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Recently I read an article regarding suggesting that the medication that help extend the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS be used as a preventative measure against the disease like birth control. I voiced my concerns that this would provide a false sense of hope and security, just like birth control does.

Then, recently I saw this article and the headline was quite shocking. It states that “only 16.4 percent of MSM are using a condom every single time they have sex, and for that small fraction of men, condoms effectively prevent the spread of HIV 70 percent of the time.” Granted these numbers reflect the candidates self-reporting their condom use over a period of several years and doesn’t indicate that the condoms were properly used (correct size, lube inside and outside of the condom and changing the condom every 30 minutes [which I didn’t even know you were supposed to]).

In an article by Jake Sobo that is mentioned in this one, he makes an argument about the time to end the “condom only” strategy. I am still on the fence regarding PrEP as prevention for HIV. Not because I don’t think it would work, only cause I think that people will get to confident and stop using condoms altogether.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that always using a condom is difficult. I have my share of slip-ups in my day. As a top, I knew that my chances were slim of catching it. Plus, condoms can affect my erection and made it more frustrating to use them so I can see the benefit of PrEP, but it still scares me. I got tested and vowed to myself to take better care of myself and others that I had sex with.

I broke that promise a couple of years ago with my partner at the time and after we broke up about a year ago, I have always used a condom during sex.

Now, I am in another relationship with a great guy and we have used a condom every time, no questions asked. He has never resisted and has even insisted on them.  For us, I don’t think that PrEP would be helpful since both of us are negative and we are using condoms correctly every time.

I think PrEP prevention is in it’s early stages still. I think that it would be a great tool for magnet couples where there is an increased chance for exposure. I think that we need to continue to push the use of condoms correctly not only to prevent the HIV exposure, but exposure to other STDs as well, not to mention pregnancies for women. We can’t forget the other diseases that condoms help prevent and the protection that they offer against those.

So, what do you think about the idea of HIV- people taking HIV/AIDS medication as a prevention for the disease?


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  1. Danger.

    I think it’s silly that gay men still need to be told to use condoms. It should be automatic, and a sign that you value your health.

    The antiviral is a step in the right direction, but will I ever trust a guy who uses them and only them? Hell. No. HIV has a myriad of complications, and – granted, we’re moving toward a cure – it is still a detriment to your health.

    Use a damn condom. Don’t make excuses. Don’t be lazy. Don’t infect strangers. Use a damn condom. Save the bb for the pornstars.

  2. Rob

    How about a friggin HIV vaccine already?!!! Isn’t there one in the making? I thought I remember hearing about that over a year ago…

  3. JR

    I wish I would have done it before I became hiv+. HOWEVER, the hiv meds cost $30,000.00-$40,000.00 per year and no insurance or ADAP is going to pay for them if you are hiv-. You’d have to be independantly wealthy for this to be feasable.

  4. JR

    I wish I would have done it before I became hiv+. HOWEVER, the hiv meds cost $30,000.00-$40,000.00 per year and no insurance or ADAP is going to pay for them if you are hiv-. You’d have to be independantly wealthy for this to be feasable.

  5. Mitch White

    I am stunned at the kind of logic dudes are using in the name if science and death prevention. Aids is a killer. No if ands or buts about. There is no amount of sexual pleasure worth the valuable lives of good men, both young and old. Condoms along with celibacy are our weponds in this continued fight…..until clear and total eradication.

  6. Hunter0500

    HIV- people taking HIV/AIDS medication as a prevention for the disease might help prevent the disease. As of today, that is not assured.

    HIV- people taking HIV/AIDS medication as a prevention for the disease will in no way protect people from the hordes of other sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms, while being in now way a guarantee of the prevention of those, should still be the course of choice.

    Is there even a question here?

  7. jace

    if you dont whwre a condoem you goig to chace something ita fact t mat3er of time no gove lo live boys dont be stuid where them

  8. FreeRangeRadical

    I hate condoms. But, they’re a necessary evil when you’re promiscuous. I try to remind myself that HIV, scary as it is, isn’t as readily contagious or as pernicious as Hep C. Plus, a few years ago, I narrowly dodged a bullet having sex with a regular fuckbuddy who turned out to have herpes. To his credit, the moment he found out he told me. So far, I’m fine, and that’s been 10 years ago.

    I love cum. I love guys to cum in my mouth and in my butt. I love the smell, taste, look, feel…everything about it. I love feeling a hung young guy’s cum pulsing into me. But…I also love my life and health. *sigh* So…condom it is…most of the time.

  9. steve

    I was not aware about changing the condom every 30 min. If i thought i could completely keep from ever getting hiv id use the meds even though i refuse to have any sex without the condom.

  10. mike (ragajungle)

    condoms provide “70% protection against the spread of hiv”!!! this is scary! is it that men dont know how to use condoms correctly? is it unsafe peripheral activities (oral sex, body contact, etc) that cause this low number? I would be interested to read this study…I was under the conception that oral sex is safe (as long as you and your partner dont have open soar/bleeding gums etc..) and that condoms offer 99% protection… hmmmmmmmmm…..


    From what I understand about PrEP is that you’re liver may be effected by it in a negative way (liver toxicity). Either way, it’s still FDA approved. But why it was approved for PREP is a whole other story that ties into Big Pharma lobbies and of course: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  12. Freddie

    As an undetectable Poz guy that prefers bb, I welcome anything that further helps guys stay neg. also anything that will help with guys that don’t even want to be safe with a Poz guy, be more comfortable with the idea of knowing having sex with a Poz guy.

  13. Goober

    Using hiv meds as pevention would be awfull expensive unless they really come down in price. Because they average $3000.00 for 30 days supply. Condoms are the best bet for preventing hiv and other stds. Unless u just j/o is best messure

  14. Ted

    As a person who has to take HIV medications on a daily basis, I can tell you that using a condom is FAR easier than taking meds. The side effects are AWFUL–nauseau, diarrhea, inability to eat, headaches, etc. (Plus, these meds are EXPENSIVE!) If a person honestly thinks that these meds are a better option than a thin sheath of rubber (SOLELY for a tiny bit more pleasure), he/she needs to have his/her head examined.

  15. CreamedCorn

    To be completely honest, I hate condoms. I realize that safe sex is important, but this does not detract from my repulsion of them. Because of this, (of the few occassions I do actually have sex), I try to be very selective of my partners. I’m not stupid enough to just read a profile that says “neg” or “DDF” because half of them don’t know they have it anyway.
    I guess my philosophy at this point in my life leads me to have a YOLO outlook. That being said, I’m virtually a nun, so I’m not even sure if my opinion counts… sort of like a non-voter discussing politics.

  16. Pupo

    It is not enough just to promulgate a banal use of condom. This does not fully stop STD’s. Condoms break, slip. Skin-to-skin may engender a plethora of diseases, like hsv and hpv. There should be more to safety, than just “use a condom”. I always use the rub, but still got herpes, and if my infector had had HIV, i would also have gotten it as an addition. People should be careful and dont circumscribe just to “use a condom”.

  17. steve

    I think no condoms sounds like a great way to allow Hep-C to gain a stronger hold in the gay community! And it’s not always as treatable as HIV.

  18. xxltop

    have read that while using Prep to help prevent HIV infection, your chances of becoming infected are greatly reduced. However, should you become infected while on the drug, the drug will have very little effect on the viral load. Essentially the virus that establishes itself would be resistant to HIV medication and treating it would be an uphill battle. Furthermore, by using Prep, men would likely engage in or feel more comfortable having much higher risk sex in high risk public, (anon) areas. A significant increase to exposure of HIV and other STIs many of which are becoming resistant to antibiotics. Anyways, blah blah blah… use a condom

  19. Darryl

    This one is not only a shock, but it’s still bothers me that Men in 2013 are still taking huge risks barebacking. Now don’t get my wrong, i’ve done it in the past and yes it feels fantastic, but today you just can’t risk contracting an std/sti or hiv. Can anyone tell me it’s cumpletely worth it in the end?

  20. mark

    The one thing people don’t think about is that there are other STDs out there to be worried about. Some of them are becoming drug resistant. Getting an STD is not something easy to deal with. You have to go to the clinic to get tested and treated which probably means you most likely will have to lose some time off of work. The you might have to deal with side effects from the drugs. What about the symptoms guys ? Do you really want to risk going a few days with a visible rash ? And when it comes to HIV, how many of you can afford the medications for it ? Some guys say that STDs especially HIV are a personal problem. Really ? What if your life span is shortened dramatically by the time you have an actual diagnosis? How many family members, friends , co-workers-bosses, people that depend on you will be affected ? I guess I’m lucky to have family and friends that really care about me so much that I do my best to take care of myself so I can spend a longer life with them and enjoy all the small things in life. When a person tries to talk you out of using a condom, be very wary of his intentions. I believe any guy that tries to promote irresponsible promiscuity is only hoping others will get infected so that they may share his same fate of having been infected with an STD. Only a monster(sexual predator) is willing to infect someone else with any STD ! Protect yourselves AND each other. Get tested regularly. If you don’t care about your health, you don’t care about others and you certainly do not love yourself.

  21. Latinlust69

    Frankly I hate rubbers! But will wear when a guy wants me to
    As a top the risk is less and I’ve bb topped
    Several poz guys. When younger I was a bb
    Bottom and even did the baths scene. I
    Took loads in mouth and ass and loved it!
    Didn’t fuck bare or not until I met a guy TOO
    Big even for me! Still neg to this day.
    Not everyone is so lucky ( my partner of
    9 years is poz undetectable)


    @ PUPO: 80%-90% of adults in the U.S. have either Herpes Simplex 1 or Herpes Simplex 2. Being “exposed” to Herpes doesn’t necessarily mean you have it… it does mean you were “exposed” to it and your body is producing antibodies against it. Until you have an outbreak and a sample of the fluid of the supposed blister(s) is taken in for analysis then you cannot be 100% sure. Some people are “exposed” to it but never develop blisters. Immune systems are different. If THE RED CROSS still allows people with Herpes Simplex 1 and Herpes Simplex 2 to donate blood then being “exposed” to Herpes isn’t that big of a deal.

  23. James

    And BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! I can’t get over the guy who “wonders why anyone would risk having sex without a condom….sex is NEVER that worth it.” All I need to know is who the fuck he is fucking and what the hell he is fucking with. I have great raw sex and almost everytime it is worth the risk. So it isn’t for you. Too bad! Then srop having your kind of sex with anyone. You give the rest of us a bad reputation. Codoms cause impotentcy. They decrease the feeling of cum cuming into your ass. You want to useba condom…go ahead ..use one. I will continue to find the honest fuckers who say they are negative. Men lie! Most men lie about their weight and their age but not about their status. Leave me live or die my own death: one of sexual satisfaction and full. We all take a certain degree of risk by living. In some lives, condoms are a part of that equation. In others lifring weights and having great pecs are a livable constant. We all choose the factors that go into our lives. I am glad that the choice is mine. Not yours.

  24. yoshikun1980

    Due to the high cost of HIV medications, I seriously doubt there will be a vaccine any time soon. It is more profitable to treat a disease than it is to cure one. It is a sad truth that there is so much bureaucratic red tape in the medical industry. I have been told that certain advances regarding HIV and many types of cancer are being made in other countries, but the US does not allow them to be brought here.

  25. Joe

    My BF has been HIV+ for 2 years now and undetectable for over a year. I tested Neg just yesterday at the clinic. We actually don’t have sex anymore, not that it is a risk but that we just have no time. Between work and school and his schedule as well. His Dr. told him and I that the way it worked was that as long as the person who was Poz was on Truvada and had been on it to build up in the system, that the partner would be less likely to contract it and that, this is what is meant by it being a prevetative. I am glad and all but BB sex is very risky whether you are taking the meds or the person who is Poz is on the meds. Always think with your brain and not with your dick as we all do sometimes fellas…I am not telling you how to live your life, but it only takes one time, one night of sex, for you to contract anything. Right now as was also told by his Dr., Hep C is more contractable and not curable, HIV is more like living with diabetes now, play safe, and live longer, regardless of who you are with…anyone can lie to you and tell you they are Neg, so why take the chance.

  26. mike

    i think its much broader than just wearing a condom. think about it you could walk out your door and get hit by a car, how we choose to live or die is something we choose.

  27. Kweku

    Its even more stupid to risk getting infection by some stupid dick chaser who doesn’t give a damn about you. The area for none use of condom is only in very trusted and honest monogamous. If you are not discipline enough to use a condom with stranger or ordinary fuckbuddy, then you already willing to be infected.

  28. Mike

    I think condom queens need fuck off and stop insuring HIV gets spread with their condom only “solution.” It’s no solution. And all of us. EVERYONE involved in HIV prevention back in the 80s when it hit, before HIV prevention was taken over by people making careers out of it, we ALL agreed, without a doubt, that condoms would not be an effective strategy for more than a couple of years.

    The AIDS orgs have become the new religious right, only more oppressive.

  29. scott

    nobody ever talks about how heteros never wear condoms and continue to spread diseases. remember folks-they started the AIDS epidemic. get educated.

  30. PK

    I know this article does go on to reflex the importance of condoms for other reasons, I am concerned about the general move against the safer sex movement..

    Truth is and has always been that condoms have never been a 100% prevention, but the fact is, its the most effective and cheapest tool available other than abstinence, against contraction of HIV and other STIs.

    Anyone who has PEPs will know how hard and uncomfortable that treatment is and that this is way harder than stopping midway through foreplay to put on a rubber!!

    I can’t see PrePs being an effective solution seeing as you are relying on people who for whatever reasons don’t use condoms remembering to take medication to protect themselves and others….

    It is sad to see the message moving towards “we’ve lost the war, so there’s no point fight..” which is totally the wrong attitude to be promoting.

    We all know that condoms, reduces the pleasure in sex, but it doesn’t kill it completely! We owe it to ourselves to use it and continue to promote their use. This along with people know their status (whatever the STI) and removal of stigma so open discussion and choice is the best way of winning the battle against STI in our community… regardless of the cause…

  31. Christopher

    I have one partner for sex It is amazing how stupid most of these responses are I have lived neg in house filled with Poz guys I have seen it all big chasers men who physically can’t perform with condom condoms versus drugs drugs are easier by far but carry side effects for some people They change to a new drug every 6-10 months it seems I have been around thousands of positive poeple for the last 17 years Infection rates would go way down If people could be honest about their status with being a social pariah Condoms are made in a lab by the millions they were never really designed to protect from diseases just pregnancies Durring inter-course their are several million points of contact which can lead to infection it only takes a drop one time and your done vaccine is saddly being help up for more testing and to generate maximum profits for the companies who makendrugs that’s the way it works depending on where you live barebacking has a increased risk the larger the population of your city of choice Take a few moments to do some research get all the facts and find out about the story behind the data I feel like your all kids playing with knives out their of and condom with partner guy or no condom doesn’t really matter unless one of you cheats in which case you might still be fucked we all roll the dice and take are chances

  32. Jason

    Thank you all for the interesting and diverse comments. I am glad to see that my writing and opinions sparked such a response, and that we are able to share our opinions without any prejudice or hatred. 🙂

  33. Enzo AKA SoCalTuffGuy

    Here’s a scary fact so may not realize: HIV is more concentrated in precum than in actual ejaculation. I think this fact may be a factor in why condoms are only 70% effective, as guys will poke and prod before actually putting a condom on. Another basic factor in the 70% figure: People lie in surveys and claim they are safe 100% of the time and yet have somehow contracted the virus.

    Like most guys, I’m not a huge fan of condoms but I do think it is sexy to watch the bottom’s reaction when I reach for a condom and start putting it on. They know play-time is over and it is time for a pounding. 🙂

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