Stories : The Dominant Bottom

It wasn’t until about two years ago, the summer I turned 21, that I experienced how fun, freeing, and fucking erotic sex with men can be; this is in part due to an old co-worker and old friend of mine, Spenser. It was Spenser’s birthday, and he was having yet another party. Unfortunately we were both closing, and we, along with another mutual friend, were waiting for the last customers to leave the store so we can fold, clean, and forget about the last eight hours dealing with the grumpy general public. We finished and my friend and I followed Spenser to his apartment, where it sounded like the party was in full swing. Inside, they were blaring the latest Flo Rida song and Jell-O shots and shot glasses filled his kitchen table. We took no time partaking in the festivities.

It was getting late, and everyone started to take off, leaving Spenser, his roommate, her friend, boyfriend and myself. We decided to drive down to the riverside and wash the hot, sticky July from our bodies. I rode with Spenser while everyone else rode with his roommate. While hiking to the river, I stopped off to the side to release the large amount of liquids I consumed in the past couple of hours. Spenser walked up besides me, as I was finishing.

“Are you done yet?” He asks. I noticed he was looking and my dick, but I continued to let it sit there out in the open. We worked together for about two years. I knew he was gay, and I’m not exactly shy when it comes to my dick. “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours,” he says, staring straight into my face, moving his hand from my wrist and to my dick.

Honestly, this wasn’t the first time I’ve done anything with a guy; I’ve had one or two guys blow me before. I pulled down his basketball shorts just enough for his growing, thick meat to spring out into the warm Colorado twilight, and started jerking him off. I was surprised that this 5-foot-7-inch maybe 140-pound man was packing such dangerous goods. My nine inches was starting to get hard in his hand; he wrapped his other hand around my neck, pulled my lips down to his, and kissed me. The force behind his lips and the passion and skill of his tongue, along with the four whiskey shots, made me weak in the knees. I knew how I wanted this to end, and I wanted it so badly.

We heard footsteps in the brush; we quickly forced our raging hard-ons back into our shorts and tried to resume our breathing back to normal. Spenser’s roommate appeared, “C’mon you guys let’s go swimming. What’s taking so long?” She asked, half smiling.

“You know, I think Ryan and I are going to catch up with you guys later,” Spenser tells his roommate, then turns and looks at me. “I don’t feel like swimming anymore.” We hiked our way back to his car, and he throws me the keys. “You’re driving.” Yes sir. While driving, he sticks his hand down my pants and frees my rock hard cock. “You pre-cum a lot, huh?” he says between sloppy, wet kisses, then licks my juice off of is fingers. He then turns his focus onto my dick; grabbing it at the base then taking into his mouth until he swallows at least three fourths of it. He begins bobbing up and down on my stiffie, maneuvering his tongue around my tip, following by swallowing my entire dick! Between the kissing, mind debilitating fantastic blowjob and alcohol, it took every ounce of control not to drive off into a ditch. We finally made it back to Spenser’s, both in heat. He grabbed his keys from the ignition and headed straight for the house. I followed, with my hard on, covered in spit and pre-cum sticking straight through my Jordan basketball shorts.

We walked into the apartment, and Spenser had my shorts and underwear around my ankles before I locked the door behind me. He pushed me against the door and went back to work on giving me the best oral sex I’ve ever had. He left no area unintended: head, shaft, balls and taint. All I could do was moan in complete rapture, rotating my hips with the motion of his head. I ran my hands through his thick, styled hair until one found the back of his neck. I began to skull fuck him, slowly at first, then more intensely. This was another first for me. I was getting close to blowing my nut down his throat, but I wasn’t ready for this pleasure to be over. I wanted, no, needed more of him. I pulled him up from off of his knees and pinned him against the door while maneuvering my tongue into his mouth.

“You’re such a good kisser,” Spenser said breathlessly against my lips. “I wonder what else you can do with that tongue.” He kissed his way down my chest to my nipples. I absolutely love to have my nipples played with, and he figured this out by all of my moaning and “fuck yeah’s” as he began to lick and chew on each one. I could not take any more foreplay. I wanted him. I needed him in the most animalistic way possible. I wrapped my arm around his waist and lifted him off of the ground, bringing his face to mine (I’m 6 feet tall). He wrapped his legs around my waist, and I carried him to his bedroom with him sucking and biting on my neck and bottom lip the whole way.

I laid him down on his bed, then immediately flipped him over on all fours, with his hole facing me.

“Finger fuck me,” Spenser whined. “Spit on my hole.” Yes sir. I eagerly did as he instructed.

I spit directly on his hole, and then began to work one of my fingers. He moaned and started moving his hips, his thick cock started twitching. I slowly moved my index finger in and out of him, and then I worked in another finger. His moaning was loud and intoxicating, I was getting off on the fact I could give him this much pleasure. He turned around, got on his knees, grabbed my neck and started kissing me, biting my bottom lip, and then he threw me on his bed, on my back! “Time to put that big beautiful cock of yours to work.”

He spits on my dick, straddles me, and then begins to slowly work my nine inches inside of him. “Oh my god, it’s so big.” He says, almost whines.

“Don’t stop,” I tell him. “You feel amazing.” I didn’t know if it was because he was a man, or because of the intense foreplay and alcohol, but I wanted to bust inside of him immediately. Luckily I was able to stay composed. He continues to slide my dick inside of him about half way, and then he starts to bounce up and down on it. He spit in his hand, and rubbed in on the bottom half of my dick, and continued to work all of it inside him. “Holy fuck!” I said, pleasantly surprised. His hole engulfed my entire cock, and the feeling was beyond words. He started to work his hips while I was balls deep inside of him. He began to moan loudly, saying my name, “Ryan,” in a sexy, whiny moan.

I flipped him onto his knees again, with his ass facing towards me. I slipped my cock inside him, and began to put in work. I grabbed his hips and began fucking him, slowly at first, then gradually getting faster and harder, Spencer’s moaning mirroring each thrust.

“Yeah, fuck me! Fuck me numb!” Screams Spencer, and I oblige expeditiously. I begin pounding the life out of him. “Aah, just like that!” He approves.

I reach my hand around his neck, and pull his mouth up to mine. “I want to cum inside you,” I say against his lips. He agrees, kissing me back in approval, grinding his ass against his pelvis. I can’t control myself any longer; I shoot deep inside him after three hard pumps, moaning in complete bliss. Spencer takes my hand and places it on his dick and start to jerk him with my dick still filling his ass. I jerk him using some of his own natural juices until he screams in pleasure and blows a huge load all over his bed. His hole pulsates around my dick as he releases, and I can’t help but bite and suck on his neck and collarbone, working my way back to his lips, and we both collapsed on the bed from bittersweet exhaustion.

Spenser put my arm around him and we spent the rest of the night spooning, making out (I like to kiss a lot, if you could not tell), and grinding on each other. Spencer could feel my dick getting hard against his leg, and told me that he did not think that his ass could take another round, so, disappointed, we went to sleep. I awoke the next morning mid-orgasm with Spencer jerking me off while kissing my chest and sucking my nipples, what a great way to wake up in the morning. A had a couple of hours before I had to be at work, so Spencer and I hung out for a while in his musty, sex soiled sheets. After some more making out and him rejecting my attempt for morning sex, we looked around his apartment for our missing clothes, failing to find my shirt and his pants. I borrowed one of his Spencer’s, then I fished my keys out of my pants pocket and Spencer walked me to his front door.

“This was fun,” he said, and gave me two quick kisses. “We’ll have to do this more often.” I acquiesced, and headed home to wash the previous raunchy, albeit fun-filled, night off of me. This was the beginning of a passion-filled and kinky, but tumultuous, year long ‘relationship’, with more exciting, sensual, crazy, erotic man-on-man firsts ahead.


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  1. David W. Bradburn

    I like your hot story, Mr. Anonymous. It was very descriptive….just like the ones I write!! You should do a skinny dipping one at the river. I can see those moons shining under the hot, summer moonlight!

  2. Darryl

    Every once in awhile you meet a Bottom who really wants to take some Dick. When you can make him nearly loose his mind just by touching his hole, then you know it’s gonna be a fun time. Take a lesson from this guy, he knows just what it means to Bottom and be proud to be one.

  3. Rexxarino

    i know this happens all the time in real life, but thanks for promoting intoxicated driving anyway

    also, spenser/spencer

    :: sigh ::

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