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I have seen and heard practically everything you can imagine during my ten years as a massage therapist, and am no longer capable of being surprised. I’ve learned long ago that it is easier to work on straight guys rather than gay ones. It’s not that I have anything against gay guys, as I am way more into men than women, but the reality of massage clients is nothing like the hot guys you see on TV and movies, so being hit on by my clients is rarely a fun experience. I rent a massage studio in an upscale gym here in Dallas which attracts successful, and generally straight, businessmen.

My 3:30 showed up a few minutes early, which was fine as my Wednesdays are typically slow. The guy was several inches shorter than I am, maybe 5’9”, with cropped dark hair, striking grey eyes, and a day’s worth of stubble. I’m guessing he was in his early thirties. Like most of my clients, he had already changed out of his street clothes in the locker room and was wearing a white t-shirt, grey sweats and black sneakers. The guy was hot, yet he seemed very shy as he explained that his girlfriend had given him a massage certificate as a gift, and that he had never had a professional massage before. I chatted with him for a few minutes about the gym, the shitty season the Mavericks were having, and even the weather to put the guy at ease before getting down to business. His certificate was for a 90-minute deep tissue massage and my next client wasn’t until six.

I explained he should get as undressed as his comfort level allowed and to begin face down on my table. He seemed hesitant, so I pointed out the draping sheet he could use for modesty and turned away from him to wash my hands and dim the lights.

I turned to find him naked on top of the sheet. So much for shyness. His baggy clothes had hidden how ripped and muscular he was: His back was wide and smooth and his lats and shoulders were huge, but all I could inappropriately fixate on was his beautiful ass. Take it from someone who looks at 8 – 10 asses a day, this one was exceptional: Perfectly muscled, dimpled where it pulled into his tight waist, and lightly hairy. I enjoyed staring at it the entire time I worked on his shoulders and back, and then I worked my way down the small of his back.

He flinched as soon as my fingers brushed his ass, so I pulled away and asked if he would prefer I skip over his glutes. He didn’t answer at first and I thought he may have fallen asleep, but then he finally responded with a soft “no, but my butt is really sensitive.”


I began rubbing his glutes, which sounds pretty gay but they are a major point of stress often the source of low-back pain. His hips began the slow, tell-tale gyration I’ve seen hundreds of times indicating he was hard and extremely turned-on by the fact I was rubbing his ass. I’m generally very cautious with “straight-boys”, but I am an ass-man and I wasn’t about to let go of this opportunity. I began kneading his ass, spreading his cheeks apart, which was clearly driving my client crazy.

“Is this OK?” I asked after playing with his ass for a good ten minutes. He moaned a response, and then turned his head to the side to look back at me. My right hand was leaning against the table for balance and he reached back and grabbed my wrist, then started rubbing my forearm. He lifted his ass off the table and slid down towards me, practically handing his ass to me. A quick glance at the clock let me know I had 90 minutes before my next client was due to arrive, so I grabbed my client by the hips and pulled him off the table toward me so that his feet were on the ground and his chest was flat on my table, perfectly displaying his amazing ass. He whispered “oh my god” over and over, yet did nothing to stop me, so I dropped to my knees and traced my tongue from the base of his balls all the way up and over his hole. He tensed and I would have sworn he wasn’t breathing, but he remained completely passive. I reached between his legs and grabbed his cock, which was throbbing and wet with pre-cum. I pulled it down against the table so that the head was facing the floor before burying my face back in his ass. I continued licking and chewing his hole while keeping a tight grip on his cock to keep him in place. There were several occasions where I could tell he was on the brink of shooting, during which I would pull back and let him catch his breath. My cock was straining against my briefs and I wanted to fuck him so bad it was making me dizzy, but I knew that would be pushing my luck and I wasn’t ready for the fun to stop.

He began squirming and writhing, working up a good musky sweat, and he began panting as though he had never had his ass eaten before. At this point, I knew that I owned him and I had to again resist my maddening desire to fuck him. I feared that even touching my dick would put me over the edge, so I focused instead on driving my client insane. I lubed up his shaft with massage oil and began slowly stroking him. He lifted his right knee up on the table pushed his ass into my face, giving it to me. I stroked him until I knew he was close, then let go of his cock and spread his cheeks apart with both hands. I pushed my tongue into his tight little hole, which made him gasp loudly. I did it again, and again, until he was reduced to a hard whimper. I knew it was time to reward him for his good behavior, so I resumed stroking his cock and attacked his hole.

“Oh my god, oh my god,” he began again, and then he convulsed off the table as three gushers of jizz shot out of his cock. I milked every last drop of cum from his shaft as he moaned and gasped, and continued stroking him long after until he finally pulled away.

I leaned back and stood up, admiring the view. His back and glutes glistened with sweat and oil, and a huge pool off cum lay at his feet. I gave him a few minutes to come down from his orgasm-high, then rubbed my fingers lightly up his legs and ass. He shuddered, stood up, and sighed. I could tell he was embarrassed, so I told him to take his time while I washed my hands. He dressed slowly, clumsily. He took the bottle of water I offered him without making eye contact. He pulled a $100 bill from his wallet, but I gently pushed it back. “The massage was paid for,” I said, “and I couldn’t think of a better tip than what you’ve already given me.”

He nodded, shyly. “I’m sorry I made so much noise,” he said. “I don’t want to get you in trouble. Do you give massages at your house?”

I smiled. “You’re bound to find yourself on the receiving end of a pounding if you bring that sexy ass to my house, though.”

“That’s fine,” he whispered as he let himself out.

I was sure I would never hear from him again, but my straight-boy called for an appointment at my home five weeks later. I guess I can still be surprised after all.

Lorenzo aka SoCalTuffguy


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  1. James A.Whittler

    I would just like to know why it’s so hard to meet men in Jefferson City, Missouri? Obviously, there are tons of gay men, however they’re ALL in the closet. I grew up here as young boy but moved away and came back years later to find that MOST of the men are on the ”dl”. Whatever happen to being ,just your”authentic”, self? They ALL want to creep around n the dark, in parks, or meet at so late at night , you have to use toothpicks to keep your eyes open. Ridiculous!! I’m African American man who’s 48 y/o, looking to find a great man w/o ALL of these hangups. Attention is there ANY REAL GAY MEN in this town who would be willing to challenge or even for that matter ,give me a chance? Race has never been a issue for me. If you, read this take a chance for once in your life. Life’s way too short to not. Have a great day! I’ll be looking for you on Adam4 Adam. My name’s James770 or Jamie771

  2. Darryl

    Lorenzo, that was a very hot story. I dabble in Massage as well, and every once in awhile you run into someone who really gives you almost the same pleasure as you do giving a Massage. Most times i’ve given them to friends, and buddies. But ever so often a straight, or bi guy hit’s me up for one. What i’ve found out is that all Men deep down enjoy being touched, especially in areas where their hands can’t reach. Being professional really does get tested, when you’re working on someone and they respond in a way the line between Massage, and Sex is reached. Just like you i’am an Ass Man so staring at a beautiful pair of cheeks makes me want to really give him a Massage he will remember. Hince a very Happy Ending. So if you do have a great Ass, and reads this story hit me up for a Massage. You’ll i mean We’ll be glad you did…

  3. Gybbs

    omfg … too bad I need to keep my corduroys on … my cock is straining at the fabric … this story is So HOT! Lorenzo: THANK YOU!!!

  4. goldenloverinmym

    this brought back some good memories for me,except i had called for a massage after a back sprain at had been a cpl weeks and was feeling very nearly back to normal,but was in a hotel due 2 weather conditions while travelling and feeling very horny.i saw his ad on CL n called got it set for 8pm that nite,he sent a txt saying he was 10 min out and would b there in a few.he knocked on the door 5 min early.i opened the door wearing loose fitting Corona boxers he commented that he drank eyes were greeted 2 a handsome latino,prob5’9″/175/buzz cut wearing dark grey sweats carrying a large bag(his portable table)i closed the door behind him.he said he needed 2get the table set up so it could warm up b4 we started.due 2 the wintery weather conditions that caused my stay anyway.after intros he explained his procedure& that he was useing some herbal oils.and asked if i wanted 2 b naked or not?i said yes being nude was no prob,so he turned around 2 prep his oils etc,i stripped down n started 2 get on the table wow i recoiled in horror.the table was like a ice cube still!!he chuckled n told me 2 sit on the bed n he’d fix he went 2 the john n ran hot water on a towel n came out wiped the table down then dried it and checked it with his large brown hands and gestured for me 2 lay down this time nice cool n comfortable,he laid a warm towel over my butt as he talked about what he was doin and his oils,he started on left arm working my fingers n the time he got 2 the left shoulder i knew i was in expert hands,i was totally relaxed by now.whenever he changed position he spoke softly n telling me which muscles he was goin 2 b workin on etc.he kept workin n progressing down my back when he got 2 my butt,he stopped and repositioned himself at my feet n started work on my feet n goin up my legs by this time i was hard n squirming on the table, my cock was pointing down between my legs,as he got 2 my upper inner thigh the back of his hand brushed the head of my cock it felt like a shock of high voltage passin through my whole body.he was workin under the towel on my ass iwas moaning n grinding in the table,i reached back n pulled the towel this time he was on the side of me working my cheeks,he leaned over 2 do the other cheek i felt his breath across my ass,by this time in ready 2 pop a nut but he could sense it n turned the heat up on my ass,i lifted offthe table n spread my legs a little,he put sum lube on my ass crack n spread my cheeks n started rubbing up n down my crack with the side of his hands spreading my legs a lil farther his finger tips touched my taint n ball i started groaning n arched up allowing him full access,he was getting into my excitement i rubbed my arm on his cock feeling him rise 2 the moment.then he reached between my legs squeezing my cock n balls,i moved my arm so i could grab his cock,not yet hard but thick n meaty,i felt his hot breath on my ass as he started licking the top of my crack then he used both hands n spread my ass cheeks running his tongue down 2 my twitching hole n buried it deep in me.i was squeezing his got i couldnt take it any more n got up off the table n went down on my knees pulling his sweats he slid them off i grabbed his cock and deep throated him for a bit then i stood up n bent over the edge ot the bed while still stroking his cock i told him there was a condom next 2 the light he put it on and got busy rubbin his nice hard cock up against my ass as he slowly slid into my hole i pushed back taking him balls deep in 1 motion,his hands on my hips i started rockin on his fine meat,it felt so good knowing i was gonna pop in what felt like seconds,he was stroking my cock as i pushed against his throbbing bone,finally i couldnt wait anylonger and reached backwith both hands grabbed his hips pulling him into me as i sprayed my spurting load on the bed with my face buried in the bed,about 6 more strokes n i felt him going spazzdic n slammin into me.while the stars were fading in my mine he pulled out n walked 2 the john i collapsed on the bed,i heard water running n he came back this a hot wet towel n wiped my body down,i didnt realize we were both drenched in sweat,i laid there swooning while he dressed.we settled our biz with the agreed payment,i gave him a 100$ tip for the fab service.he thanked me while packing his equipment,i put my shorts back on and held the door for him while he carried his stuff out.i looked at the clock it was almost 11pm.the best money i ever spent.DDDD

  5. lvrubntug

    this story was hot made my dick hard just thinking about all the men that have been on my tableover the past few yrs got to luv the str8 ones will be back in las vegas for march n april cant wait to see what instore for me

  6. Simply touched

    Kindof sounds like a weekend at my massage studio no penetration allowed but we sure as hell know how to make our clients relax and shoot hard

  7. Seth

    Absolutely disgusting! You are NOT a massage THERAPIST! LMTs have been working for decades to promote the health benefits of massage. And people like you keep up the stereotype that massage is a sex act. What you did is illegal and you should be arrested for prostitution.

  8. Don

    In New Orleans we get a weekly happenings paper and they had an advertisement for a massage. I had lost 50 lbs and wanted to treat myself so I made an appointment for a Friday afternoon because I was going to the gulf coast for the weekend . When I arrived the gentleman was in short shorts and a tank top , he tried to make me feel comfortable. He asked me several questions how and why. He asked me if I wanted to be naked or draped I chose naked he worked on back first and when he got to my ass it was electric had a huge hard on . He worked on legs and feet ,the he had me turn over and saw me with my throbbing hard on and took care of it with his warm mouth till I came. He then worked on the front for another 30 min causing me to have another hard on he then took care of it again. When we finished he asked if there was any plaza he missed I said my ass. His next client was not due for 1 hr he took care of that as well. I would see him for the next year once a month at the beginning of the month, how I miss those sessions.

  9. Tossed Salad

    Very well written. You’re brave to stick your tongue so deep in his pooper, not knowing if he ate a high fiber cereal for breakfast. Hope you grabbed the Listerine before your next client arrived! (Should’ve kept the hundred bucks – its tough out there for a ho’.)

  10. Hunter0500

    A local massage therapist was just busted. Seems he misread a number of clients’ moans as them asking for “an upgrade” when they weren’t.

  11. exmil67

    Dude, you are such a lucky guy.. I wish I had hot guys like that near me, too few visitors that come around that hot! love to get into some tight muscle ass like that…heh heh..balls deep!

  12. Enzo AKA SoCalTuffGuy

    Seth: I can’t help but laugh at you, though I’m sure you mean well.

    One: This story is pure fiction. The only part that resembles my real life is the fact that I am a massage therapist (in SoCal, not Dallas).

    Two: Being paid for sex and having sex with a client are two VERY different things. I hired a handy man last week to install 2 ceiling fans: He was hot, and I fucked the hell out of him. (hmm, maybe I should write about that!) Using your logic, he is a hooker and should be arrested, as I paid him to install the fans.

    Three: (this one is my favorite) The idea of sex with a massage client disgusts you, yet you read erotica about sex with a massage client. Bravo!

    Thank you, to all of you who sent me comments, both positive and negative. It was a fun story to write and I appreciate your feedback.

    Enzo AKA SoCalTuffGuy

  13. kcmensch

    Massages with happy endings are the standard with m2m massages. If your want that type of massage you can find it here on A4A or sites like or similar male oriented massage sites. The masseurs are well trained and most are licensed. But since the serve the gay community they are generally happy to end with a happy ending. No questions asked. They are true massage professionals.

  14. kcmensch

    Seth I think you need a happy ending to release some of your built up stress. Most m2m massages are very relaxing experiences .

  15. Devildog4sex

    I sooo much would love to have this experience. I love a deep tissue, full body massage. To get the extra attention to my ass and cock would be such a bonus. I would so much welcome a stiff cock up my ass as I am fully relaxed from a massage.

  16. Chazy

    Reminds me of a recent massage experience. I saw an add for a massage service from a man who just enjoyed giving massages to men. I was in desperate need of a massage for relaxation purposes and contacted him. I drove over to his place an discovered a clean and well presented but older gentleman of about 50. He invited me in the house and understood my need for discretion and just small chatted as I undressed. I asked him if I should leave on my undies or not and he asked me to do whatever made me comfortable. I chose the completely nude method but did feel a bit shy as I lay down on the queen size bed. He started to massage my shoulders and neck with lotion and it felt very good. We did not speak much- as I prefer to slip into a semi trance state and just enjoy the moment. He then moved to my back and along my spine. Next he moved to my lower back. After that he re positioned himself and moved to my lower legs and a little bit on my feet. He then moved onto my thighs…this is where things got interesting. I like to park my tool in the down position when lying on my back so that if I get aroused it feels more comfortable and also allows me to be a bit of an exhibitionist. Indeed, as he starting to massage my things my legs separated, as if by some automatic motion not under my control, and my tool became aroused and longer. As he massaged my upper thighs I certainly felt his warm fingers touch my balls a few times and come imperceptibly close to my man tool. I was praying and hoping that he would move onto my ass and he did thankfully. I am not sure what it is about having hands touch my butt, but it drives me wild and this was no exception. I must have squirmed a bit and grew even more (my tool that is) and he continued to massage my ass and things even more. His hands reached lower towards my inner thighs and I could almost not stand it. But, things got even better as his finger brushed against my hole. I felt him add more lotion and run his hands up and down my butt crack and around my hole. At that point, my slight squirming movements where no longer minor as my ass lifted off the bed and my legs widened more. He spent quite a bit of time on my ass, touching my inner thighs and occasionally brushing my tool and balls. This was almost more than I could take. Until…until he slipped a finger in my butt hole. OMG….I almost died. After one finger then it was two. This became slightly more painful but doubly pleasurable- if possible. My man tool was as hard as it was ever going to be as he continued to massage me inside! After what seemed to be an eternity (and one that I hoped would never end) he asked me quietly to flip over. Of course I complied…even if I was reluctant. There was no towel or anything to cover my huge hardon and I closed my eyes so I would not see his expression as he saw my engorged member for the first time. I kept my eyes closed and my hands over my head as he spent some time on my chest and shoulders. He moved towards to my tummy and I breathed heavily and rapidly as I am sensitive in my lower stomach region. As he massaged there, my mantool was in the way and was brushed and moved aside as he massaged me around my belly button and lower. That was a great feeling. He proceeded to massage my thighs and shins. After this, he quietly- without asking- moved back to my waist and slowly massaging my ball sack and below. I was now on fire and was silently praying for more. Almost as if he could read my mind (of course all the signs were there) he then slipped a finger in my butt with one hand and added his lotion filled hand on the shaft of my tool. After some time of slowly massaging me this way- my mantool felt the warmth of wetness of his mouth. With his fingers doing magic to my prostrate and his mouth making love to my mantool- I was in heaven….I moaned and nearly squealed like a little girl. This went on for a while…despite trying to delay the inevitable, I just could not stand it any more and shot out load after load of warm goo. He took it fully in his mouth and seemed to enjoy it as he would a nice lollipop. He slipped his finger out of me and it made a little pop sound. I have had a BJ before, but I tell you a BJ and prostrate stimulation is so much more intense….like 10X. He went to wash up as I layed there smiling like a happy idiot. He was kind enough to bring a warm wash cloth to wash me up…that was also enjoyable. It was one of the best experiences I have had in a long time. I tell you, I think we spoke ten words the whole time. He assured me after that it was a much fun for him as it was for me, as I was feeling a bit guilty. I have promised to see him again and I will!

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