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A new gay novel for the Adam4Adam members to consider reading is written by one of our own blog writers, David W. Bradburn.  Past Lives, Present Woes is David’s first novel and can be found on either in paperback or for digital download.  He is also working on publishing a collection of his sex stories which you have experienced here on A4A blog!

Book Description

David Jr. and Jonathon have spent many lifetimes together. Two of these are found within the pages of Past Lives, Present Woes as they work through the many challenges of trying to maintain an interracial gay relationship. Readers will discover two stories that have similar personal freedom struggles, yet, they are placed in two separate historically, Southern time periods. This is not your typical love story. Characters in both stories work to free themselves of karmic debt and try to understand the evolution of spirit as seen through eternal lenses. The reincarnation theme is, often times, diluted by the profoundly Western religious belief systems found in the southern United States. However, the characters in both books of this novel are directly linked by their stories playing out in two distinctly different lifetimes. Also, this work of fiction delves into the sexually dynamic relationships where youth, inequality, and unconventional expressions thrive to balance out the power struggles predetermined by past lifetimes. Each chapter comes to life by the story being told by a new character. This is not a collection of short stories, but, will engage the reader as they meet each new character, moving the novel to its final destination.

Paperback copy is $14.99 or Digital E-reader version is $9.99.




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  1. dllindsey12

    can this be used on any device? you told me about it and im looking at it on amazon and am wondering if its only for the kindle or others?

  2. paulanthony

    heres some fresh gay tv novella options “the gays of our lives” “broken ass mountain” “as the ass turns” “genitallia hospital” “real homo heros” “queer ass folks” and finally “whos seeding whos feeding?”

    • blog

      Jockey321, this is not my novel it is David W Bradburn’s novel.
      Im the main blog guy, the one that post most of the time, approve your comments etc… David W Bradburn is a writer who publishes sex stories on A4A blog!

  3. ariesk

    Interesting that the Author chose the names David and Jonathan for his main characters. They were best friends in the Bible and speculated by many historians, etc. to have been lovers. I think I’ll have to read this.

    p.s. My real name is Jonathan.

  4. Jiffy

    It should work on an iPad if you download the Kindle app for iPad. I do this all of the time to share books between friends. I don’t want a Kindle and they don’t want an iPad.

  5. dllindsey12

    Ariesk, i believe they were lovers too. Even though many people speculate that they were. But really, please tell me what 2 guys are going to hug, kiss, weep til as the ones who counter this argument “David became overjoyed” or as the original text says “til David exceeded”.

  6. David W. Bradburn

    I’m positive you can also download my novel on any style e-reader or Ipad and smart phone. And yes, my main characters David Jr. and Jonathon are inspired by the biblical, old testament lovers. There is a more modern day twist as they struggle to make an interracial gay relationship work in the South. Hope you guys enjoy it and there is a secret revelation in the story as well. David W. Bradburn

  7. okzebra

    I doubt it very much that most users of this website are dying to explore such an esoteric topic compared to bottoming out on a top-level experience.

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