Stories : It All Started At Church

My youth pastor had assigned me to help set up tables and equipment for our annual church picnic. Of course, I was hesitant and not too thrilled, but being one of the few fit and strapping college guys at the church, I didn’t really have a choice.  Thank goodness I decided to wear a fitted tank top that day and cargo shorts, as I’d be doing lots of lifting and sweating.  As I head out to the parking lot to unload, I make a pit stop into the bathroom.  Heading to the mirror, I swipe my sandy blonde hair out of my eyes and splash cold water on my face, staring at my piercing blue eyes and lightly tanned skin, telling myself this day was going to be long. As I washed my hands, I hear some ruffling in the stall; I turn to look and realize I wasn’t alone in the bathroom. I call out and hear a voice similar to my youth pastor. I’ve always had this secret crush on my pastor. He’s young, muscular, short brown hair, has these beautiful hazel colored eyes and an ass to die for. I always found it odd that he wasn’t married, but didn’t judge.

He calls me over. I head to the stall and slowly open it, excited for what is about to happen. I walk in and see my youth pastor, waiting for me, his eyes glistening and his cock trying to break free out of his pants. He walks towards me and slowly wraps his arms around me. My cock is starting to get hard, a rush of excitement comes over me and I begin to feel warm. I lightly pull away out of hesitation and he instantly pulls me back, and I give in. He strokes his hand down my face and stares into my eyes and I can feel his breath on me. He brings his lips towards mine and we kiss, starting out slow and quickly becoming more passionate, feeling each other up and down. I love this; it’s so amazing and sexy. I get hard quick and he feels me because he undoes my cargo shorts and rips them off. My cock is throbbing and there’s a little bit of pre-cum. He gets on his knees and starts sucking my cock and it feels so good! I’m moaning and breathing heavier, he’s deep throating me and stroking my cock and I have my hands on his head moving him faster and faster. Damn this feels so good. I rip my shirt off and tear his off. I get on my knees and hungrily suck his monster cock as he moans with pleasure. His cock tastes so good and has perfect girth.

He turns me around and starts kissing my smooth ass. He kisses it everywhere and slowly spreads my cheeks, staring at my pink asshole. He lightly put his tongue on it and begins to flick it, sending my pleasure sensors over the moon. My youth pastor digs into my ass, licking and licking, eating my ass like a pro; kissing it and making me moan and whimper while I’m begging him not to stop. I wanna get fucked so badly now, and I tell him to fuck me hard like a bitch. He sticks his hand out and I shoot a big wad of spit and uses that as lube. My ass is so wet now and ready to get fucked. He slowly sticks it in and I let out a cry of pleasure. He wraps his muscular arms around me and thrusts in and out slowly as I’m moaning in satisfaction.  He fucks me harder, I’m slamming into the side of the stall but I love it. His cock is so big in my tight pink hole; he slaps my ass as he fucks me and I beg for more. He grabs on to me tighter and fucks harder; I know he’s about to cum. He breaths harder, groans and moans more and I tell him to shoot his load into my little ass. He pulls out quick, turns me around and shoots his load on my face. My pastor’s thick, warm, sticky cum swims down my face, dribbling down my lips and into my mouth. He gives a sigh of relief and bends down to kiss me, licking up his own cum and playing with it in our mouths. He gets on his knees and opens his mouth wide. I’m supposed to shoot it right in his mouth. I close my eyes, throw my head back and start jerking my dick.

He takes his fingers and plays with my ass, sticking his finger in and out while I’m jerking. Damn it feels so good. I get closer to cumming and I make more rapid motions; jerking harder, starting to moan slightly. It’s coming, I tell him I’m cumming and it shoots out, in his mouth. My load shoots out like lava into my pastor’s mouth, he eagerly talking it. I pump the last bit out and he swallows my cum and sucks my dick again. It feels so good and tingly and I’m so relieved and satisfied.

It all started in church and ended with cum on my face.

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  1. Jerry

    I really love that story and if only every fantasy and dream came true like this, life would be so exciting and we all would get more enjoyment out of our everyday lives.

  2. John

    wow…I can totally relate as my first time was at Boy Scout Camp and my second time was at Church Camp and my story began there…..

  3. flagdomdaddy

    That was a hot story, I wish I were catholic, as Ive always had a fantasy of seducing a young priest in a confessional …..

  4. flagdomdaddy

    That was a hot story, I wish I were catholic, as Ive always had a fantasy of seducing a young priest in a confessional …..and at this point , i wouldn’t even need to be in the church as long as ih wear a priest

  5. Darryl

    Pretty hot story, there are some sexy Men of the Church who dabble in gay sex. Oh sure they may say one thing, but love doing another.

  6. vinny

    I feel the story is hot and steamy but however we have all had fantasies of our priest or man of the cloth.I just find it in poor taste that someone of the LORD would commit this act on church grounds.

  7. Hunter0500

    A youth pastor has sex with a youth group member …
    in a stall at church …
    with moaning and groaning from them both …
    as other members are due to arrive for a work project …
    and they fuck without a condom.

    Someone could lose their job.
    Someone’s family could be embarassed, possibly worse depending on the beliefs of the church.
    They both risk STDs.

    And this is the blog that follows raulgm’s blog about HIV.

  8. Dylan


    Awesome STORY, great FANTASY, too bad some ppl just can’t let go for a second to let their minds explore . Dave it’s been my experience you can’t please everyone…some ppl would bitch in you gave them a million dollars cause they were now in a higher tax bracket. Keep um cumming, most of us that don’t have a stick up our ass (well I guess some guys with sticks up their ass as well) appreciate your blog and stories. Btw love the idea of the members blog.

  9. Jon

    My first time was when I was 18 and one of my teachers taught me how to suck his cock then he sucked mine. i really liked it but we only got together a couple of times. Now I’m 40 and would love to be with a man in the 50’s who is a top. jon8739 A4A

  10. George

    Wow! Some people take things too seriously lol! It was a very hot story! I’ve always wanted to get fucked in a public bathroom. I’m only 20 so I’m sure it’s in my future.

  11. Dylan

    NP Dave.

    George- public rest room sex is awesome. You get to add the thrill of getting fucked + the excitement of getting caught (hopefully not by a cop but another guy just looking to take a piss). I have several public rest rooms that I meet a friend in and we fuck like you can’t even imagine. It is very intense and full of excitement, power, thrill, passion and mad hungry sex all rolled in to one. We chose our stalls wisely, there is a small area that if you stood behind the partition no one would see you, we scope it out prior to making sure the coast is clear, we are real quiet and our hard and fast rule is this…once we start we don’t stop we just get quieter if someone comes in but we continue to fuck even if we have to stop my cock stays in him. You never felt your heart beat so fast when you cock is deep in a guy and a truck driver is standing there taking a piss and all you can do is breathe and pump him very slowly. It makes for an amazing ending. George my advice to you is def try it, but do your home work (don’t pick the rest area behind the state police barracks, don’t pick the rest room next to the kiddie park unless you want to be front page news.) I’d just tell you to becareful!

    For the rest- yes I just gave someone pointers on hooking up in a public place and told him to be careful, if its NOT your thing…than its NOT YOUR THING!

  12. Hunter0500

    Blog, “stories” “fantasy” are the category of this post.

    So is death, illness due to unsafe sex, and total insensitivity to anyone who has been sexually abused by clergy, clever trying to hide that by having the main character supposedly of college age not withstanding. But, “hey, anything goes so we have something to masturbate over.”

  13. deneyu

    damn hot story and I am fascinated about my pastor to, there is one who is not married and I wonder about him to… almost red head, but ima sure he is hung…

  14. Vegasdealer1

    Remember as a youth in Luther League and active in the church, my pastor always like to take pictures as I would lay on him with clothes on in the church’s nave in front of the alter. Got hard a few times, but never any touching or anything else. Perhaps, if I were a little more adventurous in those days….. He was married and had two children. Don;t think he really was gay but that was a long time ago.

    He came through Las Vegas and looked me up were I worked for a long time dealing cards about 8 yrs. ago now. Felt some anxiety at the time and asked me if I was married and “not” at the moment was my reply. Often wondered if that was the beginning of feeling gay in my youth, aside from playing around with a class mate in 10th grade.

  15. melmar1971

    very hot story and I know there are plenty of guys at my church I would love to have experiences with especially this one who just got married he is alway wanting to talk to me and he knows that I am gay so it makes me wander. well maybe one day he will come out and just do it.

  16. Marc

    Praise and worship leader at my church as a teen, totally wanted me. He was young and hot too, and I was naive…. lol

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