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As you all know, Adam4Adam is 100% free, we are supported through advertisments and supporters that help keep us going through their generous support by making a donation (10$) or by becoming a pro member (30$). Pro members get all the great extras our Supporters get, but they can also post a ProAd and offer their individual paid services such as computer repair, massage, personal training, photography, model, therapist, escort, room for rent etc. through their ProAd.

As a “thank you”, Supporters who help pay the bills by making a support payment also get extras like:

  • more pictures on their profile
  • priority approval on new pictures and profile modifications
  • unlimited “blocks” and “friends”
  • longer mail storage (30 days)
  • bigger “track list”
  • more blocks
  • and more awesome extras

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our supporters who show their love for A4A by making a donation. We thank you all for being a member on A4A and for making it the biggest and most popular gay dating/hookup site on the planet, with over 8 million members! Your financial support helps us pay all the bills (that are constantly increasing because there is more and more members every day), from customer service to website developers and designers, you help keep Adam4Adam online!

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  1. Ryan

    Compared to more restrictive sites like manhunt, adam4adam is stellar. You guys could easily charge more but you don’t. Thank you to all of the supporters, I’ll give back when I can. This site has definitely facilitated some fun encounters. =)

    • blog

      scott: we are not here to act like a Police. If someone tell you that you are ugly, don’t send us a report for that. Imagine if we do that for everyone?
      We are a free site, we dont have the ressources for that and we trust that you guys are all adults. Just use the block button and it will be perfect!

  2. Ron

    I have been a supporter of A4A before but I have one question, Why is it that every time I send a support donation I get dinged by my bank with fees for foreign transactions? I hate getting dinged with fee, even if it is only 2 or 3 dollars. Isn’t there a way around this?

  3. bill

    Thanks , to adam 4adam,
    over the last few years , i have ment lots of great guys.
    and learn alot about the gay life, without adam 4adam ,I would have learn none of it.
    keep up the good work, 🙂

    thanks 🙂

  4. Greg

    I think it’s a great site. I’ve contributed several times just to show support. I think, however, if we are supporters, when we upload a picture or make changes to our profile, there should be no wait time for those changes to become active. Just my opinion. I’ll continue to support you guys regardless.


    true the site is free but even paying he won,t change the ruddiness of people the liar ,the ub2 ,or the no whites,or no black some are racist woah
    and yes A4A permit that without restrictions.
    This site has defininetly has a good easy encounters and the bad
    with 40%of people say online most of them aren,t lie
    the email always has problems who care
    A4A did pretty not easy

    • blog

      DOMINICK : each time a racist profile gets reported it is examined.
      If someone says that they are not into white guys, I mean there is nothing we can do about it.
      We trust your judgement and you are all adults.

  6. It's just ME ;)

    I used to enjoy it a lot. Then came the “picture-less profiles. I’m a supporter and unlike other sites that I have been on (This is currently the ONLY site I haunt) let other members KNOW who supports the site. This one doesn’t, just gives you more ‘pictures’. I’ve also noticed that the webmasters have NEVER answered my comments or concerns about someone or something on this site.

    Being a supporter, I wish the supporters of this site (who give FUNDING to support the site monetarily) had more “clout” on here. Seems the only perk is “4 extra pictures” for our donations to keep the site afloat.

    (Since this is the new “terminology”, I’ll use it) “I’m just sayin’ [sic].

  7. Dylan


    I love this site. Great way to meet ppl and lord knows I have had my share from this site (maybe even your share). I travel all over the country and this makes it so ez, scroll and click you are in a new city able to meet ppl all over the place. That easy!

    I never understood the profiles with “in here checking this site out” or “seeing what this site has to offer”. This site is what you make it. There are douchebags on here as well as in church and i have met a lot of great guys as well. when you come across the not so good ones, you have the options to ignore their post to you, delete what they wrote with out reading it, or block them. If they are truly racist or stalking you report them and let A4A admin handle it. It might not be what you intended but A4A is aware. In my opinion if A4A deletes their account they will be back in 10 min under a different name. As least you know who they are when their account isn’t deleted. Stupid is just a click away!

    But Dave if I may….under the “home” page above “logout” there is an empty space. I’d put a button there that said “site recommendations”. Let ppl drop some ideas in your pocket for free.

  8. Random hero

    Here is a thought
    How about when you block people they can not see your profile at all

    An option for profile without a main pic not be able to see your profile or send you a message

    That would be a really good thing to have

  9. WB

    When updating pictures on your profile there is always about a day’s wait while the pictures are “approved.” If there is really someone approving or disapproving the picture submissions why do they allow out-of-focus pictures of someone’s elbow taken in the dark that are all of seven pixels high? We all instinctively know which pictures are posted just for the purpose of wasting everybody’s time, so why not reject the obviously useless pictures during the approval period?

  10. robert t. montgomery

    adam 4 adam is ok?? i come on here just to jack off and look at the hot men!!! any race!! i dont use or have a credit card why buy the cow?? when i can get the milk for free!!!!!!!!!! robert

  11. Dan

    Hi Dave, I REALLY need your help if at all possible. I love a4a and I’ve been a member for almost a decade now (8 years I think to be exact). I’ve always especially enjoyed your SUPER comprehensive world cities database. No matter where I travel around the world, your database always seems to find my destination city.

    Dave, do you think you could help me by pointing me in the right direction or can you possibly tell me how you developed your world Cities database?

    If not, could you help me with information about where you got yours or where I might be able to get one or possibly even buy one like it from you or someone else? I don’t have a lot of money, but I could try to get the $$ together if you could guide me along a little.

    I’m building a website that involves connecting people with gay friendly businesses around the world and I would love to have a world cities database like yours. Thanks Dave! Dan

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