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My good buddy, Carlos, was in town on leave and called me up out of the blue to surprise me.  He’s been in the army for several years as a career officer.  We met five years ago when he was stationed here in the ATL and have kept up with each other through crazy phone calls and emails.  It was great hearing his voice again, remembering the huge crush I had on him that was cut short due to his transfer out of the country.  Our friendship had never really blossomed into a relationship because he always warned me that with his career moving around was part of the status quo.  So, he made it a point to stay single and just got his freak on when he was horny and had the time.  I told him he was the army’s poster boy for breaking hearts around the globe.

His tall muscular body was always easy on the eyes.  And that sexy, gorgeous white-toothed grin had guys following him all over the bars when we used to hang out.  In or out of uniform, his straight backed physique with that fine full ass kept guys at attention more often than not.  He travelled so much that his one shopping addiction was buying great smelling colognes from all over the world.  I never once smelled him when he did not have a different flavor wafting through the air that always drew compliments.  And kept guys flirting for his attentions way longer than he had patience to handle, so he would find me in the bar and grab me, planting a kiss on my lips or picking me up and moving me to the dance floor.  I was his cover-up boyfriend when he wasn’t feeling any of the gay boys.  I always loved his military maneuvers on me pretending we were really going home together at the end of the night.

My orders for this Friday night were to be ready by 2000 hours and pick a nice restaurant for us to eat, drink fine wine and prepare for a long night.  He barked out that this is a vacation trip and all the night’s events were on him.  He informed me that his car rental was a red Lexus sport coupe with full leather interior and sun roof.  So, I needed to dress accordingly and find us a trendy spot to dine.  I promised him that was no problem as midtown was home to Ecco Restaurant which was written up in Esquire magazine with rave reviews. I joked with him about my choice by letting him know that if he did not like the dining experience, I would owe him a long, slow blowjob.   He countered that my ass better be clean because he was in the mood to pound an asshole like a drill sergeant.

“Aye, Aye, Captain, I will make all the necessary cleaning up and out, just spic and span, for you.”

“Get it right boy, I’m not in the navy.  That’s your first strike and once you hit three, your ass is mine.”

I was still laughing when our phone call ended abruptly just as it had started.  Carlos was typical military style with his need to bark out orders and then move on quickly.  Chop, chop just get it done.  I was so excited to see him that I almost forgot to call and make our dinner reservations.   So, dripping wet out of the shower, I was on my phone making sure we could get a table.  After hearing all that drill sergeant ass pounding stuff, I was horny as hell.  I found myself jerking my dick while I was on the phone with Ecco and when they put me on hold my dick grew to full- blooded raging hard-on, hungry for much more than any restaurant could serve me.  My dickhead had other orders for me.  It wanted to skip a trendy dinner and make Carlos the appetizer, main course and sweet dessert.

Carlos showed up promptly at eight o’clock looking so sensually, military, short haircut, hot that I just wanted to hug onto him for much longer than he could handle.  He was dressed in French style jeans unlike any I’ve seen here, showing off his ass like he was an underwear model.  When I reached to grab a handful of his butt cakes, he said to watch out or we will miss dinner, dancing and the other surprise he had planned for us.  I told him that would be fine with me.  He skirted around the sex thing by handing me a gift in a really nice gift bag.  It had three items wrapped up which I couldn’t wait to open.  Tearing into the paper, I found Cuban cigars which he knew I loved to smoke with a brandy after dinner and new French cologne that I sprayed in the air to smell its fresh scent.  I opened the last box to find Dutch condoms and lube with hot, sexy gay men on the instructions naked, hard and applying the condoms correctly.

“We don’t have Cuban cigars and the latest French cologne here, but we do have condoms and lube without such gorgeous instructions, more like stick figures.  What should I do with these?”

“Spritz on the new cologne, grab a cigar and pocket the condoms and lube for later,” he ordered.

We took off in his Lexus rental jamming to old house music, Percolator.  I hadn’t heard that in years and he enjoyed driving crazy bouncing me around in the leather seat beside him like I was in a military jeep.  All I could imagine was bouncing around on his hard dick later and that was too much as we drove into the valet parking lot, I was trying to hide my hard-on, stumbling onto the sidewalk.

“Have you been drinking already?” Carlos asked.

“No, I’m just a dizzy queen who you made dizzier by your fast and furious driving.”

“Well straighten up and fly right.  That is strike two and you don’t want to hit strike three.”

Throughout dinner, we had a great time catching up and finished off two bottles of expensive red wine.  All I could think about was what foolish thing I needed to do next in order to bring his gavel down as strike three.  But the wine had calmed him down and his judgment was going to be much more lenient with me.  We moved outside to a table where we could share my Cuban cigar and sip on Courvoisier.  He asked me a rather strange question like a Five-star General, blowing out smoke interrogating me.

“Have you ever been to that bath house not too far from here?  What’s it called?”

“You mean Flex, no I’ve never been inside that place.  Why are you asking me?”

“After we dance off this wine and brandy, we are going to explore the wet and slippery side of Atlanta.”

I was pleasantly drunk and just smiled in agreement with him as if I had a choice in our after hour’s whoring around.  While we were waiting for the valet to fetch his car, he hugged me tight grinding his dick into me.  If it wasn’t already hard, I was completely positive it was growing large, long and bulky in those tight jeans.  I wanted to drop to my knees and free his cock sucking on it like that fat Cuban cigar.  But, I’m sure that yuppie couple beside us would have run screaming back to their condo instead of waiting on their BMW to arrive.  So, I just gave him an innocent kiss, an appropriate peck on his lips, which should not surprise this couple in gay populated midtown.

Once we got into the car, a devilish grin crossed Carlos’ face and he reported that there had been a change in our maneuvers.  We were going to skip the clubbing and head to Flex because he needed to get out of his fashionably tight jeans and let it all hang out.  I smiled back placing my hand on his dick and started licking my teeth letting him see my wet long tongue needed to lick and suck on something harder and longer than a Cuban cigar.  His foot hit the gas pedal suddenly and we were racing down to Spring Street making it to the bath house in record time.  To my surprise, the small parking lot was almost full at eleven o’clock; we found a space, went inside to pay the cover charge and were given our little skimpy white towels and locker information.

We both were feeling the wine and all the eyes on us as we did our own sexy striptease number getting out of our clothes.  I kneeled down untying my officer’s shoes, unbuckling his belt and freed his dick as he pulled his shirt over those fine pecs and eight-pack abs.  Just as I expected he was wearing no underwear, so his big dick semi-erect fell out and smacked me in the face.  Silly drunk, I started to giggle like it was my first time with a dick in my face.  He was trying to remain forceful and in control and said, “Strike three you slut puppy.”

Grabbing my head, he told me to open wide and looked down spitting on his fat ten inches which splattered into my mouth as he pushed his dick deep down my throat.  I had to open the back of my throat to accommodate his huge meat.  I slobbered on it for a few minutes until we were bumped into by other guys trying to get out of their clothes and into their lockers, all the while watching our hot scene.  I heard someone say go downstairs by the pool where there is plenty of room.  Carlos pulled me up off his dick, grabbed our towels and told me to bring the condoms and lube.  I did as I was ordered to do with his sweet and salty spit-lubed dick flavors still fresh on my tongue.

The pool deck had empty lounge chairs with two guys in the corner of the pool making out privately, really into deep passionate kissing.  There were a half dozen other men in the pool playing freely like boys, wrestling, swimming and attacking each other under water like sharks and, of course, dunking each other while grabbing ass and dick.  We dropped our towels on one of the lounge chairs and I hid the condoms and lube under our towels.  Carlos rushed me and picked me up jumping into the pool.  I could feel his hard dick slap against my ass and once we landed in the cool water, he started sliding his dick between my ass cheeks teasing me. We both were lusting after these shark invested waters.  Sure enough, the shark gay boys swam around us and started grabbing our asses and a couple slid under water engulfing our dicks between their hungry lips.  What exciting pleasure naked and free to play around with a variety of gay men enjoying the soft water releasing all our childhood fantasies, turning them into a hot, sexy reality.

Carlos commandeered his two favorite hot boys, pushing the three of us to the side of the pool.  He picked me up sitting my ass on the pool deck and then rolled me flat on my back with my ass open at the edge of the pool.  He grabbed one of the hungry shark boys forcing his face into my ass crack telling him to swim and rim me deep.  Carlos joined me on the pool deck in the same ass sharing pose, grabbing the other guy’s head, forcing him to eat his fat ass, too.  The sharks were hungry and we started deep kissing while our asses were being eaten by at least four water whores taking turns on us.  This went on for quite some time and I was lost in the pleasure of all the tongue action, sucking Carlos’ tongue deep into my mouth while feeling my asshole getting lapped up and tongued deep by several guys.

Finally, we decided to warm up even more and grabbed our towels heading over to the steam room….


End of Part One

Check back next week to see how steamy FLEXibility gets even hotter.

David W. Bradburn   aka dwb42461

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  1. Pierce75

    WOOF. I was at FLEX one time when a hot military stud was fucking his bottom friend on the pool deck and in the steam room. I was lucky enough to have the bottom’s head in my lap holding the bottom’s legs up while the stud worked his buddy’s ass deep and hard. Would be hot if this was the night in the story. MMMMM

  2. Darryl

    I’am looking forward to reading part 2 of this hot story. I’ve been to Flex in the ATL, and I have a few stories that would give your cock a twitch or two. It can be a great place to take a steam, or blow off some. Stop by if you’re ever in Atlanta.

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