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I was so horny but was at work….But being the owner of my store, I can do whatever I want to do. If I hookup with someone and have to close the store for 30 minutes, it’s my problem! My hornyness was at a level that was almost untolerable!

I opened RADAR…. I always like to connect to RADAR from work because I get to see all the horny business men and visitors around downtown… When I saw the perfect title ” Horny Visitor “! I clicked to see his other pictures…OMG that is totally what I need right now. Athletic shape, tall and packing 9 inches of cut meat!

“Hey dude, how are you”

“Hi bottom boy”!

“Looking for action”?

“Yeah man, I’m so horny in my hotel room…would love to fuck your hole”!

“Dude I can’t really leave work, but can you come, I’ll give you the best head ever”

“Man you sure you wanna do that at work”?


And then I told him the address. I was a bit stressed because it was my first having sex in my boutique. Quite exciting idea though…. As soon as he arrived, I told him to go in the dressing room in the back of the store. I looked if anyone around saw him comming in, because we all know each other in this small high-end mall. Nobody around…. I closed the door of my store and went to the dressing room. He was already naked and hard like a horse! Fuck, I needed that cock in my mouth….

I sucked every inches of that meat and wanted the juice. This British guy was so fucking hot. I’m pretty sure he was bi and that the girlfriend was in the hotel room. But now he wanted to fuck me…..

“Dude I can’t I need to work after you leave…”

“Let me eat that ass….”

So I pulled down my pants and he started to rim in deep. Fuck man…it was sooooo amazing.

He shot his load in my mouth while moaning like a bull. Loved it! He seemed very satisfied…and I like that satisfaction face on a man after a good BJ.

Who’s next? Now I want to do that everyday!



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  1. kcrunnerguy

    Every time I go to Nordstrom Rack I look at the nice guys there and turn on my a4a radar. Maybe one day I might have some fun there.

  2. goldenloverinmym

    Dave sounds like u got it good.i may have got my fantasy cum true 2day.i signed on after my shower this morn getting ready 4 a meeting this alert goes off i check n its a hot young black guy askin if i’m lookin 4 fun.i responded yes i am but not tillafter 4pm i hope 2 hear back soon will make my meeting go by much better.DDDD

  3. Jim

    If you like this story and want a for real hook-up in a store contact me. I own a store and have a back room I “play” in.

  4. William Austin

    Horniness is part of being human! And for sure, more or less with everybody goes through it! And on a personal level, I found my horniness at an all time high was when I was out of town away from home: In other words Loneliness!
    Knowing that has helped! I can’t always find instant fix sex, but I can pick up the phone and invite a friend to lunch or more! Everybody has hormones, and the change with diet, stress, age, weather! I love spicy foods, and they seem to spice up the love too…
    I don’t always have to act on my crave, and many times I’m glad I didn’t, because I might not give in to nasty in a less lonely mood! Especially when it comes down to the sex or the friendship? Friendship can last for decades, sex 15 minuets? Your choice?

  5. Dave

    I had a great experience and FUN,in a dressing room getting fit for a new suit. The tailor came in with his pins and caulk. Good looking guy that ran his hands around my body making sure the suit was right for me. I was getting hard and hot with his smooth gentle touch. He unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock, that went right into his warm sweet mouth. It didn’t take long for me to fill his throat with cum. I came back a few days latter to pick up my suit and try it on. When we went into the dressing room, I told him I wanted to return the favor. He pull out the most BEAUTIFUL 9″ cock with a big mushroom head that I have seen in a long time. I work on it for about 20 minutes and he finale rewarded me. We set up a date to see each other again. Two days latter we spent the night together and have been seeing each other once a week for over a year.

  6. mauricio

    that’s the way i like using my cell…connect & go…always loved impromptu quickies in restrooms…Macy’s & Bloomingdales r my favorites

  7. terry

    I gave and received a BJ in the Bass Pro dressing room during Christmas. It was hot with the ceiling open and knowing there were people just right outside. We even left a little cum in the carpet. So hot.

  8. Vince

    This story is really hot. I have a couple similar. I work in retail as a manager so sometimes I’m there by myself for a few hours. One day I came into work wearing thin basketball shorts so you could see pretty much all of my dick. This man comes in and is walking around the store and I keep seeing him eyeing my bulge.. To let him know it was all welcomed staring, I kept grabbing my dick when I’d talk to him. Eventually when I rang him up, he wasn’t staring at my eyes just at my cock. So I pulled down my shorts a bit and started to jack it off for him.. He loved it. Then a customer walked by so I quickly pulled my dick in. As she passed, the guy put his arm down my shorts and started to jack me off. He asked if we could go anywhere and I said no. Wish we could have. But there are cameras everywhere in my store, and people all around. Would have been hot though.


  9. max

    hot!!! i work on retail and i used to have this customer coming over to try some pants on and the first time he ask me to bring some other sizes for him to try he tried one and by the second pair he was showing me his hard cock it was nice and big i touch it he jacked off and took off later he came back a couple days later and the same thing went on for a while till i finally decided to get down on my knees and suck it so i sucked his cock and swallowed his cum for a few months so hot!

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