Hot or Not : Tom Ford


I think Tom Ford is one of the sexiest men alive!

Sophisticated, scruffy but clean cut, always wearing a nice fitted suit, professional, ambitious, rich….

For those of you who don’t know him yet, Tom Ford is a very successful clothing designer and movie director. The 51 years old man worked for Perry Ellis, Gucci, YSL and created his own label which now has both men and women ready-to-wear but also cosmetics and a full range of perfumes for both men and women.

Find him hot? I do…. perfect daddy for me ๐Ÿ™‚

Let me know if you like him!




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  1. Jason

    Tom Ford, is definitely the sexiest man alive of all time. His clothes alone is screaming for sexiness….his colognes are legendary sexy. Check out Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford. The man is sexy HOT.

  2. G90814

    Another ‘well duh’ hot or not post… he’s quite happy with his older partner (his partner is 64) and they just had a son last year (via surrogate). So I’m thinkin he’s off the market.

    Dave, you’re a handsome guy, could have most any guy you want, but still single… Stop drooling over unavailable guys, and get out there!

  3. terry

    Extremely hot! Not just for his incredible good looks, but he has an incredible eye for design and style. Everything he does seems to become a classic, from mens’ suits, to the very moving film “A Single Man”. He also knows what makes a woman look great with his designs. From interviews he also seems to be quite intelligent and well spoken, quite a role model for all gay men

  4. Soo Nami

    I don’t know much about him personally, but I will say he brought Gucci back in full force and thank God, cuz Gucci was Dead! As far as hot he is breathtaking for lack of a better word! He & Jeremy Piven look like twin brothers, and I’ve wanted Piven since he was on Ellen’s sitcom!

  5. vampyre927

    He is a nice-looking man, but met him at an Aids fundraiser last with his partner. He was a “total Douche-bag” who was sitting there the whole time going on about why more people were not paying attention to him. My partner and were laughing at him;”All about me-Tom Ford”

  6. J.Z.

    Damn this man is the complete package. Looks, talent, humanitarian… can only imagine that his package matches everything else about him. Woof!

  7. Leo

    This is a good picture of him. A couple years ago, he had a really bad picture when he was advertising his new line at Macy’s. Saw all the worry lines in his forehead, plus he frowned deeply and looked like someone just ran over his dog. I had to write letters and object to the campaign because the picture was so bad, lol.

  8. Chris

    I’m all into daddies, but blue collar daddies. Ford just doesn’t do anything for me. He always looks like he’d spend more time getting primped for sex than the amount if time it’d take to actually do it. So yeah, not hot.

  9. Alex V

    It’s quite funny how many of point out his wealth as being an important part of why he’s so attractive. That’s an incredibly vain and shallow reason to be attracted to someone. Yes, he’s well educated and handsome, that’s pretty obvious. But wanting him for his wealth is pathetic. Go to college and make you own money, it isn’t your partners responsibility to support you both, nor should you not date or see someone because of it. I’m incredibly private about my wealth because of people like you. My husband only found out I was wealthy after we dated for two years and I knew it wouldn’t be part of why he was seeing me. He isn’t very wealthy, and I don’t care because it isn’t remotely important to me. You need to get your priorities straight for what you want in a man. By the way, his suits/tuxes are great. I have two of each and they’re the only suits/tuxes I need.

  10. Hunter0500

    Tom Ford, a total class act. He should be the poster child for gay men: a well dressed, well groomed, career professional, gay man, who keeps his body private. Not one picture in a Google search had him without clothes. Hot? While he didn’t set Hunter Jr. off, yeh, I’d like to get to know him better … would really like to get to know him better.

  11. Joe

    Hot or Not questions are not really respectable question. To have a place where you can go off on how ugly someone is and it being sponsored by the a4a is not cool. We here how ugly we are to people over and over and now it is going to a public free for all question.

  12. jelesuis

    totally not my type … but seeing as how most everyone else drools after him, i suppose i wouldn’t mind looking like him for a day or two.

  13. Eric K

    He is very hot, talented, etc., but I still visualize him as the not-so-butch, high-school enfant terrible who I bussed tables with the summer of ’79 at Santa Fe’s (then) most shi-shi restaurant — The Compound. My best memory is his teaching me how to address obnoxious, incredibly rich and cheap Texan patrons following their “thank yous” and “goodbyes”: Standing at attention in your “Bus Captain” blacks-and-whites, give a big smile while saying “Fuck you very much!”

  14. Steve

    Meh. Ya, he’s attractive but he always strikes me as a little too … “too”: Just a little too studied, a little too tailored, a little too everything. I generally like his clothing but recently he’s shifted to “clothes that wear the owner” rather than the other way ’round. While I believe society in general could rethink it’s appearance, sorry, Ford just doesn’t do it for me.

  15. Phillip Lyles

    Two words really describe him.. Handsome and Icon.. He is a gay man can be truly proud of.. He is so sexy and smart.. He took a company and made its yearly earnings go from $225 million to $2.4 BILLION.. He was the reason I bought anything Gucci.. He is also a loyal b/f Lover Husband… I’d be happy to just call him friend.. Thank you Tom for everything..

  16. Michael D.

    Never fails to amaze me on what my gay peers allow themselves to get so deeply involved in, when there are so many other positive, ways to use that energy and wit and make life better. TOM FORD, definitely HOT.

  17. Daniel

    BEST CHEST HAIR EVER!!!! So, he’s a Texan…HOT! He’s absolutely beautiful, rich, and can dress me in one of his suits anytime he wants. I’d love to have one of his plaid pea coats; that I believe were Fall 2011. Oh, and lets not forget the producer of “A Single Man” which was an incredible adaption of Christopher Isherwood’s novel!

  18. Paul

    Joe is right. Most gay men I’ve met are incredibly vain and shallow. Leo proves this even more ” I had to write letters and object to the campaign because the picture was so bad, lol.” Are you serious?? Who are you to judge what he looks like? We are such a heavily discriminated against group of people, yet we discriminate against each other even more. You’d think a group of oppressed people could be more accepting of each other. But that’s rarely the case. Many of you won’t even be friends with you if they don’t fit your probably very high standards. I don’t act the way most of you do, I don’t have such high standards for my friends. If we get along well then I’ll keep you around. There are two few of us to be treating each other like hell. Frankly, we don’t deserve true equality until we can actually accept each other and act like a community, not just a bunch of vain cliques that bitch about how mistreated we are, then turn around and do it to other people because they aren’t attractive enough for you. Get over yourselves. It’s things like this that make embarrassed to be gay.

  19. Brian

    Classic, handsome looks, talented, made his own way honestly, his film, “A Single Man” brilliant! Hot or not, they don’t come much better. Tom Ford is Awesome! !

  20. shawn

    I find him very handsome though most people would just what to go to bed with him I would love to meet him and see what makes him tick and get to know someone like him.

  21. Tyrone

    I reluctantly purchased Mr Ford’s P Coat, unlike any I have ever seen, that everyone raves about. It fits like it was made exclusively for me. His clothing, shoes and cologne are the best. I haven’t seen any that look better. If I could afford it, I would buy only Tom Ford’s clothing and shoes.

    My straight son is in love with Mr Ford!


  22. George Jetson

    Handsome. Looks good in clothes and has the sense to keep his clothes on. Contrast this with overaged gay club trash Marc Jacobs

  23. cum2U4Cum

    I always wanted a piece of Tom. He is gorgeous. And then after I found some more alluring pictures of him, I really wanted to get a shot with him. Sexy as hell!

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