Watch This : Nebraska Men’s Gymnastic Team Video


Wow!  If you like hot lean muscular jocks with bubble butts, strong torsos, big firm pecs, you need to watch this video right now!

It is a video that the Huskers (Nebraska Men’s Gymnastic team) put online to advertise a competition againsts the Oklahoma Sooners that will take place on March 3rd at 1 pm in the Devaney Center Track!

If you are around, check it out! Damn I wish I was in Nebraska…… 🙂

I bet this video will go virallllll!




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  1. that one guy

    not a big fan of this harlem shake thing but male gymnast are awesome, it takes alot of control and strength to do what they do, especially without accidentally killing themselves or breaking something

  2. Charlie

    Geeze Panda, I didn’t think I was a nelly gay guy but that was hot. Not just a sexual thrill (some sure was) but I am always amazed that anyone can do those things.

  3. Jon

    I live in Lincoln, NE and all I have to say about this video is OMG!!!! They are acting like a bunch of stupid idiots!!!! Makes me embarrassed & ashamed to be an UNL alumni!!!! Shit like this is what gives a bad name to the gay society!!! I don’t care if they are str8 or gay in this video, they are in college now & representing our state & college…………fuckin grow up & act your age…not your IQ!!!!!

  4. Julian

    This is my favorite Harlem shake video.. Not cuz they’re all hot but because they are actually DOING something… That being said these guys are so sexy.. I think gymnasts are the hottest men on this earth.. Travis wall is one lucky bitch!

  5. Steve

    How about the 2 guys in the sponge pit at the bottom of the video at 29second mark giving a little kiss to each other….Very hot video.

  6. Rick

    I agree with the nay sayers. It is a college team acting like a bunch of gay idiots. I was embarrassed watching it and I am not even from Nebraska. It would be totally different if it were the Nebraska Gay Mens Gymnastics team….lol.

  7. Hunter0500

    What was the goal behind the making of this video? Maybe knowing what they had in mind in making it will help in understanding what they were trying to convey or acccomplish. A bunch of gymnast guys doing a bunch of gymnast things mixed in with them doing silly things. Ok, fine. Maybe it was pre-finals stress relief?

    Regardless, what was the purpose of showing it here? More flagilation fodder for a certain genre of gay guys who can’t get themselves quality time with real guys?

  8. Thom_72

    I wish them best of luck on their competition. That’s the best, nicest, most appropriate thing I can say about this. Oh, and that I agree that gymnastics takes an amazing amount of strength, training, coordination, and discipline to perform. Which kinda ties back into I hope they do well.

  9. InOverMyHead

    They certainly have physical talents. Probably need to get out of the gym a bit more. Perhaps into private rooms for some one on one practice?

  10. Matt

    I truly believe in the commitment and discipline it takes to accomplish what gymnastics accomplish in both men and women. Kudos. However, this is ridiculous and not even the least bit entertaining. I would prefer to see several routines being filmed to show their skills and not some ridiculous dance moves. Nebraska Huskers #FAIL. There is a much better way to showcase their talents.

  11. PapiCock

    Does anyone else remember in the Charlie Brown Christmas special (?) when the kids are dancing to Linus’s piano playing (?) and they all look ridiculous? This video reminds me of that.

  12. Brad

    Just a bunch of stupid immature jocks making fools of themselves acting half thier age, not sexy at all. Why the hell did you even bother with this post???

  13. OnlyTellTheTruth

    This would have been better is these guy had some flavor about them. The random rhythmless is not a turn on. Nice bodies, though.

  14. OnlyTellTheTruth

    This would have been better if these guy had some flavor about them. The random rhythmless is not a turn on. Nice bodies, though.

  15. Erik

    So, what most of you are saying is… they should act their age it was stupid etc. Seriously, what is wrong with these college gymnasts and for that matter what is wrong with anyone having a bit of fun? Not everyone is an uptight piss elegant nelly queen with no sense of fun or humor. Yes some of the guys are attractive. The point of the video was that they were having fun and to the stuffed shirts that are posting…bitchy and boring is not attractive.

  16. PuertoRicanXTC

    I’m with Ferb and Shakerrump…. no bubble anywhere in this video…. but it does continue to prove that (most) white guys can’t dance…

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