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There is something about nipple piercing that gives me chills… I think it is because I have very sensitive nipples…(It is very clear with my fuck buddies that you don’t bite my nipples nor squeeze them of I will punch their face! Yes it is that extreme lol! )

If  a man has a piercing on his nipple, I will most likely not have sex with him because of that. When I look at a pierced nipple, I almost feel pain… I would surely pass out if I get mine pierced…

When I think about it, I am actually not into piercing at all except maybe for ears but even that….

Do you like pierced nipples? And why?


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  1. G90814

    In this particular subject, I agree with you 100% Dave 🙂

    The guy in the pic is totally hot, until I see his nipple… then he’s … still attractive, but in a lesser way.

  2. Hunter0500

    Small barbells, like the one in the picture, or small rings are is an attraction. For guys with sensitive nipples, they enhance what guys playing with the guy can do to set him off.

    Large rings, anything you can hook a chain on? No. They’re difficult to work around during play. The whole concept of ripping the guy’s nipple off during rough play reduces fun.

  3. Chris

    They get in the way……REALLY!

    I’ve also noticed while watch porn, guys WITH pierced nipples? Never utilize their nipple rings.

    Think an ear ring getting caught on a piece of clothing hurts when ya yank it out? Can you imagine getting THAT yanked out? OUCH!

    Plus, I’ve heard that lots of guys “don’t know how to use them” correctly 😉

  4. Darby316

    I think it’s a matter of Taste. Rugged guys look good with them and fems look like they are trying too hard. The guy you have in your picture, A+ cause he can pull it off.

  5. Burke

    Very Hott if u have a nice muscular chest or a slim toner figure it’s Hott if u got. Big old man titties pierced not so Hott .

  6. david

    nipple piercings are hot on some guys. the bar(s)or nipple rings or fine but nothing funky.guys to a certian age can pull it off

  7. Jorge

    Well, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I think a well muscled man with pierced nips is soo hot. Hairy chest and a great set of pecs dont hurt either….Woof!

  8. phllmcrackn

    I absolutely LOVE my pierced nips. I’ve got six piercings though.

    I’d rather have my nips sucked than my dick half the time. Nothing quite like having your legs wrapped around a big dicked top while he nibbles and sucks on my tips, head thrown back, hands clutching whatever they can find through the ecstasy as my dick leaks precum lubricating our abs!!

  9. Bob_in_Tampa

    I’m kind of amazed this was added to the blog given how much of an emotional response the author gave to simple nipple piercings. But then, i reflected at things guys do/wear/are into that generate a similar response in my mind. But before I go there, i will address the question at hand: Do I like pierced nipples and why?

    Answer: YES! For me, and for many guys, there’s a direct connection between my nipples and my erotic energy generator. I got my nipples pierced more than 25 years ago (yes, i’m a bit older) because i discovered early on (when i was married to a woman and she introduced me to how much of an erogenous zone my nipples are) that my nipples were just as crucial a part of erogenous body as my genitalia (and later on, my butt/sphincter/prostate).

    Now, while i enjoy my piercings – because they truly enhance intimacy when pulled/licked/nibbled on – i never viewed them in the same way i view my tatoos. After all, i can take my rings out, change the jewelry, etc, but i never wanted to pierce my body as a form of displaying my individualism. My piercings are all about adbertising to my mate that touching my nipples is very much a GOOD thing to do. So, i don’t have any other piercings beyond my nipples. I also dind’t want to stretch my piercings to the point where, when much older, my nipples would look like one of the Great Ape’s nipples (long, stretched and really unattractive. I’m also a business executive, so being able to wear a work shirt and keep my piercings discreetly covered was critical.

    Now, as far as things that make my stomach turn (similar to the author’s reaction to pierced nipples) really come down to more ACTIONS than things like piercings or ink. For me, the 2 things that turn my stomach and are a turn off during intimacy are: exchanging spit and licking pits. Now, i know, there are some guys who LOVE these practices. And, as a good lover, i think it’s incumbant on us as erotic beings to share those turn ons pretty early on in a relationship. In a trick situation, it’s a bit late in the game to get physically sick if a guy licks my pits…but i’ve learned (after YEARS in the Leather community) that if i’m in the throws of passion and my partner looks like he’s about ready to release a “loogie” in my mouth/face….i just smile and close my mouth. That sends the signal that i’m not receptive to that act and we move on (this versus a guy who opens his mouth like a baby bird ready to be fed a worm by his momma bird ahahah). And, trust me, no “pit-licker” will enjoy licking a pit that has deoderant. These lovers are really turned on my the taste and smell of the male pheremones that come from the armpit. So, after one lick, my partner will know that he’s not goign to get the turn on he wants because i’m wearing deoderant…and if he asks me to go “wash that shit off” i politely say, “yea, i’m not really into that bud” and we either continue…or it ends…but i can tell you in all my years – that’s never happened.

    So, while a piercing can be considered a fetish, it’s really a personal preference and guys who are into nipple play will know VERY quickly if a potential partner/mate is into nipple s or not..then he just has to make the call – do i continue pursuiing him (as a trick or potential mate) or take a pass because that fetish is a crticial part of intimacy for him.

    Oh, and yes, you can pinch my nipples – they don’t hurt! 🙂 They make me hard? Want proof? Pinch ’em! ahhah

  10. Xavo

    I have my nipples pierced at 14 gauge and my dick (prince albert) at 2 gauge. I love it and guys and gurls love it in San Francisco. For me, it makes sex so much better.

  11. Mike

    My nipples are sensitive too and love it when a guy plays and sucks on them Have thought about having a nipple pierced and heard its very painful and stats that way for months. Been with guys that have had a nipple done. Think it’s sexy to see a ring going a nipple.

  12. Jake

    I wouldn’t want to get mine done, but I don’t necessarily mind it on other guys. I think it just depends on the guy. My first boyfriend had his pierced and I hated it, but I’ve been with guys since him who had it and I found it to be a real turn on.

  13. Chadwick

    I agree with you, I respect some choice to pierce themselves (in all imaginable places) but I am, not into piercings at all, especially facial piercings. I like a nipple to be soft and for me to enjoy nursing on it without the feel that I am sucking on a rusted nail.

  14. Steve

    I’d generally yes, nipple piercings are hot. But it depends some on the hardware: a simple “dumbbell” is good, rings less so, rings with stuff hanging from them no. “Installations” ala Janet Jackson I think are cool in leather competitions or whatever but not in real life.

  15. juran

    I think nipple piercings are hot as long as the metal is not too huge, some guys over do it. A well built chest with both nipples pierced is a great turn on.

  16. Ben

    NOT! It reeks of someone who has nothing better to do with themselves and it trying way too hard to be different, or noticed, or what they think is sexy, or whatever.

  17. buck

    Pierced and love it. Had no sensitivity at all until pierced. Now it is great. Wondering what a PA would do….. Love pierced guys…

  18. PierceMN

    Definitely hot! I had mine pierced, but they got infected and one of them literally fell out. It left my nipples really sensitive and I love having them pinched and bitten during hot sex!

  19. Tank

    I think pierced nipples are hot as hell, I am not pierced but still think its hot. it does make the nipple more sensitve and therefore more sexy.

  20. Mike

    Several years back my bf at the time was real into pierced nips. He wanted his done but didn’t have enough there to do it. He was always asking me if I’d consider it. One day I thought I’d surprise him. I sort of figured that if i had one done I might as well do both. If I didn’t like them I could always take them out and let them close up. I always thought a nip showing through a tee shirt was hot.

    Lucky for me when I went to get them done I found a piercer who was straight eye candy, sensitive, and who loved nipples. He placed my piercing in such a way as to make my nipples look perky. They turned up slightly and got just a little larger. The results were beautiful improved nips that didn’t look like a clit.

    Yes it hurt. The right was bad enough but quick. We took a breather and then did the left. i had never realised that the left was that much more sensitive than the right. At that point I had a quick black out. It probably didn’t help that I did it on an empty stomach and my blood sugars must have been low.

    My bf was more than surprised and wished he had been there to see it done. He wanted to go right for them but we had to wait for the healing period. As for sensitivity I can’t say that changed any. My nips are sensitive. If anything in the way of nip play I prefer to have them licked or gently sucked. Guys see my rings and think they should twist or bite them – NO, not at all!

    Every now and then I take them out and they still keep their nice shape. Most guys seem fascinated with them and no one has ever said they disliked them. In fact, fb’s that have seen me without them always ask where they are.

    I guess in my case it worked out fine. They may not be for everyone and if you want to wear them a nice shaped pec and the right size and type of ring can enhance the overall look.

  21. Cooper

    I too am very sensitive and don’t want my nips touched. It’s up to a guy to do whatever is “his thing”. Personally I don’t avoid pierced guys, but likely we are not into the same stuff.

  22. jace

    ni idontr like peirced nipples tha iahve see verry few guys who look good with them then look a liite clesheay andstuff if a guys o them that like said msot men look foofal with them

  23. Jay

    I have wanted one for years. I am the straight-laced, shirt-and-tie guy, but definitely a bit of a fun streak in the sack. I think this could satisfy my desire to have something a little “dirty,” without being too showy.

    They are hot. Damn hot.

  24. Pierce_mn

    Yes they are hot! I had mine pierced back in the 1990s, but they got infected and one literally fell out. I haven’t had them redone, but my nipples are really sensitive now. I love having ’em pinched hard and bitten during hot mansex. Love guys with pierced tits!

  25. Synn

    If others are into it, of course that’s a-okay for them… but I personally don’t find ANYTHING attractive about tattoos nor piercings.

  26. DelSam

    Depends. Some are sexy, some a tacky. A small discreet piercing such as the one pictured above can be quite sexy. However, someone that has one resembling a door knocker off the Addams family’s front door is not appealing to me at all.
    I have had both of my nipples pierced at one time, and prior to having them pierced I had the same issue as the writer, Dave. My nipples were so sensitive that sometimes even my shirts would rub on them painfully. On a lark, I decided to have them pierced, and never regretted it. It dropped the sensitivity down to where, now I can have my nipples played with and get quite a bit of pleasure. I have not had my rings in for a few years now, but still enjoy having my nipples stimulated.
    I have heard of others that got nothing at all from nipple stimulation, then had them pierced and suddenly they were sensitive enough to make stimulation, well, stimulating.

  27. ccjock8

    Depends on the guy…
    average or lanky build: it’s not hot. Not really a turn-off either, but doesn’t t doesn’t help.

    But if you’re muscled: oh hell yes it’s hot!! Big pecs drive me crazy, but add a piercing and I’m dripping pre-cum. I could play with a guys nipples for days (maybe because I’m cursed with no sensitivity there at all). So seeing a piercing is like a welcome mat…it’s beg for the pecs and nipples to be worshipped and I’m happy to oblige.

  28. Michael

    Love my pierced nips and love em on others as well. My nips are super sensitive also, can cum just from nipple work! When I had mine pierced, the guy did the first one and I was instantly hard, when he pierced the other, I almost came! Had to go to the bathroom and take care of myself!! Love the feeling of a man playing with my rings and working my nips!

  29. CM

    They are like many other embellishments, some its hot and some its not. Me personally would like to get them but haven’t… yet.

  30. Juls

    Personally I think if a hot guy has a nipple piercing its just hotter… You have to have the right body type, it’s definitely not for everyone.. My nipples aren’t overly sensitive and are a major erogenous area for me so the thought of getting pierced there turns me on.. As soon as I get my body to where I think a nipple piercing would look good I’m getting it done.. So ya it’s gotta be on the right guy.. I don’t think nipple piercings automatically make a guy hotter unless he’s already attractive.

  31. Ken

    Pierced nips are very hot! Maybe because my own nipples aren’t sensitive and I like guys to really work them hard. I am really into guys with very sensitive nips…love touching them gently and feeling their cocks swell.

  32. Mark

    love pierced nipples on a guy, looks really hot and love playing with them… mine aren’t pierced, afraid it would interfere with clamps, but thinking about it anyway, its just hot

  33. HolePunchSD

    I have an “it’s whatever” attitude towards nipple piercings. My issue is with guys that expect me to spend the whole night chewing on them. Or pulling on them.
    “Look, I get it. Your nipples are pierced. I see them and I’m impressed. Now turn over and let me eat your ass!”

  34. Mr GoodN_NC

    I have my nipples pierced and love them that way because it makes them more sensitive and it produces a major hard on when they are stimulated. I like a guy who has piercings but not a PA. H ave other piercings and love em as well….

  35. Warren

    I pierced my nipples many years ago. I LOVE to have my nips mauled. I love the sensitivity that piercing provides. Add clamps and anything else to my nips. My nips seem to be tied to my dick.

  36. Parker

    I love nipples and I like them pierced or not. I don’t understand when a guy has them pierced and does not want you to touch them, such a waste, But when I guy likes them played with and I can a little bit ruff, I love it. I like a mans nipples to look like a man and not a woman’s larger nipple, just my thing. I think the small gold rings is my favorite!

  37. jet

    Why even tell you? It sounds like your impression of piercing is totally negative and/or judgmental. So for those that have or enjoy piercings, continue with what you have or seek and enjoy the hell out of it!!!!

  38. jerry alexander

    no no no, I don’t see anything interesting in this kind of piercing, it is almost like an adornment that I don’t care for. and it probably gets infected.

  39. abcd

    I haven’t played with guys have nip piercings on, but play with a couple of guys that tried to have their nips pierced without success: the nips got infected and the hole gradually closed. That can be a turn off as I am a big on licking/sucking nips. But I do find nips with piercings sexy, not the ones that are damaged by it though.

  40. Mike

    I love a man with pierced nipple’s.One it is hotter than hell!Second I love to suck on a nipple that has been pierced.I think it makes a man’s nipple more sanative. Third.I love the taste of steel in my mouth!

  41. Michael

    Ok first things first my nipple piercings are not for show they are for feeling. while my nipples are sensitive getting them pierced made it that much better. so don’t be confused while you guys look at our nipples they aren’t there for show, they are there to enhance my/ or sexual experience.

  42. jao

    If a man has a piercing on his nipple, I will most likely not have sex with him because of that.

    way to find something meaningless to judge them by.

    • blog

      jao: I really have something that hurts me when I see a pierced nipple…
      Same kind of sensation that when u see a guy getting kicked in the balls…u know it hurts you but its not you…
      So I could not fuck with someone that has his nipple pierced :

  43. Bryan

    confused on the situation… lol I have both nipples pierced… I had it done maybe eight years ago. My bf at the time wanted his pierced and I said “hell no”. Well then he cheated on me, and the first thing i did was get mine done, maybe for revenge, or who knows why. I started off with barbells which was ok. Well my next bf bought me a pair of 2 carat diamond hoops, I guess he loved them. Well I’m no longer with either guy , but haven’t taken the diamonds out. Every time I take off my shirt I see them sparkle, and I appreciate the diamonds, but I think I should remove them, afterall they are only bad memories….And I hate when a guy spends time on them, really it does nothing for me..So do I give them away, the diamonds? or do I sell? thats 4 carats of diamonds, and the pain i went through getting them done. What do I do?

  44. Enzo AKA SoCalTuffGuy

    I’m not a fan of jewelry of any kind on a man. A boy can get away with it, but it seems an odd distraction after 25 or so. I don’t hate it; I just don’t prefer it. Maybe I’m old-school (or just old), but I find it somewhat emasculating. (what, am I fucking a gypsy?)

    And I love the comments about “well, I like piercing/tats/etc. on a HOT guy.” Hell, a hot guy will look good in a pink thong: That doesn’t mean pink thongs are sexy, but simply that you think the guy is hot enough to pull it off.

  45. Jeffery

    I have my nipples pierced and I love them. I don’t think they’re classless or trashy. I think of them as a form of expression. Some guys like certain dildos and certain kinds of porn. I like my nipples pierced. I love having them licked and sucked on, I go crazy when a guy flicks them with his tongue. Just no biting, that can take me out of the moment.

  46. Islandcityguy

    I just had mine done a few months ago and find it very erotic to have then pierced. Does anyone know if I have to take them out to go through security at the airport???? Let me know….. Somebody …..I surely don’t want to have to take them out being I just got them done

  47. dan

    Not so into it. I like a guys body to be pretty natural. Piercings get in the way for me. A guy I’m seeing came over with a “present” for me. He got his dick pierced! Not exactly a turn on. It hurts my ass and chokes me when I suck his dick. Bummer. Guess its not gonna work out.

  48. Steve

    I like the look of pierced nipples but I am always afraid of being too rough with them while having sex. I love my nipples worked hard during sex and I am afraid if I ever got them pierced tops would not be able to abuse my nipples to the degree I have them abused now.

  49. Charlie

    I have never had my nips pierced but damn they are hot. I like nipple play and like it pretty rough. When I see a man with pierced nips I pop right up just thinking of the pain he must of gone through and want to give him more. The only other piercing I like would be a hot belly button or a big cock with a PA in it. I guess to associate the piercing with a little pain is my turn on.

  50. Djhill05

    I personally like nipple piercings. They look hot on the right guy. Especially with a furry chest. I can understand where you are coming from though, because with me the only part of my body that is painfully sensitive are my testicles. My sexual partners are told up front only to focus on the shaft and head of my cock, but if you go anywhere near my balls either I’ll hit you, or I’ll go limp and the sex will be over before it even started.

  51. vafratboy

    Wow, kinda surprised at all the hostility towards nipple piercing here.

    I have one of mine pierced and generally if I get feedback on it, it’s positive, but frankly, I don’t really care either way. I got it because I liked it, not for anyone else.

    For those who say it’s classless or “trying to hard” or whatever. Screw you. It’s my body. I don’t tell you how to get your haircut or what clothes to wear.

  52. D boy

    I like them as an accessory on the right guy, and as an observation, the guy in that pic is off the charts hot, with or without pierced nips.

  53. Mike H.

    that MEN in that photo is so hot that just want to be in the showers with him & wash all of his body & wash his cock 7 NUTS AS WELL BUT IS JUST A DREAM IN IN MY MINE.ALL SO MAKES ME THINKING HOW LONG IS HIS COCK IS? .HE MIGHT BE GOING WITH SOME ONE DON’T KNOW ABOUT THAT . don’t know where he is from? . &don’t know if he speak ENGLISH or not.

  54. Darryl

    Oh yeah Nipple Piercings are pretty hot depending on who has them. For some of us they are like switches that can make you go to creamy heights. They can be conversation pieces when you’re out shirtless. Even straight guys check them out, and some of them even have them so only people that enjoy the feeling of it, then it’s not for you. We Nipple People get it. We like them pinched, twisted, pulled, sucked, nibbled on. Hurt me baby!

  55. db

    I have multiple piercings. I get turned down on this site WAY more than in public. to automatically assume something about someone because of their style choice is so, so ignorant. and I have never been told my nipple piercings were a turn off. :] shying away from me is missing out, but that’s okay cuz’ I won’t be the one missing out

  56. Brad

    While I respect a person’s choice to have piercings, I wouldn’t get piercings or tattoos myself. Nipple piercings are much less a turn off than Prince Alberts or other crotch piercings. I still think pierced ears are emasculating. Facial piercings are definitely a deal breaker.

  57. tommy

    I think it is more personal question to people. I do not have any piercings but my bf does. I always play with his nipples until he finally gets one. He told me it is more sensitive than he had before. I think it is good for him but my suggestion it should do one instead both are piercing. He can have both feeling. For me, he is always hot with or without piercing. I love him.

  58. Em444

    i sincerely like nipple piercings, but im thinking of getting mine pierced, its not because pain, its because how all my friends and family will take it. but really i would like to play with a nice guy who has his nips pierced, and that guy plays with my pierced nipples. Ithink that would make a lot fun and would be a great sensation. exclusively because i had a boyfriend who liked to play with my nipples, and honestly i enjoyed it, and i hear in many places that getting them pierced can turn them mpre sensitive, so that could be the double fun :).
    also im getting in better shape to have well toned pecs, and then decide if i put nipple rings/bars or not.

  59. horny-in-greeley

    pierced nipples are hot as hell,,i have my pierced,be 10 years on the 26th of sept,,i get really turned on when guys play,lick or suck on them gentley,,and i moan alot ;-),,and the younger boys ages 18-30 with pierced nipples and belly button are fucking hot,,but then it all depends on the guys age and there body,,

  60. John...

    I have both of mine done, but didn’t do it for any sexual reason. I didn’t even realize I was gay when I had them done, in fact a number of straight guys I knew had them long before it became a gay thing. I manage a straight bar and a lot of the straight guys there have them too, mostly biker types.

    They do of course enhance sexual pleasure for me as I discovered when I finally did realize I was gay and began having gay sex.

    Besides the extra pleasure I like that they are a turn off to certain guys who have always been guys I would never want to have sex with, so I don’t have to worry about them hitting on me.

  61. Tony

    HOT !! I think they are extremely sexy.Especially with a hard, hairy chest.I love how you can see them through a shirt as well.

  62. SouthernboiSB

    Piercings are a total turn off for me. The only 1’s I can tolerate are ears. Eyebrows, nose, top of the ears, tongue, nipples, penis, cheek, etc…just keep on walking because I’m not interested.

  63. Dave

    If you like them worked hard, get piercings but deep and big. 4mm rings are hard to cheesewire out ! And you sure can pull hard on them. Did mine myself at 17.

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