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Many guys are posting that they have 8 inches or bigger. I have never seen so many different varieties of 8 inches dicks….Some seems to be more like 6 inches or sometimes 10 inches. Whatever size of dick you have is fine, you don’t need to exaggerate it or minimize it.

Here is how I think you need to measure:

  1. Get your dick nice and hard, if you use a cockring your dick might be bigger but that’s fine. 
  2. Starting at groin level place that measuring tape where your dick meet the groin, DO NOT press into the groin.
  3. Extend the tape to the head of your dick in a straight line, DO NOT wrap the tape around the head of your dick. 
  4. This is the length of your dick.
  5. In my days, the thickness of a dick was measured in diameter, so if you had a 2 inch girth you had a fat dick, remember a beer can is 2.5 inches diameter.  Today we wrap the tape around the cock to get the circumference. Now, not all dicks are perfectly shaped.  Some are fat at one end and skinnier at the other. We need to find the average.
  6. Wrap the tape around the thickest part of your dick, starting at 0. Next, wrap the tape around the skinniest part of your dick, starting at 0. Add these two numbers and divide by 2, this is the average circumference of your dick.

An average can of beer, soda what be it is 5.25 inches (13.33 cm) tall , 2.5 inch (6.35 cm) diameter and 8.5 inches (21.5 cm) around.  I’ve actually seen a guy using this as a reference saying they are packing 9 inches. 

The size of your dick is not what defines you but lying about it does. It’s yours, be proud. You don’t have to have the biggest dick in the room to get laid. Confidence is the key.

g skorich aka eastvalleyoral

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  1. Jon

    Big dicks are nice, but I have always said, it’s not the size that counts, but how you work it & use it is what counts!!!

  2. Srehturts

    I agree! There is too small and there is too big, however I’d rather deal with the truth than find out you lied either way!!!

  3. Lkg4Bddy

    I think one could legitimately state the thickest part of their cock as their girth instead of an average. Just sayin! Most guys are interested in how wide they have to open up to get it in!

  4. bigdawg

    actually, circumference = diameter * pi so divide the circumference by 3.14 to get diameter. dividing by two my dick becomes over 3 inches diameter. it is a thick one, but not anything like that.

  5. Enzo AKA SoCalTuffGuy

    “The size of your dick is not what defines you but lying about it does.” I really like that line.

    Guys and their online dick sizes crack me up, but I guess I’ve come to accept it as a part of online life, just as most guys shave a few pounds off their true weight. My dick is bigger than average at 7.5″ but I am certainly no porn star (well, I’ve had sex with plenty of “8+” porn stars who have smaller dicks than me, but that’s a whole other discussion).

    I love when guys turn me away because they need 8″ or bigger: They never seem to get it when I say I am bigger than most of the “8+” guys on here. LOL

  6. Paul

    I totatlly agree that one should be proud of what they have between their legs. It dosn’t matter what size your dick is, just know how to use it. I have had some pretty big dicks in my time 10″ + and was some of the worst sex I have had. Guys think just because they are hung that they are a great fuck. Learn to use what you have and you will have guys cumming back for more.

  7. CJ

    When guys post ‘unrealistic’ cock sizes and they’re NOT even close to the “measured size” (which is done BY the owner of the penis) can be pretty lousy way to start the “sex”. When someone posts that they have a 9 inch dick and MY cock is bigger than theirs, who’s zooming who? Seems that the concept of “honesty” has been removed from the gay culture……..Sad on that count…….

  8. Charlie

    From my history I tell anyone that says they are packing more than 8″ that they should get a new tape. In the years I have been meeting guys I have not found anyone to be over what they say and almost all are under what they say. If you measure fron the under side and start at your arse I suppose you do get a longer cock. I like larger cocks but it sure isn’t all in the cock so the bigger the story does not make you the better man. I don’t have much but it has worked pretty well for me so far 🙂

  9. Tyson

    I am glad someone wrote about this!

    I myself am more of a top so dick size means nothing to me… but even if you are bottom or versatile it’s not how big the pencil it’s how your write your name.

    There are other thing’s like girth that also factor into the equation.

    I see a huge majority of people nowadays claiming they are 8 inches and as stated in the blog some of them like 5-7 inches rather than 8 lol.

    I have heard stories of guys with 9 inch cocks with good girth that were boring lays and didn’t know how to work it. And also heard stories of guys with 5 inches who gave the fuck of someones life 🙂

    People who are honest about thing’s like dick size are usually confident in what they do and will give you a very memorable night 😀

  10. Täíä

    Yeah I don’t think it matters on the size rather, it’s how you perform. But there are so many liars, some truth tellers but most exaggerate their size.

  11. M

    Just remember that a dollar bill (American) is 6.14 inches long, folks.

    In my eyes, when people say they are 7 inches long, they are probably 5.5-6 inches long. It seems everyone I have been with say that they are 7 or 8 inches long, and I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been with anyone that is 8 inches long. And very few people that are 7, to be honest.

    A few months ago I went on a few dates with a guy and he asked how big I was, and I said a little over 6 inches. He goes “bull shit! You are bigger than that!” Though I appreciated the compliment and am totally happy with what I’m packing, I went home and measured and I’m definitely about 6.5 inches long. Which makes me believe that everyone is just adding about 1 to 2 inches to what their actual length is. He thought I was 7 or more because everyone else that he has been with that was my size said they were 7 or more.

    Wow. That’s a lot of info about penis size. In the end, do I think it is a big deal? Honestly…. no, I don’t. If I was dating someone and they were under-endowed, it would not be a deal breaker to me. I think HOW someone acts about their penis size is much more a big deal than the actual size of their junk. Just a thought.

  12. Mac

    This post doesn’t hit on the way that this whole framework of measure indirectly shames those who don’t measure up to a 6, 8 or 10+. I lost someone so dear to me because my imagination and heart was screwed up by this dominant emphasis on size. You are right, no matter what your size is, you must know the integrity of everything that you possess that actually does matter. Heart, Mind, Soul. Anything or anyone else that isolates value down to appearance is undignified and devoid of real love. Love ourselves fiercely men, beyond mere shallow body politics.

  13. DFM

    I’m not impressed by HUGE dicks. I can’t handle the fat ones. My body just wasn’t made for them. I like ’em long and thin. Just right for hitting that sweet spot up my ass or sliding down my narrow throat.
    What I can’t handle are small dicks. I’m talking anything under 5.5 inches. It’s not that I’m a size queen, as I said above, I can’t handle the fat ones. Instead I’ve found that those little “angry inches” are hard on my ass. I have only bled three times from anal sex. And it wasn’t from the long cocks. It was from the small ones. I thought I was crazy, but I’ve heard a lot of guys that say the same things. The small ones are ass destroyers, not the long ones.

  14. marc

    I was in Chicago recently and a young black guy online said he had a 9 incher and liked to fuck older white guys. C’Mon over to my hotel room, I told him. Imagine my surprise when after kissing and fondling , I unzipped his pants and an 11-inch thick-as-a-beercan thick black cock came springing out! That’s not 9 inches, I exclaimed. He said he took two inches off ’cause most gay guys would hesitate at taking something so humongous . Not me. Within five minutes — with lots of lube– I was sitting on top of his cock and takin’ it balls deep. But one of the few instances. where the guy lied about his cock size when it was, in reality, bigger that what he said.

  15. WB

    If dick size really is unimportant then why the explicit directions for how to measure it?

    I’ve often said that the USA will adopt the metric system overnight if they would just tell the men that their dicks will be two and one-half times as big, and the women that they will weigh less than half as much.

  16. Keith

    Wholeheartedly agree. Why advertise then when the man gets there he would probally now (or guess)( if he wanted) anyway? The is may sound great, thets be real.

  17. Alex V

    I hate big dicks, they hurt more than I’d like. Of course this is just me. I generally won’t sleep with you if your actual size is bigger than 7, I just can’t handle it. If you lie about it, trust me, I’ll know. I’m an architecture student in grad school, I can guess length for most things and be accurate to within 1/4 of an inch. And if you lie, I’ll leave or ask you to leave if you’re at my place. It’s not that I don’t like smaller dicks, it’s just there needs to be consequences for your being a jackass and lying about a number that in all honesty means very little. It’s interesting how so many gay guys are really fixated on size and treating people like shit for it. They usually end up being 40+ and posting that “I’m finally looking for a relationship, but you still need to have a big dick”. Have fun dying alone. I’m 6″ even, and married. Funny how you’re 9″ and will continue to be single.

  18. geoff947

    Yup,.. There is definitely a difference between real cock size, & internet cock size. I have done meat/meets with guys from here, (A4A), & other hook-up sites, whose profiles listed stat.s of 7″, 8″, even an 8.5″, BUT, by the time we were naked, & hard, & ready for sex, my meager/average 6″ cock was the biggest cock in the room. 😉

  19. Kc

    I met a young man onetime, kinda small frame but very very handsome. I really do have 8.5 and nice and thick while his was about 3 inches and thin. But his was so pretty I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I explored each other for a long time in the 69 position. I found all the ways to drive him crazy with that pretty little cock. I edged him so many times that when he finally exploded, he really exploded. He hit the ceiling with that first burst. It was an incredible site. He told me no one had ever made him feel that way. He’d always been ashamed of his size, but not anymore. He had always made guys cum then left because they weren’t interested in getting him off. I believe in making love to the whole body, so that when you cum the intensity is so incredible your whole body has an orgasm. I’m glad I could help him to see his body as an exciting and beautiful object worth loving. So, I believe it isn’t the dick or the size that matters, it’s the soul needs to be touched and loved that really matters. So guys, stop having sex and start making love. That’s when you’ll really understand why God made us sexual creatures. All other animals have sex to procreate, we have sex because we long for the touch and love of another human being.

  20. Bjayy

    It sucks having a big dick. That’s all these fags want is a big dick and have no experience taking it. Just to say they’ve had a big dick inside them. Having a large dick isn’t everything. I’d rather have a guy with a smaller dick then mine fuck me. Sucks more when you’re a bottom with a big dick cuz bottoms hit me up and get mad cuz I won’t fuck them. And I’ve never measured my cock. I think it’s about 9.5 but told its 10.5 or 11.

  21. myblueeye1972

    my dick is small i dont lie about it. what bothers me is when i tell guys its small and they just stop talking to me like a small dick is no fun, well let me tell you ive probably had more fun with guys my size than guys with big ole donkey dicks. its not how big or thick it is its how you use it and there is much more to me, and any other guy, than my dick. i have a great personality love to laugh and make others laugh (which usually happens when i get naked) and yeah its fun to play with a big dick but when a guy has a big dick and makes a big deal about it it just makes him a big dick and nothing else.

  22. Notabigdick

    Dicks arent ever measured right! Lol if your curves like mine does (upwards curve) then i take the tape measure and lay it along until tip of head. If i go across its not right. With that said im proud to say im almost 6 and cut. Whats cool is i have a fatty with big head. Ive had more compliments from both sexex and nobody has never tripped that im barely 6. At 6 its still a mouthful and im the type that likes it sucked from root to tip. Trim those pubes down, it looks bigger. Dont shave it as its too prepubescent looking.

  23. scott

    i never measure-my own or anyones. it is what it is. so many gay men are hung up on dick size. i never suck anything under 7.5. the biggest in my life was 10″.a black man-who else. i am a little more than 8 cut and lots of people like it.

  24. paul anthony

    I would rather the guy lie about being too big than smaller than he actually is endowed with big cocks can be a jaw issue if he takes too long in coming i take big cocks in my ass well because i practice with huge dildos so when the big one heads mty way i am ready

  25. Dale

    As a massage therapist, I can absolutely tell you that it’s not ONLY the dic that is important here…it’s the whole friggin pkg. from the flat abs to the nicely hanging balls…

  26. biinewark

    I like bigger cocks just hard to find them…Had a guy come to my house one night. He told me he had 9in thaught ok but didnt expect that it was….I did a enema b4 he got here just incase…he was a tall skinny school teacher and was packin a nice 9in thick cock…i was clean and lubed and ready to go…We sucked each other a little i ask him to fuck me he said he only wanted oral…..I thaught to myself i am not going to let this get a way from me…. I jumped on his lap and had it balls deep b4 he could say no i rode him hard…..I really like it have not had a real cock that big since…..I live i Newrk ohio and want some more big cock so someone get a hold of me……please……

  27. dennis

    i my self wanted to know how big and thick i was so i got my cock really hard and from the base to the tip i,m 7in cut i was told from a few guys when they seen it hard they would say that,s bigger then 7 i don,t know if i can handle it,,,they also told me i,m thicker then a normal size cock i was like nah i,m only 2.5 in thick i,m total the same from the tip to the base same grith so i,m 2.5 and they tell me i,m not being honest about my cock size it,s like then why don,t you measure it and fine out for your self and he did and i was telling him the truth,,my self i can,t handle a really big/thick cock i been with them and been torn and it fucking hurts,,,now i been with guys that were 5 to 6 in and wow it feels awesome,,,the long and skinnest are better cause i can have a big orgasm

  28. ed

    Yea, ya gotta love the guys that say 7″ and then show up with a light switch. The last guy who did that to me was all flustered when I asked him when the other 3″ of his 7″ dick was gonna show up. I mean did he think I wouldn’t notice,lol?

  29. ass-kracker

    if dick size is not important,i cud not imagine if i told u bottoms my dick was 5″ how often i would be left home with my little dik in my hand..most bottoms wana get stab to death rather then tickle to death!!!i always ask ppl which is better,and the answer is always the same 7″ to 9 is kool..but them gunn slingers are just novelties,they say.And most don’t fuk that well anyway,jus wat im told…

    sign:8.5 4real;lol

  30. Jason

    I’ve always been honest about mine (it’s no longer posted since I am in a relationship) even though it’s not as big as I’d want it to be. I have to be honest though, dick size used to be the first thing I looked at on a profile when I would first open it up. I became a size queen. But I kept my options open and that is how I met my current partner. He may not be 8 inches, but he is the first guy that has ever made me bottom and love it and he def knows how to work it.

  31. tony julian

    Once this guy on line was flirting with me and asked me if he could come over for me to fuck him…he was cute with a nice butt and online he said his cock was 9 inches. Well, he came over, and I loved fucking him, but my cock was longer than his. So, though I always thought I had a 5-6 inch cock, i guess my cock must be 10 inches.

  32. Terry

    I’ve been in 3 long term relationships. Each mate had beautiful cocks with beautiful sets of balls! For me, cock size never mattered it was the amount of jizz that shot out of them that did! Can I get an AMEN!


  33. Manhooddude

    I am 9.5 Inches and from an Asian country… Yeah I am blessed as most people will say… But growing up and till I moved to USA I had a hard time finding bottoms who can handle my dick… I am not kidding but I share my dick pic and tell them I am 9.5 inches and most bottoms think that it’s all BS like most other online size tops…. Result is I can’t either enter them or its not cleaned out deep enough or it’s too painful to fuck them

    My request is for all bottoms to not go for any sex ever without douched out irrespective of 7 or 10 inches dick and take a guy for what he got please

  34. Mitch

    It is horrible when guys lie. If your hooking up with a guy because of his dick size it is a huge let down to get there and find out its not what you expect. Wether it to big for you to take or so small you keep asking if its in yet after he has cum twice. I know as an endowed man that I miss out on some because they are scared and also have got some pretty sweet ass because and by telling the truth I never get the this isn’t gonna work speech as I’m shoved out the door with a tent in my pants.

  35. Mike H.


  36. eastvalleyoral

    cock is cock and for some of us its a piece of the puzzle. love a big dick but sometimes those big dick are attached to bigger pricks. in the end, be happy with what you got and no one will notice how big or small you are.

  37. s johnson

    i’d rather not know the size when hooking up, too many lie about the size anyway. dropping the pants for me is the excitement or disappointment. but i have fun with it anyway. and sometimes i ask why the size difference and some have the nerve to say “i’m too nervous”, i then tell them when you get “un-nervous maybe we can meet up at a later time and send them on their merry way

  38. Chaz

    I have a lil over 5, smaller than a lot of guys and bigger than a few, but just right for me. I am very small in stature and not so much feminine but smaller boned. I have been with a guy that claimed 8″ it was not pleasant, and Never again will I ever be with someone that large, been with a fella that claimed 7 – he was gentle at first and knew more what he was doing. I yearn to be with a fella that is the same size as me. I think fit does have something to do with the pleasure. Sometimes too big is just too big. Sound like Goldilocks huh. Just my opinion.

  39. Jacob

    I’m an older guy with a small/average dick who is also new to gay/bi play. So why do I always feel bad about my dick size. It’s well within the ‘average’ range. It pisses me off to see a guy say that he is ‘only’ 6″. That’s average-it means that half of us are over that and half are UNDER that. Scientific (as opposed to self reported) studies say that ‘average’ is 5.1-6.2″ Most have a median of 5.5″. So why is it that no one wants to play with a “smaller” i.e. average penis?

  40. Dan

    Well it’s sad when men with small endowments like one in particular in my town who has Erectile dysfunction ale on top of a 4 inch cock goes around and hacks the top men’s computers and try’s to keep them off these sites. He’s a wolf in wheels clothing and falls short in more than cock size . So my question is why do men like this continue to try to top

  41. biinewark

    i gusse i just have penis enevy….mine is 6in by 4 1/2 around i have fun with it but want a bigger cock if i am going to bottom…..I want to feel full and a deep penatration…… from newark ohio any one can get the job done for me……contact me….

  42. Greg

    I don’t care how big it is. Thickness is always a pleasure. I have a pretty thick dick. Guys and gals seem to always love it. I’m proud of my piece. LOL

  43. cockoholic

    As a cock-hungry bottom (and total size queen) I learned very quickly to just assume everyone has 1.5 less than they claim to have. For most, my downward adjustment ends up being accurate, and occasionally I get a pleasant surprise when the posted measurement is true.

  44. dan

    for the most part i like a smaller dick, leaves me more time to enjoy fucking instead of trying to prepare for a monster up my ass. i also feel better the next day since i dont have a gaping hole from a giant dick!!

  45. Dwellguy

    I’ve hooked up with lots of white guys who were 5″. Very common size. Also been with lots of black guys who were 8 to 9″. I’d say most of the white guys on here who say they are 7″ are really 5 to 5.5″. Some of the posters above me commented about how a black guy was the biggest they’ve ever seen. Yet a lot of white guys don’t like to admit it. Seems so obvious to me.

  46. goldenloverinmym

    i’m no size queen but a big one as nice,i had a lover with a honest 8 he was last love was a lil over 6 and he was the BEST FUCK i ever had,not just his cock but the whole love making thing,and i miss him i hope he shows up at my door soon.whenever he left in the morn i felt like i was floating on cloud 9.DDDD

  47. Jon

    I’m a top. Dick size doesn’t quite move me, although they’re pretty to look at when they’re large, but aside from a good hand job, I don’t see the benefit to a dick larger than 7 inches. On the few occasions I’ve wanted to bottom, I’ve tried larger, smaller, in between, and frankly a smaller dick felt more satisfying to me. More pleasure than pain. Truly is about how you use what you have. Large dicks–hard to suck, hard to ride, and then there’s this factor about embellishing the size? ehhhh.

  48. MARC C


  49. Jay

    I hate this post!!! I only starting reading it because some of the other posts have been informative and helpful to the gay community. This only adds to the streo-type that gay are superficial. If size doesnt matter and if its about how the guy uses his tool, this post should exists vause if he did a good job it was worth it, right? Im not small by any measure(and you can get ypur tape measure, and a pen and pad on that!), but we gotta be better. We know have the right to get maried and we are talking about dick size versus finding way to make a relationship last beyond six months.

  50. Pump-it-Peter

    No matter what we say or how we feel – gay men are always fascinated by large cocks.

    It’s our temple/shrine!

    I wish there were an article on curved cocks – now that can be hot – enormous cocks that are curved (to the side).

  51. yourawesome

    let’s be honest folks, many people are obsessed with size. some like them small, some like them big. but for most, they like it big. i personally don’t care about size. i’m not endowed either. i’m 5 inch and not that thick. i wasnt happy with my size but i told myself there’s nothing i could do about it. i have to be happy with it, which i am now, and find someone that accepts me for just me and not how big my penis is.

  52. Steve

    I’ve seen alot of cocks in my life … ALOT of cocks. So, I’m sorry, I don’t believe for a moment anyone posting here that they have anything over 7″ … it’s pretty effing rare. Which makes it all the sadder that so many men on A4A and other sites invariably include statements like “don’t even bother if you have anything less than 7″;” your blog (with the obviously PhotoShop’d illustration) has me wondering if I and my 6.5 should stop feeling inferior and give ’em shot … so to speak.

    P.S. Why do so many bottoms so often post pics of their cocks — their apparently giant cocks — while tops post ass shots?! First off, I don’t care about either cuz I’m either forging ahead or bailing based on a face pic, but, all the same, shouldn’t it be the other way ’round?

  53. BryBry

    More than a mouthful is a waste…

    I find it interesting that guys take extra pride (or any credit) for something that they had no say so in developing… A guy’s dick came with the body. They can no more pick that than they could how tall they are or their complexion. It is what it is.

  54. the_inspector_069

    Could it just be just plain ignorance? I have seen where the measurements do not add up to the photo being displayed. One grows tired of seeing guys placing their penis along side a remote control, a bottle of soda, or Super Slurpy Cup. I’ve also seen this pertaining to hair color. They are dirty blond, but post brown. Oh, and did you know that the “Average build” is now the new FAT? Jeesh, it’s time to grow up!

    • blog

      Average built the new fat? Well average for me is no fat….
      Sometimes I even see “in shape” of “fit” for guys that don’t go to the gym….
      So just be honnest, if you are fat write fat, if you are skinny write skinny… 😛

  55. zaq

    What makes me laugh is white dudes who expect every black man to have a dick like in porn. Dicks come in all shapes & sizes for people of all races. If a person doesn’t like the size of my dick I get over it and move on…..probably saved me a trip to the clinic lol.

  56. Squidmo

    Still too much impreciseness. “Starting at groin level” means little. Top of the dick or side of the dick means 1.5 inch difference in my case. I try to be honest so I don’t disappoint, so I think it is better to just go by visuals.

  57. Mark

    I have an average 6 in dick which I have no problem with. I am lucky to have 45 min stamina so I would prefer 6 in for 45 mins than 8in for 5 mins.

  58. Dylan

    I, along with most of you are extremely happy if I’m having a cock shoved down my throat and couldn’t really care how big a guy really is. I am a construction worker and build furniture for a hobby, lets just say I am an excellent judge when it comes to size as I measure things all day. I was using a public GH in New Hampshire with a 3/4″ thick wall. the cock that came through on my side was ten inches minimum. Most guys don’t press all the way up against the wall so there was about another inch on his side. According to my math he was 11 3/4″ and thick. I didn’t stop deep throating that cock until he blew that load, never even tasted a drop it was so deep. I tend to favor long thick cocks that I can feel in the bottom of my throat. I live to deep throat!!! I put that on the same pedestal as breathing. I hook up with this guy from China living on Boston, he is only 5″ and not too thick but I love sucking his cock. When he cums I can feel it pulsate all the way up as it shoots out at Mach 5.i never felt this with any other cock like this. I work harder and faster to make him shoot just to feel it. He can fill your throat in two pumps and it taste amazing! He also has the most perfect ass that I love to rim and I’m working like crazy to get my cock in him. But this is about cock size…. I use to be one of those “big cock only” kinda guys. Now I don’t discriminate… I just love all cocks!

  59. olderwiser

    I’m happy with my 6 inches, which also very thick. Plus I have big hands too so I can do a double fist jerk. Never have gotten any complaints in the past, and from what I’ve seen in the locker room, everyone is quite average. Although there was one guy with a donkey dick, but he never did get very hard.

    And then there are the guys with small dicks who are even bigger dicks.

  60. eastvalleyoral

    @Jay – yes there are more important things going on in the world that need our attention. this entry was meant to be fun and expose this need for men to inflate the size of their dicks. it is important in knowing that everyone should make the most of what they got. the majority of the comments are from guys who are saying they don’t care about dick size, that’s positive.

    great comments all!!

  61. vafratboy

    @Jay, seriously dude?

    Straight women talk about dick size amongst each other. Does that mean straight women are superficial too?

    Stop trying to assign the whole of someone’s value on what they are talking about in one moment.

  62. Hunter0500

    Dick size is a non-issue. Unless your mode for connecting with men is fast hookups after knowing a guy only through his profile on a website or after a random bar pickup after dancing and alcohol. You get what you pay for.

    Take the time to get to know a guy by repeated chats and meetings before getting up close and personal. After several chats and meetings, if you decide he’s worthy material for “the workbench”, the size of his cock becomes irrelevant.

    Ironically, more of the guys I’ve met that were “hung” were lower quality overall (of no long term value) than those who weren’t. As a matter of fact, a long term bud with the smallest cock towers over everyone else on “the workbench” in terms of care for who he’s with and the skills he has for making time together phenonemal.

  63. Darryl

    I’am not as caught up on Dick size as most Men. There’s something to be said about the hole Man’s body. Sure there are guys with huge cocks, but then they turn out to be a huge Dick. Who wants to be with a guy who thinks he’s gods gift, and he doesn’t give of himself. I’d rather enjoy a Man who has the total package from the top of his head to the toes of his feet. Add in a good heart, and the brains to go with it. So fella’s enjoy all hub bub, just think about everything that goes with a nice cock, call me crazy for wanting it all.

  64. Darryl

    I’am not as caught up on Dick size as most Men. There’s something to be said about the whole Man’s body. Sure there are guys with a huge cock, who turns out to be nothing more then a huge Dick. Who wants to be with a guy who thinks he’s gods gift, one who doesn’t give of himself. I’d rather enjoy a Man who is the total package, from his head, to his toes, add in a good heart, and the brains to go along with it. So fella’s enjoy all the hub bub, can you do one thing for me? Just imagine if you can have a nice cock, plus everything that goes along with it. Call me crazy for wanting it all.

  65. Wantamannow

    I say a cock bigger than a mouthful is a waste and Ive had some real fun with a guy with a small cock… I can handle it better and love to deep thoat and feel his fur around the base against my nose…. I love a smaller cock, and one thats around 5 to 7 is more than enough for me to either suck good or get fucked with…. too big hurts the ass too much but hardly ever turn one down… but my choice is med size for both…and enjoy.

  66. Wantamannow

    another thing is a large cock,,, when getting fucked hurts and they never seem to know how to use it sexually… just ram it all the way in and say take it and love it…. if they have too big a cock,,, i usually dont talk or get involved with them…so guys,,, if you think your too small,,, cum to me,,, let me enjoy it for you…

  67. Strman1

    Dick size is the only thing people as me about.. It’s the black man thing: well it’s not always true. Every black man doesn’t come with 8 or more always.. I’m 7 and loving it.. I don’t like very hung men.. It’s hard to keep them hard and painful to take.. But society make that way.. So if I hit you up and the only question you ask I’d how hung are you.. Well forget that.

  68. carlos

    Im 8 im latino and I lied about my dick, I told this guy i was 6 just so he would get surprice when he sees it. however the outcome wasnt what i was waiting for. Instead he said ” the only reason why i met you is cuz i like small dicks!”
    it left me really confused after that I just let ppl find out themselves.

  69. alphurleigh

    Having read most of the comments, I am going to say a few things.
    1) For me a huge dick is nice to see in underwear. All that bulge is just a fantastic sight. They are nice to handle and if you so desire a good feel in the mouth. I have a friend who pack a 12 incher, a really wonderful piece of creation. I have taken several photos of it just for posterity.
    2) I have a “small” dick, I tell folks I don’t have the proverbial black man’s dick but I have been given credit for using it in a manner that is satisfying.
    3) I must agree with those who say that the smaller dick does much more than those horse hung kind, they fill you up like the whopper they are but that is about it not much action.
    4) We are fair-fully and wonderfully made, variety is the spice of life we cannot all be horse hung,add or take away from what we have (except breasts) so be thankful for what you have and use it as you see fit.

  70. Guy4oral

    Bwst fuck I ever had was from a little black guy with a dick that might have been 6 inches. Every time he fucked me I would cu,. That man j
    knew how to fuck

  71. John...

    Versatile and have no desire whatsoever to get married: I prefer guys who have around the same size as me. Between 7 & 8 and thick is perfect. Bigger is fun for practice and smaller may as well be a clitoris.

  72. Roberto

    Monster or Horse size wellcome!! I had in the past a black with very big cock!! He had with 100 % sure 12 inches in lenght to 10 inches of circunference!! It was also insatiable and good fucking because it was days and days in the fuck wood buried by the balls! The day was hard that myself at least did not like 15 times before the stop!! My ass was swollen hot flayed baked as much taking wood!! Now I am looking for a black in my life!! But cannot lower the level I want equal or better!! My ads I think they are very specific but they reflect what I want!! I like blacks with big hard wood if he wants a white who likes big bucks to fuck seeks me !! I still looking for black with giant cock to fuck me for hours!! My ass is waiting for you!!(rs5513)

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