Stories : FLEXibility Part 2

Finally, we decided to warm up even more and grabbed our towels heading over to the steam room.  We stopped outside the private steamy escape to shower off the chlorine overpowering our well scented skin.  Carlos grabbed me as I was starting to walk in my own stall suggesting we should share one and bathe each other.  No problem for me to touch this towering man in all his private places, hopefully helping him relax from the responsibilities of preparing troops to battle on the frontlines.  He adjusted the handle to a muscularly soothing stream of hot water.  I hit the soft soap pump filling my hands with sudsy fluid and began rubbing it into his broad back.  He had that perfect V-shaped body, wide shoulders sloping down his back to a slim waist, no more than a size 32.

His brown skin was softer than a baby’s ass from the middle of his back to his smooth, hairless butt.  Bragging proudly about his Caribbean heritage was like you were on a private island with a man who took control and catered to your deepest needs.  Really studying him totally nude, I could see how his looks alone motivated soldiers to do anything he commanded of them.  His light brown skin that got just a bit lighter as you looked at the private places where the sun never shines, kept me focused on the ten inch dick which started out fat at the base and slimmed down just a bit, too a perfectly smooth, pink head.   He had that exquisite blend of African, French, Indian and Spanish features that around New Orleans would deem him Creole.  However, he always reminded me that his birthplace was up north in Brooklyn, New York.  I guess that’s why he had a fondness for my sweet southern charm, always aiming to be congenial and please him.

I took the liberty to wash his fine ass, moving my slim fingers into his crack washing clean all the shark boys slobber from his hot hole.  Without a doubt, Carlos is not a bottom, but he bent forward sticking that bubble butt out for me to wash and tease clean.  I was hard as a rock.  It’s as if we were switching roles.  I placed my dick in his crack to suds it up and he spread his cheeks for me to pretend I was his top boy.  That fat ass enveloped my dick hiding it from view as he laughed saying to me, “I bet my big ass meat could get you off just massaging your dick without you having to stick it inside deep.”

I just grunted in approval.  I’m no novice to frottage and how, if done right, it can make you groove to a hot, ball-busting orgasm.  But that was not his plan as he let me enjoy his ass for a short time and then pushed me down to my knees to wash his feet.  I should have known Carlos would appreciate my hands washing and smoothing the crevices in his large feet.  I told him I knew the pressure points which are connected to each part of his body called reflexology.  He just laughed at me like I was his joker.  When I started massaging deeply the inner part of his heel which stimulates the pelvic region, his dick jumped quickly to raging hard-on length.  He grabbed it and said what are you doing to me and I just replied, “I’m working my magic on you, Sir.”

He suddenly pulled me up off his feet and began bathing me.  Moving me under the shower spray he started on my shoulders working all the way down to my ass.  He soaped up his dick and pushed it between my cheeks reaching my hole quickly.  I pushed my ass into him as he tried very hard not to enter my water tight, hot, boy pussy.  What control this military man exhibited.  He rubbed on my ass cheeks and then whispered to me that it was time to hit the steam room.  We rinsed the suds off our glistening bodies, grabbed our towels and headed to the dimly lit, steamy room where all you could make out were men draped on tile stair-stepped platforms like an old Roman bath.  The bobbing movements we saw and the slurping sounds we heard made us dream of clandestine ancient warrior ways.  Carlos was the Deputy Centurion and I was his chosen one, the Optio, with my knob ended staff moving the others around to make room for such a fiercely endowed conqueror.

I spread our towels out as the steam started to make our skin shiny wet.  We slid down beside each other, and immediately, there was in front of us two willing open mouths, ready to lick the beads of sweat off our dicks and suck them deep to the base.  These cocksuckers had skills that kept them skinny because they lived for the steam room.  The only sustenance feeding their guts was the white, milky loads they drank like overzealous gluttons.  Nestling my head in Carlos’ armpit, I tasted his salty-cologne remnants trying to outlast the steam.  I felt it drip down to his left nipple, so following it, I began to suck and teeth tease his large, brown sensitive spot.  All this attention was making him gasp and moan.  The two bottles of wine and two snifters of brandy kept our dicks hard without needing to cum for quite a long while.  Each time cocksuckers let our dicks drop from their mouths to rest their jaws two more skillful deep throats took over.  It was as if they were betting on which two would get to drain our first heavy loads.

My dick was so wet from slobber and steam that I needed to change the technique, if I wanted to unload my cream anytime soon.  I pushed the cocksucker off my dick and started jerking it hard.  Following my lead another guy moved in between my legs and released my hand from my dick to take over for me.  He knew how to give a perfect hand-job, spitting, stroking hard and pulling back on my balls so my dick stood up higher, harder.  I looked at Carlos as he grinned at me with his devilish smile understanding that I was just on the precipice of extreme pleasure.  His brown eyes had small flecks of green that looked brighter than I’d ever noticed before.  While my hips started pushing upward, he grabbed my face sticking his tongue deep in my mouth.   After such an incredible reunion with my Centurion, I could not hold out any longer.  I began moaning louder as my dick expanded even more and I felt the jerking hand hard on my cock, then the tip of his tongue and lips suctioned me as I shot a huge load deep into the back of the guy’s throat.  He kept jerking my dick until every last drop spit out onto my stomach, my legs started shaking, and my hand-job cum sucking soldier licked me clean sliding his tongue into my belly button mixing cum with sweat, slurping it all up.

The fierce feeling an unrelenting orgasm had on me was like none other.  I stretched my legs hard forcing all the blood out of my pelvis, as it ran along all the nerve endings from my spine to the top of my head it became contagious.  Carlos started to breath heavy slowly pushing my head from his nipple down to his flat belly.  He barked something to the cocksucker pushing him off his huge dick.  Standing up at attention, he grabbed my head and began to slap his dick on each cheek, his dickhead pounded my forehead then he slid all ten inches over my silky, smooth wet hair.  It was as if he was mounting an all-out attack on my face and head, trying to beat the pleasure centers from my brain to the head of his cock.  His dagger took complete control on this steamy battlefield making the red blush on my face his bloodbath.  Being his chosen one, his Optio meant I would not lose my head, but would wear my Centurion’s heated warring passions all over my face.  He started jerking his dick harder as I licked at his fat dickhead.  One long, solid, creamy, stream shot over my tongue, nose, eyes, landing on my hairline.  That was the dripping blood spilt as he pushed the rest of his hot load in my mouth for me to suckle on, draining him dry.

After Carlos reclaimed his military control and balance, he pulled me to my feet, licking his cum off my forehead, sharing it with me with long, deep kisses.  He whispered to me like we were still in the trenches and said, “Let’s get out of here and see what’s splashing around the pool.”

On our way to the pool, we stopped by the shower for a cooling off rinse that made our nipples hard.  We laughed about our different style tits.  Mine were small nipples with wisps of hair circling them and they really protruded hard when cold from water or wind.  His were large, flat circumferences of smooth brown without a speck of hair.  I accused him of shaving his chest, but he grabbed my hand placing it on his pecs and asked, “Do you feel any rough stubble?  You’re just jealous because you want these fine smooth, hairless pectorals.”

“Don’t we always want just the opposite of what we do have?” I asked.

He said almost in all situations we may wish for that.  Except big dicked men do not want a smaller prick unless theirs is ginormous and won’t fit into any ass or pussy.  I told him those dicks are freaky and more for fantasy than reality.  He just laughed and said look at the late night crowd around the pool.  A whole new breed of gay guys, younger, club goers, who needed to stop by and continue their early morning testosterone motivated frolicking were wrestling, sucking and fucking around in the pool waters.  I went over to the lounge chair where I had hid the condoms and lube to make sure they had not been used up.  I knew we were going to need them for round two.  My ass was itching to be pounded by my personal drill sergeant.  And I’m sure he would be glad to provide such hard ass sex, since I had hit strike three hours ago.

I bent over to find the hidden Dutch gifts and I felt, what I thought was Carlos’ dick, rubbing on my ass.  The condoms were there in the same place I’d left them so my eyes brightened, but I jumped when I felt his cock on my ass crack, dropping the lube almost into the pool.  I turned to pick it up and a dark-skinned foot I should’ve recognized stepped on the lube package.  Looking up into the face of Kendrick, I was startled to see him here.  He was a fine brother who I had dated about a year ago, but because of our work schedules, it never had a chance to turn into a relationship.  He hugged me and asked, “What are you doing here with that fine light-skinned brother?”

I told him the whole reunion story and how he had wanted to experience a bath house while he was on leave.  Kendrick smiled joking that he would like to get deep inside that fat ass of my officer buddy.  I assured him that would not happen because he’s a top.  Meanwhile, Carlos had jumped into the pool and was flirting with one of the young guy’s silly drunk from bar hopping.  He picked that skinny twink up and tossed him across the pool.  Kendrick saw his strength and hinted that he had found someone else to fuck, so I should open this lube, my tight asshole and roll a condom on him letting us get reunited, hardcore.  He shook his hard dick at me teasing, letting me know that he was horny as hell.  I knew Kendrick could lay some pipe, but that wasn’t the reunion I had in mind.  So, I shoved him into the pool without realizing his quick reaction time.  As he was falling back, he grabbed my wrist pulling me into the cool waters with him.  The scene got Carlos’s attention and he swam under water and bit Kendrick on his ass.  I heard him lose his tough masculine personae by screaming high-pitched like a girl.  We all were about to choke on this nasty chlorinated water laughing so loudly.

Quite an unusual introduction for two tops wanting to mount the other’s ass, I thought.  They huddled together scheming on me.  Whispering and making plans I had no control over. Carlos grabbed my arms and Kendrick grabbed my legs, throwing me back up on the pool deck.  As they got out of the water holding their hard dicks, they instructed me to get our towels and the supplies I had hidden.  I guess they knew I would follow their lead, strutting like proud cocks to a hen house.  Apparently, Kendrick had rented a small room upstairs with a bed so we were heading in that direction.

Once inside this small cubicle style room, Carlos was full of surprises about his sexual explorations since I had last seen him.  I guess he just needed someone to take over and take control, giving him some time off from being in charge.  And Kendrick was just the man to do it.  He had smuggled in those small airline bottles of booze for us to consume. Ken was an airline attendant and always had a nice variety of those little bottles. We chose our flavor and gulped down a strong shot that warmed our insides up.  I was told to lie down at the top of the small bed on my stomach ass up, Carlos was next with his head in my ass, nibbling, licking and tonguing me so good.  Ken moved in on that fat ass he had wanted, biting a cheek hard which was payback.  Then he began to rim Carlos like a true soldier, spreading those ass cheeks open, slurping, sucking his asshole, sticking his tongue deep inside the Centurion.  I twisted my head around to see this sexy, stair-stepped site, from lightest skin tone to darkest, all fitting together to feast perfectly.  I just sucked on my thumb like a grown ass baby enjoying the sights and sounds as Carlos and Ken made ass eating an extremely hot vision.

Now it was time for Carlos to express his true freaky side.  He and Kendrick rolled on condoms and lubed up my ass and my top officer’s hot hole.  I should learn never to assume anything about gay men and what they eventually want from their sex lives.  Carlos placed his strong hands on my shoulders entering my ass quick and rather easy.  Ken let his dick get settled inside me deep before he mounted the fat ass he craved since he had spotted us.  Carlos grunted and squirmed, a bit, relaxing his asshole to stretch and accept Ken’s hard fat nine.  Then it was time for me to brace myself against the wall as the fucking started rapidly.  Carlos beating my boy pussy up as Ken grabbed my Centurion’s ass cheeks and stroked him hard and deep.  I loved feeling the residual effects of both hot men pushing hard all in my direction.  Ken’s forceful pounding on Carlos made him beat my ass harder, deeper.  This coordinated ass fucking effort lasted about half an hour, before the horniest top, Kendrick, was ready to shoot his load.  He pulled out of Carlos removing the condom and I signaled him to my face, so I could get his fresh load.  He shouted out loud like I was a block away, “Open your fucking mouth and take this load, bitch!”

I lapped it all up and this made Carlos hotter.  He rolled me on my back and Kendrick grabbed my ankles opening me up more for my Centurion to drive inside me deeper.  He was lost in the pleasure of working out his second load which was not going to come easy.  I could feel my P-spot getting massaged better than ever before and it was making me dribble out pre-cum like I hadn’t shot a huge load already.  It took Carlos thirty more minutes to reach his second hard pounding orgasm.  He did not pull out of me desiring to cum inside a hot, tight asshole.  But by the expression on his face and the deep grunting sounds he made, I knew his second load was more profoundly pleasurable than his first.  I came almost immediately after he had unloaded and his dick was growing softer, slipping out of me as I bore down to shoot my second smaller load.

We all stumbled out of Flex around six in the morning.  Kendrick made us promise to call and include him in another three-way before Carlos left town.  My Centurion and I went back to my place and curled up together in my bed sleeping until we woke up hungry and horny.  We fed our guts first and then I phoned Kendrick to see if he was up for another round.

David W. Bradburn   aka dwb42461

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  1. Darryl

    What started out with a couple of old friends hanging out, turned into a hot sweaty fuck 3 way that was better then expected. Now if only things like that can happen in real life…. It’s possible huh?

  2. redi2roll

    OMG…wow….I had to stop at the precipice I believe. cause damn this story is HOT. It’s early am & I must start the 2nd day of Spring …how cum I’m only reading this 3 days-daze late… Be BK for a wet finish..

  3. Carlos

    I want more, i had to jerk off 3 times between the first and the second part. Some of this people need to write sex story books please.

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