guys my age, either cant drive, cant host, or even have a job… sure looks are good but at one point they can only get you so far.

  127. Brad

    I see it this way, there’s nothing to be pitied more than someone who feels he must deceive others to increase his chances of winning their attention and/or affection.

  128. Treytn

    Interesting double standard.If awomanlies about her age,it’s expected,non-issue.If a guy lies,he’s a rat,dishonest to the core. Perhaps these sites should use photos only and omit age.No more “looks good your age” simply Hi,I likle what I you?

  129. sloppytoppy

    I honestly thought a great deal of younger guys liked older men, and maybe for the wrong reasons but there is still some interest there. I would get really upset whenever I saw a profile similar to myself (young guy looking for older males) because in my head i’m like, “damn, competition.” I am currently 22 and I am falling for this 40-60 year old guy. I want him so bad. I wouldn’t care if he told me he was 80 because I like older men. After reading these comments I feel a little more confident. More older guys for me.. I do think it’s lame to lie about your age, as if some of you could pull it off. Lol.. XD

  130. joshexxxboy


    reading the comments.. i see alot of self absorption from old and young alike and selling their own self absorption and bullshit…. as i see its like that line in an old bobbie gentry song “and mamma handed me a heart shaped locket with the words to thine onself be true” now we need to respect everyones differences and right to hedge or not as honestly what bothers you about someoneelse probably bothers you most about yourself…. having said that i think i might just have to say not one iota more on the topic or as belinda carlisle wrote it ‘our lips are sealed… matter what they saaaaaaaay and all the jealous games the people playy our lips are sealed’ probably by jane weidlens blue kiss h he

  131. Tyriq

    I’m 43 and always use my real age. It’s always surprising to me how many early 20s guys hit me up for sex and chat. Love it! Of course I look good, keep current, and am in shape; but 23 or 22? Wow! What do we have in common except that we love sex? I guess it doesn’t matter on A4A; it’s a sex hookup site, but I have also made some great acquaintances over the years.

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