A4A : Any Suggestions?

Hi guys, I receive lot’s of comments on the blog and by email of you guys suggesting things for the site and I want to thank you for that! I also wanted to get all your comments at the same place so that I can show it to our developpers and designers. So below this post, feel free to leave any comments. Here are some subject you might want to give your opinion on:

-What options would you like to have on A4A?

-Do you like the design and colors of the site? Why?

-Do you find it easy or complicated to use A4A and why?

-What are your favorite options on the site?

-Why do you keep on using A4A more than other websites?

-Anything you would like us to add to the site?

-Anything you would like us to remove from the site?

-Do you like our Apps (whether it is our mobile app, Iphone/Ipad/Ipod app or android app)?

-Any other suggestions will be looked at as well:)

Thanks guys !


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  1. blue-eyes

    A feature to help with safety/security when going out/inviting in for a hookup. (Delayed messaging, check-in, address, GPS message to a friend, etc.)

    • blog

      thracon: we will eventually do one, but for now, you can use the mobile version if you open your web browser and type !

  2. Rollerguy2

    Would be nice to view/sort people by time last active. I always try to view nearby people in hopes of a quick random hook up but there’s no telling if the person is just logged in but not really at their computer.

    • blog

      rollerguy2: The profiles are already sorted out by last login. So on the first page you see the guys that just logged in and last page, the guys that have been on for the longest.

  3. Doni FtMyers

    Hate the grey background that comes up first on the blog. Don’t know if its a function of you site or my phone but text doesn’t adjust to margins when I change size.

    • blog

      Jerbug: If people don’t mention if they are poz, there is no way to find them. But that is not our fault because we offer the option… You guys decide what you write in your profile…

  4. drue22

    Would b nice if u can sort the men by top or bottom…for instance in searching a room for a top,instead of going true all profiles. a list if all tops appear…

  5. Bufflatino

    I think a better job proof reading many profiles with kids/ people looking for generous and $$$ and what not . Bad enough there are so many legit escorts on here as it is .. ?? Ha

  6. efjt24

    Like a4a because it doesn’t limit emails or profile views to try and coerce free members to pay (other sites do).

    Hate the content of many of the ads; I understand the necessity of advertising and wouldn’t suggest getting rid of them, but way too many of the banner ads for porn are racist, disgusting (freshman hole cleaning day? Are you kidding me?) or both. I can’t believe those are the only ways to sell porn, and gross-out and race-baiting ads are serious disincentives to use the site.

  7. CHRIS

    When you block a member they shouldn’t be able to see your profile or know that you are online. Right now I believe it only prevents someone from contacting you.

  8. Troyster

    In addition to the smile button how about adding a frown to comment when people do or say something stupid. I bet it would get a lot of use on here.

  9. goodtime707

    i would like to see chat rooms for different cities with possible web cam and voice options

    Ilove that your free, dont change that ever

    i would like to see the lock all pics button & not interested button this will keep you from going back to the same hot or not profile

  10. Hornyskin

    Provide ‘looking for’ options of race / age , so can in search restrict to those who are potentially interested in one……
    Also on, show of member has blocked you; at the moment can compose and send email, which then gets bounced.

  11. Steve

    I am VERRY dissapointed in A4A….for one BIG reason.Here it is: Why dont you give people who are positive the option of checking “undetectable” as their hiv status??!!!Many sites do-you guys are YEARS behind the curve,and being so-are not helping to eliminate fear/stigma against (perfectly healthy!) pox guys who have undetectable viral loads!Anyone who has read a newspaper in the last 3-5 years,KNOWS that if you have sex with a poz guy (NOT ON THERAPY),there is a very good chance-with some sex acts-that you will get hiv.If that same sex act was done with a poz guy-but with a UNDETECTABLE VIRAL LOAD,the chance of that person passing it on to a neg person….is almost nil! BOTTOM LINE-ALL POZ GUYS ARE NOT!!!!!!! THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!YOU-AS A HOOK-UP SITE,NEED TO GET WITH THE TIMES,AND DO YOUR PART TO START EDUCATING PEOPLE….AND ENDING THE RIDICULOUS/UNWARRENTED STIGMA!

  12. Madeofstone

    I use the mobile version of the site a lot…I wish you guys would bring back the multiple conversation select box so I can delete old messages all at once instead of having to go one by one

  13. paul

    Please consider a third category in the “safe sex only/anything goes option” either add a bareback only option, or use the anything goes option for that purpose, and add an option that indicates the user is open to safe or not.

  14. Jose

    HIV is not the only concern held by most gay males, other considerations for your site should be the Hep status of members. Be it Hep A, Hep B or Hep C it is very important 😉

  15. Jerbug

    I’m not talking about the ones that don’t put POZ in profile the ones that do don’t show up in the current search. I know and have been with men on A4A that have POZ marked. But when I use the search POZ none show up my profile doesn’t show, in less I’m doing something wrong.

  16. ZERiX

    i’d really love when i blocked someone, their profile wasn’t viewable on my side anymore. it bothers me when i see someone over and over in my city that i’d just rather not be there. i also think it’s odd this web-site informs other users when you’ve blocked them, but that’s not really that big of a deal. it’s more of an observation than a complaint.

    i think it would be pretty cool if we could make signs or something to prove we’re actually the people behind the profiles. i know of another web-site that allows this functionality. it might would help spot potential fakers.

  17. David

    Guys are always deleting their profile and creating a new one. When this happens, their previous username is deleted as well. This makes it impossible to keep track of old contacts/friends and the comments that you make. It would be nice to keep the old usernames around for a while but note that the username is no longer active. Thanks.

  18. Aja_2

    -“Spiritual” as an scene option
    -Make ‘Looking for’ more relevant. When members login ask that question. Then have all there searches include matches. Limit ‘Looking for’ to 1 option only.
    -Use pics more effectively. Require a face pic for everyone, a dick pic for Tops, and Ass pic for bottoms, vers can do either. (all of them can be private but they should be required)
    -STI status date. Its easy to get checked so for all of them at once so there’s no reason not to have a date listed. Also have the site automatically delete to date after a few months, encouraging members to keep getting checked regularly.
    -Dealbreaker list. When searching or being searched have an option where you can list dealbreakers for you. Then those profiles don’t come up in your searches and you don’t appear in theirs. “Most” queens have NO idea what they want but they can give you a laundry list of what they don’t want. lol
    -Add a “Passions and Pass times” pull down screen for profiles. Allow members to search people by how they spend there time. 1) Working- ‘I have a job that requires long hours’ 2) Family – “I’m always doing something with/for my relatives. Sports – “I’m either playing or watching the game. 4) Arts – “I love the theatre/ museums/ Art galleries.’ Spiritual – “ I spend time in meditation, worship/ etc.”
    DESIGN /COLOR: I like it!
    Easy to use. Thanx!
    A4A vs other sites? Because its free andA4A doesn’t lure you in then charge to use features later. I delete my account immediately when I see that’s how sites work.
    ADD: Require members to have a pic and fill out their profile. No one wants to chat/fuck someone they don’t know anything about. Those profiles just waste space and time.

    -Porn ads. They make the site look trashy. I was letting a girl friend of mine read some great messages I had gotten on my phone but the she scrolled down and saw all the porn and she was like “What the hell??” Makes you embarrassed to let people know you use A4A.
    -Automatically delete all profiles that haven’t been logged into after a few months.
    Iphone app: It’s ok. Not very useful unless you live in a heavy gay populated area.
    The biggest problem with A4A is that’s its set up like a Fuck site. People will find someone to fuck but people need and want community and to feel safe. Open the site up. Encourage people to connect rather than just fuck. Then you can do ads for gay friendly products not just porn.

    • blog

      az : like what? A wall where people would talk like on a facebook wall? Or different rooms where you could click and chat?

  19. TAS

    My suggestion would be a change in the block feature. I’d like for it to be programmed like it is in jack’d , where once you block a person, they can’t see your profile and you can’t see theirs ever again.

    All in all, a4a is great and has many good features for a free site

  20. tx

    something that shows how long someone has been a member, to help existing users differentiate between possible fake profiles(its turning into a problem in Austin, and it doesn’t have to be an exact date)and maybe a “no thanks” button?

  21. fitguy123456

    Would like to be able to “attach” or send a picture to someone through this site rather than having to do other pictures through a different means.

  22. darkpr

    If you block someone , get him out off the way , for some reason you blocked him , you dont want to see him anymore, unless you unblocked back .

  23. Joey

    An option to have your profile verified would be pretty amazing. Not to take a page from DudesNude, but being able to see if someone is actually who they claim to be helps weed out the fakes/trolls. The amount of fake guys on the net is ridiculous.

  24. jstbrsn

    I think that if you block someone on this site they should not be able to view your profile period. Some sites will display “you have been blocked by this member” Some sites have it where your profile will not appear on the blocked members site until you unblock them

  25. NUttN85

    I think as a young gay guy growing up using this site you guys should have some kind of link where younger people who are going through hard times sexually could turn to. Maybe even some kind of counseling contact with some social service or big brother program that is not just about the lifestyle of partying and sex but also about leadership and brotherhood. A positive online reference that is a part of adam4adam that gay men can turn to in times of hardship.

  26. TrizzyTroy

    Guys get over yourself. A4A can’t Plz all the ppl all the time. Some want more detail others want simplicity. The site is great, if u exercise ALL the options. For the dudes that think A4A shd b policing GROWN ASS MEN……get over yourself!! U dnt blame bars, clubs, coffee shops, bathhouses, movie theaters etc when u meet a scrub. Stop trying to blame this site. We all know EVERY MAN has the potential to b a dog. There’s not a damn thing A4A can do to detect how much dog is in each man n what brings it out. Take it for what it is, everyone has had good n bad from this site & others. Its entertainment mixed with life experience, live ya life seriously but enjoy the experience.

  27. Julian

    I know this is a FREE – HOOK UP SITE, but I notice a lot DO NOT want to hook up, but looking for L.T.R.:

    How about you add:

    – Voice Profiles, lets people know what they sound like. It cuts “straight” to the point of whether they would be attracted by listening to them (intelligent conversation).

    – H.I.V. Status more NOTICEABLE. Something for men to see first if they are less educated or scared or just prefer POZ./NEG. men. Maybe make it flash or a different color.

    – Last Check In’s, let’s guys know where you frequent for possible encounters.

    – Alert Profiles, a resource for men to WARN about a particular person/profile of suspicious activities from others experiences (thefts, gay bashing, intentional infections, etc.)

    – Room selections, something in the beginning, after you log in; choosing of what you are looking for. FRIENDLY CHAT, SEEK AND FUCK, LOOKING FOR LOVE. Helps people at the current moment of emotion not sift through the profiles and constantly updating one’s own profile and current preference.

    – Blind Date Night, how about people sign up for blind dates in their neighborhoods and meet in a public place. I know you have “PARTY/EVENTS” tab, but half the time, there just for orgies… don’t get me wrong, sex is fun, but I’m sure you have loyal fans of your site who wants a clear and clean fun time out on the town with someone knew, possible L.T.R.

    – Marketing/Sales, some guys on here have an artistic side, why not feature members and their artwork to be sold (consignment). A4A keeps 10%

    – Fun Homoscopes, astrology for those who are finding lust/love in the stars.

    – Different Ads, I agree with Aja_2, sex sells, everyone loves sex, but couldn’t we have more educated ads for Condoms, Testing, Restaurant Recommendations for Dates or Hookups.

    – Dictionary, for obvious reasons or to know what is H.M.U., V.G.L., etc. I noticed that some guys use some of the weirdest ones along with their very vague description of themselves. Would love to have a window that describes of what the hell these guys are talking about!?

    – Main Photo Requirement, it’s sad that most guys have to write, “won’t respond, unless you have a photo…” If people are going to hookup, of course your face is bound to be seen, why not put it up in the first place and stop wasting time our time. PHOTO APPROVAL TOO, too many guys with VAGUE MAIN PHOTOS, very misleading.

    – I’m not into politics, but it would be cool to have some kind of window/tab for sign up supports. Maybe some of your members are trying to get things approved, denied or funded for the LGBT community and need A4A member’s help.

    – MUSIC, I love music, why not have a chat room with music or a variety channel or music box on profiles to let others know what we like to listen to.

    – Update the background please, orange, black and grey can last for so long before it starts to get boring or predictive, it’s getting there if not already there.

    – LGBT Movie Trailer Previews ( CLEANER ads), gives guys what to look out for entertainment or dating ideas.

    – First Date Ideas, something to indicate what kind of date you would like on the bottom profile or on a different tab.

    – Multiple tab profile, where our profiles have different tabs for General Info, Pics, Sex Ideas, Date Ideas, Toys we have, etc.

    – Success Stories of the Month, lets guys know that A4A, as amazing as it is, is just Not for Hookups but for Dating too…

    – Fun Sex Facts, they can be very FUN and EDUCATING.

    I’m out of ideas… :-/


    I hope this helps, thanks!


  28. LOL

    i believe it will be much better to force unlock both sides, don’t you think it’s not fair if you unlock and they block you? what if they are pic collector? or at least when people are unlocking you will be given a request to unlock yours otherwise it’s not unlocked

  29. Johnnyboy

    I think it would be nice to be able to click from a person’s profile page to a list of ‘recent conversations’ you’ve had with them. Sometimes you get a lot of messages and lose track, and then it becomes a lot of work to go back through the pages of messages to see where you were with someone….

  30. Dylan

    Hey Dave,

    As I stated on the facial blog, I think a regular place to let users drop a hint or suggestion as to what they wood like to see on this site would be quite useful for you and the boys. Just remember you can’t make everyone happy, but it’s fun to try.

    If I had a second wish I’d be this…I travel from Portsmouth Nh to Boston Ma everyday and there is a lot of cock and ass along the way that I’d love to meet. You already have a scrollable list of city’s but when you get towards a place like Boston, there are so many different ways to search. If there was a “check list” of frequently viewed or traveled city’s along a travelers route that would be kick ass!!! Never seen it on any other site (but why would I go to another site). Think how easy it would be to plan a road trip with a smile at each end and along the way.

    One more thing…Pride season is coming up, I like to see an A4A booth or you guys sponsor an event. You could bring in funds for your site, spread the word and hand out monogrammed condoms and cock rings for advertising (write offs).

    It’s a great site and can only get better with everyone’s help. If you aren’t a big fan of the site…they have given you a chance to voice your opinions…use it! You have no excuse after today.

  31. myunclebob

    One thing I DISlike a lot is the endless streams of African “Lets fall in love” from teenagers that I receive They are distasteful and if other members like that fluff and foolishness and enjoy being husseled, then at least develop a setting where those phony approaches can be blocked or turned off.
    Also when I did report a problem involving someone with some potential illegal activity your oversee-ers never even bothered to get in touch with me for more details, so either this is a haven for scam artists, or you really do no show any concern about the well-being of your members

  32. scjackhammer

    Can you eliminate profiles on people that have not been online in over a year? I have seen a few of guys that I know have passed away. If you take these profiles out of the system it will open up more space for you.

  33. a

    would be nice if the email function opened in a different window, instead of opening on the same page. i hate “losing my place” so to speak when i receive a message.

  34. sackits63

    Blocked individuals should NOT have the ability to continuously stalk / visit your profile after you have taken measures to protect your privacy!!

  35. Steve

    My only suggestion would be, as mentioned a few times already, would be that when another Member is Blocked, they cannot see you online at all. That’s a great feature that one of your competitor sites has available.

  36. cravenmoorhead

    their schould be a button you can push to make this site G rated So I can Cruize for Dick and Ass in front of loved ones or church.

  37. Bruce

    Great site! Better if you had a category for what people are looking for that is searchable… e.g.: searching for younger, or older, or chub, etc…

  38. Kirt

    No photo, then you can’t create a profile, period. Main photo must be visible, period. Once a profile has been blocked, I agree not to be able to see them viewing yours constantly over and over again, just to annoy you. Also, be able to block all profiles with escort/massage referenced in them. A4A is so much better than other websites (ie; manhunt).

  39. herethere83

    I would like to see the ability to unlock only certain pics. Sometimes I only want to unlock my face or body pic without showing everything else right off the bat. I also wouldn’t be opposed to a new color scheme either. Thanks!

  40. Ryan

    It might be easier on you guys and everyone else if you only approve profiles that have pictures, in addition to profiles that post at least one face picture but obviously still give people the option to lock it. Uploading pictures is so easy these days and I feel like it should be mandatory for creating an online presence for yourself.

  41. Jonnyquest

    First off, THANK YOU for all the great features and fun you offer for free. Very nice that you’re always trying to improve the experience. The porn ads get pretty nasty and there’s one to offend just about everyone, but I don’t suppose gay-friendly advertisers (as suggested above) would be interested as long as the primary focus of the site is sex. Anyhow, the only extra feature I’d really enjoy is just something like a temporary “hide” feature, where a user could be online “invisibly” and temporarily. Sometimes I come online just to read email or take a quick peek at the blog – and get hit with a lot of messages right away, then additional messages demanding why I’m not answering. I’m not a big blocker, I only save those for people who really really cross a line. But sometimes I just want a little time on the site without being seen even by the people and friends I enjoy most here. I’d never block friends, but hate ignoring messages only to know I’ll be dealing later with “hey I saw you were on, why didn’t you speak?” Small price to pay for a great free site though, so just a (hopefully) constructive suggestion. Thanks!

  42. Lustinjoe

    When you block someone, they should be completely gone like grindr. I blocked for a reason, quit viewing my profile and I don’t want to see their profile either! When I log on there should be no trace on my login.

  43. Hunter0500

    My major beef with this site is the general use of the BLOCK feature. I’ve only blocked one guy here; he was truly an ass. What the hell is up with having a decent conversation with someone and the next time you’re on they have blocked you? What the hell is up with their not having the basic balls to tell a guy that you don’t think there’s a match and leave it at that? The block button, used casually, is spineless. And for sure indicates a guy is not a gentleman you’d like to get to know better. If the guy is a stalker or an ass, fine. But to just block a guy because he’s not out of the chutes Mr. Perfect is crap.

    Look at one of the greatest features of becomming a member here … it’s bigger and better blocking. What’s up with that? Are guys here to meet? Between the ridiculous requirements many guys seem to lay on who they’ll meet and their stupid use of the BLOCK feature, it sure seems like meeting and getting to know guys better is the last thing many members here want.

    And then they bitch there’s no good guys out there. Go figure.

  44. David

    It would be nice to have a zip code (not displayed) so you can come up with a distance for people without the ability to share their geolocation. It’d be nice to have the ability to show guys within a certain distance, but ordered by time logged in instead of by distance, or at least be able to select multiple areas to display at the same time.

    It’d also be nice to be able to unlock certain pictures, instead of all or nothing. Even if it were a premium ability, it would be worth it.

    A4A is a lot nicer than other sites because it doesn’t have all the random restrictions to try to coerce you into paying.

  45. lottabooty

    First thing, program the site to block the “save picture as” feature and disable the click and drag, that’ll possibly put a stop to the “pic pirates”. Next, create some A4A sister sites for the ones not looking to hook up,example: “” for the “friends only” crowd, and some type of a4a dating/relationship site, cause I see a lot of confused knuckleheads on this site saying “not into hook ups”, “friends only”, etc. and look at the top of the profile and it says “1on1 sex, 3sums/group sex. And another thing, I haven’t seen so many overly measured cocks in my life.

  46. Jamie

    add a “last active” date, so we know if a user ever logs on anymore. Maybe suspend ones that are inactive for months, but can be reactiveated by logging on.

  47. Fort Worth area user

    Recent changes to the location options for USA -> Texas – Fort Worth do not allow you to actually be in the city of Fort Worth unless you choose “Other in: Fort Worth”.

    More locations need to be added under Fort Worth, or you should revert to the previous location choices.

    I sent an e-mail message about this problem and never got a response.

    Other wishes:
    1. Purge profiles of people who have not signed within the last year or two.
    2. Allow people to change their user name. Hopefully this would cut down on the number of people who delete their account and immediately create a new one.
    3. As somebody else mentioned, show how long people have been members.
    4. Show in profiles when a person last signed on. Currently, the only way to see this is to locate a person’s profile in the member directory.
    5. Allow profiles longer than 550 characters.
    6. I don’t like how all of the information in profiles runs together. The various fields should be displayed on multiple lines.
    7. Make the “looking for” section optional for when we are not actually looking for anything.

  48. Paul

    You know what would be nice on here and honestly i didn’t read all the comments posted, is maybe a board posting.Another site that i am on ( don’t get me wrong i love this site met some great guys on here) lets you post for 2 days what you are looking for where other guys can respond to it. And have the responses go directly to your e-mail so everyone can’t see it. Especially if the response is rude or hurtful.
    Just a thought. Thanks

  49. Dave

    I would like to see members automatically logged off after, say, 30 minutes of inactivity. There are lots of guys in here that never log off. That way, we can at least talk, or message, only members that are activity online

  50. Greyson

    Great site – I’m 24, out, fun loving, handsome guy, but sometimes I just wanna fuck without the hassle of going out. That said, I like A4A much better than Grindr or Scruff, because you guys don’t try to get me to pay money for the site. I’d never do that.

    Anyways: Suggestions
    -Allow the search function online to sort searches by distance, as well as the current city/county model. Make it more like the mobile app. If I’m looking for a hot bottom, I’d rather know which bottoms are less than a mile away than which ones are in all of DC (for example).

    -Change the color scheme! It’s not Halloween

    -Have an option for users to flag other profiles as “Flakes,” “Fakes,” or “Prostitutes” etc. One person’s flagging wouldn’t do anything, but if there is a pattern of abuse the profile is labeled as “possible fake, etc.” That way people can keep their profiles (and not be the object of bullying) but also have to prove to potential hook ups that they are real.

    -Enforce a Zero-tolerance policy for racism. Individuals can choose not to respond to profiles, etc, but it is absolutely unacceptable in 2012 for people to say “No Blacks,” or “Brotha’s Only,” etc.

    Keep up the good work!

  51. Jimmers

    A “last seen” or “last logged in” by their pic. Right now you have to goto the members directory and then click the first letter of their user name. Lets say you email someone, they never seem to be on, well just click their name and it will tell you when they were last on. If they’ve been on since you sent them your email, you can move on and know they may not be interested, if they haven’t been on since you emailed them, they haven’t seen it or know you’ve email, then there’s a lil more hope. As for ads, I don’t see any ads when I’m using a computer, on mobile I do tho.

  52. Bob

    listen to what these guys tell they want, unlike another site that seems to have just lost more than half of their members

  53. Daniel

    My only suggestions is with the uploaded pictures, would be nice if you could rotate your pics from primary to secondary instead of having to “replace” everytime you want to change your main photo.

  54. adam

    Blocking feature: If you block a profile, make it so he doesn’t see you online. This is done on another major site–blocking and he doesn’t see you online or you see his profile. Seems like a simple fix.

  55. Rick

    I like the site as it is. I think it’s well structured and still leaves room for each person to make his own choices as to what to share and who to respond to.

    To all the guys who think a pic should be mandatory please remember that we don’t all live in an urban gay mecca and some of us can be open to friends and family, but still have to protect our jobs (yes they can’t fire you for being gay, but once they find out they can come up with all kinds of excuses) or just want to keep our lives to ourselves.

    If pictures are mandatory right clicks should be disabled. I met a guy that had downloaded every pic from guys he had talked to on adam4adam and created dossiers on them. It’s why I refuse to upload a face pic to this site.

    That being said if you’re going to allow picture uploads they should at least be of a view-able size.

  56. Rob

    Plain and simple…I like the site and what it does for the gay community. Easy to use, minimal spam and overall a stable site. Keep up the good work guys and my thanks for years of entertainment.

    Can’t help myself to the gentleman that wanted a varying system for levels of HIV detection: the only thing “undetectable” means is that TODAYS technology is not able to detect lower levels of viral load. No one knows exactly how many exposures and/or how much virus someone has to be exposed to to become infected. Until there is a cure and at this current time, if you have HIV, you are still able to infect other people. Even if it’s only 1%, that’s still ONE human in a hundred. Would you want that ONE to be your friend, dad, brother or nephew? People still die from the disease. I’ll get off my soap box now. 🙂

  57. damnimbi

    How about options in the ‘name/character’ search function. Searching for a user without a location variable (and/or other options) can be nearly pointless. I don’t need results 2000 miles from me!

  58. Gonebyebye

    I agree about the block feature. I want to be able to block people and actually not be seen still. There are a few guys out there who get extremely upset and offended that you’ve ended communication because of something they’ve done and continue to make new screen names because they see you’re still active and keep harassing you. If I block someone I want to be done with them!

  59. Steve

    – Increase the character counts for various profile sections, say, 25-50% (and/or make longer profiles a paid member option)

    – Delete profiles over, say, one year with no activity

    – Add the ability to readily see when a member last logged-in; I understand searches sort by activity level, but there is no easy way (other than digging thru the Member Directory) of seeing that, for example, someone may not have been logged-in again since the profile was created

    – Ability to search nationally by interest (something along the lines of what offers for leather, POZ, truckers, etc.)

    – Suggestions on file size/dimensions when uploading photos; tired of clicking on a thumbnails in order to view … a thumbnail (when I see that I simply assume the person didn’t really think thru lifting said pic from someone else’s profile)

  60. okforfun54

    Add a distance search so we can search also by amount of miles to or within distance. How does a city or town get added to state. Would like to see additional local towns added to PA, Mansfield an Wellsboro, maybe counties like in NY state


























  62. TopInPa

    How about background checks for all users. It will keep nut jobs from harassing me.

    I’m sorry that’s not a very productive comment, let me try again.

    How about changing the “block” settings. If I block someone I would like them to be prohibited from even seeing that I’m online. Could you maybe make it so that I don’t show up at all?

    • blog

      hotfrank234: it is possible to do so on the main site, but the ios app (ipad, ipod, iphone) and android app, both apple and android dont accept nudity AT ALL. That is why those pictures are blocked on the apps.

  63. just hangin out

    I would like to see the pictures be “unliftable” for the lack of another word.. sort of like they do on Manhunt.. you can’t right click and save the pics.. to many times here people can save the pics to their own computer..

  64. bobby

    would be nice if there was a button on the profiles to mutually unlock private pics so that there isnt the problem of one sided unlocking.

  65. Jason

    Change the main color scheme, so it looks more discreet if you don’t want the person behind you to know what you’re looking at… The orange is a little eye-catching… Maybe greys and blues…
    I’m always paranoid in the Starbucks line when I’m checking out radar… LMAO

  66. FreeRangeRadical

    First, thank you! Of the top 3 sites a few years ago, I still liked A4A best, and it’s instructive to note that you’re still around and still popular while crashed and burned and ManHunt never was much, in my opinion.

    I think it’s time to give the colors an update. Orange was great, but times change. Now it looks like John Boehner or a Jersey Shore tan. (And we don’t want that, do we?) 😉

    Dare I suggest it, but localized chat would sure be nice, something along the lines of the old, but even something like Gaydar would be OK. Perhaps perishable rooms where one person could create a room around an area or a topic, then it goes away when the creator – or the last person still in it – exits the room. Maybe they could be listed on the main A4A page along with a list of who’s in chat and then you could click a person’s profile to see if that particular person was in chat somewhere rather than having to go through each room to find him.

    That’s my opinion. But, you guys have done a great job keeping the site interesting, updated, and fun. Kudos!

  67. danny

    Stop making the site crash and fall apart in the middle of browsing. Just right now the entire site fell apart on me. The images went away and break, the links don’t work, the style falls apart and then 5 minutes later it’s all back. How random! This happens daily.

  68. Joe

    I would like to see anything goes be removed. I would like to have members check mark or pledge as part of being a member to not do bb sex. Stand up against the very behaviors that created a health crisis and do more than just talk about it, make it part of the site over and over.

  69. DL

    I’d like it if there was a feature that let you only view profiles with photos. There are whole pages some times of men who have no photo at all. I personally like to see at least part of whom I chat with. I understand that some people are closeted, but I’d like to have the option to hide those profiles instead of sifting through them.

  70. Mike

    It would be nice to have two different locked types of pics. Like unlock g-rated pics and unlock x-rated pics separately.

  71. InOverMyHead

    I have noticed that only a minor fraction of people have checked the “Misc Fetishes” box. That seems way too vague, so I send a message asking for details. Replies have varied, including being blocked just for asking.

    It would be nice that IF somebody checks the box for “Misc Fetishes” there was another page listing a bunch of common activities, each with check boxes for Top, Btm, Vers. Checkboxes don’t use much storage space. Somebody is certain to have a fetish that wouldn’t be on the list, allow a brief comment area.

  72. Furious Styles

    A couple of suggestions to improve the search experience of A4A:

    Advanced search features that allows a user/subscriber to search:
    (1) By role (top only, bottom only, versatile + (2) racial/color preference + (3) HIV status + (4) smoking status + (5) drinking status + (6) host vs. public vs. travel + (7) quick hook-up vs. fwb vs. dating ….

    The advanced search function allows for a narrowed search based on multiple criteria to allow a user time to minimize their search and maximize potentials during each visit on the site …

  73. Tom

    how about “can host” “have to travel” “can host or travel” that’s searchable so I can find guys who can host or have to travel a lot easier. Saves time rather than having to chat someone up only to find out they can’t host.

  74. Shadowlord

    You should be able to search for guys by top or bottom and search for guys that use “looking for now” as a status.

    You should also ad a looking for now timer so the status shuts off, so a guy that put it up a week ago is not pissed when you message him.

    Also a spot to list if your host and if you can or can not travel.

  75. al

    I like the old email format better than what you have now. A music format which had the top club DJ playlist that used to be here years ago would be great. Maybe if the members that are blocked wouldn’t be visible in the members logged on. I love everything else about the site.

  76. starbearer666

    Being that this is a social site, it bothers me that the overwhelming majority of guys cant even respond to a “hello how are you” If we as a community cant even treat eachother with dignity and respect how do we expect the world at large to respect us and treat us as a part of the population.
    As adults we should understand that everbody has a “TYPE”, And just because somebody answers your message doesnt mean they want to jump into a sexual situation with you. Ive been on both ends of the spectrum where ive been rejected, as well as having a guy that cant accept “no thanx” as a viable response
    I really think there should be a way for people to gather asshole points, after a certain amount they would have a suspension, for a period of time….it should be able to be monitored, so people couldnt get away with just being vindictive cause they were given asshole points. Some offenses should be, ignoring a message, being asked to pay for sex. Racist,age,size and neg/pos discrimination (EX: “no Whites/Blacks” “no body over 30” “no Pos” “no body over a 32 Waist”)Its really shameful in the gay community to have such blatent remarks……that being said EVERYBODY should be aware EVERYBODY has their likes and dislikes….in the same respect i think people should be able to gather Angel points as well that way there could be a running viewable way for us to see who treats people good and who doesnt. As a reward for gathering a certain amount of Angel points your profile gets featured as a person worth checking out.
    Color coded frames for top/bottom would be helpful.

    Maybe even a checklist to show what your into, FF, WS, BDSM, CBT ETC.!!!!

    In General to all guys why put Versital as your position when in fact when it comes down to it your a bottom? Cant count how many “VERS” guys i send a message too and then they say oh im a bottom too. No shame in your game to say your a bottom!!!!

    ADAM4ADAM overall is a great site and love the fact its like no other as far as being free to use….great job guys!!! THANX

  77. Or

    Great site. I am good with the pron ads on the side. I know you gotta pay the bills so I will live with it.
    I like the video chat a d chat room by city
    I like the voice message in ur profile so u can say hi and hear what someone sounds like.
    I like the kicked u off after no activity for 30 min or an hour
    If there was a mailing address I could mail a money order with my screenname I would gladly pay. Just can’t use a credit card.

    Keep up the great site

  78. hnsmhry1

    You need to put someone’s sexual status on here. It would be nice to weed out those that like anything goes or those are positive. Also not too crazy about your a4a store.

  79. WB

    When updating pictures on your profile there is always about a day’s wait while the pictures are “approved.” If there is really someone approving or disapproving the picture submissions why do they allow out-of-focus pictures of someone’s elbow taken in the dark that are all of seven pixels high? We all instinctively know which pictures are posted just for the purpose of wasting everybody’s time, so why not reject the obviously useless pictures during the approval period?

  80. einathens

    this site is fuckbook, not facebook. any attempts at a g-rated, work-safe friends only option should be relegated to another site.

    do not add a ‘frown’ button. delete ‘smile’ and replace it with ‘cruise.’

    i agree that when you block someone you should disappear from their screen, and you from theirs. at the very least, show ‘blocked you’ just like ‘you blocked’ is shown.

    a baseline compatability percentage using profile boxes checked would be cool. so would a zipcode feature and different lock/unlock pic options.

    and it really is past time to add ‘undetectable’ as an option.

    and how about instead of wasting space showing if a guy is on mobile, wi-fi or desktop, you use that line to indicate top/bottom/vers, gay/bi/het, wrapped/raw, and so on?

  81. ScottyJay

    First off I feel that this is by far the best internet site going right now. So much so that I contribute for the perks and to offer support as well.

    Two things:

    I utilize the block feature to eliminate contact from people who are Asses, drug users, pester me endlessly etc.

    I would like the block feature to eliminate the persons profile from my sight and mine from theirs as well. This is especially relevant to me because my Ex stalks me here with different profiles. The current “my” blocked list is fine so If one changes their mind then one can unblock.

    Secondly I would really like to be able to rotate my primary internet picture as I feel the need. Being able to choose from my already approved pics to suit my mood at any given time would be great.


    They pay the bills. Get over it.

    Color scheme orange is a bit obnoxious…

    I agree with opinions expressed here about adding another HIV status option for undetectable. It is time to differentiate between the two.


  82. bth_25801

    I sat down and read over all the comments on here and some I can agree with totally.

    Yes different colors would be awesome, or let us pick from a palette for our own custom colors, I would like a nice blue or dark green.

    G-rated log in would be nice. If I log in to check my messages when I am at school I make sure to activate firefox’s adblock add-on so all the porn ads are hid. All I would need is to be looking to see if I got a message and the right person walks by at the right time and see an ad for a crazy-mad orgy site for the shit to hit the fan.

    Non-porn ads: I like that idea too, I know another site I am on has their own store for gear and toys and whatnot, maybe a4a should try that as well. A4A is all about hookups, but I am not.

    Scene: Ok more of these or explanations would be nice. I live in WV and if we have any scenes around here it would be closet, bookstore/cruising, gay bar, or homebody. I know a4a was made with larger cities in mind but even larger cities give way to smaller areas with less to do. And like someone else said before, around here you will find dozens more churches than gay bars and bookstores combined.

    Looking for: Ok me I looks for friends, but some people think friends mean friends with benefits, so I get messages from guys wanting to benefit so they act friendly. Why not add “Friends with benefits” to that list

    Dick details: If you going to have dick length, why not girth like this other site has? Also why not a checklist for other features like piercings and the different types or piercings someone might have, if I had a fetish for prince alberts I might like to look around just for that, but if I didn’t like them I might want a heads up before I start chatting a guy up. The same thing could apply to hypospadias, phimosis, people with cock mods, or even something as simple as the amount of foreskin they have. Some people are into these things and some people are NOT.

    Out: So the answer is yes or no? how about “to some people” or “to friends/family only” or maybe just “to friends, not family”. I am not in the closet but I don’t walk in pride parades. My nearest and dearest friends know but I keep the rest in the dark and if I told anyone in my family I would tell my mom but none of the rest. My mom is cool, its not my brothers or aunt’s or uncle’s business. Translation I don’t hide it but I don’t walk down the street screaming it out either.

    PROFILE LENGTH: Some sites give you TONS of space to type out what you like, on this one I have learned to make some creative edits. But even then I find I either have to go with an all or nothing approach to what I want to post. Like I don’t mind an attractive older guy who takes care of himself, its rare but its out there; but if I have to cut the words down I will post “guys near my age” instead because explaining why I might not be interested in all older men properly takes up too much space.

    Locations: Ok like I said before I live in WV, not a large number of guys are actively gay (there more here than most people think they just don’t let people know) So the number of location to choose from are LOUSY. There are 22 cities and Other… if I plot those cities on a map are they positioned well enough to cover all the areas in-between? Can’t it be made to where you punch in your zip code and it does the work from there? Then you don’t need cities, you automatically have it entered. And if I look for people on here, someone might have picked other but be someone who is too far away to be in my town but too close enough to consider.

    If you block someone it should block them ABSOLUTELY. All notice of them should disappear off my screen and all notice of me should disappear off theirs. Maybe add a place to see who is blocking me/who am I blocking but if anything you can see what you posted when you blocked someone to remind you why.

    Selective Unlock: Yeah unlocking some pictures for someone and not ALL would be better. If I have my face pic and my cock on lock on here I might want to show someone my face but that doesn’t mean I want to show my dick also.

    Paid Features: On one site I am on it is totally free, just a handful of ads. It offers large profiles, photo views, lockable photos, blogs, videos, groups, chat, IM and thats just a start. Their paid members are in the form of donations. If I get the cash to burn I am going to donate. But make the really basic features that are the basic site fuctions free like profiles, messages and message history, views and IM and pics. Make stuff like cam rooms and chat a member benefit. You know fun stuff free, or make it to where they get benefits like credits or coupons at an adult toy site or porn site or free/reduced membership at a porn site.

    View/Message history on profile: If I checked out someone’s profile, send them a message and they choose not to reply it would be nice to know I viewed them, sent them a message, and they didn’t reply instead of a month or 2 later I forget about them they change their profile or post a pic, I see them, think they are cool again, send them another message and repeat the whole thing over. It wouldn’t have to be much, you could have “You viewed this profile on ##/##/##” or something.

    Popularity: Instead of winks or kisses or pointless stuff that basically amounts to saying hi with the click of a button, why not have it where people can click “like” or “hot” or both on a profile. Then you could list something like “20 out of 24 guys in your area “like” your profile, 85 people total “like” it” (based off location), or 5 out of 12 in your area think your “hot”, 300 total think your “hot”. Or you could do a pic ranking section, kinda like hot or not or rate a rod use to do (are they still doing that?).

    Message Passing: You reply to a post on craigslist, and it acts like a intermediary between you and whoever so unless you swap numbers or e-mail addresses you don’t know each others. Why not have it to where you can set up a4a to do the same? Checking my gmail on my phone and replying is better for me than an app or logging on via computer where I might have someone notice me unless I am at home, and if anything it would make a decent paid feature since it adds extra convenience .

    I think I will stop here lol I can’t think of anything else at the moment lol.

  83. bth_25801

    Oh and btw people, you can use print screen or snipping tool to get around “save as” and no no right clicks as far as I am aware.

    I think if you don’t want someone to be able to save your pic, you just stuck not posting one.

  84. edud45

    Two quick suggestions, both mentioned before by others.

    1). Stop all information on Blocked people. The blocked/blocker should not be able to see each other profile.

    2). A way to notify others of “fake” profiles and pictures. A few days ago I noticed a guy with pictures of someone I know posted online in several locations(cities/states)at the same time. When I asked how could that be, he sent me an “LOL” and changed pics. Problem? They were fake too. When confronted about this, he said he was a hustler trying to make money. He changed pics again, probably not his. A way to warn others might save someone from being harmed or “gamed”.

  85. mokicker5 (mike lee)

    vero beach florida,,,would love to be able to cam to cam with prospective friends!!! secondly and not as important,,a mileage radius option would help i believe…thanks for asking!!….mokicker5

  86. Billbottomboy

    I would love to see more pieces about HIV+ guys and dating, relationships, and how hey are handling it. I have been poz for 26+ years. And dating has been hard.

  87. navysoccerboi7 Justin

    I agree with the option to only unlock pics to members who also unlock. I unlcok but only if they unlock and then the other person has the option to unlcok or not see mine. Also, if this happens, force both members’ pics to be open for “x” amount of time (maybe 24hrs). I could unlock mine and immediately go to profile and relock them before the other guy sees my pics and I get to see theirs.
    I like the colors b/c its means A4A to me now.
    I think there should be a “previous convos” button on everyone’s tab to see previous conversations with that person AND whether the other person responded if the message has faded away and is no longer available.
    I dont care if blocked profiles are visible to me or them, but can you put them in their own little tab of “blocked users online”, maybe right under the “Online” tab.
    Also, only allow 1 block and unblock to each member per day. Unlimited ppl can be blocked just not the same person 2x/day. Sometimes a member will block you, then unblock and send a message, then block again. They’ll do this several times. Its annoying and harassing!!!
    Im not gonna complain about the banners for the porn b/c I know that what keeps the site for free. 🙂

    To all you idiots out there, suggesting things that are already a part of the site, USE THE FEATURES AVAILABLE. “Undetecteable” is HIV+. If you want someone to know you’re “undertecteable”, put it in the text but its still HIV+(or possibly make it an option for HIV+, but I think its too much for too little ppl). Dont get me wrong, I’ve been with HIV+ guys several times before, but Im still HIV NEGATIVE!
    I do hate when ppl create-delete-create-delete a profile over and over in a short time period tho.

  88. John Q

    On the mobile app, please remove the ad bar at the top or move the envelope to open the mailbox, because every time you press the envelope, an ad opens.

  89. Rafael

    Have a section for guys looking for more then a hookup. A lot of us dont mind a hookup however we are looking to deal with someone with more substance. NYC guys might be successive but they dont give anyone any respect on A4A because they think they dont have to because its a hookup site so all of their manners go out the window. There should be a separate section.

  90. ftnofyth

    i like a4a because it is free and does a good job of accommodating men with very different needs and interests. one way it could better accommodate both guys (like me) who share face pics readily, and others who do not want to share, is to allow searching to be limited to “only guys that have a public face pic”. if you do this, you will need to add criteria for judging what is a legitimate face pic. from the mouth down? i dont think so. sunglasses and hat so you cant really figure out what someone looks like? nah… blurry or tiny or dark? ixnay. the good news is that there are well defined international standards for face pics (“passport qualiy”), and probably even some programs that can be run on .jpeg files to determine automatically if they are passport-quality. make it optional to upload one of these, but allow searching that is resticted to those profiles that have one. allowing options keeps more people happy…

  91. Tim

    The only suggestion I would make, is you add a feature that once u unlock your photo for another member his shall also automatically unlock on a temporary basis. I’ve seen this feature on many other sites and it works very well..

  92. Chris

    Perhaps dropping the option for HIV status. Many people are dishonest about it and the truth is its a question that should be asked if one finds it important. Just a thought

    • blog

      Simply-Touched: You think I will disclose our income and what we are doing with it on our blog? That is none of your business honey!

  93. tragar

    Can something be done so that a scheduled visit or travel can automatically change the location in my profile? I love looking at the guys back hime, but when I travel I want to see and hook up with some of the local guys instead of only those back home.

    I’m in favor of changing the color scheme to something a little more subtle. I’m always checking over my shoulder if on the train and reviewing my profile on the phone, or at my desk and cruising instead of working. Yellow and orange just seems to call out for attention from those around me.

    Thanks. Love the site.

  94. eric carnes

    I went to meet a guy that I met on a4a. I saw him but did not approach right away. I noticed later that he had others with him to possibly rob me.

    I contacted a4a to put in a local chatroom in the open slot on the home page to warn others.

    No response.

  95. leo8775

    I can’t agree more with the comments about how blocked members shouldn’t be able to see or have access to profiles that have been blocked. I’m not a huge fan of blocking, but there are some serious creepers out there!!! I’ve thought about removing my profile altogether because of them. But im not the kind of person who allows others to dictate what I do in life. Blocking is meant to erase the fool from that point forward until enough time has past for the idiot to get some sense.

  96. James

    I love A4A, the one thing I would like to see changed would be in the sign the guestbook. Instead of the drop down list, nice pics, love your smile, ect., something where you could type a short message yourself. Even if it’s a limited message, like 15 words or less, it would be nice to be able to be able to say something different. Something from the heart sort of. lol

  97. Alex V

    I think it’s fantastic how on a social site, people are talking about improving the block feature. Someone blocked me simply for saying “Hey, how are you?”, which is honestly cowardly and trashy. I saw him the next day at the grocery store and called him a “coward”, he was. He looked incredibly embarrassed. The site is fine how it is, you shouldn’t be able to reject people more easily. You should grow a fucking pair and say “I’m not interested, please respect that”. If you just block them, you’re common trash. Even for a quick fuck, courtesy goes a long way.

  98. Douglas

    I’d like to have the option of not specifying my race/ethnicity. I don’t think we should be required to answer that question.

  99. HolePunchSD

    First, I can’t believe I just read each and every one of the comments and suggestions from all you guys! Here’s mine: I’ve been a member of this site since the beginning. I’ve met countless hookups, three boyfriends and numerous friends as a result of logging on. So in that regard, this site has served me well.
    Keep the orange color scheme–it’s become a signature to the layout (my ex and I had a wall in our house that was painted what we referred to as “Adam4Adam orange”).
    My ONLY beef with this whole site is picture-less profiles. Like all the other members have expressed, I think at the minimum ONE (verifiable) picture should be required. It’s 2013 and the excuses for why some guys can’t post a pic have gotten tired! If these guys are so concerned about being seen on this site then maybe they shouldn’t be on here. Same goes for, as one member stated, being in a Not-So-Gay-Friendly location–I say, “Oh well!” There’s nothing more frustrating than receiving a message from a generic, pic less profile only to read a message that says, “Can u unlock?”
    The way I see it, if I can have the balls to post a full face picture and be upfront and open about my HIV status (and hell, I live in Texas) then I don’t think asking for one pic from everyone is too much to ask.

  100. Mike

    What options would you like to have on A4A? I’d like to see a way to delete photos from my recent visits trail.

    -Do you like the design and colors of the site? Why?… The color and design is okay… orange is a bit loud but it’s okay… I like that you can scan over a photo and it blows up so you don’t have to go the the full profile.

    -Do you find it easy or complicated to use A4A and why?
    Yeah… pretty easy… except for iPad… I just can’t get the “restricted” photos… weird… it works okay on iPhone.

    -What are your favorite options on the site? I like that you can check guys out… in some case you can make friends… have a different kind of relationship.. not just sex but something social… and… there are some really smart people on the site…

    -Anything you would like us to add to the site? … I’d like to see a button that says something like… I think you’re really hot, smart, interesting or whatever instead of the smile button… seems like a lot of guys take offense to smiles.

    -Do you like our Apps (whether it is our mobile app, Iphone/Ipad/Ipod app or android app)? The iPad app sucks.

  101. SbeamJoe on A4A

    Here are my ideas:

    1. Need an undetectable status for hiv positive people.
    2. A Quick local listing like BBRT for people to post status updates on wanting to hook up now now instead of waiting on some people to reply while their busy having sex with someone else and leaving their profile logged in on purpose taking up time and space.

    the colors of the website are fine….

    3. a requirement partnership with the android and iphone app TWIST to help encourage honesty and deal with and fend off with the flakes that waste peoples time on adam4adam never showing up.

    if i think of more ill be back. i dont want to kill any more brain cells trying to over think the topic.

  102. SbeamJoe on A4A

    IM BACK..

    thought of something else to add on..

    you should have a VIEW COUNTER on your profile or a account page for your profile. something to keep a mind busy when they are just logged on and they browsed profiles, didnt get really any responses and they just need some calculating to do to see how they are functioning as a member.

  103. Simply touched

    Oh and since you say it is none of my business ill point out that since I give a “donation” to this site, according to federal laws I have the right to ask for a detailed outline of where these donations go and what they are used for

    • blog

      Simply Touched, your donations are to help A4A keep running the site, so that you and other guys can meet on our site. I hope it answers your question?

  104. CHRIS

    The photo approval process is painfully slow. Why is this process needed when the ads on A4A show anything and everything? Regardless, best free site I’ve used. Thanks!

    • blog

      Chris, all photos must be approved, because we dont tolerate extreme things like scat, animal sex, etc etc…
      Also we don’t accept photos of celebrities etc.
      You would be surprised with everything people try to upload!!!
      Also another thing is that because of ios and android app, we need to make sure no xxx photos are used as main picture for the apps because apple and android market dont accept that!
      Hope you guys understand 🙂

  105. Rick

    How about requiring a link to an active Facebook account that must include your home and business address. Its 2013 everyone should be on Facebook and have everything about them publically available. A posted social security number should also be mandatory so people can do background checks on you before answering your message that just says hello. And if you know how to read the number you can tell when and where a person is born. I mean we all have a type maybe I only like guys born in Rhode Island in the 90s a visible SSN will help me not waste time on people who are not my type. Why should you be worried about putting your social on here. Its just a personally identifiable number that helps weed out fake profiles. Its 2013 no social you shouldn’t be on here.

  106. lessthan

    I really love your site. I actually read all the comments and my favorite suggestions are:
    the “I can’t see you, you can’t see me” block button

    The member stats for age of account and last active

    The automatic timed log out (I’ve been on both sides of that one)

    A “searching for” box

    My personal suggestion is a creeper mode. Creepers are going to creep. Might as well give them a way to hide the creeping and not scare people. I wouldn’t want it on the mobile apps, but it would be useful to have a “leave no trace” setting when you are just sight-seeing.

  107. Jake Gyllenhaal

    I agree with Efjt24 some of the porn ads are so offensive and VERY RACIST. Why must so many of the porn ads call the black porn actors thugs? It is annoying seeing these racist porn ads I get that the website needs to make money. So why can’t Adam4Adam get legit companies who target gay men to have ads on the site?

  108. curiousguy2080

    I agree with what Forth Worth Area User said (I’m also in the Fort Worth area) about lumping too many cities into the same searching area. Please separate them or just keep close areas together. For instance putting all of the mid cities together makes sense, but putting places together, such as Burleson and Hurst, that take a minimum of half an hour to get to is not helpful. It is frustrating to search Fort Worth and get back results for people who aren’t close enough for spontaneous encounters. Also it’d be great if you could take Denton out of the Dallas search area since it is 45min-1hr away and has an entire county between them. I’d also like the ability to choose which photos to unlock instead of all or nothing. Other than that I love using A4A.

  109. GK

    I would like to see the search function add the option of a “near me” results list. You can choose by city or state, but when you live in s amaller town, it would be really useful to put in what you want, and the choose near me, so you can see everyone close to you (by distance) that matches what you want.

  110. Carlos

    I like the little envelopes colored icons where you can see if the recipient has read or unread your message. But sometimes they just delete the message and the icon stays as “Unread by recipient”. This drives me crazy not knowing if the person was not interested and just deleted the message or maybe he actually has not read the message just yet. You could add an envelope icon called “Deleted by recipient”. Then you actually know he was not interested.

  111. Chip

    A mutual unlock feature would be awesome. Like where when you select unlock it doesn’t show until the other person agrees and then you can’t lock back until it’s actually been viewed. Keep the traditional unlock too though cause I know that was something really important when I was still a young gay stuck in the closet. LOL

  112. Chero753

    When AOL’s chat rooms were the ‘meeting place’, they had a feature where you could type in your own status. I would type sometime, “cooking dinner” or “on the phone” or “trying to hook up”. Is it possible for A4A to have such a feature where one can type in specifically their exact online status?

  113. Phillip

    It would be cool if the search table had the option to select only those men that have, “Your Place” or “My Place” etc.

  114. Phillip

    How about when both parties have selected “add to my friends” the system automatically unlocks pvt pix for both parties.

  115. bth_25801

    Ok so I came back to see what else got posted after I did. I haven’t gotten through everything yet but I saw somethings that I wanted to comment on before I re-post, sadly to say the things I was going to type got bumped out of mind by something I read.

    FORCED Pics: Someone said something about REQUIRING pics, that it was 2013 and everyone should have one, and there is no good excuse not to. Now I am going to spout off some personal opinion.


    In other words it would cost that site my patronage PERMANENTLY, and would impact their reputation and I doubt it would be positively.

    Consider this a warning and not an opinion that’s open for re-consideration .

    If a4a wanted to do something like that then they should make it a requirement for a special section of the site only. But if it was required for basic usage, don’t be surprised if it bites someone on the butt.

    Ethnicity: Now someone else mentioned not making ethnicity required. I can agree with that. HOWEVER I also will say it would be good to know before getting involved with someone (oh now I look bad but wait there is more) Personally I am really not attracted to any asian guys I have seen, I have never seen anyone who was strongly of native american decent (I myself have some relation but its many many many generations back as to make no difference) and I have to say my tastes in black men are particular to say the least.

    If someone wanted to share it right away that would be fine, if they didn’t thats also fine. Honestly I will say that more people probably discriminate than they should. I stated some details about me on the topic but I will say that I am also someone who won’t dismiss someone offhand.

    BUT I do think A4A should make it into a group of check boxes instead of a drop down list. “Mixed” is very ambiguous. Why not have it where someone can check off that “mixed” means instead of leaving it vague?

    I saw something where someone suggested dividing up a4a between social and hookup profiles. LOVE THAT. It would be so nice if I could look through profiles of guys who wanted to make friends instead of having to pick through the list of guys who want to get off, zip up, and go home.

    DUAL Unlock/ Pic trade: I liked that idea, if someone wants someone to unlock a pic then they should be able to use a “trade pics” option, and if they do then the pics unlock only if the other party also unlocks, and both parties pics remain available to each other, either for a set amount of time and/or as long as both members keep their pics unlocked for each other. So you can’t unlock, peek, then re-lock before the other person.

    I did like the “popularity” thing someone mentioned having a ranking based off the number of views and “likes” your profile gets. Having it set up between your area, state, and period would be cool. Imagine knowing your number one locally, in the top ten for your state and in the top 1,000 for your country (ok country is a bit much and people would get retarded trying to be high ranked on that scale.)

    Ok I am stalled up again. Will be back if I think of more.

  116. 2big4you

    The orange, grey and black is a4a’s identity! I would not like to see that changed. I also find the UX one of the easiest around. The horrid blue of many other dating sites, including other social network sites is done to high death.

    However two updates I’d recommend:
    MESSAGES – A delete all option for mass deleting messages.
    PARTIES & EVENTS – I’d like to be able to search parties w/out my city view being changed.

    That’s all I can think of for now.

  117. Rexxarino

    so, Blog..
    ..are there any suggestions here that pique your interest?

    (i know i have seen some that i can corroborate, and some others that i dissent for {and not just because they don’t fall within the scope of the purpose of adam4adam, or within the scope of a site that is, indeed, supported by ADs, and a few paid subscriptions})

    i’d also love to know what ideas you guys originally had for adding to (or subtracting from) adam4adam

    • blog

      Rexxarino : yes of course, we are working on it 🙂
      I cant tell you right now, but many changes to come !

  118. Rexxarino

    aww.. tease me.

    a few that i like are making blocks more meaningful;

    implementing an optional user-rating system (that requires additional, detailed reviews, explaining why the thumbs up or thumbs down was given — reviews that are hidden from the public, but are still to be screened by some other moderators);

    increasing the two character count limits;

    including an HIV-Undetectable option, with screening date mandatory (individuals who are shown to be lying will be banned {?}, and individuals who aren’t proactive on keeping their UND status updated will be reverted to regular HIV+;

    a restoration of the old system where both sides of the conversation is displayed in the externally-delivered e-mails (it’s kinda weird to only have access to what the other person’s said), OR an option to have copies of “sent” messages delivered externally (which might better, anyway);

    a persistent “message alert” sound;

    segregating, from the general population, those individuals who think they’re in “LTR Seeking” mode (because we don’t want to waste our time trying to figure them out, either);

    being able to log in as “Invisible” (so you don’t attract any unwanted attention) — it might be too troublesome to allow us to switch between visibility and invisibility at will while on-line, so that should remain a log-on only feature;

    selective pic unlocking — for those of us who have a variety of pics, ranging from G to XXX, we shouldn’t have to bear all to another individual who only has G or PG pics locked away

    that’s about all i want to type for now; but those above all seem like good starts

  119. tj

    please add a feature that makes us invisible when we are logged on. Many times I log on to check messages or chat with one or two friends. I hate being bothered by people hitting me up all the time when I’m not on for that purpose. I hate ignoring people but at the same time I don’t have the time to respond to everyone.

  120. xiuwang

    I would like a feature where you can search for tops or bottoms or versatile so you know who is a top or a bottom instead of reading the profile it would make the hunt more better in the long run thanks

  121. John S


    There have been more than a few times that my profile for no rhyme or reason suddenly is wiped or trimmed back.

    The one time Adam answered this, I was told ” I must show what I want to do.” In this case “Do” as is I have to talk about what kind of sexual act I want to get into and in plain simple Porn Movie graphic terms OR Adam under the TOS can edit, wipe or delete either my profile words or my account.
    The rest of the time I get banal answers that say “what happened” “Check your password” or no answer. The latter being the usual.

    Regarding what I “want to do”, I’m a gay man. Do the math. This should clear up a good part of it.

    I don’t like being forced to have to say “lets Fuck” and I think I can safely live as a gay man without showing my hole, my dick or my dicks size. For the record, I like it.

    Being made to feel I’m being watched to “conform or else” isn’t comforting. Reading the thoughts of other members here, I saw a number of good suggestions but for me right now as my profile was again wiped, right now this is all I can come up with but this is a damn good suggestion.

  122. BKWNC

    **Issue with LAST LOGIN**

    A4A has always been able to tag a users login time and sort and filter active versus non-active users using this tag. Now, over the last 6+ months, that is no longer the case for some of us. I have actively watched and conducted my own experiment with myself and another user to validate this theory. I can log off then log back in a hundred times within an hour time span and I will always be sorted with the last login time I was tagged with approximately 3 hours beforehand! I have even loged off, waited 2.5 hours before logging in and I’m filtered in the same spot I was in hours ago while others are tagged as if they just logged in! This is incredibly frustrating and needs to be fixed. Please email me for details or explain where the problem could exist. I have tried all attempts at rebooting, sharing un-sharing geotagging, cookies, browser data, etc. so it’s not me but either with the code or router anomalies associated with transmission protocol that programmers would be familiar with. Oh, and I contribute while the person who got preferred placement in my experiment is not. Thanks!

  123. Jack

    Can’t you make the block feature like most other sites where both you and the blocked user are unable to see each others profiles and unable to communicate. What’s the use of having the blocked feature when they are still able to see you when you are online. The current blocked feature should really be called ignore.

  124. silverhorn2

    7/23/2017 – I have not been on for a few days and today it took over 10 minutes for the site to open. After I got in it took a few minutes to open my mailbox. Then it takes a few more minutes to open a profile from which a message came. Is there a problem with the site at this time? —

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