Pornstar : RIP Wilfried Knight


Another pornstar passed away few hours ago, Wilfried Knight. The death of Knight was confirmed on twitter by Chris Yosef, one of his friends. The actor appeared in more than 20 films with Lucas Entertainment and was one of the most popular pornstars. His BF committed suicide last week and Knight was very sad and mad about it. He was blaming society and few other things for the death of his partner on his blog sunday night…. Last night nothing was confirmed, but this morning, it was confirmed that he commit suicide.

Another one…. 🙁


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  1. jose

    R.I.P. may God have mercy on your soul, wow this must be a hard depressing career to have. With all your respect is true about money not buying happiness.

  2. Darryl

    It’s a sad time for the Porn Industry. I’ve enjoyed more then a few of Mr. Knight videos. I’am sorry to hear about the loss of his partner. It’s a tough thing to go through that and not get help to deal with it. Depression and intense sadness can drag you down as well.

  3. TJ

    Whether a pornstar or a scientist, suicide is always sad. Sad that someone is so despondent, depressed or feeling so at the end of their rope that they see no solution to the problem, or no end to the sadness. And also sad because the suicidal person never seems to think or comprehend how the act will affect their loved ones left behind and how ultimately suicide is a very selfish choice. My heart goes out to both of these gentleman’s families and friends.

  4. jerry alexander

    do you think he committed suicide as well? he must have been really close to his friend who killed himself if he also did the same thing. too sad.

  5. James

    It says that Wil blamed society for the death of his partner and said a few other things in his blog. It might help to understand what Wil was going through on the Sunday before his death.

  6. Forrest

    What is up with all these porn stars dying??? And what is the industry doing to address the obvious mental health issues???

  7. Boomer5347

    I lost a close friend to suicide. and he was a minor porn star. He fought drug and alcohol problems all his young life. I tried to be his friend, but I failed him in the end. RIP Jason gone too soon at 28.

  8. Robert

    This is beyond tragic. Just the other day I was talking with someone about the number of tragic deaths/suicides in gay porn. Wilfried brings the number to 4 in recent years, following Roman Ragazzi, Erik Rhodes and, most shocking personally, the inimitable Arpad Miklos.

    None of this has to do with “society”…having self-worth is an inside job, and the lack of it is apparently hard to spot to friends and relatives. I mean, Arpad (Pieter) just exuded self-confidence on film and in person, and the gleam in his eye gave no hint as to the agony going on inside his mind.

    RIP Wilfried…may God grant you the peace and love that eluded you here on Earth.

  9. Mak

    I owned a few DVDs that has Wilfred Knight in it. he was amazing and I would idolize him. But after hearing his death, this is too much…may he rest in peace together with his lover, Jerry.

  10. JAO

    Sad indeed….even more sad when you discover their reason for doing what they did. There isn’t much one can do to create change when you’re dead.

  11. Tre

    What the h@#$ is wrong with these pornstars. So your gonna kill yourself because your bf did it. I’m sorry, I don’t feel sorry for him. Love shouldn’t be that deep that you would want to take your own life. Get a shrink or friends, things will heal in time but don’t go out and kill yourself.

  12. Chadpbg

    Tough story to read! I’m sure there was more behind the seems to this story. I am touched by the aesthetics of it though. I appreciate the immense love in this. I don’t know what I would do in this situation but I do know suicide is not the answer … Ever! I know we don’t have all the info for either of them but again from the outside it seems like an amazing love story!

  13. cace Cummings

    Being in the industry it sadens me! We get a lot of llove and compliments but get a lot of hate as well.. too many going these days:-(

  14. Osei

    This is very sad. Since not much information was given in this blog, I went to the regular news to read the entire story. I think it is sad that they could not have waited a bit longer until the dust settles with regards to one day the federal government recognition of gay marriage.

  15. s johnson

    not the industries fault, can be true for ANY industry. you constantly refuse help or not seek help even with the prodding of family and friends, that is very serious. and i agree it is a selfish way to go. remember the first step to get help is to first ADMIT you need it.

  16. Bunthorn

    I’m sorry about the lost. I know how it feels to lose a friend, a family, a lover, a pet. And I too was once a suicidal person, I too was a godless man, I too was a man that hate God, I too was a man that did not believe in God. Then I realize, I don’t know God, I had no reason to hate God and the only reason I hate because of religious. But I come to learn otherwise that religions and God is different. I see you all have lost someone, maybe this person isn’t important and maybe this person is. At the same time, we all have someone important in our live gone and since then, we haven’t feel well about life. God said: as the soul experiences in the body – infancy, youth, old age. Then finally is passes onto another body. So these two souls are out here somewhere on earth, not yet that is. They will reincarnated. Please read and share this story to learn more of what I speak of and of God in truth and not superficially. I promise you, even if you are homosexual, as long you have faith in God, accept him in your heart. God will be the cloak to sin and whatever sins you have committed. God will destroy all the sins you acquire through your millions of birth. If you don’t take my word, then read and accept God very words.

    God Bless.

  17. Stanhope

    There is a good deal on the net about this situation. No drugs were not involved as someone here suggested. The entire story is very very sad. From all accounts Wilfried was a very devoted partner and a very nice person. It is a shame that his partner endured all he did and that their relationship was so severely tested by unfair laws. If there is any consolation at all, it is that they are now together again in total peace.

  18. jay

    i think this is the plight of most gay men. it’s sad. part of it is from society, the other from our own community. we’re too shallow, don’t develop deep personal relationships with lovers, and not able to even maintain lengthy relationships. it’s always about going out and getting the hottest guy, maintaining the hottest body, looking good, good sex, partying…always trying to find out what’s on the “other side”…well truth be told, the grass will be green wherever you water it.

  19. OnlyTellTheTruth

    Although, I think it’s sad that both men killed themselves, I think it’s an incredibly selfish and cowardly act. Knight said that he blamed the U.S. Immigration system. For real? So instead of fighting the powers that be, you kill yourself. What a great role model. NOT!! I really can’t muster up a lot of sympathy. They made their choice.

  20. Hunter0500

    A close, very close … like office next to mine for years … close, coworker killed himself a while back. And his reason for doing it involved his work. The three counselors our company brought in explained that suicide is the most selfish act an individual can do. The person doing it has absolutely no concern for anyone who knew them, who was their friend, who was their coworker, family member, parent, child or spouse. It’s “all about ME.”

    The counselors told us the pain the person who commits suicide inflicts on others cannot be tabulated. Suffice to say, it is gargantuan compared to whatever pain they were having themselves. The counselors told us we were victims as well, and were therefore entitled to our own gut reactions which would range from profound sadness to profound anger, even hatred. Whatever feelings we had were valid and justified. We would have to manage them, but we’d need to respect where others were as well.

  21. glasgow1975

    Wow what a lot of judgemental and downright awful comments. Obvious most of you never even looked further into this.
    ‘Must have been drugs’ ‘grass is always greener’ disgusting to dismiss the deep love and the anguish that a couple who’d been together for NINE years must have been through to feel that suicide was the only solution.

  22. jockfever

    Who hasn’t been depressed and thought about suicide at some point in his or her life? We teach people defensive driving; maybe we should teach defensive mental health.

  23. chet

    Its a very sad world sometimes its important to keep a sound logical forward stance , but understand its not always that easy, good friends, family, make it better.

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