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A few weeks ago we asked you guys to submit questions that we could ask one of your favorite Pornstars, Paddy O’Brian. You guys rock! We received tons of really great questions through our Twitter feed, on our Facebook page and here on the blog, thank you!

Just before performing and on the set, porn actor Paul Walker interviewed Paddy using your questions…. check out the video of the interview after the jump. Paul and Padddy have performed together also did a scene together Paddy answered questions about his personal life, his favorite music, how he prepares for his performances and got really personal on some other hot topics. His strong sexy British accent makes listening even that much funner! It might be hard to get 100% of what he is saying, but if you are anything like me, just listening to his voice, understood or not, is a joy! I hope you like the interview as much as I do!

I know you guys are big fans of Paddy so I wanted to let you know that a new scene called  Shut up and Fuckwas just releasedIn that scene Donato Reyes reaches for his phone to text his fuck buddy Paddy O’Brian for a rendez-vous while his boyfriend is sleeping. Paddy shows up and the action begins with a titillating whisper: “Shut up and fuck”. You really need to see it, it is awesome and Paddy looks soooo gorgeous!!!

To get you going, check out these photos of the scene after the jump and then click here to see the full scene !!

Let me know how you like this exclusive Adam4Adam Paddy O’Brian interview!!!




ShutUpAndFuckMOUK (4)

ShutUpAndFuckMOUK (5)

ShutUpAndFuckMOUK (7)

ShutUpAndFuckMOUK (9)

ShutUpAndFuckMOUK (12)




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  1. B W

    Wow! I just LOVE his Thick Beefy Cock! I would LOVE to Suck It, Deep Throat It and Habe My Man Pussy Stuffed with it1 What a Nice Sexy Hunk of CockMeat!

  2. Darryl

    I tried to get through the interview but i had to stop at the question asked if Paddy was straight, or bi. Would someone explain to me why so many so called straight Men star in Gay Porn? And don’t say it’s just acting, you just can’t fake the funk.

  3. Gary

    Hmm..25 seconds? Was I supposed to buy a subscription to watch the video or was something wrong with the video that it’s incomplete? I’m guessing the latter.

  4. vabearbear

    The str8 men who do gay porn…its for the money! Apparently men doing gay porn get paid a lot more than doing str8. Same as the women who do anal in porn get paid a lot more than just pussy sex…or if they do double penetration…all for the love of money!

  5. Michael

    Kinda disappointed my quality intellectual question wasn’t asked. All the questions were boring, and have been asked before. Sad!

  6. Fred

    Agree with Jace’s comment – gay for pay is a real turn off. Also it was shock to hear his thick cockney accent which just doesn’t seem to go with his image.

  7. Ryan

    Hey handsome how do I get into porn ?? What has to happen?? Please explain?? I live in Oregon so what do I need to do and who do I contact ??about getting started?? I have some scars one on my face have more throughout my body so yea!! Is that. Problem??

  8. Steve

    Great body … but that face. Ugh.
    And what’s with the name? I get that he’s British but he doesn’t look it and so why not make-up an Aussie name or something that would be a better fit?

  9. olderwiser

    He’s very good looking but damn, he shouldn’t speak unless he gets some pr training.

    His accent is very low brow.

  10. Rock Afella

    The real test of how ‘gay for pay’ he is would be to have him bottom. That would be fun to watch. If anyone has a link to that, post it. I’ll check back later. 😉

  11. kinky_tiger

    quite a upfront guy.. i like that.. but i was unaware of the question. i used the same name. as on a4a on here.. i look for the same thing he does

  12. biagra

    It was great until he opened his mouth then he ruined it………. As for him being straight it is possible the reason why I say this is because in his movies he has never sucked or rimmed or been fucked…So yes he most probably is Gay for PAY.


  13. Sal

    Hey handsome how is it going. Just want to ask how do you go about getting into the porno industry. I love having sex I think I’m and addicted.

  14. Javanic

    And who said he was our favorite pornstar…? I don’t even know him, he sucks and he’s Gay— GAY…. Small dick btw, terrible accent , so many things are wrong with this guy, starting with his brain … Lol A4A , next time Should be someone we know , like … Antonio Biaggi or Peto peto Coast, or someone else like those two, not fake ones … Lol

  15. Cam

    The video isn’t working but I can say that until he starts sucking dick, I have no interest in any of his films. And that fact that he’s “gay for pay” is even more of a turn off. I’m sick of studio’s getting these so-called “Straight” guys to do gay porn. It’s ridiculous and seeing fools like this just makes gay porn even more of a joke. SMH

  16. JOHN

    Paddy it has to be said is one very sexy hot man , love his cocky east end accent his killer smile and yes that huge cock , would love to meet him a dream come true as I live in London , wish I could have my dream come true xxx

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