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I was sitting at the bar a few days ago when my phone went off telling me I had a message from someone close by.  We decided to get together but neither of us lived very close and since it was 11 PM we decided to meet at a park nearby. I haven’t done anything like this in years.

I got to the park first and found a spot. I text him to let him know where I would be.  He showed up, found me and without hesitation unzipped his pants. I got on my knees and went to work. Can I tell you how difficult it is to give head and watch for people? 

We finished up and instead of saying our good byes we hung out and talked. It was nice to meet someone like myself who likes sex but can also appreciate the person they are having it with. We kept talking, the sprinklers went on and he gave me a ride to my car.   

He pulls up behind my car and we proceed to talk for another hour until we realize the time. Both of us have a 30 minute ride home in different directions so we say our good nights. 

The next day I started thinking about the night, not just the sex, which was great, but the conversation. I have been thinking about asking him out on a proper date but am feeling a little shy. I’m sure I’ll ask him eventually but for now I’m not sure what to do.

How about you?  Have you hooked up on-line then asked them out afterwards?   

g skorich aka EastValleyOral

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  1. Mike

    Actually that is how I met my boy friend. We hooked up on a site, liked each other and have been seeing him for nearly 3 years.

  2. redi2roll

    How really unlike a4a, you’ve added so much that should be the norm. It adds hope and decency with meeting nice guys, especially these days. Thanx for the inspiration!

  3. michael

    Yes! and we are now best friends & at times when we are both single fwb! no worries, no hassles, no B.S. just 2 people that get along great & enjoy each other

  4. RodEmanuel

    To comment to this guy’s story here. I’m sure what he did was cool. Sometimes, we as a gay person we have those weird vibes, where we’ll meet a guy, stranger or mutual friend in odd places and it happens. Maybe we do or don’t feel it was right, things can happen so quick when we react on impulse. I’ve met some really cool guys, we’ve not been in contact for many months (years) then you see them, they’re still looking really nice than expected, the old times over come us. To sum this up, sure man, ask him out. Then, to spend more quality time, conversate with him afterwards, it may be a brewing of a true relationship, it happened for a reason(s) go for it dude 😉

  5. jose

    How is it a problem asking a person out on a date but find courage quick when it comes to give someone a blow job? And how you doing?

  6. FreeRangeRadical

    Yes, many times. In fact, when I lived in Portland, I met a guy online, he came over and we did our thing – I sucked him off and we played in the shower – then, because of the time, he ended up spending the night. The next morning, I made breakfast, he went to Albertson’s with me grocery shopping, then I took him home.

    That evening, he called and we hooked up again. That night, we ended up talking about ourselves and he wanted to know why I was single. I told him that I had just recently come out of a relationship that went on too long, then he told me that he was trying to get out of a relationship with his girlfriend. He was hesitant to do so because it meant that he would have to move. When they met, she had the larger apartment, so he moved in with her, but never put his name on the lease.

    I had a spare bedroom and offered it. He accepted. He even slept in it once! But, mainly, he slept in my big king bed, and good thing that it was rugged because we put it to some hard use.

    Eventually, our careers took us separate geographical directions and, since our relationship had always been primarily physical, we moved on. But daaaaamn, we had good sex. We could get our kink on in 6.3 seconds flat!

    He’s with another girl now. He says that if I ever move back to Portland (doubtful), he’ll move back, too.

    It’s nice to have something to fantasize about…


  7. RyanD85

    I met an ex when we hooked up. We did our thing and then chatted for a while and got on great. He was a pretty decent guy, but was still in love with his ex (who he left me for,) but if circumstances were different, I think we could have had a good relationship. I say give it a shot.

  8. goldenloverinmym

    yes i did it 2 met a guy here the sex was incredible,he made me realise i enjoyed being gay and that it was cool in my own mind,i’m still not out,broke it off with my gf after meeting him.i had high hopes but i knew it was doomed.he broke up with me by a txt.i was bummed but i knew it was gonna happen and have moved on.if he does drop by i will no doubt invite him in.DDDD

  9. Brandon

    Yeah I have had that happen. Met a guy one night and then asked him out the next day and we have been together for over a year now.

  10. blowiemcblowjob

    The fact of the matter is, you can meet nice guys who you can form long lasting and loving relationships practically anywhere….and it being a church or library or an art opening is no more of a guarantee of success than a restroom, park or other “non traditional” venue – my 2 longest lasting relationships — 6 and 13 years – were with guys that I met at a bath house…. my best friend of 16 years answered an ad I had in the local gay newspaper (hehe remember those from the dark ages???) I have learned through the years to keep an open mind and heart where ever I may be wandering.

  11. Tristan

    Yes, I’ve asked a hook-up out on dates afterwards, and sometimes it has ‘worked’ … though being a married man, I haven’t had a relationship that has lasted all that long (a year seems to be my limit, and it’s usually shorter). But go for it! “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

  12. Hunter0500

    The expectations for a hookup should be just that, a hookup. Have to agree with several posters here, rarely do fast hookups result in anything long term. When they do, it’s a pleasant surprise. When they don’t, well that’s what to be expected. Usually, I don’t hookup on quick notice. Meeting usually happens only after several chats and a meeting for coffee or beer first to check each other out. The result of that gives more princes than frogs.

  13. costa69

    Thats how most of my dates begin, as a hook up. And I’ve made a few good friends, a fuck bud here or there, but most importantly thats how I met lovely Boyfriend

  14. Darryl

    It can work out after you meet up with a guy and find out that you connect on a level beond the sexual. The thrill and excitment of doing something nasty with the risk of getting caught can get the juices pumping. The good news was that it turned into something more then just a quick ____.

  15. Sam

    Personally, trying to gain something more out of a hook-up has never worked for me, which is unfortunate because I’ve met some hot, seemingly interesting guys (one of the most profound conversations I’ve had recently was after a guy finished sucking me off), but if you’re still thinking about him post-orgasm I’d pursue it… Avoid the “shoulda, coulda, woulda’s: at all costs.

  16. eastvalleyoral

    I eventually did get in touch with him and am glad I did. he is a nice guy and is more interested I being friends. he is seeing someone. live and learn but at least the could of would of has been answered. thanks for all the great comments

  17. JT

    Met My lover on a hook up some 21 years ago. Took us a moment to get our act together. We meet three years before on a hook and then went our seprated ways, one day I got a call and it was him. Life has a way of making things happen. I feel you should take the chance and ask him out, we only come this way once. We should enjoy each days as if it was our last and besides what will you have lost. Ask him out, before someone else does.

  18. DJ

    This is probably sad but it’s how I date. I’ve learned over the years that it’s possible to cultivate a great, slow relationship without having sex, fall in love, get to the bedroom and the sex be terrible. Someone will say “but if you love the person, you work with them, you teach them how to make it better for both of you.” Well, that doesn’t really work either. Guys are easily hurt/offended when they notice you trying to do this. I know everyone is different, but it’s just easier for me to hook up and THEN see if I want to go from there.

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